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Earn2Trade Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Earn2Trade is one of the very few firms that functions similarly to a headhunter in the quest for genuine abilities. Earn2Trade provides great futures sponsored trader programs that are designed to assist traders in achieving their objectives in a more expedient manner. The primary advantage is that investors may get experience in the trading market without putting their own money at danger. Instead, participants in this program are given the opportunity to trade using a trading account that has already been financed by either Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading, and they are allowed to keep eighty percent of the trading gains they make. Visit Earn2Trade Website.

Earn2Trade unveiled their fresh new Trader Career Path at the beginning of 2022. This career path allows traders to expand their careers according to a scaling plan by trading an account that is worth up to $200,000 while maintaining a set drawdown. This product is a wonderful supplement to their other two offerings, which include The Gauntlet Mini, which is an examination designed exclusively for intraday traders, and The Gauntlet, which is a program designed to provide traders the largest amount of freedom possible.

This Earn2Trade review provides a comprehensive analysis of all three Earn2Trade supported trader programs, highlighting their key distinctions and distinguishing characteristics.

Earn2Trade is a trading education organization that assists traders in acquiring the necessary skills to become successful traders. In addition to this, they serve as a recruitment agency for proprietary trading organizations, during which time they seek out the most capable traders and provide them access to funded accounts with a maximum value of $200,000.

Earn2Trade was established in the beginning by a former university lecturer, as well as by two certified commodity trading advisors. After some time had passed, the original firm founders sold their interests in the business, and the company is now managed by a group of traders and educators who share a common interest in assisting traders in obtaining funding.

Earn2Trade is not like any other provider of funded accounts available today. They are always working to enhance their offering, adapt their programs in response to the needs of their customers, and provide new opportunities in order to give traders and investors the widest range of options.

This is also the case with the recently launched Trader Career Path, which is a financed trader program with the goal of assisting traders in developing their careers through the use of a scaling plan. Therefore, traders usually begin by putting their talents to the test on a trading exam that is worth $25 000, rather than picking a certain account size. After passing the exam, they are immediately accepted into a proprietary trading business and given funding to begin started.
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From this point forward, traders will be able to trade the company's money and remove any gains they make. The distinctive feature of the Trader Career Path is that those traders who are successful in meeting the goals advance in the company and trade accounts that are progressively larger, with a maximum value of $200,000. This is unheard of in the market and enables traders to deposit a modest amount for the smallest trading challenge. However, the more skilled they get, the larger accounts they are able to trade successfully.

People who wish to keep their costs to a bare minimum while yet having the possibility of managing a sizeable portfolio over the course of their working life should strongly consider the Trader Career Path as an option.

The evaluation procedure and a virtual beginning capital account of $25,000 are how the Trader Career Path gets started for prospective traders. The daily loss limit has been established at $550, while the profit objective has been set at $1,750. The drawdown for the end of the day has been specified as $1,500. Traders who wish to take part in the Trader Career Path assessment need to have a trading history of at least 15 days, are only permitted to trade during periods that have been predetermined, and must follow a progression ladder that permits them to trade a maximum of three futures contracts.

During this stage of the evaluation process, there is another essential guideline that must be followed. This principle is known as the Consistency Rule. According to the definition of the consistency rule, the profit from a single day cannot contribute for more than 30 percent of the overall profit or loss. The prop business is interested in seeing that traders can generate continuous gains rather than generating a single large profit off of a fortuitous homerun.

Because of this, it is essential to generate earnings on a daily and ongoing basis. It is important to note that this does not necessarily imply that you will not pass the Evaluation procedure if you generate such a significant daily profit. Nevertheless, you must continue to demonstrate on more days than you can earn trading profits until the day with the best trading profit does not account for more than thirty percent of the entire profits.

After successfully completing the evaluation process with the simulated beginning money, the trader has the option of moving forward with either a Junior Livesim Account or a Junior Live Account that is financed with $25,000. Both allow for the withdrawal of previously earned gains. The restrictions regarding the profit target, drawdown, and daily loss limit remain the same as they were while we were evaluating the system.

Traders who were successful in navigating the Evaluation process are eligible for a number of wonderful advantages, including the following:

Once Step 2 has been completed, an amount equal to eighty percent of the earnings made can be cashed out.
Earn2Trade does not charge a membership fee for funded transactions on a monthly basis.
There is no longer a requirement that stipulates a minimum number of days before trading may begin.
Profits made by traders can be taken out of their accounts at any time. Payouts are scheduled to take place on Tuesday of each week. When you remove more than $500 from your bank account, you won't be charged a withdrawal fee.

After a trader has successfully completed the $25,000 live or sim account challenge and has withdrawn a minimum of $1,400 in trading earnings, their account will be promoted to a $50,000 live account. This represents 80% of the $1,750 profit target.

The trailing drawdown on the account with a balance of $50,000 is now $2,000, and the profit objective has been established at $3,000. Once a trader has taken a minimum of $2,400 from their account, their account will be elevated to the $100,000 live account. This represents 80% of the trader's target profit of $3,000. At this point, the target profit is set at $6,000, and the trailing drawdown is set at $3,500. The second and final upgrade will take place once the trader has withdrawn a minimum of $4,800 from their account balance of $100,000.

The trader will have control of a $200,000 account in this Senior Live Account, with a profit target of $12,000 and a fixed drawdown set to $194,000. Traders who are able to successfully complete this task and others like it will have the opportunity to negotiate a personalized account with the proprietary trading business.

At any point in time, for a charge of $100, the Evaluation can be reset. A live trading account, on the other hand, cannot have its settings reset in any way. Those individuals who have already traded on a live account and have reached a certain threshold, such as the drawdown maximum, will be required to start a fresh evaluation and start the Trader Career Path all over again.

Commissions for micro assets are normally determined at a rate of between $0.074 and $1.00 per side, whereas the fee rate used for standard futures contracts is $2.02 per side. The balance of the simulated or actual trading account is deducted from the amount that is used to pay the commissions.

The Trader Career Path Evaluation comes with a monthly fee of $150 in order to subscribe to it. A fee of $100 is required for any reset of the Evaluation. After the Evaluation is finished, there will not be any more monthly membership payments.

Let's move on to the next topic, which is Earn2Trade's financed program known as The Gauntlet Mini. In the following section, I have provided you with platform insights as well as screenshots in order to provide you with a better picture of the kind of trading platform you are going to use and how it seems.

Earn2Trade announced the debut of its product, the Gauntlet Mini, in the month of August 2019. When I originally heard about it, I was under the impression that it was some kind of instrument that dealt exclusively with small futures contracts. In contrast, it is not. The normal Gauntlet, which will be discussed more in the third section of this review, has a variant known as the Gauntlet Mini. When all of the conditions are completed, the Gauntlet Mini gives you the opportunity to get a funded trading account after 15 trading days.

The price that you pay on a monthly basis is determined by the funded trading account that you want to achieve. The cost begins at $150 per month for the 25,000 account and increases to $350 per month for the 150,000 account if you want to reach that level.

In order to have the best chance of succeeding in the $25,000 challenge, it is recommended that you begin with the $150 for the first month, trade in accordance with the regulations, and reach the profit objective of $1,750 during the first month.

If you are successful in completing this task, Earn2Trade's proprietary trading partner will credit your trading account with initial capital. The intriguing part about the Gauntlet Mini is that when you are a subscriber to this program, this will occur throughout the time you are here:

Membership to their beginner's crash course, which normally costs $249 for lifetime access, is provided free of charge.

In addition to the cost of entering the tournament, participants will also get access to a trading simulator.

Access to the data analysis and reporting tool known as Journalytix.
Earn2Trade's Mini Version of the Gauntlet Features

Now that we've covered the basics of Earn2Trade, let's move on to a more in-depth examination of the platform's capabilities.

After you have registered, you will be able to access the Earn2Trade dashboard. Through the use of the dashboard's many navigational choices, you will have access to all of Earn2Trade's essential parts.

The financed trading platform offered by Earn2Trades is equipped with all of the necessary tools that a trading platform ought to have. I'd want to share with you the people who have most captured my interest.

The Earn2Trades platform provided by Finamark Systems provides users with access to all the fundamental charting choices, including chart formats and indicators. Important dates were now put in them as well.

You can keep track of when significant dates and times are approaching on your chart in this way. In this particular illustration, the vote on Brexit in the UK Parliament has just taken place. This is a useful tool that not only keeps you informed of recent news events but also allows you to analyze how the market reacted to those recent news events.

In addition, here are several trade indications that have been selected from the extensive number of indicators that are now accessible.

To access even more widgets, all you have to do is click the word "widgets" that is located at the very top of the Finamark Systems trading platform:

This is a really neat function. Your monthly membership price already accounts for the cost of Level 2 data, and you have the option to incorporate the DOM into your trading platform.

As can be seen, you also have trade buttons just below the DOM in this window. However, it gets much better since you can also trade with only one click. You have the ability to activate one-click trading, and once you do so, you will be able to trade directly from the chart or by directly clicking on the prices in the DOM.

This is another another amazing function. In addition to the standard Times and Sales window, you can also use the reconstructed tape to take a more in-depth look at the tape on a condensed basis. This allows you to examine it more closely.

One thing that caught me off guard was that you could switch the type of series that the chart displayed.

Normal candlestick charts may be classified as time charts (e.g., 5 minutes), tick charts (e.g., 200 tick charts), volume charts (e.g., 100 contracts per candle), or range charts. Each of these categories represents a distinct type of market data (price range per candle).

Trading with a single click is one of the available options. You should utilize the order ticket for any orders that are very complicated. There is both a basic and an advanced mode accessible. Right at the bottom of the screen, in addition to the amount, symbol, and order data, you can also see the needed margin as well as the applicable commission for the desired trade.

During the time that you are subscribed to Journalytix, your trades will be able to be imported into the platform. There, you will be able to classify your transactions and determine which method functions most effectively for you. You may also export the data to MS Excel in order to do an analysis on it.

Any competition involving a funded trading account will have its own set of guidelines. They are there to determine whether or not you are able to trade according to a predetermined set of rules.

As you can see, the maximum position size specifies "up to n contracts." The reason for this is because there is a rule referred to as "Progression Ladder" that lies behind this rule. Earn2Trade is open and honest about this, and if you want to learn more about the regulations that govern the advancement ladder, all you have to do is click the "*" symbol.

For instance, while trading with the $25,000 account, you are only allowed to start with a maximum of two contracts until your account balance is at least $1,500 higher. You will be able to add and trade up to three contracts at once if you have met the criteria and continue to remain above this level.

Due to the fact that it is one of the more complicated rules, it is very necessary to comprehend it. Additionally, Earn2Trade's rivals, such as OneUp Trader, share the same regulations, therefore this is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. However, I think it's important to bring it up.

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The Gauntlet is a 60-day trading challenge that was expressly created to attempt to maintain the experience as near as they can get to genuine market circumstances. The task is called "The Gauntlet." A trader is given the opportunity to show their trading performance over a period of sixty days in order to get an offer from a proprietary trading business, provided that they satisfy the objectives outlined in the Gauntlet.

Traders participating in this program are subject to a very limited number of guidelines, and they are even permitted to keep positions overnight. The candidate will receive an offer to join a proprietary trading business and start their trading career upon successfully completing The Gauntlet. This will mark the beginning of the candidate's trading career.

The Gauntlet begins with a virtual account balance of $25,000 and has a trading window of 60 calendar days. To meet the 10 percent profit objective with a 10 percent maximum drawdown before the end of The Gauntlet, the traders will need to trade for a minimum of 30 calendar days and at least once every week.

For the duration of the examination period of sixty days, The Gauntlet demands a one-time payment of $429. This program is financed by Earn2Trade, and it is meant for traders who want as much freedom as possible in their trading, as well as a predetermined profit objective of 10% and a maximum drawdown of 10%. Those that are successful in being financed are given an 80 percent profit split, which is comparable to the profit splits offered by the other two Earn2Trade programs, The Gauntlet Mini and the Trader Career Path.

The sponsored trading account plans offered by Earn2Trade are among the best in the industry. Earn2Trade stands out from the competition because it provides excellent additional features, such as free access to the trader community and access to Journalytix. Aspiring traders now have the opportunity to trade with account sizes of up to $200,000 thanks to the new Trader Career Path.

It is wonderful that traders are able to pick the specific trading software that is going to be the most beneficial to them in terms of meeting their requirements as well as the trading style that they like.

Company's also encouraging to see how Earn2Trade continuously works to enhance the services it provides year after year. Since I wrote my initial evaluation of Earn2Trade some years ago, they have made steady advancements, and the fact that they have acquired a TrustPilot TrustScore of 4.6 out of over 700 reviews demonstrates that their goods and services are widely welcomed.

Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 is the zip code of the location that is shown as the registered address. Their employees operate from home offices located across the United States and collaborate with freelancers located in every country in the world. The office that provides both technical and marketing assistance is located in Budapest, in the country of Hungary.

Earn2Trade is the ideal platform for novice traders who want to hone their abilities and eventually find success in the trading industry. People who already have a profitable trading approach and are searching for extra trading money can take advantage of the chances provided by the Gauntlet, Gauntlet Mini, and Trader Career Path programs.

Earn2Trade provides three different sponsored trader programs at this time. The Gauntlet, the Gauntlet Mini, and the Trader Career Path are the three challenges included in this set. Earn2Trade is only suitable for usage in the futures trading market and not the FX market.

A proprietary trading business is one that lets traders who are knowledgeable, competent, and experienced to trade the firm's capital. The trader will not put any of his own money at risk, which is a significant advantage; in addition, he will be able to take out 80 percent of any gains made from the funded account. The fact that great traders are able to raise their business's capital through profitable trades and investment decisions is beneficial to the prop firm.

Trading in futures contracts and foreign exchange are not the same thing. Futures traders, on the other hand, can trade many other kinds of futures contracts, including those relating to currency-related futures markets. For instance, forex traders solely deal in the trading of currencies. A further distinction lies in the fact that the foreign currency market is active around the clock, whereas futures markets like the CME are only active during specific times Monday through Friday.



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