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Easy Crypto Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Easy Crypto is a cryptocurrency platform that has been around for a while and is situated in New Zealand. It gives its customers the option to purchase and trade various cryptocurrencies. The platform gives users access to 109 different coins, including well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in addition to several alternative coins (altcoins). Visit Easy Crypto Website.

When it comes to services that allow users to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies, Easy Crypto is among the most user-friendly options available. Because of how simple everything about it is to use, from creating an account to making a purchase, it is one of the greatest platforms available for people just starting out.

Easy Crypto is also one of the safest platforms to purchase cryptocurrencies since Easy Crypto does not keep your cash or private keys on their site. This makes Easy Crypto one of the safest platforms to buy cryptocurrencies.

The purchase and sale prices incorporate all of the applicable fees; hence, what you see is exactly what you get. The fees range from 0.70 percent to 0.90 percent of the total transaction amount.

CryptoSpot is a tool that may be used to compare live prices.

Account2Account, POLi Pay, and bank transfers are all valid payment methods that may be used on Easy Crypto.

With Easy Crypto, there are no account fees, and the minimum purchase order is just $100 New Zealand Dollars.

You will be required to create a wallet for the particular cryptocurrency that you are interested in acquiring before you can begin buying and selling cryptocurrency using Easy Crypto. The public and/or private keys are kept in a cryptocurrency wallet, which can be an app or a physical device.

Our comprehensive guide to Bitcoin wallets provides all the information you want to make an informed choice.

When it comes to digital currencies, the asset you want to safeguard is not the coins themselves but rather the private key to access them. Anyone who holds the private key is granted the ability to move cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, from the address that is associated with that key. The private key is used for signing transactions.

The Exodus Wallet and the Trust Wallet are just two examples of the many free and reliable desktop and mobile wallets that are now available. Before choosing to open a wallet with a certain company, it is a prudent move to investigate the evaluations available for that company as well as the overall credibility of the company.

The hardware wallet is a more secure option than digital wallets stored on your computer or mobile device (e.g., Trezor, Ledger). Both brands are officially resold by EasyCrypto, which is an authorized reseller. These wallets have prices that run in the hundreds of dollars and are best suited for those who have a greater number of cryptocurrencies in their possession.

The following categories of payment methods are supported by Easy Crypto:

Bank Transfers Between Accounts. POLi Pay. Account2Account.

Fees: There are no fees associated with Account2Account or Bank transfers. Transfers made through Account2Account are completed immediately, whereas bank transfers can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the receiving bank and the date of your transaction. The POLi Pay method is quick, but it comes with a cost of up to three dollars, which is equal to one percent of the transaction total.

A service called "Instant purchase & sell" is provided by Easy Crypto. This function enables you to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency based on a fiat amount (for example, $50 worth of bitcoin) or in units of the cryptocurrency itself (i.e., 0.1 bitcoin).

When placing buy orders, you will be prompted to provide the address of the wallet where you want Easy Crypto to deliver the cryptocurrency that you have acquired. For sell orders, you will be required to deliver your cryptocurrency to an Easy Crypto bitcoin address that has been selected, and the settlement in New Zealand dollars will be sent to the bank account that you have registered with Easy Crypto.

The minimum order amount, which applies to both buy and sell orders, is set at $100 NZD. This requirement is in place for all orders. Your existing wallet, an account on another exchange, or a hardware wallet may all receive cryptocurrency transfers straight from Easy Crypto.

The amount of time it takes for cryptocurrency to appear in your wallet might vary greatly depending on how active the network is at any one moment. Our research team decided to put this theory to the test by purchasing 50 New Zealand Dollars worth of bitcoin, which was sent to our wallet in a little over four minutes.

Additionally, Easy Crypto has a feature known as "Multi-coin order," which enables users to buy or sell numerous cryptocurrencies in a single transaction. You will need to provide your wallet address for each of the different cryptocurrencies that you are acquiring in order to complete the transaction in the same manner as described before.

You are only able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies through the use of a market order (i.e., you can only buy or sell at the rate Easy Crypto is offering). Unless you are an expert user and are utilizing the Pro Trading option, Easy Crypto does not offer limit orders for either buying or selling cryptocurrency. In addition to market orders, fill-and-kill orders are available through Pro Trading, just like they are on the Easy Crypto website in their ordinary form.

The price at which you buy or sell cryptocurrency takes into account all applicable fees; this is the reason why the buy-sell spread for Easy Crypto seems to be larger than that of competing platforms.

Easy Crypto makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.9 percent on orders, however this percentage can be lower based on your Discount Tier (which begin at just $1,000 in total purchase) and can go as low as 0.70 percent.

Network fees are costs that are charged in order to transmit cryptocurrency. Easy Crypto does not charge any fees of this kind. If you wish to withdraw cryptocurrency from other platforms into your wallet, you will be required to pay this charge. Because of the substantial expenses associated with running the network, the traditional network fees for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have historically been relatively high.

Because purchases of fiat currency and sales of cryptocurrencies are both carried out in US dollars, the costs associated with foreign exchange are also incorporated into the overall cost. Easy Crypto includes all costs, including those for foreign exchange, in their overall pricing.

Limitation in crypto trading: Because of the 0.70 percent to 0.90 percent charge in buying and selling cryptocurrency, active traders who wish to purchase and sell cryptocurrency on a regular basis may discover that the fees drastically lower the total returns. Easy Crypto's costs, on the other hand, look to be affordable for someone who intends to invest and hold rather than trade often. ​

There are a lot of exchanges that will let you retain the cryptocurrency you've acquired in an account on their own platform. The purpose of this is to make it easier for active users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as to circumvent the charges associated with withdrawing currencies into one's wallet while using a network.

On the Easy Crypto platform, your New Zealand dollars (or other fiat currency) and cryptocurrency are not kept in a wallet as they are on other exchanges. Instead, when you buy crypto on Easy Crypto, your fiat currency is delivered immediately to Easy Crypto, and Easy Crypto will put the cryptocurrency you've purchased directly into your wallet. Easy Crypto does not store your fiat currency.

Know this: Delivering your purchases into your wallet is arguably the most secure way of buying and selling cryptocurrency. This is because it avoids having your money stored on an intermediary platform (such as an exchange), which runs the risk of being hacked. In other words, it keeps your money out of the hands of hackers. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, it is not unusual for sites to be hacked; Cryptopia, situated in Christchurch, is only one example of many others. When cryptocurrency exchanges are hacked, investors run the risk of losing some or all of their holdings.

Easy Crypto provides a number of helpful features that eliminate friction and ambiguity during the purchasing and viewing of cryptocurrency. Below, we provide a detailed explanation of the distinguishing characteristics.

When considering a platform, slippage is yet another important factor to take into consideration. Slippage is the term used to describe the variance that exists between the anticipated price of a deal and the actual price at which the trade is carried out. Because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, slippage is a regular occurrence while purchasing and selling these digital assets.

Figuring out whether or not slippage is a problem for larger trades: When you are executing an order, you may determine whether or not slippage is a problem by changing the buy quantities to greater amounts and then checking to see if the stated price of bitcoin has changed. Our investigation has shown that employing this approach does not result in any slippage problems. However, the outcomes are not guaranteed because of the liquidity of the market. When doing bigger trades, you should get in touch with Easy Crypto to find out whether or not there is a possibility of slippage.

Easy Crypto has a tool known as Swaps, which, in essence, gives you the ability to "exchange" one cryptocurrency for another (e.g., Bitcoin to Ethereum). The processing of swaps is outsourced to a third party provider, which might result in slower performance during periods of heavy network congestion.

During the holiday seasons, we anticipate that exchanges will most likely take longer than planned, and delivery may take up to 36 hours. It is recommended by Easy Crypto that you engage in typical buy and sell trades in order to increase the speed of your transactions and ensure that your rates are accurate.

On this page, a record of your previous trades with Easy Cryptocurrency will be shown for you. This is a useful tool that allows you to examine your general statistics, such as the entire market worth of all of your purchases made with them, the net fiat invested, and the total returns. You also have the option to manually add any trades that you conduct on other cryptocurrency platforms so that they are shown on this tracker page.
You may access the Mine Digital Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Australia, by following the link on this page of the Easy Crypto website. This is a separate platform than Easy Crypto, and its use is not within the purview of this guide's coverage.

You are able to set up an automated buy order using the auto-invest option of Easy Crypto. This will allow you to make repeated purchases of the cryptocurrency of your choice. On their order form, it is up to you to pick which coins you want to acquire and at what ratio you want to purchase them. For each deposit, you have the option, for instance, of purchasing Ethereum and Bitcoin in proportions of 50 percent each.

When you make a deposit into Easy Crypto, their platform will automatically acquire those coins according to the ratio that you have chosen. This is a powerful method for dollar cost averaging into your preferred coins.

Easy Crypto will compile a tax summary for you depending on the purchases and sales of cryptocurrency you make. These are only examples, and you should not rely on them as anything more than a rough approximation. This is a helpful tool for you to calculate your taxes using, despite the fact that Easy Crypto does not guarantee the correctness of the information shown here and does not accept any duty or responsibility for the results.

One of the most user-friendly platforms overall, from the first sign-up through the actual buying of goods and services. By utilizing their immediate buy and sell function, Easy Crypto makes it possible for you to make purchases of cryptocurrencies in a prompt and hassle-free manner.

The amount displayed is the total cost, which incorporates all of the applicable fees.

One of the most secure ways to buy cryptocurrencies since the digital assets are transferred straight into the user's digital wallet when the transaction is completed.

Their tracker website enables you to monitor your entire purchases and provides you with helpful information, such as the percentage of your returns and the total amount you've spent, among other things.

You may purchase cryptocurrency in a flash using the free immediate payment option that is offered by Account2Account.

The 'dollar cost averaging' investment approach may be implemented with the help of Easy Crypto's auto-invest function. This is especially helpful if you intend to invest a certain sum into cryptocurrency over the course of some period of time.

Easy Crypto also provides a broad variety of educational resources for people who are just beginning their crypto journey, such as how to set up a hardware wallet and an explanation of what decentralized finance (DeFi) is. You are free to explore the comprehensive variety of subject areas mentioned in this article. Easy Crypto provides access to a comprehensive selection of cryptocurrency options. Get in touch with the Easy Crypto support staff if you are interested in purchasing a specific cryptocurrency that is not presently included in the Easy Crypto product offering. It is possible that they will add that cryptocurrency to the list of currencies that may be purchased.

It is possible to purchase fractions of a cryptocurrency with a minimum purchase order of one hundred New Zealand dollars (NZD), making it possible for anybody to acquire cryptocurrencies with significant dollar values such as bitcoin.

When compared to other available choices, Easy Crypto's functionality is severely lacking because it is designed specifically with novices in mind. For those who are interested in performing technical analysis, for instance, there are no trading instruments available.

There is no provision for a limit purchase or stop loss feature inside Easy Crypto. Because of this, it's possible that this won't work for anyone who wants to make transactions when a certain cryptocurrency hits a specified price.

People who are wanting to trade often should not utilize Easy Crypto as all costs, including Forex and network charges, are already factored into the buy and sell prices. An exchange that allows funds to be held on the platform eliminates the need to pay forex and network costs whenever a trader buys or sells, making it the superior choice for active traders who engage in frequent transactions.

Due to the fact that Easy Crypto does not keep any of your cash or private keys on file, as well as the fact that they promise the complete and total protection of your financial transactions for all orders, we consider it to be one of the most reliable platforms. Any purchases are automatically added to the balance in your wallet.

When will the cryptocurrency be deposited into my wallet, and how long will it take? It depends. There is significant variation in the network speeds of the various cryptocurrencies. It also is contingent on the activity level of the network at the time of the purchase. For illustration's sake, the test run that MH ran to buy $50 New Zealand Dollars worth of bitcoin took around four minutes. Nevertheless, the timing can be different if we carry out the buy order at a different part of the day.

On Easy Crypto, is I able to use limit or stop-loss orders while buying and selling cryptocurrency? We regret to inform you that Easy Crypto does not support this function. You are restricted to placing market orders only.

There is a tax summary page on Easy Crypto that is intended to serve as a reference to help you compute your taxes; nevertheless, this may not be a comprehensive and accurate depiction of your tax liabilities. Visit this page on the IRD website for further information about the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Does Easy Crypto charge any fees for using its services? Creating an account with Easy Crypto does not cost anything, as it is entirely free to do so. Easy Crypto generates revenue from each transaction by charging a fee ranging from 0.70% to 0.90% of the total transaction amount.

Is there a minimum amount that can be purchased? Yes, the minimum amount required to acquire any cryptocurrency is $100 New Zealand Dollars.

When there is a high demand for digital currency exchanges, it may be rather difficult for novices who are just starting out in the cryptocurrency industry to purchase cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. There are a great number of cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world that provide transfers of both fiat cash and cryptocurrencies, but most of them do not offer very spectacular or sophisticated services.

Easy Crypto is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand. The platform gives traders the ability to purchase and sell digital coins in a safe and prompt manner. It is not only extending its assistance to the extension of the market for digital currency in New Zealand, but it is also extending its support to the expansion of the market in other nations such South Africa and Australia. In this evaluation of the Easy Crypto platform, we will talk about the features, trading costs, security features, and simplicity of use of the site.

Because Easy Crypto is essentially a cryptocurrency broker operating in the digital market, it serves as a conduit through which buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency may interact with one another. It is a licensed exchange that offers customers a broad variety of deposit ways, allowing them to buy over 44 different cryptocurrencies using AUD, NZD, or ZAR as the base currency. The user interface is sophisticated yet uncomplicated, making the site very accessible to new users. Users have the option of transferring bitcoins straight from their bank accounts to the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges, cold storage facilities, or existing crypto wallets.

Easy Crypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded in 2017 by Janine Grainger and her brother Alan Grainger. The siblings are from New Zealand, where the company maintains its headquarters, and Australia and New Zealand serve as the company's primary markets. They developed the platform with the intention of enabling customers to engage in hassle-free and risk-free bitcoin trading. The team behind Easy Crypto set out to develop the simplest digital currency exchange in the world, and they have been able to successfully spread their services to a number of other nations, including the crypto marketplaces in Australia and South Africa.

Easy Crypto is a reporting exchange that is regulated and licensed by AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre), which is an organization that upholds financial laws and reduces the risk of cybercriminals and fraudsters using cryptocurrency platforms for the purposes of money laundering, financing of terrorism, and other illegal activities. Easy Crypto operates under the AUSTRAC umbrella.

According to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (2006), every regulated trading platform, including Easy Crypto, is required to collect information about the identities of their customers, monitor their financial activities, and finally report to the AUSTRAC if any transactions seem suspicious or include hefty amounts over $10,000. This includes Easy Crypto.

Easy Crypto seems to be one of the most reliable sites in Australia that offers its consumers the ability to acquire bitcoin in a hassle-free and protected manner. The cryptocurrency exchange has implemented a variety of preventative safety measures to guard against potential threats to the cash of its customers.

The verification procedure for deposits and withdrawals of fiat money is, as required by legislation, modeled after the KYC procedure.

The platform complies with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, hence it has been registered with AUSTRAC.

Users of a hardware wallet have the ability to make direct deposits of digital currency into cold storage wallets that are linked to the customer's bank account. This means that the finest platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies do not hold any cash, and as a result, there is no possibility of the platform being hacked or stolen from.

In addition to the client's account being linked to a confirmed email address, the platform also provides a two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security. This provides an additional layer of protection for the account, making it more difficult for cybercriminals to break into the system and steal money.

On the Easy Crypto platform, users are provided with some of the greatest features for quick cryptocurrency trading, without having to deal with any doubt or friction. The following characteristics, among others, have been highlighted for your perusal:

The slippage is an important feature of this platform that should not be overlooked. The term "slippage" refers to the disparity between the actual price at the time the trade is made and the expected price of the deal. As a result of the volatility of the financial market, this occurrence frequently takes place while purchasing Bitcoin. In the event that slippage becomes a problem in the course of big trades, one may alter the purchase amount to greater quantities while executing orders and evaluate the Bitcoin prices.

Another noteworthy component of the Easy Crypto platform is the Swap function, which, in essence, gives users the ability to exchange one cryptocurrency for another (for instance, Ethereum to Bitcoin). The platform strongly recommends that users conduct conventional buy and sell transactions for assurance and speed of the user's choosing. This is done with the intention of minimizing timing concerns as well as price fluctuations.

The Easy Crypto Tracker is a practical tool that logs the trade history of users on the site. It provides an overview of the data, which includes the market worth of their acquisitions, total returns, and the net amount of fiat cash invested.

A convenient tool for calculating investor taxes is made available by Easy Crypto. This function compiles a tax report of the buy/sell transactions that have taken place on this marketplace. The fact that these statistics are simply suggestive and should only be treated as an estimate is something that must be kept in mind at all times. The accuracy of the data that is supplied to the exchange is not guaranteed in any way.

Users of Easy Crypto have the ability to set up an auto-buy order using the platform's auto-invest function, which will then automatically invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies on a predetermined schedule. Traders have complete leeway to select the coins and the exchange rate at which they intend to purchase them. For each deposit, for instance, they have the option of purchasing either one hundred percent Bitcoin or one hundred percent Ethereum. Therefore, whenever traders add funds to the exchange, the system will automatically acquire those cryptocurrencies in the ratio that has been chosen. Investors are given the opportunity to efficiently dollar cost average their chosen digital currencies thanks to this method. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the services provided by Easy Crypto or how they should be used, it is strongly recommended that you visit this page.

The Pros and Cons of Easy Crypto:

No hidden costs.
A rather large amount charged for each transaction.
A varied and reputable assortment of coins.
Processing is slowed down by the high volume of deals.
Suitable for beginners.
Support for security that is above average.
a feature that automatically buys with a dollar cost average method.

Users need to complete the procedures outlined below in order to begin purchasing cryptocurrency using the Easy Crypto platform:

Users are required to go to the Easy Crypto website and click on the button that says "Create an Account." This will enable the following sign-in options: with Google, with email, and with Facebook.

Users who wish to make deposits in AUD or cryptocurrencies are required to provide paperwork that demonstrates compliance with the KYC procedure before their accounts may be verified. Documentation required passport or driver's license data. To complete the verification process, users must first pick My Account and then select Verification from the drop-down menu. After it is finished, customers will be able to begin adding Australian Dollars to their accounts to deposit money.

They have the option of utilizing POLi Payments or bank transfers, both of which are instant payment methods, in order to deposit funds on Easy Crypto.

After the traders have placed the cash into the Easy Crypto account, they will be able to begin the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies. In order to buy cryptocurrency, one must:

Choose the coin that they would want to acquire.
Enter the amount of Australian Dollars (AUD) that they wish to spend.
After reviewing the order, click the Buy Now button.

It includes an Instant Purchase and Sell option that enables traders to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency based on the fiat amount (such as $100 worth of BTC), or in the cryptocurrency units itself (like 0.1 BTC).

When placing a purchase order, users are required to submit the address of their digital wallet. On the other hand, when placing a sell order, users are required to transmit their cryptocurrency to a specific address, after which they will be paid in fiat currency.

The minimum amount required to place an order, whether you are buying or selling, is one hundred New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Traders on Easy Crypto are required to first create a wallet for the cryptocurrency they are interested in acquiring before they can begin selling or buying cryptocurrencies on the platform. The user's private keys are securely stored within Easy Crypto's accompanying hardware wallet. It is a reliable wallet that is only accessible through the desktop version. Every person who has a wallet prioritizes the safety of their private keys over that of their currency. Users are able to bank transfer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin from their corresponding wallet address if they have the private key, which is utilized during the signing of transactions and is required to do so.

It is essential to keep in mind that Easy Crypto tacks on a trading fee of 0.9 percent to each and every order. The Discount Tier, which begins at an expenditure of one thousand dollars, results in a reduction of this proportion to as low as 0.7 percent. To summarize, Easy Crypto's fee structure is completely open and there are no covert costs anywhere. However, users of Easy Crypto need to be aware of the following obligatory payments in order to utilize the platform:

When transmitting cryptocurrency, a network will often charge a fee in the form of a network fee. Easy Crypto, in contrast to other platforms, does not impose network fees on users when they withdraw cryptocurrency into wallets.

The cost of the cryptocurrency itself includes the platform's bundled currency conversion costs, which are charged for certain package options.

Easy Crypto does not impose any fees for either deposits or withdrawals.

There are restrictions on the amount of cryptocurrency that may be purchased through Easy Crypto; however, these limits change depending on the level of user verification.

The following are examples of acceptable payment methods on the Easy Crypto trading platform:

POLi Pay, Bank Transfer, Account2Account.

On its trading platform, Easy Crypto supports over 44 major cryptocurrencies and altcoins, all of which can be purchased using the following fiat currencies: AUD, NZD, and ZAR. Users may also verify their list by heading to the Rates area and looking at the following digital items, which are all now available on the platform:

Binance is an exchange that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Token of Attention for the Coin Ark Basic
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin SV, Cardano, Dash, Enjin, and DigiByte

Customers who have difficulties conducting transactions or establishing an account are quickly assisted by the vigilant support staff of Easy Crypto, who are constantly on their toes. The crew is available from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening, Monday through Friday, and they pledge to react within 24 hours. On the website of the firm, you can also find a comprehensive list of questions that are asked regularly. Users also have the option to send a general email inquiry or file an online support request.

As our evaluation of Easy Crypto comes to a close, it is fair to say that the New Zealand exchange is a respectable platform that provides outstanding trading tools for the Australian market. In contrast to the fees charged by other exchanges, those in New Zealand are relatively low, while those in Australia are among the highest in the world. The service is provided in the countries of South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Easy Crypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform that, all things considered, is remarkably user-friendly and uncomplicated. It supports a variety of digital currencies as well as fiat currencies, and it assists users in getting their trading in digital assets off the ground.

Easy Crypto is a reporting platform that is both registered and licensed to operate under the auspices of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). This organization is responsible for enforcing financial laws to reduce the risk posed by criminals and hackers who use cryptocurrency exchanges for the purposes of money laundering, cybercrime, and financing terrorist organizations.

There are no fees associated with registering for the trading platform, depositing funds into the platform, or withdrawing cash from the platform while using Easy Crypto. However, it does generate money by collecting a trading charge of 0.7 percent to 0.9 percent each transaction, and the amount varies based on the verification level of the customer.

There is not currently a mobile trading app available for use by traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Easy Crypto's platform. On the other hand, the desktop version more than makes up for the app's shortcomings, as it is very friendly to mobile usage and can be accessed through any smart device.

The opinions expressed in Easy Crypto Reviews should in no way be construed as a recommendation or any form of investment advice. Before engaging in financial transactions on digital platforms, traders are urged to consult with industry professionals for guidance on appropriate financial strategies.

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