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1Market Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Online foreign exchange and contract for difference (CFD) broker 1Market provides trading and investment services in a variety of markets, including equities, commodities, indices, ETFs, and cryptocurrency coins. The broker began operations in 2021 and offers a risk-free trading environment to regular and expert traders alike. Traders who can demonstrate that they meet specific requirements are eligible for leverage ratios of up to 1:400. More than 600 different assets are currently accessible for trade on 1Market's platform. Visit 1Market Website.

Based on the findings of our investigation of 1Market, the broker is a legitimate business that is run by Podora Ltd, which has its headquarters in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Exelcius Prime Ltd, which was formerly known as CopyDo Social Investment Network Ltd and is headquartered in Cyprus, is the entity that owns the European business. CySEC, which is the primary regulatory body in Cyprus, regulates it to the level of MiFID. This ensures that investors are protected. Because of this, 1Market is now able to provide its services to clients in Europe.

1Market has also implemented negative balance protection, which is important for traders who want to incorporate leverage into their overall portfolio. When an investor has negative balance protection enabled, whenever the account hits a zero balance, all of the investor's open positions will be canceled out automatically. This is significant because it offers protection not just to the licensed broker but also, by extension, to other investors.

Additionally, 1Market has partnered with a number of the world's most reputable banks, which provides an additional degree of account separation. As some context, the website 1Market ( has a sister site called, which is also approved by CySEC. is the website that administers, which is the second brand that Exelcius Prime Ltd. owns and operates.

Our evaluation of the 1Market broker showed that there is a lot to investigate because the platform offers over 600 different assets and six distinct account types. In addition, 1Market provides its customers with a useful demo account that was developed specifically to assist new traders but is open to all of the company's customers.

To get started trading at 1Market, you may select an account type from a range of available options, beginning with a Mini Account and progressing all the way up to a VIP Account. A minimum deposit of $250 US Dollars is required to open a Mini account, which is designed to accommodate novice traders.

If the investor registers for the Standard account, the beginning pack will get them access to the 1nsight Live Feed, Trading Signals, the Meta Trader 5 (MT5) platform, and a customer care function that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order to start this account, a minimum deposit of one thousand dollars (US) is necessary.

For more experienced traders, we recommend upgrading to either the Gold or Platinum account level. The minimum deposit required for a Gold account is US$5,000, while the minimum deposit required for a Platinum account is US$10,000. Personal push and SMS notifications, as well as frequent instructive market updates, are made available to both accounts.

Diamond and VIP are the two types of special accounts, and they are reserved for the most seasoned of traders. These accounts come with a personalized account service and daily trading advise as part of the package. Traders are required to make a minimum deposit of US$50,000 in order to open a Diamond account, while a minimum deposit of US$100,000 is necessary to open a VIP account.

For people who engage in foreign exchange trading as their primary occupation, there is also the option of opening a Professional account. This deal comes with commissions as low as zero, execution speeds up to 1400 times faster than average, and a maximum leverage of 1:400.

1Market provides investors with a wide variety of trading assets, including the following:

Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks

Within the realm of foreign exchange, 1Market provides customers with majors (such as the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD), minors (such as the EUR/GBP and the EUR/AUD), and a desirable number of exotic currency combinations. All of them come with aggressively low fixed spreads, lightning-fast execution times, and guaranteed protection against slippage.

The 1Market platform gives users access to a wide variety of commodities, including both soft and hard goods. An investor is able to trade several commodities thanks to this, including gold, silver, coal, natural gas, and even some agricultural products. When it comes to trading commodities, the leverage may be as high as 1:20 depending on the account that you open.

1Market is helpful in that it provides commission-free access to 450 equities and CFDs on stocks, including many of the most successful technological businesses in the United States. These equities are covered by real-time price and volatility alerts made available by 1Market. It is important to keep in mind that contracts for difference (CFDs) can either be opened as short positions or long positions, and both involve a higher level of risk.

It is fair to say that the fees and spreads are competitive across the board for the assets that may be traded using the 1Market platform, but it does not mean that they are especially appealing. When performing a deal, all of the fees are shown in a clear and understandable manner.

When making a deposit at 1Market, you won't be charged any additional fees throughout the process, and you may fund your account using a debit, credit, or prepaid card; electronic wallet choices (such as Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, Rapid, and Volt); or a bank transfer, either locally or online.

Additionally, there are no fees associated with withdrawing funds from your 1Market account. The withdrawal will be processed via the same method as was used to make the initial deposit. The completion of a withdrawal can take anywhere from three to fourteen business days, although this timeframe will be determined by the payment processor acting as the intermediary as well as whether or not you have the appropriate "Know Your Customer" (KYC) documents in place. The majority of withdrawals, on the other hand, may be processed in as little as three business days.

In this section of our study of the 1Market broker, we looked at input from other review sites to get a sense of how the industry generally feels about this broker.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of having a broker who is subject to stringent regulations.

1Market is setting itself apart from other trading platforms on the market by providing a one-of-a-kind trading experience.

According to the research conducted by Scam Broker Investigator, "Our assessment of 1Market reveals that this broker is giving a trading experience that is both distinctive and innovative."

In 2021, 1Market was recognized as both the "Best CFD Broker" and the "Best Introducing Broker Program" by the Top Forex Awards.

1Market's customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can assist customers in 11 different languages. It is vital to recognize that 1Market gives help to traders of diverse backgrounds with equal chances, whether they are a novice or an experienced trader. This is one of the areas in which 1Market is continuing to progress, and it is crucial to note that this is the case.

At 1Market, customers may choose from a number of different trading platforms, many of which are already well-known to retail investors.

An investor is given the opportunity to set up a WebTrader account when they register with 1Market. Downloading this is not necessary in order to use it; rather, it may be accessed from within a web browser. In addition, select accounts will be granted access to the popular and highly regarded trading platform known as MT5, which is also noted for its nice user interface. MT5 is widely regarded as the platform of choice within the business, and a lot of forex brokers who are in direct competition with one another utilize it.

Developed by MetaQuotes Software, the MT5 platform is not only robust, but also quick and effective. It enables traders to execute orders in a variety of stock exchanges and financial markets with only one trading account. It is important to emphasize that MT5 is an improved version of MT4, which was initially presented to the financial trading markets more than 15 years ago. MT5 was developed specifically to meet the needs of today's traders. The following is an explanation of some of the capabilities that MT5 possesses that its predecessor did not have, and all of this capability is available via 1Market:

There is an option for just partially filling an order.
Not only can you kill or fill orders in MT5, but you also have the ability to execute them immediately, as well as cancel and return.
There are six different categories of pending orders, although MT4 only has four of them.
With MT5, you have the ability to view market depth.
MT5 comes equipped with an increased number of 38 technical indicators in total.
The Economic Calendar in MT5 is a very helpful built-in feature that includes Publications.
MT5 comes equipped with its own integrated email and messaging system.
Within the confines of the same trading platform, MT5 allows traders the ability to move money around between their many accounts.
Access to other exchange markets, such as stocks, futures, bonds, and options trading, is made possible by using MT5.
1Market is the only broker that provides traders with 1nsight Trading in addition to MT5 and WebTrader. The website of the broker makes a point of highlighting the fact that it is driven by a collection of clever algorithms. In order to give real-time, data-driven insight into the 1Market investing community, 1nsight monitors the trading activity of the hundreds of assets that are made accessible on the 1Market platform. It is a fantastic resource for obtaining market intelligence.

The 1nsight Live Feed, which is a live streaming pool of market events, and the Trading Gauge, which provides color on how the investment community is reacting to new inputs in real time, are the two primary components. The 1nsight Live Feed is a live streaming pool of market events, and the Trading Gauge provides color. This technique is a very helpful supplementary detection tool for locating new trends in the market, after which it is possible to capitalize on such trends. It is also applicable to all levels of trading expertise and serves as a differentiating element when one is contemplating whether or not to create an account with 1Market.

1Market provides an outstanding package in terms of its trading platform by providing a healthy blend of software that is considered to be the best in the business, including MT5 as well as its very own in-house trading tool and platform. The reward for all different kinds of merchants is going to be something of great quality.

1Market provides a mobile application that is easy to use and understand, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS software. In line with the desktop version, the live stream may be navigated with ease, and the link to Trading Central provides useful information.

Once you have paid your Trading Central account, the platform has the ability to send you up to three technical indications or trends every day. In general, the layout is relatively basic but still manages to be rather effective. On the mobile app, access to technical indicators is more restricted than on the desktop version.

Investors are able to monitor the activity of other traders on the platform at the same time they are trading thanks to the 1nsight Feed. At 1Market, there is a palpable sense that independent merchants are coming together to form a community. A trader can have access to a trend identification tool within this program, which can identify patterns as they develop throughout the course of the trading session. In addition, there are volume markers that suggest buy or sell positions, and most crucially, there is an algorithm that reverses trends. All of this is predicated on the activity that may be occurring among other traders or that which is statistically significant.

An investor has access to a variety of tools inside Trading Central, which is a well regarded top source of real-time trading signals, that may assist them with research and education. You have access to a wide variety of technical indicators and trend confirmation tools to pick from. A few examples of these indicators include the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), and the Fibonacci Retracement.

On the 1Market platform, you are able to make use of scenarios revolving around different support and technical levels found inside the asset that you are mostly focused on trading. A trader can receive daily updates and study comments on certain future events if they have a Standard account or higher. This service is also available to traders with higher account tiers. The website for 1Market presents all of this information in an organized fashion.

Podora Ltd., a business based in the Marshall Islands and given the registration number 107838, is the owner of the trademark 1Market, which is used all over the world. As a European provider of financial services, 1Market is subject to regulation and authorization by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under law L.87(I)/2017 regarding the exercise of business investment, the provision of investment services, and the operation of regulated markets.

1Market is dedicated to adhering to the same standards of honesty, experience, diligence, financial prudence, communication with customers, and the protection of customer assets that are mandated by law. According to the findings of our analysis of 1Market, the broker provides traders with a comprehensive and secure trading environment in which they are free to experiment with new trading strategies and learn from one another.

As was mentioned earlier, 1Market is also compliant with the stringent regulations of MiFID, which stands for the directive on markets in financial instruments. MiFID is a European law that oversees the regulations and standards of safe practice for financial and investment firms operating within the European Economic Area (EEA). 1Market is a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Because of this, consumers are able to have peace of mind knowing that their monies are kept in separate accounts and are, as a result, safeguarded by the broker.

Traders will be able to enjoy a safe and forward-thinking regulatory and operational experience thanks to 1Market's adherence to globally recognized norms and standards, which guarantees that these requirements are met. This is something that can be obtained through 1Market.

In a relatively short amount of time, 1Market has developed an online broker platform that is completely unique. Importantly, it is regulated to a MiFID level, which is essential in order to be able to safeguard the traders that join its community and participate in its activities.

From an execution point of view, it provides a method that is both straightforward and succinct, making it possible to trade a substantial number of assets (nearly 600 in total). The desktop version as well as the mobile version of its trading platform each have a fantastic structure and a number of different possibilities.

A trader is able to more readily identify developing tendencies in the market thanks to the provision of a live stream of helpful knowledge and research made available by the introduction of 1nsight. The numerous choices that are shown throughout the process of opening an account make it possible for traders of any experience level, all the way up to full-time forex investors, to locate the specific service that meets their needs.

The demand of a minimum deposit as well as the requirement of setting up an account are both typical in the sector and should be anticipated. The fees are reasonable, and many traders place a high priority on avoiding having to pay any fees when making deposits or withdrawals. A standard of the industry is also providing customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in eleven different languages.

Although there is room for improvement with regard to the copy trading option, Trading Central does provide traders, particularly novices, with a substantial amount of valuable color to work with.

Throughout the course of analyzing and summarizing this 1Market review, it has been abundantly evident that this broker has every intention of constructing a thriving trading community inside its platform, along with a number of outstanding and distinctive features.

Traders in 1Market's strictly regulated environment may have faith in the platform because it makes trading simple and straightforward to access.

CFDs are leveraged products that carry a high degree of risk and have the potential to result in the loss of all of your cash. As a result, these products are not appropriate for all investors since they have the potential for complete financial ruin. You should never put more money on the line than you can afford to lose.

1Market was founded in 2022 and provides its full trading solutions and services all over the world, including the EEA in accordance with the prerequisites of MiFID. Podora Limited is the owner of the well-regulated CFD marketplace known as 1Market, which has its headquarters in the Marshall Islands and is run by the company.

1Market is well-known for providing trading solutions that are adaptable and dynamic. The trading platform has numerous account kinds from which traders may select one that best meets their individual trading requirements and goals. Traders have access to more than 600 different financial products that may be traded using either ParagonEx WebTrader or MetaTrader 5 on desktop computers, mobile devices, and the web. Traders can trade these instruments using either of these platforms.

1Market provides users with a variety of tools, information, and resources that may be used for educational and research purposes. Traders are able to browse fee schedules on the official 1Market website at their convenience. The costs that are levied are also completely transparent. There is a specialized customer support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and many contact channels may be used to reach them.

When assessing brokers, traders must give regulation one of the most significant amounts of attention because it is one of the most important factors. As a means of ensuring the safety of their customers' funds, regulated brokers are obligated to adhere to the severe rules and regulations established by regulatory authorities.

Podora Limited is the owner of 1Market, and Podora Limited is the company that operates 1Market. As a result, 1Market is affiliated with a large number of regulatory agencies in the European Economic Area (EEA), including some of the following:

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, and the Banque de France represent their respective countries on this list.
Denmark – Finanstilsynet
Financial Supervisory Authorities in Sweden (The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority), Finland (Finanssivalvonta, Financial Supervisory Authority), Norway (Finanstilsynet, Financial Supervisory Authority), Romania (ASF), the Netherlands (Authority for Financial Markets), Estonia (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority), and several other countries including Estonia.

The use of leverage is a tool that is made available to traders by a variety of brokers. Despite the size of their initial deposits, traders are able to create larger positions because to the use of leverage. This gives traders additional opportunities to profit from the market in which they are trading.

When traders register for an account with 1Markets, they will have the option of opening either a retail or a professional account. The kind of account they choose will determine the amount of leverage they have access to. Retail traders are limited to using a leverage of no more than 1:30, whilst professional traders have access to a maximum leverage of 1:400.
In addition to this, 1Markets provides its clients with the option to purchase 1Shield, which provides extra security to traders in the form of an Investor Compensation Fund. Additionally, 1Markets integrates its operations with anti-money laundering rules, standards for Know Your Customer (KYC), and customer suitability testing.

Retail accounts are given protection from having a negative balance, and traders are provided with instructional resources to familiarize themselves with before putting their money at risk in real markets.

The following account types are available with 1Markets and may be traded using either ParagonEx (6) or MetaTrader 5 (2):

Mini Account with Paragon Exchange
Standard Account with
Account in the ParagonEx Gold tier
Account Status: Platinum with ParagonEx
Account Status: Diamond for ParagonEx
Account with ParagonEx's VIP Status
Standard Account for MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
Account Types for MetaTrader 5 Zero Spread

An Islamic Account is designed exclusively with Muslim businesspeople who adhere to Sharia law in mind in mind as its target demographic. The legislation forbids its adherents from paying any kind of interest, including fees for staying overnight, which are regarded as being either wasteful or exploitative.

If traders continue to keep their positions open after the trading day has ended, they will be subject to overnight costs. However, traders who use this form of account will not be subject to overnight fees or interest payments even if they continue to keep their positions open for longer.

1Market is a well-regulated financial service provider and online broker that enables traders to engage in the purchase and sale of a broad variety of financial instruments that are classified under a number of different asset categories. Podora Limited, a business with its headquarters in the Marshall Islands, is the owner of 1Market and the business that runs it.

1Market ensures that all traders can carry out trading activities in an environment that is safe and secure, and the broker provides a wide range of one-of-a-kind and proprietary trading solutions that give traders a competitive edge in their trading. These solutions are made possible through technological advancement.

1Market provides a number of account types, each of which is categorized according to the trading platforms that are available, specifically ParagonEx and MetaTrader 5. This gives traders the flexibility that they require to meet the specific trading goals and requirements that they have, regardless of whether they are novices or seasoned professionals.

1Market serves retail and institutional traders from all over the world in a comprehensive manner and guarantees that its trading solutions are individualized to meet the requirements of each kind of trader. In addition to its competitive trading conditions and a variety of one-of-a-kind features, 1Market provides traders with useful trading tools, as well as education and research resources.

The year 2022 marked the beginning of operations for the new brokerage firm known as 1Market, which has its headquarters split between the Marshall Islands and Cyprus. 1Market is a worldwide supplier of online financial services and an online broker that enables customers to trade in over 600 contracts for differences (CFDs).

According to the official website for 1Market, the following accolades have already been bestowed to the broker for their work in 2022:
Top Forex Awards - Winner of the Best CFD Broker Award
Top Forex Awards, Winner of the Best Introducing Broker Program

1Market provides a wide variety of trading accounts, all of which are organized under two highly effective and adaptable trading platforms: the ParagonEx Platform and MetaTrader 5.

Traders have the option of registering the following sorts of accounts while using ParagonEx:

In addition to these adaptable account options, traders are given the opportunity to sign up for a Demo Account, and Muslim traders also have the option to convert their existing accounts into Islamic accounts.

Mini Account on ParagonEx: The Mini Account is ideal for novice traders as well as experienced traders who want to test their trading methods in a live trading environment without putting a significant amount of cash at risk. The following is a list of the features that come with this account:

There is a need for a minimum deposit of $500 or its equivalent in Euros or British Pounds.
A minimum line of $1,000 or its equivalent in British pounds or Euros, which refers to the amount of leverage that traders are able to employ when they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat

Standard Account on ParagonEx: The Standard Account is designed to meet the requirements of the vast majority of traders who want access to more competitive trading circumstances. The following benefits are included with the Standard Account:

There is a minimum deposit requirement of one thousand dollars, or its equivalent in euros or pounds.
A minimum line of $10,000 or its equivalent in GBP or EUR, with reference to the leverage that traders are permitted to employ when they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat

The Gold Account on ParagonEx is designed for more experienced traders and comes with a number of features, including the following:

A demand for a minimum deposit of $5,000 or its equivalent in Euros or British Pounds
A minimum line of $50,000 or its equivalent in GBP or EUR, with reference to the leverage that traders are permitted to employ when they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat
The capacity to send and receive personal alerts via SMS and push technology
Exclusive market updates

The Platinum Account on ParagonEx is designed for more advanced traders and provides a number of benefits, including the following:

A required minimum deposit of $10,000 or its equivalent in Euros or British Pounds
A minimum line of 100,000 dollars or its equivalent in British pounds or Euros, which refers to the amount of leverage that traders are able to employ when they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat
The capacity to send and receive personal alerts via SMS and push technology
Detailed and exclusive market reports

The Diamond Account on ParagonEx is reserved for experienced and professional traders that want access to the most aggressive trading circumstances. The following capabilities are associated with this account:

A demand for a minimum deposit of 50,000 dollars or its equivalent in euros or British pounds
A minimum line of $500,000 or its equivalent in GBP or EUR, which refers to the leverage that traders are allowed to employ while they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat
The capacity to send and receive personal alerts via SMS and push technology
Detailed and exclusive market reports

VIP Account of ParagonEx: The VIP Account is the top account type that traders can have access to, and it offers some of the greatest trading conditions available, in addition to the following benefits and amenities:

A demand for a minimum deposit of one hundred thousand dollars or its equivalent in euros or British pounds
A minimum line of one million dollars or its equivalent in British pounds or Euros, which refers to the amount of leverage that traders are able to employ when they trade.
Access to Trading Signals Access to the 1nsight Live Feed
24–7–365 Support Via Live Chat
The capacity to send and receive personal alerts via SMS and push technology
Detailed and exclusive market reports

Standard Account for MetaTrader 5: The MetaTrader 5 Account is suitable for both novice and experienced traders alike, and it comes equipped with the following features:

A minimum deposit of $250
free of charge trade commissions
Spreads start at 1 pip but can be variable based on the market circumstances and the type of financial instrument that is being traded.
Leverage available of up to 1:500.
The capability to trade micro-lots beginning at 0.1.
Access to over 600 different contract for difference (CFD) instruments across many asset types
The margin call level is set at fifty percent, while the stop-out level is set at twenty percent.

This account provides traders with the greatest possible trading circumstances, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in their trading endeavors. Traders may access this account by signing up for the MetaTrader 5 Zero Spread Account. The following is a list of the features that are available on the Zero Spread Account:

A minimum deposit of $250
Commission fees of $7 per lot are assessed.
Spreads that start at 0 pip increments but can be as low as 0 pip depending on the market circumstances and the type of financial instrument being traded.
Leverage available of up to 1:500.
The capability to trade micro-lots beginning at 0.1.
Access to over 600 different contract for difference (CFD) instruments across many asset types
The margin call level is set at fifty percent, while the stop-out level is set at twenty percent.
Free Trial Account

Traders who choose to do business with 1Market are given the chance to sign up for a demo account, which has a variety of applications, including the following:

Traders who are just starting out and need to get some experience before venturing into the real market would benefit from opening a practice account.
Traders with more experience that are interested in investigating what 1Market has to offer
Traders with advanced skill levels who wish to create and test their trading strategies in a trading environment where there is no danger to their capital and where their techniques are not at risk of being lost.

The following kinds of financial transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, are supported by 1Market's payment options:

Credit Card Debit Card Bank Transfer Via Wire
Neteller, Sofort
Global Collect Offline Bank Transfer Online Bank Transfer using Volt Rapid Transfer Fast Bank Transfer (GBP only)

Examining the fees that are demanded by a broker is an essential step in the evaluation process. These are frequently contingent on a wide variety of parameters, including as the spread, the commissions, and the margin requirements.

The kind of account that a trader uses, the financial instrument that they trade, and the conditions of the market on the day that trading takes place will all have an impact on the spreads and commissions that are applicable to that trader's transactions.

Traders are able to gain a thorough perspective of the trading costs they may anticipate because to 1Market's high level of transparency on the spreads and commissions it charges for its services.

The following spreads could be expected from traders when evaluating the EUR/USD currency pair, which holds the title of most popular and most traded pair on the foreign exchange market:

ParagonEx Mini Account – 4 pips
Standard Account with ParagonEx: 3 pip spreads
Gold Account at ParagonEx – two pip spreads
Platinum Account with ParagonEx: Two pip spreads
2 pip spread on the ParagonEx Diamond account
ParagonEx VIP Account – 1.8 pips
The standard account for MetaTrader 5 is 1 pip.
Zero-Spread Account for MetaTrader 5 with 0.0 pip Spread

Traders using a MetaTrader 5 Zero Spread Account may anticipate paying commissions at the rate of $7 per lot, as suggested by the account's name.

1Market gives traders the opportunity to utilize a leverage ratio of up to 1:400, which is equivalent to a margin of 0.25 percent. However, this service is restricted to just those who work in the industry. Traders have the ability to employ an initial margin as little as $250, which gives them the ability to trade position sizes with a value of up to $100,000 depending on the margin requirements.

When it comes to retail customers, traders are only allowed to employ leverage of up to 1:30. This implies that with a margin of just $100, dealers are able to trade contracts with a maximum value of $3,000.

The net interest return that a trader receives on a currency transaction that is held overnight is referred to as a swap or rollover charge. Therefore, in currency trading, an investor will borrow one currency in order to purchase another currency. The interest rate that is paid out or earned for keeping a position open for another day is referred to as the rollover rate.

The following is the rollover schedule that 1Market uses, as well as the costs that it assesses:

Normal rollover costs apply from Sunday night until Monday.
Normal rollover costs apply from Monday night through Tuesday.
Normal rollover costs apply from Tuesday night through Wednesday.
Rollover interest is charged for three days beginning Wednesday night and continuing through Thursday.
Normal rollover costs apply from Thursday night through Friday.
On Friday nights, there is no price for the additional night's stay.
On Saturday Night, there is no payment for the overnight fee.
Charges Applicable to Deposits and Withdrawals

There are no fees associated with deposits or withdrawals made with 1Market. However, merchants are subject to the possibility of incurring processing costs if they utilize any kind of bank transfer, regardless of the payment provider they choose.

Professional traders have access to a maximum leverage of 1:400 on 1Market, while ordinary traders have access to no more than 1:30.

When using leverage, a trader may establish larger positions and receive greater exposure to the market in which they are trading, regardless of the size of the trader's original deposit. Leverage is a technique that allows traders to open larger positions.

The potential earnings that a trader may make through leveraged products, such as Forex, are increased; however, this also raises the trader's exposure to risk and the eventual losses that the trader may sustain. Because of this, several regulatory bodies have limits on how much leverage may be used in financial transactions.

The majority of forex brokers provide both new and current clients with access to a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and contests. These incentives are provided to traders in the form of trading credit, which they may use instead of their own money when they begin trading. This saves traders from having to risk losing their cash.

At this time, 1Market does not provide its users with any incentives, promotions, or trading competitions.

When assessing a broker, traders are need to take into consideration a number of essential aspects, one of the most important of which is the trading platform and software that is provided by the broker. Traders get access to all of the following tools on 1Market:

MetaTrader 5 is available on desktop computers, mobile devices, and the web.
1Markets provides its customers with a number of different account types in addition to its own web-based trading platform known as ParagonEx. The following web browsers are compatible with ParagonEx and its use:

Safari Opera Mini Firefox
Internet Explorer

Traders are able to identify and analyze various market possibilities in real time using this trading platform. Additionally, traders are able to carry out trading operations and more.

MetaTrader 5 is one of the greatest trading platforms available today. It is also one of the most popular trading platforms. It provides traders of all trading experience levels and trading styles with some of the best and most competitive trading conditions. Traders may utilize the broad variety of functions, features, and tools that are available in MetaTrader 5 to develop and perfect their trading strategies in markets that are highly competitive.

When a trader works through a forex trading broker, they have access to a number of different asset classes.

Over 600 contracts for difference (CFDs) may be traded on 1Market across a variety of asset types, including the following:

Forex, Commodities, and Indices Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and Commission-Free Stocks

Podora Limited, a business that is incorporated in the Marshall Islands under the number 107838, is the owner of 1Markets and operates it. 1Markets is a well-regulated broker that is owned and run by Podora Limited. 1Market is in full accordance with all of the requirements outlined in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

Because 1Markets operates within the European Economic Area (EEA), the company has to be registered with the several regulatory bodies that operate within the area. These bodies include the following:

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom – The Financial Conduct Authority France – Banque de France (French Central Bank)
Denmark – Finanstilsynet
Sweden is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority; Finland is supervised by Finanssivalvonta; Norway is supervised by Finanstilsynet; Romania is supervised by ASF; the Netherlands is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of the Netherlands. – The Federal Supervisory Authority in Hungary – The Authority for the Financial Markets in Estonia – The Estonian Financial Supervision Authority Belgium – The Financial Services and Markets Authority Estonian Financial Supervision Authority
Slovenia is represented by the Securities Market Agency Portugal is represented by the Portuguese Securities Commission
Malta – The Malta Financial Services Authority Italy – Commissione Nazionale per le Societΰ e la Borsa
Poland is regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority Spain is regulated by the Comisiσn Nacional del Mercado de Valores Austria is regulated by the Osterreich Finanzmarktaufs Bulgaria is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission of Bulgaria
Agency for the Supervision of Financial Services in Croatia Croatian Republic of the Czech Republic - National Bank of the Czech Republic Greece – Hellenic Capital Market Commission – The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland – The Central Bank of Ireland of Ireland –
Liechtenstein - Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein
The Lithuanian Central Bank (Bank of Lithuania)
Slovakia's Central Bank is known as the National Bank of Slovakia.

In addition to this, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has granted 1Market full regulation under the provisions of Law 87(I)/2017. The European client site is managed by Exelcius Prime Limited, which holds license number 366/18 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

The following varieties of communication are available for use when contacting 1Market's customer service: 24 hours a day, 5 days a week:

Live Conversation Via Telephone
Email Contact Request Form

Traders from all around the world may take advantage of the extensive trading services offered by 1Markets, which are provided by a registered and authorized broker. Traders have access to a variety of various financial markets when they use 1Markets, which provides them with a selection of trading accounts to choose from as well as two robust trading platforms.

The costs that traders might anticipate paying are presented in an open and transparent manner, with detailed schedules being made available on the primary website for 1Markets. 1Markets does not provide complete instructional tools; nevertheless, it does provide certain information that can help novices. Traders who want to get more expertise will need to consult external resources.

1Markets provides access to a selection of research tools; nonetheless, they are insufficient. On the other hand, MetaTrader 5 provides users with access to a broad variety of research tools, which may assist traders in refining their trading strategies and making better trading selections.

Due to the fact that 1Markets provides traders with competitive trading conditions and some of the industry's top solutions, this brokerage firm is able to serve retail and institutional traders, despite the fact that each type of trader has distinctive trading requirements and goals.

1Market is a registered financial services firm that has its headquarters in Majuro, Marshall Islands. They are able to give you with the opportunity to trade foreign currency, equities, indices, commodities, cryptocurrency, and CFDs online. They will give you with the popular trading platform known as MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This platform may be accessed via desktop, browser, or mobile app versions. I appreciate that the execution speeds are consistent, that there are no fees, and that the spreads are competitive. I think it's great that they provide a variety of trading account kinds for customers to pick from. On the other hand, the need of a minimum deposit of $500 isn't something that particularly appeals to me.

1Market is an online supplier of financial services that was established in 2021 with the objective of democratizing access to financial services by using advances in technology. To guarantee that you get the most out of their trades, they can give you with cutting-edge trading platforms, favorable trading circumstances, useful trading tools, and instructional materials.

I like that the broker provides a one-of-a-kind assortment of proprietary and acquired trading solutions. These solutions create a comprehensive and empowering environment in which you can effectively assess the activity of other traders and spot trends in real time. This is something that the broker has acquired.

Podora Ltd., based in the Marshall Islands and with the registration number 107838, is the owner of the 1Market brand and manages its operations worldwide. As a provider of financial services in Europe, 1Market is subject to regulation and licensing by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the provisions of Law 87(I)/2017 regarding the operation of regulated markets, the provision of investment services, and the exercise of investment activities. In my opinion, their security rating might need a significant boost if they were regulated by at least one authority in the highest tier, thus I was disappointed not to see that happen. If you value safety above all else, I suggest that you look at AvaTrade as an alternative.

The broker is willing to work with investors from all around the world, provided that the investors' home countries allow for internet trading with foreign brokers. If you find that 1Market is not available in your country, you may go through our evaluations of different brokers to find other options.

The trading platform known as MetaTrader 5 is available to traders that are registered with 1Markets. MetaQuotes, a software development business based in Russia, introduced a cutting-edge trading platform known as MT5 in the year 2010. This platform is one of my favorites since it provides a smooth access to the world's financial markets while also being constructed with a variety of trading tools and features, including nine different types of charts, expert advisors, several periods, and more. The MT5 trading platform may be accessed on desktop computers, over the web, or via mobile devices thanks to the broker.

The cutting-edge web trader offered by 1Market offers you the advantage you need to locate and evaluate market opportunities in real time. It provides a higher degree of adaptability in addition to a more rewarding trading experience that is driven by design.

In addition to the tools that were integrated into the MT5 trading platform, the broker will also supply you with some additional trading tools that are stand-alone in order to assist you in maximizing the potential benefits of your transactions. Trading Central, Leverage Selector, Insight Live Feed, Trading Signals, and many other trading tools are included in this set of trading tools.

1Market has incorporated the investment decision support infrastructure driven by Trading CentralTM, which is the leading source of real-time trading signals and market sentiment for retail traders in the financial industry. This will ensure that you never miss a chance to make a profit. When it comes to trading forex, this is by far my favorite tool. When you make a deposit into your Trading Central account, you are granted free access to Trading Central's premium signals three times each day. In my opinion, this is an excellent method to entice new traders to join the market.

This one-of-a-kind tool is one of my favorites since it provides real-time, measurable transaction insights, which are the most important component of profitable online trading. There aren't very many tools on the market that are comparable to this one. Through the use of 1nsight Feed, you will be able to monitor the trading activities of your contemporaries. Amass momentum, and take the lead in setting the trend.

The trading behavior of thousands of traders and assets that are accessible on 1Market's platform is analyzed by 1nsight, which is powered by a collection of clever algorithms. The results of this analysis are used to give real-time, data-driven insights into the community's morale. The 1nsight Feed is your ultimate source of trading intelligence. It does this by showing the data to the side of your screen so that it does not interfere with your trade in any way.

On the website of the broker, you will find a variety of learning tools that will assist you in making educated trading selections. These instructional tools come in a wide variety and include things like daily market reports, financial news, trading advice, and special market updates, among other things.

1Market offers a wide variety of trading instruments, ensuring that customers may find something that satisfies their particular areas of interest. The following financial assets can be traded: foreign currency, equities, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and contracts for difference (CFDs). If you still consider their offering to be somewhat limited, you might want to look into IG, which has one of the most comprehensive offerings in the sector.

On the website of the broker, there is an option between six different types of live trading accounts. The following is a list of account types and the minimum deposit requirements that are associated with each account type: Mini accounts cost $500, Standard accounts cost $1,000, Gold accounts cost $5,000, Platinum accounts cost $10,000, Diamond accounts cost $50,000, and VIP accounts cost $100,000. In my opinion, the price of these accounts is much beyond what is reasonable. You may find that other leading brokers, such as Trade Nation, have considerably more reasonable minimum deposit requirements.

The brokerage firm provides access to a customer service department that advertises its availability around the clock and may be reached via phone, e-mail, a web-based form, and several social media platforms. It is more convenient for me to work with a broker like EXANTE that provides service around the clock.

Despite this, when I attempted to get in touch with them by email on many times, I did not receive any kind of response from them. I am happy to share screenshots with dates and timestamps if they are reading this. Please let me know if they are. In addition, I would be pleased to elaborate on the reasons why there was no response to these questions.

You have the option of utilizing any of the following payment methods, both to deposit and withdraw money:

Electronic Funds Transfers Credit and Debit Cards
Processors of electronic payments such as Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Sofort are examples.

It's possible that different payment methods will require different amounts of time to execute transactions.

To begin the process of opening an account with the broker, you will need to visit their website, locate the "Register Now" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and fill out the registration form completely. This method impresses me with its brevity, safety, and effectiveness.

1Market is an online trading broker that is based out of Majuro in the Marshall Islands and provides access to the MT5 trading platform so that clients may buy and sell shares in a variety of financial markets. They can also make available to you a variety of learning resources and valuable trading tools, both of which I discovered to be of great use to me throughout the course of my trading career. With a minimum deposit requirement of only $500, a number of different trading account types are available to pick from.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is the governing body that oversees the broker (CySEC). Last but not least, I would want to see the broker establish a customer support staff that is more responsive. This is simply owing to the fact that I was unable to receive any kind of answer from them.

The volume of business conducted online is expanding at a rate that is unparalleled. Many people are joining the online financial sphere because they are encouraged by the possibility that forex trading would deliver significant profits to investors. Because of this, anyone who is interested in trading forex must collaborate with a forex broker in order to get all of the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful trader. Here is where 1Market may be of assistance. 1Market gives you access to a wide variety of trading options due to the fact that it is a CFD broker.'s position as a worldwide participant in the online trading environment enables it to provide both new and experienced investors with the opportunity to expand their capacity for online trading. Because you will be dealing with a forex broker, you will need to have all of the relevant information before you get started. This is one aspect of the field of financial investing that cannot be disputed. That is why it is necessary to do this review.

The ability of a forex broker to provide traders with trading intelligence that is both high quality and dependable is what differentiates it from other brokers. 1Market develops as a platform with the potential to serve investors with the trading analytics they require to experience exponential growth, and this ability comes about in a market that is defined by growing levels of competition. You are able to stay informed about important factors like price swings and fluctuations thanks to the 1nsight feed technology that is utilized by 1Market.

You will be able to make comparisons between different marketplaces. To put it another way, with the technology that is available here, you won't be caught off guard. Traders are able to quickly and readily consider their many trading possibilities. You may have faith in the cutting-edge technology and market insight that 1Market brings to the table for traders because it is a licensed broker. The dependable nature of the insights provided by this forex broker to online traders may be attributed to the unified approach to investing.

The atmosphere of the internet trade business is one that is marked by a high level of competitiveness. When there is a lot of competition, there is a good chance that there will be some improper behavior or situations that put the safety of the traders in danger. 1Market is completely aware of this fact, which is why they promote and push for safe trading methods among their customers. They believe that prudent trading is an essential component that contributes to the success of investors.

1Market has established a network of regulatory operations with the goal of providing its traders with a trading environment that is free from risk in order to encourage responsible and safe trading. They develop a secure trading environment with the use of a variety of tools and procedures such as legislation against money laundering, tests on the suitability of clients, trading limitations, and getting an in-depth understanding of their clients. By taking these steps, they are providing traders with the regulations and tools that are necessary to ensure a safe trading environment.

You need knowledge on how the market is performing in order to make the appropriate judgments and movements in trading, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. Knowing what is going on in a market that is always shifting and altering provides you an advantage over the other participants. One of the many benefits of working with 1Market is that customers receive regular financial updates on what's happening in the market. When traders are aware of the current trends in various markets, such as stocks, commodities, and forex trading, for instance, they are in a better position to make the appropriate decisions and investment movements.

It is essential to keep in mind that the analysis provided by 1Market should not be construed as definitive financial advice, and it is crucial to keep this in mind at all times. Instead, it functions as a method of assisting traders in making the most optimal judgments that are relevant to trading. It is important to do your own evaluation of the analysis in order to ensure that your choice is well informed.

Traders are able to follow along with 1Market's financial updates and analysis since they are provided in both textual and high-quality video forms. Traders may also read the updates. The fact that the online broker offers service in 14 different languages makes it a highly desirable option for anyone interested in engaging in online trading.

Indeed, 1Market is a firm that you can rely on throughout your adventure into the world of online trading, regardless of whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out. You need a partner that will instill confidence in you about the choices that you will be making in order to succeed in the ever-competitive and ever-changing investing industry.

You, as a trader, have a need for up-to-date information on the performance of the market as well as knowledge on how to trade in the most profitable and secure manner feasible. The good news is that 1Market provides everything that you require to successfully traverse the waters of online trading. Think about it and determine whether or not it possesses the qualities you need to be successful in the sector.

Although it is one of the younger brokers in this field, having only been created in 2021, 1Market has already managed to build up quite a bit of buzz in the market. This is despite the fact that it is one of the brokers with the shortest history.

1Market was founded with the goal of democratizing the financial services business by making it easier to participate in live market trading. In order to fulfill what, on the surface, may appear to be an overly ambitious objective, the company utilizes the power of technology. Because of this, it is able to give a one-of-a-kind trading experience to its customers. This experience comprises a robust collection of original and acquired trading solutions that together deliver a comprehensive trading environment.

A few of these technical advancements make for a genuinely one-of-a-kind trading experience that gives the impression of being on the cutting edge in an industry that has appeared to become rather stagnant over the course of the past year or so. You may also make use of the power of intelligent algorithms by utilizing tools such as 1nsight. These algorithms deliver data-driven insights that are based on the trading behavior of thousands of traders.

The 1Market trading experience can be summed up by saying that it offers a complete trading environment in which novice and experienced traders are given the ability to reach their financial goals in a safe and secure setting. This is the best way to describe the 1Market trading experience.

If you think that an experience like this would be exactly what you're looking for in terms of trading, then you should definitely consider signing up with this broker. Continue reading this review for a more comprehensive look at all that 1Market has to offer, however, if you want a breakdown of everything that it has to offer in its entirety.

Due to the fact that 1Market is a CFD broker, it does not offer access to direct forex trading. If, on the other hand, you are interested in trading forex CFDs, the variety that is provided to you is often rather robust. Although most of the main currency pairs are available for trading on 1Market, there is still a respectable number of other currency pairings available. Those who are interested in trading exotic currency pairings may find that a platform that is more focused on forex meets their needs better.

The spreads that are provided are typically decent, despite the fact that they are not quite as tight as those that are provided by other platforms. For example, the spread on EUR/USD will range from 4 pips with the most basic Mini account to 2 pips with the most advanced Diamond account. According to the research carried out for the purpose of this study, 1Market allows traders to trade in upwards of 50 different currency pairings on its site.

The assortment of CFDs offered by this trader, which is a STP CFD dealer, is satisfactory. Although it is not nearly as wide as some of the larger platforms available, 1Market has a respectable range of CFDs to trade, and these CFDs are dispersed throughout a fair number of asset classes. CFDs on currencies, commodities, indices, equities, and exchange-traded funds are included in this category.

Even while the spreads on the Mini and Standard accounts, which are the most basic sorts of accounts, are not extremely tight, the spreads that are offered at the top end of the range are competitive.

Although the range of CFDs available in certain asset classes is rather extensive, the choices in others is far more constrained. For instance, the only things covered by commodities are gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas. Having said that, there ought to be sufficient diversity for most traders, which should make it possible for you to diversify your investing portfolio across the numerous asset classes that are available.

On the 1Market platform, you may trade a variety of asset classes; however, the contract for difference (CFD) market for stocks offers by far the most robust range.

Over 500 distinct types of stock CFDs are available to trade on 1Market's platform in total. This contains CFDs on all of the main blue chip stocks that you would expect to see, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, as well as options that are more specialized, such as Turk Ilac.

Although the spreads on stock CFDs are rather competitive in general, the Mini and Standard accounts do not provide exceptionally attractive spreads. However, if you build up a Diamond account for more serious day traders, the spreads will be considerably more competitive. This makes 1Market a good choice for more experienced traders because it is an alternative that offers competitive spreads.

In addition to the stock CFDs, 1Market gives customers access to genuine stock buying and selling on a commission-free basis. This feature is available in addition to the stock CFDs.

The 1nsight trading tool that 1Market has developed has left a very favorable impression on us, despite the fact that it is not a traditional "social trading" instrument. The trading activity of thousands of traders and the movement of assets on the 1Market platform are analyzed by the algorithms that run this tool, which enables it to offer information on trading activity in real time. This might involve the identification of trends, position bounces, volume spikes, or even reversals in trend.

You may base your trading decisions on the current state of the market sentiment that is provided to you in real time by the 1sight tool. This information can be used at any point in time. This is a data-driven spin on classic social and copy trading platforms, and it has left us with a really positive impression.

The assortment of CFDs offered by this trader, which is a STP CFD dealer, is satisfactory. Although it is not nearly as wide as some of the larger platforms available, 1Market has a respectable range of CFDs to trade, and these CFDs are dispersed throughout a fair number of asset classes. CFDs on currencies, commodities, indices, equities, and exchange-traded funds are included in this category.

Even while the spreads on the Mini and Standard accounts, which are the most basic sorts of accounts, are not extremely tight, the spreads that are offered at the top end of the range are competitive.

Although the range of CFDs available in certain asset classes is rather extensive, the choices in others is far more constrained. For instance, the only things covered by commodities are gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas. Having said that, there ought to be sufficient diversity for most traders, which should make it possible for you to diversify your investing portfolio across the numerous asset classes that are available.

There are typically two different techniques that brokers might take when it comes to determining the fees that they will charge you for placing transactions on their platform. To begin, some brokers may charge you a set price for each and every deal you execute. Alternately, you will not be charged a brokerage fee on individual transactions, and the broker will make their profit off of the "spread," which is the difference in rate that exists between the bid and the ask.

Because 1Market goes with the second possibility, it follows that you will not often be required to pay any additional commissions or fees for any CFD transactions that you execute on the platform. Because of this, it is quite crucial to pay careful attention to the spreads that are being offered by 1Market, since this is how the company makes its money!

However, certain costs are required to use the 1Market platform, therefore it is not entirely fee-free. You will be required to pay a "rollover" charge for each deal that you have that is kept over from the conclusion of one trading day until the beginning of the following trading day. These are very much the industry standard, and they will apply to any deal that is left open beyond midnight in any time zone. Only on trading days will the regular rollover charge be assessed; this implies that the weekend is not included in this calculation.

It is imperative that you investigate the rollover costs that will be charged by 1Market before finalizing your deal. These fees will vary depending on the asset class that is being traded. However, 1Market is, on the whole, fairly open and clear when it comes to the costs that it charges, which means that you won't have too much problem figuring out what those fees are.

Because 1Market gives its customers access to a diverse range of account options, you are free to choose an account type in accordance with the trading approach that best suits your needs.

This contains a total of five distinct account kinds, each of which possesses a charge structure that is fair and reasonable in its own right. Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP are the names of the many categories of accounts available.

The $500 minimum deposit required for the Mini account makes it ideal for the trader who just sometimes engages in financial markets. It is important to note, however, that it does have some of the most uncompetitive spreads and that it does not provide access to some of the more complex trading tools that are provided by 1Market. Additionally, it does not offer access to the MT5 trading platform and instead relies only on its in-house developed WebTrader software.

The Standard account requires a minimum deposit of one thousand dollars and comes equipped with services such as access to MT5, trading signals, and the 1nsight Live Feed.

The Gold account is an upgrade from the Standard account. In addition to offering somewhat more competitive spreads and personal alerts and market updates, the Gold account also provides a higher level of security.

In spite of the high required minimum deposits of $10,000 and $50,000 respectively for the Platinum and Diamond accounts, the spreads offered by these accounts are significantly more competitive. There is also a VIP account available for people who are ready to spend a minimum deposit of $100,000. This account has very high minimum trading lines, but it offers far more competitive spreads than the standard account does.

In general, we were quite impressed with the diversity of account choices that were provided, since they catered to everyone from novice day traders all the way up to expert and professional day traders.

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) desktop trading terminal is the primary means through which trading is conducted on the 1Market trading platform. The MT5 trading platform is the successor of the MT4 trading platform, which is now the market leader in terms of popularity among retail trading terminals. It is encouraging to see 1Market ahead of the competition in terms of its support for the most recent version of the MT5 platform, given that adoption of the most recent version of this platform has been quite gradual within the industry overall.

The MT5 platform maintains all that was wonderful about its predecessors while also introducing a few new improvements and innovations that deliver a trading experience that is pleasurable and devoid of hassle. This includes the capability to trade numerous assets at the same time, trading insights that are driven by data, updated charting tools, and complete support for indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors. In addition to that, it features an integrated platform for community conversation, an economic calendar, and an internal emailing system. Additionally, the MT5 platform enables you to effortlessly manage several trading accounts from the same interface, and it also makes it easy to move cash from one account to another.

You may access your account and place trades using 1Market's own online trading platform, which means that you do not need to download and set up a desktop trading terminal in order to do so. This is in addition to 1Market's support for MT5, which is described above. Although it may not have quite as many features as MT5, the WebTrader is extremely simple to operate and integrates without any complications with your 1Market trading account.

In addition, 1Market has developed a variety of other tools and features that will assist you in carrying out your trading plan. This comprises Trading Central, which is an infrastructure for supporting investing decisions, a leverage selection tool, and a variety of additional services for gaining market knowledge and news regarding the financial markets.

The 1Market platform is loaded with functionalities that will be of assistance to you in the formulation and implementation of your trading plan.

In general, the user experience that you receive on the 1Market platform compares pretty favorably to even some of the more well-established trading platforms that are out there. This is something that you can say with certainty.

The website in and of itself is quite nicely built, and it makes use of a user-friendly and straightforward style that makes it very easy to locate information and services. When using the 1Market website, you will never get the impression that you need to go looking for information because everything is organized in a way that is both smart and easy to reach. The responsiveness of the website exceeds expectations, and it is never slow to respond to user input.

Because it is based on the MT5 platform, there is not much to say about the accessibility of the trading platforms. MT5 is the platform upon which it is built. If you are at all familiar with the MetaTrader suite of trading tools, then you are aware that they are quite user-friendly and can be tailored to your particular requirements in a variety of different ways.

In a similar vein, the One Web trading platform is equally simple to operate, and it is abundantly evident that the designers who developed it did so with novice traders in mind from the very beginning. It is simple to use without ever giving the impression that it has been simplified in order to make it more accessible.

For a trading platform to be completely functional, it is vital to have a customer service system that is up and running and well organized. Everyone who has ever had any issues with their trading accounts knows all too well that when an issue arises, you need to know that you have a customer support team that you can not only get in contact with, but who can also provide helpful advice. This is something that everyone who has ever had any issues with their trading accounts knows all too well.

To our relief, we are pleased to inform that 1Market does a good job when it comes to providing help to its customers. Email is the most common way for customers to get in touch with the customer service team at 1Market; however, the company also has a phone line that is monitored around the clock.

Through the 'Contact' page, you are able to send messages and submit technical concerns. This page offers you with a text field in which you may set out your issue in its entirety, as well as the capability to attach files if they are required. Additionally, the website has a live assistance box that puts you in direct communication with a member of the customer care staff.

The response times were typically swift, and the customer support personnel was both educated and courteous. They were always ready to lend a hand if you needed it.

There are a variety of alternatives open to you if it comes time to add funds to your account or take out your winnings when the time comes.

1Market is compatible with a wide range of payment procedures, including card payments, conventional bank transfers, and a variety of electronic wallet (eWallet) alternatives.

The speed with which deposits are handled is often rather high, however the specifics of this are ultimately determined by the method that you choose. The same is true for withdrawals made from the platform, despite the fact that the majority of withdrawal requests appear to be handled within a single working day of the request being submitted.

It is also important to know that in order to utilize the payment and withdrawal options, you will need to provide documentation proving both your identity and where you live, and this documentation will be validated. This is done to ensure that we are in compliance with 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) and other anti-money laundering processes.

At the time that this review was being written, 1Market did not provide any special sign-up bonuses to lure new users to sign up for their site. However, 1Market does give users of the platform with access to a lot of other resources, which makes signing up for an account a desirable choice that should be considered.

This contains advantageous trading tools such as the 1nsight market sentiment and trend spotter, the leverage selection, the daily market report, and financial market news. You will be able to make intelligent choices about your trading if you make use of all of these wonderful resources.

Podora Ltd, a business that is registered in the Marshall Islands, is the proprietor of and the operator of 1Market. However, in addition to being incorporated as a firm in the Marshall Islands, 1Market is also registered as a provider of financial services in Europe. At the moment, a license and registration have been issued to it by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is recognized as one of the most important authorities in charge of regulating financial services in Europe.

Is this, however, something that 1Market takes seriously beyond the official license and regulation obligations, or is it just marketing speech and sales talk?

To our great relief, the findings of our investigation indicate that 1Market obviously treats its regulatory duties with the seriousness they deserve. This is something that we got a feel of based on both how simple it is to access all of the relevant regulatory information on the website and the different processes and procedures that it has in place. The website makes it very easy to locate all of the required regulatory information. Because of this, we have no reason to doubt that it is devoted to the ideals of honesty, expertise, diligence, financial prudence, and communication - as it declares in its mission statement. These principles are stated in the mission statement.

We were particularly impressed by the 1Shield website, which 1Market has linked from the platform. This website provides you with an accessible portal through which you can learn about and gain an understanding of the various types of customer and deposit protections that are in place on the platform. We have published a large number of broker evaluations over the years, and throughout that time we have seldom come across a broker that is willing to supply traders with actionable information and advise in the same way that this broker is.

Despite the fact that 1Market was just established in 2021, it has already been honored with a number of accolades from its peers in the business world. Both of these honors, "Best CFD Broker 2021" and "Best Introducing Broker Program 2021," come courtesy of Top Forex Awards, which is the organization that presented them.

The fact that the broker has already been able to pick up several industry accolades is a pretty hopeful indication, even though it does not necessarily suggest that the broker can compete with some of the more established competitors in the online brokerage field.

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