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Bibox Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

As a platform for decentralized financial services, Bibox serves as an exchange for cryptocurrencies. A platform for crypto traders, Bibox exchange started in 2017 with a wide range of features, services, and functionality. The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange has evolved rapidly since its inception and now offers exceptional liquidity pools for a wide range of assets. The exchange's user base looks to be Asian-based because of where it is based. Bibox provides a wide range of crypto assets and currencies that may be traded at competitive prices across the market. Visit Bibox Website.

Other sophisticated margin trading capabilities, such as AI-based modules, have also been incorporated into Bibox's extremely responsive platform. Bibox's most valuable feature set is its unique blend of extraneous and practical features. However, if you're interested in learning more about Bibox, make sure you check out our in-depth review.

Cryptocurrency trading platform, Bibox, offers a variety of DeFi-related features and services (decentralized finance). Individuals have full control over their crypto assets, as the exchange is decentralized, and the regulating is in the hands of the people. In operation since 2017, the exchange is situated in Singapore.

There are many different types of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies that may be traded on this platform. In some circumstances, the transactions can be made more profitable through the use of the exchange's own token, the Bibox token.

Bibox is a cryptocurrency trading platform that also allows users to make deposits and withdrawals, earn interest on crypto-backed loans, and engage in digital mining. The platform's resources have been devoted to creating a clean and seamless user experience that provides access to a plethora of functions. There are a number of resources available to those who are new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency trading.

For Bibox, the goal is to create an open platform for trading cryptocurrencies, making money using cryptocurrency, and providing other decentralized financial services.." These services are free, however the cryptocurrency exchange charges a transaction fee for each transaction. These are the trading platform's key sources of revenue.

The user experience has been meticulously honed, and each of the features has been created to make the procedure as simple and straightforward as possible. Working on Bibox has been more fun and interesting thanks to the numerous trade perspectives and data representations.

As a result, the exchange has developed a platform that requires just minimum human intervention.

Among the company's other offerings are a cloud trading platform, a network for exchanging cryptocurrencies, and more. While other cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms may have similar functionality, Bibox stands out because of its makeup.

As a crypto exchange and trading platform, Bibox boasts some of the most up-to-date and unique services. With a customizable application interface, the platform provides a variety of trading perspectives to meet the individual demands of investors. More than 150 cryptocurrencies and more than 250 trading pairs may be traded on the platform of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Due to Bibox's effective memory matching technology, it is capable of handling a user throughput of up to ten million users. In order to ensure the safety of its users and its exchange, the platform has implemented a number of security measures.

Included in this list of precautions are:

A two-factor authentication (or 2FA) system.
Encryption through SSL.
Other sturdier architectural safety nets are available.

Additionally, Bibox allows interested parties to apply for listing on the site, take advantage of the "Super VIP" pricing, or even register institutional accounts with the service. In addition, there are a number of on-going online contests and events sponsored by the bitcoin exchange, all of which provide valuable prizes.

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform called Bibox.. This suggests that it is not governed by a centralized authority, but rather by the platform's users themselves. Bibox asserts that it complies with all applicable rules and regulations in the locations in which it operates and makes its services available to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Because it is self-regulatory, the platform is more open and has no hidden agenda, but it also means that there is no central authority to whom it can be addressed. For obvious reasons, decentralized crypto exchanges have been rising in popularity and acquiring an advantage over their centralized counterparts. The verification procedures on DeFi systems are likewise less rigorous.

Since Bibox is unregulated and decentralized, there is no need for customers to go through a lengthy verification process before they can begin trading.

When it comes to the realm of decentralized finances (DeFi), Bibox continually makes waves by adding new services and products on a regular basis so that users may better manage their digital assets and complete all tasks on the same platform.

A wide range of services and goods are available through the website, including the following:

Long-term investors who don't care too much about the short-term swings in the market are the target audience for these investments.

Individuals interested in profiting from the platform can utilize a service that allows them to earn money by mining the platform and providing computing power for different chain operations.

Aside from the two principal networks, individuals may trade their crypto assets and get significant returns with rapid turnarounds on the site, according to our research.

In order to provide recommendations based on a user's cryptocurrency holdings, the platform is completely automated. New investors can also benefit from a digital module that teaches them the fundamentals of trading and what they need to keep in mind.

Institutions can also use Bibox's account opening service, which comes with all of the platform's security benefits and standards. Among the many valuable and cutting-edge features available on these accounts are access to first-hand industry information, a personal transaction butler, higher withdrawal limits, and so on. The remainder of the company's services are available on the company's website, where users may access them immediately.

The pros and cons of the Bibox Exchange:

Using Bibox, anybody may start trading cryptocurrencies right away without having to go through the lengthy verification procedure required by other decentralized exchanges.
As long as users aren't particularly engaged, having no central authority can be damaging to the platform's overall health.
With its cheap transaction fees, Bibox competes well in the business.
There is no option to deposit fiat currency at Bibox, and the payment options do not accept it.
Users may select from a wide number of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies, with over 250 available.
Some consumers have had difficulty withdrawing money.
The exchange offers a wide range of services that are safe and secure.
In the past, the company's liquidity pools have been a subject of discussion, with the idea that the statistics are overstated.

The decentralized nature of the exchange means that traders don't have to go through a lengthy onboarding procedure. A user's phone number or email address can be used to join up for the platform. After completing the sign-up process, customers will be prompted to log in and link their preferred crypto wallets. Beginners should keep in mind that Bibox does not come with any built-in wallets, so they will need to utilize an existing wallet to store their crypto before they can begin trading on the site.

As a result, Bibox charges a fee for withdrawals, which is a drawback compared to some of the other local-targeted platforms that charge no fees at all. Makers and takers are charged separate fees by Bibox, with makers contributing to the liquidity pools and takers withdrawing from them. A referral incentive program is available on the Bibox platform, allowing customers who suggest new members to receive a discount on their Bibox trading costs.

Our research of Bibox found that the exchange offers a premium VIP membership to those who want to utilize it as their primary trading platform. In addition to the more sophisticated trading tools, VIP members also benefit from lower trading expenses. As trading volume rises, the exchange offers steep reductions on the rates, providing a strong incentive for large investors. Regular users pay far less than professional users. Visit the company's website for comprehensive information on pricing.

While the platform may charge a fee for each transaction, there are restrictions on the amount of money that may be sent in a certain period of time. For example, according to the Bibox exchange assessment, the daily withdrawal limit is 20 BTC. After completing the verification procedure on the site, the daily limit is available to users who have filled out all of their credentials.

Users of the site may only take out up to 2 BTC at a time from their crypto wallets until they have completed the verification procedure. For trading purposes, there is apparently no limit on alternative modes of transfer, according to the company's website A user's level at the exchange, which comes with its own benefits, is influenced by the trading volume.

The Bibox exclusively accepts crypto assets for deposits and withdrawals; fiat currencies are not accepted. Before utilizing Bibox, customers would need to hold cryptocurrency and have it saved in their digital wallets. This withdrawal limit can be adjusted following a comprehensive verification procedure, however the maximum number of crypto assets that can be withdrawn is currently fixed at ten.

Logging into the exchange's website, selecting the Deposit/Withdrawal button, entering the desired amount of currency, and then confirming the transaction are all options available to customers.

Due to the fact that the Bibox exchange only accepts cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, payment methods are not currently supported. Payments cannot be made using fiat currency just now. For customers who routinely exchange their assets for fiat money, this may be a major drawback of the site.

Only cryptocurrencies are accepted by Bibox. As a result, consumers won't be able to purchase cryptocurrencies on the exchange using fiat money. There is a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, on the other hand. There are over 150 top-tier cryptocurrencies accessible on the platform. Over 250 trading pairs are available for investors and traders to choose from on Bibox.

Supported countries have a very different story to tell. As far as I can tell, the platform has done a terrific job in most of the countries where it is available. However, the exchange isn't available or supported everywhere owing to a lack of suitable infrastructure. A user's location may be determined by logging into the website and seeing if Bibox is available in their area.

Bibox's platform is one of the most user-friendly and lucrative in the industry. The platform adheres to the "what is seen sells" idea by offering a variety of trade views, easy navigation, and an attractive design.

According to user feedback and our own investigation, Bibox offers a wide range of assets for trading on its site. Alternate cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ripple as well as traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the USDT may be found here. A specialized mobile app for Android and iOS devices may be downloaded from the appropriate app stores for the platform. Due to the platform's reactivity, it can be said that it encourages people to utilize it regularly in accordance with their preferences.

Bibox has made mobile applications for both iOS and Android smartphones accessible for its platform in order to provide a multi-faceted approach to platform utilization. With the convenience of a portable device, the mobile application's navigation and user experience are equally as user-friendly as the website's. In addition, customers who have linked 2FA to their phones may take advantage of the convenience of only needing one device to complete the process. When trading primarily from a mobile trading device, it is necessary to consider the stability of the network.

Bibox has been able to avoid any cyber assaults or intrusions since its start, as evidenced by our assessment and investigation. All of the exchange's safety precautions may have contributed to this. Multi-factor authentication techniques, an SSL encryption standard, and other industry norms are all included in the security measures. The blockchain and cyber security expertise of the platform's creators is well-known.

According to several internet evaluations and our own research, Bibox's customer service personnel may be contacted via a variety of digital channels. The customer support team is always there to help. Also, as online reviews have shown, customer service representatives have had difficulty clearing up issues in the past because of the switch from one authentication system to another. After this one incident, the support team maintains their reputation for quick, friendly and open customer care.

Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of services and a high-quality user interface that caters to a wide range of users. When it comes to providing sophisticated trading processes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive functioning, features like automated bots, copy trading, and decentralized control place it among the top platforms available.

The security of Bibox has not yet been jeopardized by any online threats. Safeguards have been implemented in accordance with industry standards and the exchange has a clean record. In order to avoid financial harm, users should also pay attention to the security of their wallets.

Trading on the Bibox exchange is possible in the United States.

As said, Bibox is based in Singapore.

My question is, "How can I get started with Bibox?" To begin trading on the site, customers must first register with the exchange and link their own crypto wallets.

Depending on your trading volume or the number of referrals you get, you may be eligible for discounts on the platform's various costs. The exchange's website has a complete rate card.

"Decentralized exchange" is a term used to describe Bibox. It's getting more common to use a decentralized exchange. It is clear that they are gaining ground over their centralized competitors. Since 2017, Bibox has been in operation.

They do not require a third-party to hold your money in decentralized exchanges. Rather, you have full control over your coins at all times. In addition, you deal directly with the buyer or seller of your coins.

Decentralized exchanges, on the other hand, often do not ask for any personal information from users, making it simple to sign up and begin trading right immediately. Decentralized exchanges' servers are often dispersed geographically, reducing the likelihood of outages. It's also worth noting that decentralized exchanges, unlike typical top crypto exchanges, tend to have order books with lesser liquidity.

Bibox, like many other exchanges, allows users to trade money using their mobile devices (IOS and Android). This implies that you can trade at Bibox even if you are away from your computer. Many individuals like to trade on their computers, but there are also some who prefer to trade on their mobile devices.

Different trade attitudes are expressed by different exchanges. It's also not possible to say, "This overview is the greatest." It's up to you to decide which trading strategy works best for you. Most of the views display an order book or at least part of the order book, a price chart for the cryptocurrency, and a history of the orders that were placed. Buy and sell boxes are also common. Make sure you're comfortable with the trading view of the exchange you're considering before deciding on one. The following image depicts Bibox's trading interface:

To make a trade, an order must be placed by both the maker and the taker, both of whom must have an order in their books before the transaction can take place. Makers get their moniker from the fact that their orders create the market's liquidity. Because takers match makers' orders with their own, this liquidity is removed from the market entirely.

Bibox charges takers a 0.20 percent trading fee. It is possible to trade with a 0.10 percent trading charge for makers. According to industry statistics, these fees fall within the range of 0.10% to 0.15%, which is in line with these rates.

With the exchange's own token, the BIX Token, trading costs are reduced by a quarter of a percent. As a result, if you use BIX to execute these deals, the trading costs will be as low as 0.15 percent for takers and 0.075 percent for makers.

Withdrawals are subject to a fee equal to the network fee on this trading platform. The network cost for Bitcoin is around 0.000051 BTC at the time of this assessment. This cost is far lower than the industry average, giving it a significant advantage over the vast majority of other prominent crypto exchanges.

Bibox only accepts cryptocurrency deposits, therefore new cryptocurrency investors are effectively barred from trading at the exchange. To begin trading on Bibox as a new crypto investor, you must first acquire cryptos from another exchange and then deposit them into your Bibox account.

Decentralized exchanges often have a dispersed network of servers. When compared to the more traditional centralized exchanges, this one doesn't have as many servers. Decentralized exchanges are virtually impervious to assaults because of the dispersed nature of their servers, which reduces the likelihood of outages. If you remove one of the servers from the network, it has little effect on the rest of the servers. If you're able to gain access to a server at a centralized exchange, though, the damage you can cause is far greater.

If you trade on a decentralized exchange, your assets are never accessed by the exchange itself. So even if someone manages to get into the exchange, they will not be able to get their hands on your valuables. In contrast, the assets you buy or sell on a centralized exchange are usually held there until you remove them into a private wallet. As a result, a centralized exchange can be breached, allowing for the theft of cash stored there. There's no way around it with a DEX.

Bibox was founded in China in 2017 by a group of former workers of other major cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, OKCoin, Huobi) who decided to build a new company together.

Aries Wang (creator, crypto entrepreneur, and investor), Meilun Li (product manager at Bibox), and Guojie Liu (CEO of Bibox) are among the most prominent members of the team (director of operations, worked as asset manager at Black Rock).

In the eyes of many, this founding team is a sign of quality and dependability, given the platforms these individuals previously worked for are still atop the crypto food chain."

There are many who will point out the shady deals and difficulties (such as centralization, wash trading and price manipulation) that detractors use to beat up on most crypto exchanges, and argue that Bibox has inherited these and other problems as well.

Bibox, as a platform, offers most of its users with decent service, but some traders allege they were burnt by it, as has been customary in the crypto sector (citing occasional inability to withdraw funds, wash trading and bot activity, and whales using the platform as a place to dump their bags as its biggest issues).

If you look at Coinmarketcap's most active exchanges, Bibox is consistently in the top 20. However, there are occasions when these volumes aren't supported by true liquidity, which is one of the primary reasons why the community loves to accuse the platform of wash trading.

Even if Bibox may have engaged in wash trading from time to time, this activity has been a dark secret for the whole crypto trading community.

Most large exchanges will disclose measures that plainly suggest wash trading-like illicit activity. They have become used to it since they have little option in the matter.

As the market expands, we may anticipate greater openness and decentralization, or tougher regulation, to take effect, which should lead to an improvement in this area.

Despite this, Bibox has persevered despite the negative press it has received. When they first started out, they focused on Asian markets, citing the fact that they had a large user base of thousands of dealers as proof of their excellent service.

Bibox has announced plans to launch a European trading platform, Bibox Europe, in an effort to broaden their predominantly Chinese customer base. Bibox US clients will be the primary audience for this site, which is presently in beta and controlled by Swiss authorities, limiting access to persons from various ex-Yugoslav and ex-soviet nations. As of right now, the exchange has functioning hubs in a number of different nations and locations throughout the world.

When it comes to so-called "shitcoins," the community's phrase for anything that isn't Bitcoin or Ethereum, Bibox has earned a reputation for being a solid resource.

While we may question the legitimacy of these deals all day, the platform's simplicity of use is something we can't argue against. In terms of design, Bibox's web-based trading platform looks and feels a lot like Binance.

A number of different platforms have "taken inspiration" from Changpeng Zhao's design and then added their own personal touches, so this is nothing unusual. Why invent hot water when it's already there, says the ancient adage.

Using Bibox is as simple and straightforward as using the Binance-like user interface. Additional features include dynamic and customizable charts. A simple or full-screen mode may be selected from the platform's options (difference being in how advanced your interface will be).

Additional technical indicators are available to help traders identify patterns and anticipate future price movements of their favorite cryptocurrencies. While Bibox is primarily a web-based platform, consumers may access this exchange's offerings via native iPhone and Android applications.

Once you've entered the "Exchange-Basic" page, you'll be able to begin trading. If you wish to convert ETH to BIX, choose BIX/ETH as your currency pair. By clicking "buy" or "sell," you may place an order by entering the required information (such as the quantity and price).

For all traders, this is the most important metric: how much does the exchange charge for its services.

This exchange's trading costs were last revised on March 6, 2019. For both buyers and sellers, Bibox's trading costs have been reduced to 0.10 percent. Bibox's cheaper fees, which are 2.5 times lower than the industry norm of 0.25 percent, are a major selling feature.

You may save an additional 50% on your costs by using the exchange's own currency (the BIX token), much like on Binance. This results in fees that are five times less expensive than the industry standard.

BIX is the ticker for Bibox's own exchange token, which is similar to Binance's BNB token. Similar to Binance's token, Bibox offers a 50% discount on trading costs to those who purchase or sell crypto on the platform using BIX. Tokens based on the Ethereum network's ERC20 standard were initially introduced through an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017.

The value of the BIX token will rise as more and more traders search for methods to save money on trading costs as Bibox becomes more popular. The exchange charges a 0.1 percent commission on all deals, so the expenses aren't excessive. By paying using BIX tokens (50 percent reduction during the first year), as well as by upgrading your VIP status on Bibox, these costs can be lowered significantly.

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There are nine VIP levels (from VIP0 to VIP8) that may be reached by raising your monthly trading volume (added up in BTC).

For serious consumers, this program comes with 1v1 customer care, a dedicated API capable of handling 100 thousand orders per second, and an over the counter trading solution that allows fast and easy trading.

It is possible to trade more than 200 market pairings related to the five base currencies of bitcoin, ether, usd, dai, and BIX (Bibox's native token). The exchange now lists more than 90 cryptocurrencies. In addition to the more well-known coins and tokens, Bibox allows its customers to exchange a broad range of less well-known ones.

On the site, there is an active "Apply for Listing" procedure for the submission of unlisted cryptocurrencies. As previously stated, Bibox has reported daily trading volumes in excess of $250 million worth of crypto transactions on a daily basis, on occasion exceeding $500 million.

Creating an account on Bibox is required before you can begin trading. The "Signup" button at the top right of the platform's page is where you begin the process of creating an account.

The signup form asks for an email address and a password of between eight and twenty characters. An email with a verification link will be sent to your email address when you agree to the Terms of Use and click "Sign up."

To log in to your account, you may either click on this link or copy the URL and paste it into the requested form. After this, you may log in to your account by entering your email and password on the platform's "Log in" page.

In order to use Bibox, you must use one of the supported cryptocurrencies and deposit it into your Bibox wallet.

You'll need money to trade once you've logged in successfully. Simply click on the "Funds" button, choose "Master Account," pick the currency you'd like to deposit, and click "Deposit" to feed your account.

In order to use this wallet to fund your Bibox trading account, click "Copy Address" and then paste the address into your wallet. Complete the transfer of money procedures (the steps and time it takes to complete them varies from wallet to wallet).

A deposit confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided, letting you know that your money is now accessible for trading. The site charges nothing for cash deposits.

There must be a way to get your money out of Bibox, and this function is available. Navigate to the "Funds" section of your account and choose "Master Account" after logging in. Then click "Withdrawal" after selecting the desired coin.

Input the wallet's address, any notes you'd like to make (if any), and the desired withdrawal amount, and then click "Submit". As soon as the blockchain of the associated currency processes the transaction, the funds should appear in the withdrawal wallet.

Bibox does not charge any fees for withdrawals, which are determined by the network fees of the coin you wish to withdraw.

In terms of the platform's social media profiles, you'll find the standard assortment from Bibox's marketing efforts.

Their Facebook and Reddit accounts appear to be ghost towns with little activity, but there do appear to be other ways of coordinating and communicating that are rather active. Nearly 8,000 people use Bibox's BiYong (the Chinese counterpart of Telegram). Despite the fact that Bibox has an official Twitter account, it only receives an average of 1-3 retweets and likes every post.

But the company's Twitter account is also fairly busy with notifications on impending listings, trading competition winners and other exchange-related news.

Bibox's customer service is among the best we've encountered. You may access the site in a number of other languages. There's also a 24/7 support team that users may reach via the "Help" popup on or by creating a request in the Support Section. You may also reach the Bibox customer service staff on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

In the Support Section, you'll find a FAQ page with answers to the most common questions, as well as a variety of well-written Guides to help both expert and new users navigate the platform.

To ensure the protection of customer accounts, Bibox employs a variety of security measures on its platform (including Google Two-Factor Authentication, SMS Authentication, and a Funds Password).

A comprehensive log-in history is also available to assist users maintain track of their activities on the platform. The organization doesn't go into great depth about their storage techniques, however they do claim to store the bulk of customer cash in cold storage wallets offline.

Across order to expand their client base in Europe, the platform has decided to go the extra mile to establish their business as legally and securely as possible.

Although crypto is meant to be trustless, current crypto investors and the whole crypto sector plainly aren't ready to operate in such settings, which is why many see regulatory oversight as a critical step towards reaching these aims, which is why Bibox realized that. That is why BiboxEurope has joined the VQF, the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association, under the watchful eye of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). As a result, BiboxEurope may now operate their crypto company in accordance with European legislation.

In addition, starting in January 2020, BiboxEurope will engage with Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton to have its digital assets and transactions audited.

AML and KYC registrations are mandatory for all traders on Bibox, which means that you'll need to supply a lot of personal papers and sensitive personal information before you can enter the platform's trading area.

Exchanges are increasingly offering staking as a service, and practically all of them do so already. Tezos and Cosmos, two of the most popular networks, are supported by most of them.

Staking and BPT token mining were combined by Bibox to give the functionality a new twist.

BlockPool's native token is BPT. BlockPool offers dependable and secure services to its users. At the same time, it is a super-node for PoS tokens like ATOM. HPB has identified it as a Staking super-node and as such, it is an important strategic partner.

ATOM holders can participate in BPT mining. ATOM, IRIS, and BYTOM are the three tokens currently available for stake on Bibox.

As a result, Bibox has branched out into this market, offering cloud mining services in which you may rent hashpower.

This is the first time that Bibox has enabled margin trading on their platform. Leverage of up to 10x is available on specific cryptocurrency pairings, exactly as on any other margin crypto exchange.

Even while Bibox is striving to keep up with the pace set by Binance, much of its operations are based on the Binance ecosystem. Bibox also established a project called Decentralized Exchange, which may be accessed at

A multi-chain and cross-chain platform established by Bibox enables digital currencies produced on public blockchains such as BTC, ETH, EOS, IOST, and NULS. Unlike many other DEX-es, Bibox is not confined to a single blockchain.

Top 10 investment banks in the world invested in BiboxEurope's stock in 2019. On top of that, the platform cooperated with Bank Frick, Elliptic, and Ernst & Young to give consumers with the best possible trading experience.

So, Bibox is definitely aligning itself with the traditional banking sector, which could only be a good thing in the long term (particularly if you consider the possibility of acquiring crypto using fiat/credit cards and swapping fiat pairs for crypto on the exchange).

By participating in this exchange's community, you may make money in a variety of ways with Bibox. The Bibox Partner and Bibox Ambassador programs, which reward users who recommend others to the platform, as well as on-platform staking of various currencies and tokens featured on the exchange, are sure to pique the curiosity of individuals who prefer not to participate in the trading game.

Bibox is a typical cryptocurrency exchange of the current day. Even while Bibox is a great platform for some, individuals who have been burned by something linked to the platform will point out that it is not without shortcomings.

Overall, this exchange is battling to build a robust user base, and efforts like listing uncommon coins and maintaining strong referral programs could help. For now, it's anyone's guess whether or not Bibox can stand the test of time and become one of the top crypto exchanges.

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