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Eightcap Review: Is this broker legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

EightCap (also written as 8cap) is a forex and CFD broker based in Melbourne, Australia. They are regulated locally by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and offshore by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The broker's position as a licensed and regulated forex broker in both Australia and Vanuatu may be verified by looking up the company in the databases of both of these authorities. Visit EightCap Website.

In general, Australia is a reliable country for forex brokers to do business in. In general, you may put your trust in any and all brokerage firms that are regulated there; nevertheless, in the extremely unlikely occasion that something goes wrong, you have the option of quickly filing a complaint with the highly regarded ASIC. Sadly, the same cannot necessarily be stated of Vanuatu because there are only extremely minimal laws in place for forex brokers and other organizations that provide financial services. On the other hand, the fact that EightCap is licensed in an offshore jurisdiction in addition to Australia enables the company to provide improved trading circumstances to its customers who are located outside of Australia. These improved trading conditions include a leverage of up to 1:500.

Trading instruments offered by EightCap include a variety of popular commodities, a range of major and minor currency pairs, major stock index CFDs, a selection of single shares of Australian and US publically listed firms, and a fairly typical range of major and minor currency pairs. The trading of bitcoin contracts for difference (CFDs) is sadly no longer an option with this broker.

When it comes to trading platforms, EightCap has opted to go the more conventional route by maintaining its customers' accounts on the time-tested MetaTrader 4 or 5 (MT4/MT5). Maintaining a focus on the fundamentals helps ensure a seamless transition from previous brokers, regardless of whether or not providing a proprietary platform appeals to a greater number of traders. In addition to this, this assures that access will be granted to the extensive library of automated trading techniques known as Expert Advisors, which can be found on both the MT4 and the MT5 platforms.

Standard accounts and Raw accounts, both of which are offered by EightCap, can be selected by traders according to the amount of experience they have acquired in the trading industry. These two types of accounts are distinct from one another in a number of ways, one of which is that the raw account features extremely low spreads and commissions on each trade (at the moment, $3.5 per typical lot). The regular account, on the other hand, features spreads that are noticeably larger and trading that is completely commission free.

It is interesting to note that the raw account, in addition to the regular account, may be opened with a minimum deposit of just one hundred of the account's base currency (AUD/USD/GBP/EUR/NZD/SGD). This is something that we think to be a really attractive offer for the raw account in particular.

The fact that traders on EightCap have the ability to decide for themselves how much leverage they would want to trade with is one of the platform's many appealing features. To begin, the leverage on all trading accounts with EightCap that are not associated with Australian residents is set to 1:100. On the other hand, this is a setting that can be modified quickly and simply within the MetaTrader platform to any number between 1:1 and 1:500. In this approach, the level of leverage available for trading may be adjusted to meet the needs of each type of trader, from the most risk-taking to the most risk-averse.

Tweets by Eightcap_aufx When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals of money from a trading account with EightCap, the available funding methods include all of the standard alternatives, such as Skrill, VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, and even the well-known money transfer service in Australia, POLi. However, this broker does not support the acceptance of cryptocurrency deposits at this time.

Email or a phone number with an Australian registration are the two ways to contact EightCap's customer support department. EightCap's website, like the websites of many other brokers, includes a live chat feature that customers may use to get in touch with customer service representatives in a hurry. Additionally, one thing that we appreciate about EightCap is that the company discloses the location of its own physical office on its website. This contributes to the broker's increased level of confidence.

The customer service department of EightCap provides assistance in the following languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, and German as well as Vietnamese.

In conclusion, we have the impression that EightCap could be an interesting choice for anyone who is looking for higher leverage than what is available from Australian, European, and North American forex brokers who are only regulated in their own "onshore" jurisdiction. This is because EightCap is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is an international financial regulatory body. As a result of the regulatory tightening that took place in Australia in 2021, which drastically decreased the amount of leverage that traders there could receive, there is now an even greater need for brokers such as EightCap that are also licensed abroad.

Eightcap is a dynamic online broker that leads the market in trading platforms and provides clients with access to more than 500 different trading products. It doesn't get much better than this, considering that commission-free deals are available to be made.

The most recent iteration of our assessment process has led us to discover an online broker called Eightcap that is prepared to push the limits of innovation. A multitude of trade materials, user-friendly tools, and faultless service execution are the three essential components that guarantee an enhanced user experience. Continue reading to discover more about Eightcap and everything it has to offer.

When conducting our Eightcap review, we looked for a new customer promotion but came up empty. This is important to notice. You shouldn't let the fact that there isn't an offer like this one stop you from using the site. Keep in mind that this online trading service is long-established and offers traders a streamlined interface that performs very well. Additionally, you will have access to crypto contracts for difference. In point of fact, the website offers more than 250 distinct crypto-based derivatives to choose from. You won't have to use a wallet either because that's not required. Sign up for an account with Eightcap, which has a very user-friendly registration process, and you may immediately begin trading crypto CFDs.

The platform possesses a high degree of responsiveness and is exceptionally adaptable. According to the findings of our research of Eightcap, the broker has also made significant investments in the design and overall aesthetic sense of the website. The first thing that strikes you about this online trading platform is the fact that it is prepared to conduct business. It is visually beautiful and efficient in its design. We did not run across any problems along the road, and we were impressed by how well the whole platform is put together.

In the most recent assessment that we carried out on Eightcap, we discovered that there are two primary account categories. You will have the option of selecting between the Standard or Raw account type. The Standard account does not charge a fee and has spreads starting at 1.0 pips. You are free to utilize EAs; however, you should be aware that the lowest deposit possible is $500.

The Raw account does not exclude the cost of commissions. You will see that the commission is levied at $3.50 per standard lot, but the minimum deposits required ($350) are lower than the minimum required for a Standard account. In addition to this, you may take advantage of spreads beginning at 0.0 pips.

The MetaTrader4 platform and the MetaTrader5 platform are the two most important ones to take into consideration. Because the vast majority of CFD trading sites utilize the MetaTrader platform, you might already be familiar with them. There are a number of significant distinctions between the two. Those interested in trading foreign exchange can consider using the MT4 platform. It may be downloaded on desktop computers in addition to mobile devices (iOS and Android). You will get access to a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as price charts that display data across different time frames and expert advisors (EAs).

In our most recent assessment of Eightcap, we are delighted to report that this online broker does not charge any of the several fees that are common in the industry. You will discover that there are no fees associated with downloading their trading program on your computer. Making a deposit will not cost you anything more. On the other hand, if you have a position, you will be required to pay an overnight fee. These are referred to as exchange fees, and they tend to change based on a variety of different circumstances.

After you have created an account, you will have access to the Market Watch Panel so that you may monitor the markets. You will find a comprehensive summary of the most recent swap costs here. This will give you control over your overnight holdings and ensure that you are completely informed of any interest charges that may be levied against you in the future.

If you uncover an online brokerage platform that doesn't give complete help throughout business hours, it should immediately raise a red flag for you. You'll be happy to know that our study of Eightcap highlighted that this trading platform offers help 24 hours a day, five days a week whenever the markets are open. You are able to take use of the live chat option, which is the most time-efficient method for resolving difficulties. You also have the option of consulting the vast FAQ area, which enables you to provide your own responses to the questions that are posed. You may also get in touch with the Eightcap team by sending an email to them or by calling them. At any given time, it is quite evident that there is ample assistance available.

Is it safe to use Eightcap? Do you know of any Eightcap scams that are just waiting to happen? We are able to guarantee that this online broker possesses all of the necessary authorization and regulation to carry out business in the space of online trading. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is the government agency responsible for regulating Eightcap in Australia. This broker is authorized and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, which is useful information for consumers located all over the world. As a consequence of all of these factors, our examination of Eightcap demonstrates unequivocally the dependability and openness of this platform. Additionally, this online broker takes all of the essential precautions to protect the cash of its customers. The funds are held in separate accounts at various different financial institutions.

The MT5 is a more recent version that may be downloaded on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. On the other hand, you may access the MT5 platform using your web browser as well. Therefore, you are under no obligation to download any program if you so want. When you use the MT5, you'll have access to 38 various types of technical indicators, and you'll also be able to include the most recent market news.

Existing clients can choose from a variety of finance choices thanks to the many available. You will be able to fund your account with a variety of payment methods, including online card payments (credit or debit), POLi, bank transfer, BPAY, China UnionPay, Skrill, and Neteller. Most deposit choices are immediate. However, the clearing of a BPAY, Skrill, or bank transfer transaction might take several days. You won't be charged any fees for deposits; however, if you plan on utilizing a bank wire to fund your Eightcap account, you should verify with your financial institution first.

There are four different ways to withdraw your money from the account. You have the option of withdrawing funds to your own bank card, through Skrill or Neteller, or by wire transfer into your bank account. Before you can request a withdrawal, all you need to do is pick the withdrawal method that suits your needs best.

In our most recent assessment of Eightcap, we made note of the availability of a number of additional tools and services, all of which contribute to an overall experience that is much enhanced. Eightcap is fast to give new clients with a fully functional sample account when they sign up for the service. This gives you the opportunity to test your luck on the site without requiring you to put up any initial funds. It is one of the most effective techniques to determine whether or not the platform will meet your needs.

This broker also offers an intriguing new tool that enables traders to automate their trading without requiring them to have any prior technical knowledge or expertise. Because of this, individuals are able to make educated selections regarding transactions that are as accurate and efficient as feasible. View the most recent webinar in order to obtain information on how to get started. In the same vein, there are a plethora of supplementary instructional materials available to each and every one of the clients.

The most recent iteration of our evaluation of Eightcap discovered that traders have access to over 40 distinct FX CFDs through the platform. When using the MT4 and/or MT5 platform, you will have the ability to trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairings. Among the currency pairings available for trading on the Forex market are AUD/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/CAD, CAD/CHF, USD/ZAR, and USD/HKD.

You will discover that it is feasible to engage in trading with spreads that are as minimal as 0.0 pips. If you choose to trade using the Raw account option, you will be able to do so with a spread of zero on all major currency pairings. Traders with standard accounts are able to trade main pairs with a spread of only one pip. Standard account holders are not required to pay any commission fees. Trading in foreign exchange does not incur any additional expenses. Always make a thorough check on the overnight costs associated with available positions.

You'll have access to the foreign exchange markets all day, every day, round the clock. According to the findings of our evaluation of Eightcap, it is possible to trade forex on both trading platforms, as well as by utilizing the most recent mobile app to do so. The smallest amount that may be traded is limited to 0.01, and the number of lots that can be purchased is controlled at 100.

There is a plethora of opportunities available for trading forex and CFDs. You can gain access to the market very quickly, and you will maintain that access throughout the day. Those who are interested in engaging in online Forex trading should read our assessment of Eightcap before selecting a platform to use. Additionally, the most recent version of the MT4 trading platform is ideally suited for doing so.

There are more than 40 distinct forex CFDs and more than 250 crypto CFDs that are available for trading. Despite this, there is a great deal more available. Gold, silver, and oil are just some of the tradable commodities that you can do CFD trading on with Eightcap. Customers of Eightcap have the opportunity to trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on eight of the most important indices in the world. Last but not least, there are approximately 250 stock CFDs that are traded on an open market. It is quite evident that this online broker has provided CFD traders with an abundance of trading options to choose from.

When engaging in online trading, it is essential to give careful consideration to the many costs that may be incurred. When you use the Standard account, you won't have to be concerned about any commissions, which is fortunate. Eightcap is particularly pleased with the fact that it does not collect any fees for the forex and CFD products that it offers. When you use a Raw account, you will be subject to a commission rate of $3.50 for each standard lot that you trade. You may also make use of the most recent built-in capabilities to keep tabs on the overnight costs that Eightcap will charge you for maintaining open positions throughout the night.

You will, of course, be able to trade CFDs using either of the platforms available to you. In addition to this, you do not need to be concerned about the sort of account that you are using because both are designed for trading CFDs. When looking to trade a certain instrument, it is essential to take into account the trading hours that are in effect for that instrument. Utilize the most recent portion of the FAQ page to acquaint yourself with any pertinent information concerning CFD items that you are interested in purchasing. Eightcap has made it a priority to guarantee that the online trading environment for activities related to CFD trading are more than accommodating.

Eightcap is a prominent name in the world of online trading platforms for CFDs. It functions in an incredibly effective manner and gives customers access to a wide variety of worldwide instruments at any time of the day or night. The addition of cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs) has strengthened what was already a robust product range. On this website, investors wishing to trade CFDs have a wide variety of choices available to them. Our readers should take our advice and check it out.

In this section of our evaluation of Eightcap, we pay particular emphasis to investigating the various crypto trading alternatives that are available. On the website, you will see that it is possible to trade more than 250 different types of cryptocurrency derivatives. This is unquestionably an incredible variety of available choices. You will have the ability to trade cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs), which include digital assets such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Tron.

In our evaluation of Eightcap, we found that there were very little costs to take into consideration. You will, however, need to take into consideration the spreads that are associated with crypto CFDs. The spread for each coin of bitcoin is now 12 pips. The spread for Cardano is 0.004 pip per coin, while the spread for Ethereum is 0.45 pip per coin.

You won't have to actually invest any money in order to speculate on the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Using crypto contracts for difference (CFDs) grants you significant market exposure. In addition, the tremendous variety of crypto derivatives that are at your disposal cannot be enough emphasized in this Eightcap review. You have the choice of choosing either the Standard or Raw account option while engaging in cryptocurrency trading on any of the platforms. The trading hours for cryptocurrencies are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, running from 00:00 to 23:59.

Eightcap has been successful in integrating a substantial cryptocurrency offering into their product lineup. Because there will be such a large variety of CFD derivatives available, it goes without saying that consumers will have significant access to cryptocurrency markets. Eightcap might very well be the ideal online trading broker for you to use if you've ever entertained the idea of engaging in crypto CFD trading.

Is it safe to use Eightcap? It is essential that you get all of the knowledge that you require concerning any possible online broker sites that you desire to use. The most trustworthy websites will safeguard all of your personal information as well as your financial assets at all times. However, there are some platforms that aren't as dependable as the others. To learn more, have a peek at the most recent evaluations that we've posted on Eightcap.

Exist trading alternatives for cryptocurrencies on Eightcap? In today's world, a growing number of online brokers provide cryptocurrency trading as one of their businesses. If you are thinking about engaging in cryptocurrency trading online, it is in your best interest to read our most recent reviews first. To determine whether or not you will be able to access crypto markets, for example, you may get this information by reading our analysis of or the detailed study of Eightcap.

What are the most recent experience levels and ratings for Eightcap? The best online brokers are always working to enhance their customers' experiences across the board. As a result of this, we make it a point to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry so that we can provide you with accurate information on which brokers are regarded as the finest for a variety of different trading characteristics. You can learn more about Eightcap's rating by reading our assessment of the company.

Is there a commission fee for using Eightcap? The majority of internet brokerage firms will at some time implement commission fees. On the other hand, there is a sizable number of brokerage firms that go against the grain and do not levy commission fees on a broad range of financial markets and products. You can find out more about the costs and whether or not you are eligible for commission-free trading by reading our evaluation of Eightcap right here on

Is it possible to obtain an Eightcap app for mobile trading? In 2022, it is almost unthinkable for an online broker not to offer a mobile trading app to its customers. The vast majority of traders will be interested in having the opportunity to swiftly access their account no matter where they are. As a result, a mobile app is an excellent addition to a comprehensive desktop trading platform.

It is very evident that after doing our Eightcap review, we have discovered an online broker that excels in all relevant categories. You can choose to play any of the many instruments that are available to you. It is important to highlight the availability of over 250 different crypto derivatives, which deserves special attention. The most recent interface from Eightcap has a fantastic design, which makes it more simpler to engage in online trading. The fact that this online platform does not provide a welcome incentive for new customers is not anything that truly ought to be taken into consideration.

Eightcap Forex, a company that has won numerous awards, was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2009. The company's mission statement reads as follows: "to deliver an unrivaled trading experience to our clients and provide you with one of the best trading environments in the financial world." Eightcap Forex was founded in 2009.

In addition to its locations in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, and Australia, this broker also operates an offshore corporation known as Eightcap Global Ltd. entity, which is headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission both oversee the broker's operations as regulatory bodies (VFSC).

Because Eightcap trades on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT4/5) platforms, if you are an experienced forex trader, it is probable that you are already familiar with these two outstanding trading platforms. If you're not familiar with the MetaTrader platforms, you should know that they offer an interface that's both simple and straightforward so that new traders can rapidly pick it up and start trading. Recent announcements by the 2020 Global Forex Awards place Eightcap in the position of Best Global Forex MT4 Broker.

You may trade over 200 different financial instruments across a broad variety of asset classes with Eightcap. These asset classes include FX, commodities, indices, and shares. During the trading week, the customer care team of the broker is available in many languages and may be reached via email, live chat, or the telephone. You can establish a demo account that is financed with virtual money if you have never traded before and you want to practice or if you just want to check out the broker's services. Additionally, instructional tools are provided by Eightcap for traders who are new to the market or have limited expertise.

More than 194 nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania are represented among Eightcap's clientele. In the North American region, traders based in Canada and Mexico are the only ones who are permitted to establish an account with Eightcap. Read on for more information about this broker in our evaluation of eightcap forex, which can be found below.

Desktop and mobile interfaces for Eightcap's MetaTrader trading system. Eightcap is the source.

Eightcap, much like the majority of other online forex brokers, generates revenue from the transactions of its customers by increasing the dealing margins above what they are able to acquire in the wholesale market. This sum is incorporated into the broader dealing spreads that are associated with the Standard account offered by the broker. However, the company also levies a commission fee of $3.50 every trade that is executed on Raw accounts, which provide more favorable spreads.

The Standard account of the broker has the lowest dealing spreads available, which are 1 pip for all of the main currency pairings, while the Raw account has no dealing spreads at all. Depending on the particular cross that is being traded, the lowest possible spreads for currency pairs involving major currencies range anywhere from 1.1 to 1.4 pips in a Standard account and from 0.1 to 0.3 pips in a Raw account. The USD/SGD currency combination is the sole exotic currency pair that may be traded, and the minimum spread for this pair is 2 pips for Standard account users and 1 pip for Raw account customers.

Eightcap's customer care agents are able to provide assistance in the following languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. You may contact them by calling 61 3 8375 9700, sending an email to, or engaging in live chat. Due to the fact that the live chat service provided by the broker is not available around the clock throughout the trading week, it was not evaluated for this report.

Even though the broker's website brags about its respectable review profile of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, the majority of the most recent positive reviews come from reviewers who have only ever left 1 review on the service. This suggests that the reviews may have been paid for or solicited in some other way by the company.

Additionally odd was the fact that many of the positive Eightcap evaluations appeared to originate all at once from the same or nearby regions. Notably, there were many serious complaints regarding a "poor tick" in the broker's price feed creating unwarranted losses, and the broker reportedly took its sweet time addressing the issue despite the fact that it was brought to its attention. Although the broker claims to employ US-based Equinix data centers for its execution servers in order to deliver "lightning fast execution" timings, another reviewer from outside of Australia reported ping difficulties that might delay transaction execution via Eightcap.

Eightcap enables trading via the MetaTrader mobile trading app, which can be downloaded for free on mobile devices running either the iOS or Android mobile operating system. This is possible because Eightcap supports the MetaTrader 4/5 trading platform suite from MetaQuotes. This software is practically the industry standard for mobile online forex trading since it possesses strong charting, account management, and trading features.

Because Eightcap is compatible with the MetaTrader 4/5 suite, traders who are already accustomed to using that trading software should have an experience that is similar while using Eightcap. New traders should find this popular trading platform to have an abundance of helpful documentation, and they can take use of the site's vast user community to seek guidance online.

Eightcap has recently partnered with, a world leader in artificial intelligence, to create a platform that specializes in trading automation and analysis. If you are interested in automating and backtesting your trading plan outside of the well-known capabilities of MT4/5, you should know that Eightcap has recently formed this partnership. Because of this strategic relationship, customers of Eightcap will have access to the automated and analytical tools provided by Some of these capabilities include loop strategies, backtesting, and smart alerts. Users of Eightcap will also have the ability to download the mobile applications developed by for both Android and iOS.

Trading foreign exchange with Eightcap is advantageous for a number of reasons, the most important of which are that the broker offers reasonable dealing spreads for the majors and major crosses, and that it supports the MetaTrader trading platform suite, which is the industry standard for trading forex pairs. Additionally, Eightcap enables trading in a select few CFDs on indices and commodities through its MT4/5 platform, but trading in shares is only possible through its MT5 platform.

Eightcap increased the number of financial products it offered on its platform in January 2022, bringing the total to over 1000. These new assets start with the following:
On the MT5 platform, Zinc is denoted by the symbol XZNUSD.
On the MT5 platform, the Nickel (XNIUSD) market.

Additionally, there is an enlarged selection of CFD options, which include the following:
310 CFDs on ASX Shares and 100 CFDs on NASDAQ Shares
CFDs on one hundred NYSE Shares
105 Share CFDs on the LSE
45 Share CFDs from Germany

A Standard account as well as a Raw account are offered, catering accordingly to traders who transact less frequently and those who are more active. It is convenient for traders who want to use higher leverage than the maximum 30:1 ratio allowed by the broker's Australian subsidiary Eightcap Pty Ltd that the broker has a Vanatau entity called Eightcap Global Ltd that allows its account holders to access up to 500:1 leverage. Eightcap Pty Ltd is the name of the broker's Australian subsidiary.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates Eightcap's subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia very rigorously, whilst the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) regulates Eightcap's subsidiary in Port Vila, Vanuatu less strictly. Both organizations keep the money of their customers separate from the broker's personal cash. Be aware that this broker does not provide negative balance protection, which is a measure that can stop a trader from losing more money than is currently in their account in the event that the market moves against them.

Overall, Eightcap functions as a rather simple forex and CFD broker. They provide two different account kinds, both of which provide acceptable minimum dealing spreads, and they support the widely used MT4/5 trading platform suite. The broker also provides useful training services for inexperienced traders and maintains an offshore business in Vanatau, which gives traders holding accounts in that location access to riskier leverage levels of up to 500:1. On the other hand, the broker does not provide negative balance protection, which is something that a large number of traders have come to anticipate for reasons of safety.

Eightcap's products appear to be similar with those of a fairly basic FX and CFD broker when compared to those offered by its competitors. On the bright side, Eightcap offers support for the MetaTrader platforms and a substantial maximum leverage ratio of 500:1 if you are able to register an account with their Vanatau company. In addition, Eightcap is able to give support for a wide range of other trading platforms.

However, due to the fact that Eightcap does not offer safeguards against negative balances as many of its competitors do, your margin deposit might be put at risk if you choose to trade with them. Additionally, if you want to take advantage of Eightcap's extremely low dealing spreads and create a Raw account with them, you need be prepared to pay a $3.50 charge for each transaction in addition to the dealer spread. Even while the price might not appear unreasonable at first glance, active traders often find that their transaction fees quickly add up.

Another area in which Eightcap lags behind its competitors is the restricted types and numbers of tradable assets it offers. These assets include just a small range of tradable shares and commodities, and it does not provide trading in futures or options at all. If you want to trade in markets other than those offered by Eightcap, you might be better suited working with an international broker such as Interactive Brokers, for instance.

What kinds of leverage are available with Eightcap? The broker gives clients of its Australian entity access to a leverage ratio of 30:1, while clients of its Vanatau business have access to a leverage ratio of 500:1.

I was wondering if scalping and hedging are allowed on Eightcap. The broker does, in fact, permit all forms of scalping and hedging activity.

The company's first attempt at developing a trading platform resulted in the MT4 being created. It is perhaps the most well-known among traders, and most brokers recommend using it as their trading platform.

When it comes to the trading technology, you have access to a comprehensive library of charting tools and have the ability to superimpose a variety of technical studies on top of your charts. Because of this, the MT4 platform is the one that most technical analysts like to use.

Even though the MT4 platform has a lot of complex features, new traders shouldn't let that put them off. It is still not overly complicated to use, and the buy/sell mechanism is conveniently located right there on the dashboard. In addition, there is a wealth of information available on the internet on how to make use of it.

Additionally, the MT4 platform comes with its own own custom-built programming language known as MQL4. This gives you the ability to code your own own EAs, often known as "Expert Advisors." Trading robots, often known as EAs, are automatic trading scripts that may be run nonstop like a computer program.

In addition, the platform is accessible via a diverse selection of mobile devices and computer operating systems. You may trade using a web browser, on a personal computer or MacBook, as well as using their mobile apps for Android and iOS-based mobile devices (below).

As you have undoubtedly been able to deduce by now, the MetaQuotes MT5 platform is the somewhat more advanced and enhanced version of their previous version. You'll be able to trade the complete inventory of assets that Eightcap offers once you have it.

The user interface of the MT5 platform has been enhanced, and several new functions have been included in the update. These features may be found right there on the site and include things like a complete order depth chart as well as an economic calendar.

They have also brought the programming language that is utilized in the process of developing the EAs up to date. MQL5 is more of an object-oriented language than its predecessor, MQL4. This indicates that you have greater functionality, and you even have the ability to design your own bespoke indicators. Backtesting is also made far more reliable with the help of MQL5.

You also have access to a sizable community of other MT5 users who are willing to engage in conversation with you over your scripts. You may utilize this community where scripts are openly available even if you don't know how to code in order to use an EA if you wish to use one.

As is the case with the MT4 platform, this may be accessed through a variety of various kinds of devices. They provide a web-trader, a client for computers and Macs, and an app for mobile devices.

We regret to inform you that Eightcap does not currently provide a mobile app that would allow you to manage your account, make deposits or withdrawals, or both. You will be required to carry out these steps using a mobile web browser.

You do, however, have complete access to the MT4 and MT5 mobile applications, as was previously noted. These are the most popular trading programs in both the iOS and Android app stores, and they are accessible for both platforms.

Both of these applications are loaded with features and still offer the functionality to set charts, maintain orders, and execute rapidly with one-click trade capabilities. Both apps also have a lot of other functionality. You are also able to track the success of your EAs in the trading market.

When you take a closer look at the reviews on the app store, you'll see that the overwhelming majority of them are good (see image below). It should thus come as no surprise that the MT4 app has over 10 million or more installations, whereas the MT5 app has over one million installs.

The desktop client is always our first choice when it comes to trading. This is due to the fact that while you are using a PC, you have access to a significantly greater number of features. Charting on a small screen like that of a mobile device is a very challenging undertaking.

When it comes to mobile trading, you also need to take into consideration a variety of other elements. This covers factors like inconsistent mobile connectivity and order delay, among other things. However, if you are required to be away from your workplace, the mobile applications are superior than all of the other options.

You are able to fund an account with Eightcap using a wide variety of various currencies. You have the option of opening an account in AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and NZD in addition to SGD.

If you wish to add funds to your account, you will need to go to your client portal and find the deposit option there. Only then will you be able to add funds. You will be given the opportunity to select the mode of payment that best suits your needs.

There, you will find a selection of payment methods that are acceptable to Eightcap. The various payment channels and the terms that accompany them are outlined below for your convenience.

Credit Card and Debit Card Funding: Visa and Mastercard are both accepted here. Processing occurs instantly, and there are no transaction costs associated with this. The following currencies can be used for transactions: AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, NZD, and SGD.

POLi Payment is another another speedy and convenient means of online funding available to Australian customers. This will clear promptly with no fees, however you can only get it in AUD currency.

Transfer Via Wire: If you prefer more conventional approaches to funding your business, then you always have the option of sending money via a transfer via wire. However, this might take anywhere from one to three business days and could result in additional costs. The following currencies can be used using this method: AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, NZD, and CAD. SGD is also an option.

Bpay is another another quick and easy method of fundraising that is accessible to Australian merchants. This does not incur any transaction costs, however the clearance process may take up to two days.

China Union Pay is a payment method that you could use if you are located in China and would like to make a payment in RMB. If this describes you, then you could use China Union Pay. There are no costs associated with the transaction, and the processing time should be immediate.

Skrill, which was once known as "money bookers," is currently one of the most common and widely utilized forms of online web wallets. You won't be charged any fees to utilize this option if you wish to fund your account in US Dollars or Euros. It should clean up within a day or two at the most.

It would appear that using a card to transfer money to the broker is the quickest technique for you to use in this scenario. You are able to make a payment at any time of day or night, and the instant that the money reach the broker's account, they will begin working to credit your account.

The process of withdrawing money is exactly as uncomplicated as making deposits. To withdraw money from your account, go to the "Withdrawal" section of your client site. You will be sent to the following form, which allows you to choose the withdrawal method as well as the amount to withdraw.

Be sure that all of the procedures for determining your identity and verifying your identity have been met before requesting a withdrawal. In accordance with the terms and conditions of Eightcap, a withdrawal request may be denied until the company has the ability to authenticate its traders.

If a withdrawal request is sent to the broker before 01:00pm AEST / AEDT on a business day, then it will be completed on the same day. If the request is not received before the specified cut-off time, then it will have to be held over until the following day.

If you have financed your account with a card within the previous ninety days, when you make a withdrawal they will transfer the initial funds back to the card you used to fund your account. If the amount of your withdrawal is greater than the amount you initially filled the account with, the remaining balance will need to be paid using another method. The procedure that was used for deposits made in Skrill will also be used for those deposits.

If you are making a withdrawal to a bank account, the process might take anywhere from two to five days if the withdrawal was made through SWIFT. Eightcap does not charge any fees associated with withdrawals; nevertheless, you will be responsible for paying the $25 cost that is associated with telegraphic transfers.

You are unable to make a payment into an account belonging to a third party; thus, the account must be in your own name. This is also the case with deposits.

We are all aware that the quality of customer service at a broker may make or break your whole experience there. As a result, we consider it to be a very significant factor whenever we evaluate the performance of these brokers.

You may get in touch with Eightcap's customer service team via a variety of channels that are fairly conventional across the industry. You may send an email to to get in touch with them. In addition, they have a phone line that can be reached at +61 3 8373 4800 for a more personalized experience.

However, we discovered that the utilization of their online live chat function was likely the most user-friendly technique that they offered. This is a Zendesk chat service that is staffed around the clock. When we attempted to contact their representatives, we received immediate attention when we did so.

In point of fact, it does not appear to be simply the two of us. The broker has been able to obtain positive feedback on the manner in which they interact with their traders and future clients by participating in a variety of online forums and trader groups.

At this time, Eightcap is running a variety of different specials that you may take advantage of. When you sign up for an account, you will receive them, which are a pleasant bonus and enhance the overall value of the offer.

The first offer that they had available was a bonus of $30 that required no initial deposit on the player's part. This is basically free trade money that you can use to get started trading with. You may use it to fund your account. When compared to the usual bonus, which necessitates making a deposit, this one carries a lot less risk.

This incentive is only available during particular time periods, and you won't be able to cash out your winnings until you have met the minimum volume requirements for trading. If you decide to take advantage of an offer like this in the future, we strongly suggest that you first read the terms and conditions.

The introducer incentive is yet another offer that they are now making available to customers. You will receive a payment of one hundred dollars for every investor that you direct to the broker and who subsequently opens an account with them. You are free to recommend as many of your friends as you like.

Even though they have referred to this as a "promotion," it is not actually a promotion in any sense of the word. Consider it more in the context of a referral or affiliate program, which is something that is made available by several different brokers and exchanges.

Eightcap, much like the vast majority of other brokers operating in this day and age, has provided some free educational resources. New traders who are searching for some direction on techniques and more general forex jargon will find this to be an excellent resource.

Every trader at Eightcap receives regular market updates as well as analysis of the market as a whole. This covers some of the most significant factors that affect the market during the day. Additionally, it provides a more in-depth look at how the foreign exchange market is likely to react to any anticipated economic news.

In addition to this, they offer some really helpful technical analysis on important levels for a variety of various forex pairings. These could be helpful in completing the analysis that you have been working on separately.

These market updates are fairly well written and are presented in a way that is easily understandable. On the other hand, it is quite improbable that they will be as extensive as the materials that can be discovered on many other websites and discussion groups.

These guides are geared primarily at novice traders and will teach you the fundamentals of forex trading. They address topics like the distinction between fundamental analysis and technical analysis, as well as other similar fields.

In addition to this, they go into a little bit more into on particular trading methods that you might use. The majority of these are associated with trading strategies that are derived from technical analysis and are built on significant charting indicators.

These are quite clear and concise, and they are written very nicely. They also contain a number of graphics that are highly instructional and serve to demonstrate various aspects of the aforementioned tactics.

Eightcap has made available a variety of instructions for the Metatrader platform that walk users through its many features step by step. These include things like the installation and configuration processes, as well as account administration, trading, and charting analysis.

These are beautifully written, as is the case with the other educational material, and feature a plethora of photographs that provide a pictorial tour of the platform. If this is your first time using Metatrader, we strongly advise that you read through these instructions first.

In order for our evaluation of Eightcap to be comprehensive, it is necessary that we identify some of the aspects that, in our opinion, have room for development.

To begin, we were only moderately satisfied with the asset coverage that they provided. They are only offering four different commodities as assets, and two of those are oil (WTI & Brent). You are also unable to trade any assets that are single stocks, and the only type of equities that you are permitted to trade is index CFDs.

Second, although they do provide crypto assets for trading, the leverage restrictions on these assets are extremely low, standing at only 1:5. This is a very significant reduction from the restrictions that we have observed at other crypto futures exchanges such as BitMEX and others that provide a leverage of 100:1.

The fact that they did not provide any plugins or integrations developed by third parties was another thing that left us feeling rather downhearted. These are very typical at other brokers, and they assist customers in copy trading, doing in-depth analysis, or following indications. In addition, there were no VPS agreements available where traders may install their own own autonomous EAs.

In conclusion, they do not provide Islamic accounts, and they do not accept customers from a diverse variety of locations such as the United States of America, Japan, etc. Traders of this faith or from from this location will be need to locate another broker as a result of this development.

In conclusion, it would appear that Eightcap is a broker that is rather reasonable. They are properly regulated, with minimal fees, quick execution times, and a customer service staff that is attentive to their needs.

In addition to this, they provide their traders with access to some of the most cutting-edge platform technology available by way of the Metatrader suite. Because of this, they are able to trade a rather wide variety of assets, which should be sufficient to meet the needs of most traders.

There were, without a doubt, quite a few aspects that we did not particularly enjoy and that we believed need some form of enhancement. Whether or whether these are deal breakers is something that you will need to determine for yourself based on the preferences you have for trade.

If you are searching for a straightforward CFD broker that offers minimal spreads and is upfront about their pricing, then they could be a good choice for you.

Eightcap is a CFD broker that has been around for a while and has a good reputation. They provide leveraged trading of up to 500:1.

They operate out of Australia, but their presence in other countries has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This is due to the fact that they offer assets that are quite appealing, in addition to having spreads that are pretty narrow.

In this evaluation of Eightcap, we will provide you with all of the information that you want pertaining to this broker. We are going to investigate their history and reputation on the internet. In addition to that, we will share with you some helpful advice pertaining to the trading that takes place here.

Eigthcap is a company that was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Melbourne. Eightcap Pty. Limited is the holding company (Ltd). Their corporate headquarters may be found in the heart of the city at level 11, 356 Collins Street. Additionally, they have offices in the city of Shanghai.

They are a CFD broker that provides clients with the opportunity to trade contracts for difference on a variety of underlying assets. The "no-dealing desk" STP (Straight Through Processing) methodology that they use also implies that traders are able to obtain quite close to the "raw" spread.

Eightcap is a CFD broker, which means that they provide leveraged trading with a maximum leverage ratio of up to 500:1 on assets such as forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The maximum leverage ratio may be seen on their website.

Despite having its headquarters in Australia, they export their services to over a hundred different nations all over the world. In addition to that, they have had their website translated into seven distinct languages, some of which are German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.

However, there are a significant number of places that have limitations imposed on them because of licenses. On this list of nations that cannot participate, the United States of America, Japan, and some provinces in Canada are among the most important.

Is it Safe to Use Eightcap? When we evaluate a company's goods, the security of their brokers and the protection of their customers are two of the most significant elements for us. This is especially true when one considers the negative reputation that uncontrolled businesses have earned over the years.

The fact that Eightcap was subject to the comprehensive oversight of the Australian Securities and Investment Committee made us very satisfied (ASIC). They hold an AFSL license with the number 391441, which was issued to them. This indicates that they are subject to the guidelines set out by a respectable government agency.

Capital Reserves: The first and most significant criteria in order for the broker to be eligible for a license is that the broker must have appropriate capital reserves to cover any deficits that may occur. The broker is required to hold one million Australian dollars in reserves by ASIC.

Checks on the Broker's Background In order for the broker to be granted a license, there are a number of Know Your Customer (KYC) checks that need to be completed. These include positions at the director level and inside the firm.

Accounts That Are Separated One other highly significant condition that a broker has to fulfill is that they need to have separate bank accounts for the money that belongs to the broker and the money that belongs to the customer. This guarantees that the customer's funds will never be used in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the circumstances that may arise.

It is not enough for them to complete the standards all at once before they are granted a license; they must also submit regular reports. The broker is required to provide the agency with up-to-date information on both their financial status and their liquidity ratios.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the broker has satisfied these regulations, you also have the reassurance of knowing that there is an organization you may contact in the event that you have a complaint against a broker. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has established routine reporting procedures.

The auditors of Eightcap are yet another third party that operates independently and can check to see if the company has enough liquidity coverage. Eightcap makes use of an independent external auditor in order to keep track of their adequate level of capital. In addition to this, daily customer money reconciliation is performed on their accounts.

In addition to that, Eightcap carries professional liability insurance. This ensures that the broker will be protected in the event that they are subject to legal action that may result in monetary payments being made. Brokers that do not have this coverage run the risk of experiencing liquidity deficits in the event that this occurs.

It would appear that Eightcap provides traders with a very conventional choice of assets to trade on. They provide foreign exchange (major and minor), stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies as trading options.

They provide over 40 different currency pairings, which places them on par with the vast majority of other brokers in this industry. On the other hand, they only provide a total of four different assets, which severely limits the coverage for their various commodities. Pepperstone is an option to take into consideration if you are interested in expanding the range of assets that you trade.

You are only allowed to trade CFDs on indexes, and their equity product offering is not much better than typical. There is no provision for the trading of individual stock holdings. They give you the opportunity to trade in ten different CFD indexes.

They support a total of six different cryptocurrencies, which is a little more than the average number of available options. The following are some examples of these:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Gold-plated Bitcoin (BTG)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Ripple (XRP)

When you trade these cryptocurrencies, however, you are not purchasing them in the same way that you would an asset. This is a key point to keep in mind. These are not goods that are sent out into the world; rather, they are derivative instruments that are marked to market on a daily basis.

Trading in leveraged instruments is available through Eightcap. This indicates that you are engaging in a kind of trading known as margin trading, in which the amount of margin that is required is several times lower than the size of the position that you are taking on. When using the maximum amount of leverage, which is 500 to 1, the required margin is merely 0.5 percent.

If the position swings against you, the amount of margin money that you put up will need to be increased to compensate for the loss. This is what many in the industry refer to as a "margin call." If the situation worsens to the point that it exceeds your margin call threshold, then it will be closed out automatically.

When you sign up for an account with Eightcap for the first time, the leverage on your account will be set at 100:1. After you have been verified as a client, you may contact customer service in order to make a request for increased leverage limits.

It is also important to keep in mind that the maximum leverage that you are permitted to use while trading cryptocurrency is just 1:5. When compared to the commissions charged by other CFD brokers, such as IQ Option, this one is quite inexpensive.

Eightcap places restrictions on the maximum amount of equity that may be held in an account. These restrictions are there to safeguard users from the dangers that are associated with using leverage.

The type of account that you have at Eightcap will define the specific spreads that you will be charged. These spreads can range anywhere from zero to hundreds of points. They have what is referred to as their Standard account as well as their Raw account. The latter account has spreads that are quite close to "raw" market levels.

The following table provides some instances of the spreads that you will acquire while trading on the Standard (S) and Raw exchanges for the various assets (R).

AUD/USD: 1.0 1.4 pips (S) / 0.0 0.4 pips (R)
GBP/USD: 1.2 1.8 pips (S) / 0.2 0.8 pips (R) EUR/CHF: 1.0 2.5 pips (S) / 0.0 1.5 pips (R) EUR/AUD: 1.0 2.5 pips (S) / 0.0 1.6 pips (R)
AUD/USD: 1.0 1.4 pips (S) / 0.0 0.
4 pips (R)
AUS200: 1.0 1.2 pips
SPX500: 0.3 2.5 pips
XAU/USD: 20 30 cents
UKO/USD: 0.05 - 0.59 points
Bitcoin (BTCUSD): between 40 and 50 pip movements
Ripple (XRPUSD): 1 2 pips

As you can see up top, the spreads on the currency pairings are very acceptable, however the 40-50 pips charged on Bitcoin are quite a bit more than average. You should also be aware that although the raw spreads are lower than the standard, you will be charged a "lot commission" that is a fixed amount. You will be charged $3.5 for each lot that you exchange.

In addition to the spreads, you might also be responsible for paying something that is referred to as the "Swap cost." This will change depending on the conditions of the market, and you can monitor the changes in your MT4 or MT5 dashboard.

The swap charge is similar to an overnight rate that is applied to your holdings, and it is deducted from your balance. It is utilized in order to account for the various interest rates that are associated with the various currencies. Depending on the relative interest rate differential, the swap rate might either be positive or negative at any one time. This swap rate is applied at the stroke of midnight, New York time, every single night.

For those users who are just beginning started with Eightcap, the ordinary account is arguably the most user-friendly option available to them. You get complete access to both platforms, in addition to significant liquidity and competitive spreads in the market.

Direct access to the market is granted to you through the Raw account, which results in spreads that are somewhat more favorable (close to zero on forex). There is no dealing desk, and the execution of your orders is assured to take place within a very short time.

When we saw that there were very little limitations placed on the strategies that could be used with these accounts, we were pretty impressed. You may engage in scalping, hedge trading, and even create your own expert advisors (EAs) (more on this below).

One hundred dollars is the bare minimum that must be deposited into either of these accounts, which is not an unreasonable amount. In addition, the smallest lot size that you are permitted to trade is 0.01 lots. Because of this, it is ideal for new traders who want to enter into the market in a controlled manner.

Your overall trading volume should be taken into consideration in making decisions on the type of account to open. If you engage in a significant volume of trading, the amount of money you will save on spreads will be more than the fee that you are required to pay on the lots. On the other hand, if this is your first time trading, it is recommended that you stick with the regular account.

You may practice trading using Eightcap's regular demo account, which comes equipped with virtual currency and all of the platform's features. This is a fantastic approach to try out the platform in a way that is not frightening and does not include the danger of losing anything.

The demo account is a trading account that does not impose any obligations on the user. The only thing you need to do in order to gain access is to provide them with your contact information and indicate which platform you are interested in testing out.

In addition to providing you, as a newbie, with an understanding of how the platform functions, it also provides more experienced traders with the opportunity to evaluate the spreads that Eightcap charges for its services. You are able to get the demo money increased to a maximum of one million dollars in base currency at any time.

The sample accounts all have a time restriction of 30 days, which is unfortunate, but there is nothing prohibiting you from establishing several accounts.

The fact that Eightcap employs the most popular trading software available on the market at the moment should come as a source of satisfaction to the majority of the traders out there. These platforms are known as MT4 and MT5, respectively.

The great majority of brokers all around the world utilize software that was created by a third-party corporation known as MetaQuotes. This software is used to trade financial instruments.

Eightcap is appealing to cryptocurrency traders who are experienced with the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and are searching for a wide variety of cryptocurrency possibilities since it offers two accounts with easy requirements and inexpensive minimum deposits.

Eightcap is a highly regulated broker that provides trading on foreign exchange (Forex), indices, commodities, share CFDs, and over 250 different cryptocurrencies. This range of offerings is the most comprehensive in the business.

Eightcap provides three different types of accounts: two real accounts and a demo account. Both of its live accounts need a minimum deposit of one hundred Australian dollars (or the equivalent in another currency), which makes them enticing to new traders. The costs for the Standard Account are already included in its variable spreads, which have an average value of 1 pip on the EUR/USD pair. On the other hand, the Raw Spread Account features competitive spreads of 0.00 pips (EUR/USD) for a commission of 7 USD (round turn).

Eightcap provides full support for both MT4 and MT5, in addition to offering a premium toolset developed by FX Blue Labs. This toolset has an extensive array of complex alarms and messaging systems, as well as realtime sentiment and correlation tracking. is an additional service provided by the company. This is a platform that assists clients in developing automated trading strategies utilizing a language that does not need coding.

Although Eightcap's Forex education and analysis are not as in-depth as those offered by some of its larger rivals, the company's customer support is accessible in 10 languages, is responsive and knowledgable, and has a wide range of language skills.

Indian traders may transact with complete peace of mind while using Eightcap as their broker. It is registered in Vanuatu, where it also retains oversight from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), as well as from the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB).

Eightcap is a global multi-asset trading company that was established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. The company now has five locations located throughout the globe. The companies Eightcap Pty Ltd and Eightcap Global Ltd operate under the brand name Eightcap (Vanuatu).

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has assigned Eightcap Pty Ltd (ABN 73 139 495 944) the AFSL reg no. 391441 and is responsible for regulating the company.
The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) oversees Eightcap Global Limited, which is a publicly traded company (SIA-F220).
With the business registration number 40377, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) oversees Eightcap Global Ltd (Vanuatu), which operates in the country of Vanuatu.
Indians will engage in trading under the auspices of the subsidiary known as Eightcap Global Limited, which is overseen by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB).

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SCB) increased the number of limitations it placed on trading CFDs in February 2021 in order to better safeguard traders. As a consequence of this, brokers that are regulated by the SCB will be required to ensure that all client money is kept separate from the company's operating capital, that the net equity of a retail client account does not drop below 50 percent, and that all traders are provided with automatic negative balance protection. In addition, brokers are prohibited from offering incentives or other forms of incentive to traders under the laws imposed by the SCB.

Additionally, the SCB introduced leverage limitations (with a default leverage of up to 100:1), although traders are permitted to manually modify their leverage to a greater value. Clients have to be informed that trading with leverage can, on the one hand, significantly boost one's earnings, but on the other hand, it can radically increase one's losses.

Eightcap satisfies all of the regulatory standards imposed by the SCB, including the separation of client money in top-tier banks, the absence of bonus programs and promotions, and the establishment of stop-out thresholds at the 50 percent level. Additionally, Eightcap offers all of its customers negative balance protection, ensuring that traders will never lose more money than is currently available in their trading account. In addition, the leverage by default is set to 100:1, but customers have the option to adjust it to a maximum of 500:1 if they so want.

We believe Eightcap to be a secure broker to trade with on the whole due to the fact that it is subject to stringent international regulation, client funds are kept in separate accounts, and negative balance protection is offered.

When compared to those of other brokers, Eightcap's trading costs are about par.

Eightcap provides two live accounts, each of which requires a minimum deposit of one hundred Australian dollars, in contrast to other brokers that provide a variety of accounts with greater minimum deposits related to narrower spreads (or currency equivalent). Raw spread pricing is provided by the Raw Spread account, whereas trading expenses are already factored into the variable spreads of the Standard account. In return for a fee per lot, the Standard account provides access to raw spread pricing.

The charges associated with Eightcap's accounts were analyzed and compared to those associated with accounts held by other FX brokers. The expenses were determined based on the trading fees associated with one lot of EUR/USD (100 000 USD), which included the spreads and commissions.

For the sake of our computation, we chose to utilize one lot of EUR/USD as our benchmark because this currency pair is the one that is traded the most frequently and it typically has the smallest spread.

Spreads can change at Eightcap, which means that they can either widen or contract in response to changes in the number of trades and the volatility of the market. The spreads shown in the table above are the average spreads.

The overnight swap charge is another important aspect of trading costs that should be taken into consideration. It is dependent on the difference in overnight interest rates between the two currencies involved in the pair, as well as on whether the position is to purchase "long" or sell "short." Unfortunately, Eightcap's website does not have a listing of its swap rates anywhere.

Please go to the Market Watch panel included in either our MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 trading terminals in order to access the most recent swap rates that Eightcap has available.

Simply right-click on any instrument in the 'Market Watch' panel, then go to the context menu and choose the 'Specification' option. It will open a new window that displays numerous instrument specifications, including the long and short swap rates of the symbol that you have chosen to focus on.

The overall trading costs charged by Eightcap are comparable to those charged by other brokers in a similar market.

The non-trading costs charged by Eightcap are significantly lower than those charged by competing brokers.

The non-trading fees that brokers impose are among the trading charges that are most frequently disregarded by investors. These fees have the potential to severely impact your profitability and should, as a result, be thoroughly investigated.

In contrast to other brokers, Eightcap does not normally impose any non-trading costs, including fees for deposits and fees for dormant accounts. Withdrawals made through Skrill, on the other hand, incur a transaction fee of one percent of the total amount.

In general, this is a positive development in a sector of the economy where extra costs are levied on virtually every transaction.

At Eightcap, the account-opening and verification procedure is streamlined, as it is entirely digital, and accounts are available within twenty-four hours, which is around the norm for the industry.

Eightcap welcomes customers who are citizens or permanent residents of India so long as they can make the required minimum deposit of one hundred Australian dollars (or currency equivalent).

Account options for individuals, joint accounts, trusts, and corporations are all available with Eightcap. For the sake of this analysis, we shall describe the steps involved in setting up a personal bank account as follows:

On the homepage of Eightcap, you will see an option labeled "Create Account." Click on that item, and you will be sent to a page where you may create an account by providing your name, email address, and telephone number in addition to a password.
Traders are required to provide their physical address, date of birth, and tax number when they complete out the registration form for Eightcap.
The next step for traders is to select their trading platform (either MT4 or MT5), account type, chosen base currency, and leverage level.
Traders will subsequently be required to acknowledge and consent to the Risk Disclosure Policy as well as the Client Agreement.
The verification process typically takes less than twenty-four hours, and Eightcap will require the following:
Proof of Identification Eightcap will accept any kind of identification granted by the government, including a passport, national ID card, driver's license, or any other form of identification provided by the government.
Proof of Address A document containing a trader's complete name, their current residential address, the date it was issued, and the issuing authority is required to serve as proof of residency or address. This document must have been issued in the name of the account holder within the past six months.
In general, starting an account with Eightcap is a completely digital and trouble-free procedure that takes less than twenty-four hours and is completely paperless.

Account Categories Available With Eightcap: Eightcap has two different live trading accounts, which is about the norm when compared to other brokers. These accounts can accommodate both novice traders and those with greater expertise.

Eightcap operates under a no-intervention execution philosophy, despite the fact that it is a market maker. Trading servers for Eightcap are located in Equinix data centers, which ensures lightning-fast execution, and pricing is obtained from a number of the industry's most reputable liquidity sources.

Eightcap's two accounts each feature a requirement for a minimum deposit of one hundred Australian dollars (or the equivalent in another currency), making them suitable for novice traders.

Beginner traders are traders who either have no prior trading experience or who have been trading for a period of time that is significantly shorter than one year. Beginners often do not like to expose themselves to significant financial loss by trading huge quantities of money, and they also typically are unable to trade full-time throughout the workweek.

Beginner traders should often look for trading accounts that have lower required initial deposits and that provide them the ability to trade in micro-lots. However, this is not the case with Eightcap, which has minimal minimum deposit requirements and average spreads on both of its accounts. Typically, the spreads on these accounts are bigger than those on accounts that demand higher minimum deposits.

In general, experienced traders have a preference for trading accounts that require a greater minimum deposit and have tighter spreads. Again, this trade-off does not take place at Eightcap because both accounts have minimal required initial deposits; nevertheless, the Raw Spread Account does provide narrower spreads in return for a respectable commission rate.

Trading strategies such as hedging, scalping, and copy trading may be executed on the Eightcap platform. In addition, demo versions of both accounts are offered, and traders have access to 45 currency pairs, 11 indices, 4 commodities, 258 share CFDs, and 250 cryptocurrency pair options. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SCB) allows Indian traders to have a maximum leverage of up to 500:1 on main forex pairs.

Standard Account - The Standard Account is a trading account that does not charge commissions and has flexible spreads. The minimum deposit is one hundred Australian dollars (AUD). The spread on main currency pairings is typically 1.0 pips, which is significantly more than the spread offered by other brokers offering comparable services. However, there are occasions when the difference is reduced to 0.5 pips.
Raw Account The Raw Account is an account that is based on commissions and has narrow spreads, but other than that, it is quite similar to the Standard Account. The minimum investment required is 100 Australian Dollars (AUD), and the spreads on popular currency pairings can go as low as 0.00 pips. Traders are required to pay a commission of seven dollars for each lot that is transacted.
Demo Account You have the option of using either the Raw Account or the Standard Account when you sign up for the demo account. Demo accounts on Eightcap are set to expire after 30 days if no action is taken on their behalf; however, demo accounts on Eightcap can be changed into limitless demo accounts by contacting customer support.

Eightcap provides its users with a good selection of payment options, and both deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.

Eightcap has a policy known as "return to source," which requires all withdrawals to be processed through the same channel and using the same account that was used to make the initial deposit.

Deposits and withdrawals may be made using a variety of ways, including as bank wire transfers, local bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, BPay, Poli, and Unionpay transfers. Eightcap also accepts credit cards. However, not all of these are accessible to Indian customers at this time.

Eightcap does not impose any fees for deposits or withdrawals; however, bank transfers that originate from a country other than Australia will be subject to fees levied by intermediary banks, and Eightcap will pass these costs on to the consumer. When you withdraw money via Skrill, you will be assessed an additional fee equal to one percent of the total amount.

When compared to other brokers of a similar nature, Eightcap provides clients with access to a greater number of base currencies.

Eightcap gives its customers the option to pick from seven different base currencies, including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, and SGD in addition to the US Dollar.

The fact that Eightcap does not provide Indian Rupee (INR) trading accounts is a disadvantage for residents of India because it is likely that they have bank accounts denominated in INR and must incur currency conversion costs whenever they make deposits or withdrawals.

It is recommended that investors who trade in significant quantities (more than 10 lots per month) register an account with a digital currency bank that is denominated in US dollars. This is particularly true for trading on assets such as the EUR/USD currency pair. This is due to the fact that when trading a USD quoted currency pair with another currency account, a tiny currency conversion charge will be applied to each and every trade that is executed.

In general, Eightcap provides more trading account currencies than the majority of other prominent international brokers; nevertheless, it does not provide accounts that are denominated in AED.

When compared to help offered by other brokers, Eightcap's platform is around par.

Both MT4 and MT5, which are considered to be the two most popular trading platforms in the Forex business, are supported by Eightcap.

Metatrader 4, often known as MT4, has shown time and again to be the most trustworthy and widely used platform in the history of the financial trading business. Its user-friendly atmosphere and straightforward interface make it possible to access all of the tools and information necessary for profitable online trading. In addition to this, it is also known for its lightning-fast execution rates, comprehensive charting tools, capacity to engage in algorithmic trading, and adaptability. Over 31 different languages may be used with MT4.

Additional capabilities of MT4 include the following:

Allows for the development, customization, and execution of automated trading strategies.
MQL4 is a programming language that is supported.
Automated trading, often known as algorithmic trading, is a method of trading that enables any trading strategy to be formalized and carried out in the form of an Expert Advisor.
Provides a platform for traders to create their own bespoke indicators.
Tools for superior charting in nine different periods
31 items of graphical content
30 indicators that are built right in
9 timeframes
There are three forms of order execution:
There are four different kinds of pending orders.

Although MT4 allows for a considerable deal of customization, the platform has a dated appearance, and it may be difficult to discover some functions. In addition, you are restricted to placing just the most fundamental orders, such as Market, Limit, Stop, and Trailing Stop.

The MT5 trading platform is being embraced by an increasing number of Forex brokers all the time since it offers a more up-to-date user interface, enables traders to utilize an infinite number of charts, displays the Depth of Market, and comes equipped with an economic calendar integrated right in. In comparison to MT4, it offers a greater variety of pending order types and incorporates a chat system right within the platform. In addition, the MQL5 scripting language is more effective than its predecessor, and the charting tools available in MT5 are more complex than those available in MT4.

Among its many features are:

38+ pre-installed indications of technical status
44 different kinds of analytical charting tools
Three different kinds of charts
21 timeframes
Additional kinds of orders that are still waiting
Charts that can be removed
Depth of the Market as a Trailing Stop
A consolidated calendar of economic events.

Even though Eightcap's primary offering is the Metatrader platform suite, which is not as user-friendly for new traders as the proprietary platforms other brokers provide, MT4 and MT5 are widely regarded as two of the greatest third-party platforms the industry has to offer.

When compared to assistance offered by other brokers, Eightcap's mobile trading platform support is around par.

Traders may monitor their open positions even while they are away from their computers because MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are both accessible as mobile and tablet apps for Android and iOS devices.

It is much simpler to switch brokers or utilize a number of different brokers when utilizing the cross-device and multi-broker capabilities that is available through the usage of the MetaTrader platform.

Traders may work from anywhere using the MT4 and MT5 applications provided by Eightcap. These apps are equipped with nine different timeframes, 30 different indicators, and interactive currency charts. Traders who are on the go are given even more power by functionalities that allow them to close and amend current orders, compute profit and loss in real time, and trade using tick charts.

Trading Tools Despite the fact that Eightcap's trading tools are restricted in comparison to those offered by other brokers, the tools it does offer are quite beneficial for traders. and BlueFXLabs are the two trading tools that are provided by Eightcap.

In its most basic form, is a tool for developing automated trading strategies without the need to have prior knowledge of programming. Traders may develop and maintain a trading model on by selecting the time periods and conditions that they want to use, and the platform will automatically enter and exit positions for them. Additionally, it offers a variety of tech indicators that are simple to comprehend.

The MT4 and MT5 platforms both include FX Blue Labs' premium trading capabilities, which may be accessed through any platform.

Cost-free for each and all Eighcap customers FX Traders that utilize Blue Lab have access to the same high-quality technology that is used in institutions. This technology includes powerful trading tools, user-configurable news and information, and trade analysis. In addition to that, it features an extensive collection of high-tech alerts and message systems, as well as real-time sentiment and correlation tracking. The following items are in the list of tools included in the package:

Trade Terminal is a professional trade execution and analysis tool that is feature-rich and provides a number of trading capabilities and order controls that are not available in MT4 or MT5. Trade Terminal was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation.
Connect: A news feed aggregator and interactive economic calender that may be customized to your preferences
These two tools, the Correlation Matrix and the Correlation Trader, complement one another in their ability to display correlations between different trading symbol combinations. It works with any symbols that are supported by the trading platform and enables a calculation of the correlation between various asset classes and Forex. After that, the Correlation Trader will make it possible to conduct an in-depth examination of the correlation between any two instruments.
Market Manager: When you use the Market Manager, you are able to have a bird's-eye perspective of the basic ingredients that are necessary to be on top of markets. You not only get access to the watch list, which makes it easier to track prices and positions, but you also have access to headline information on a number of different fronts. In addition, open tickets and complete editing capabilities are enabled, and a summary of the most recent price action on a symbol is displayed.
Mini Terminal: The mini-terminal makes commonly-used trading functions more accessible than they are in the native version of the program, which makes trade administration much simpler using the mini-terminal. Traders are also able to view numerous time periods and chart types inside a single chart thanks to a feature called mini-charts.
Sentiment Trader is exactly what it sounds like: an easy trading platform that provides direct percentages on current and historical positions in a symbol set by other traders. The long and short of it is that these are the feelings that you get.
The Session Map displays your current local time in relation to "sessions" that occur during the trading day. These "sessions" refer to the core trading hours when institutional dealers are the most active in Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York.
Tick Chart Trader gives clients the ability to trade tick charts in a quick and precise manner. An extra Indicator Package that makes use of the most recent advancements in indicator technology supplies the trading tool with additional chart information and trading indications.
Stealth Orders: Stealth orders guarantee that a trader's entrance and departure locations are concealed from the market. Stealth orders are also known as "market-making."

Forex: Eightcap offers over 45 different currency pairings for trading, which is a variety that is comparable to that of the majority of other brokers. There are three main currency pairs, three minor currency pairs, and three exotic currency pairs. These include the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY pairs.
Share CFDs Eightcap's offering of 258 share CFDs is comparable to that of other prominent international brokers and is considered to be average. The accessible collection features some of the most important exchanges in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

Indices: Eightcap allows trading on 11 different indices, which is around the same number as the average number of indices offered by other brokers in a comparable market. The most widely used indexes are those that include the stock prices of a variety of the world's most successful and well-known corporations.

Eightcap only allows trading on four different commodities, which is a much lower number than most other brokers in its industry. The majority of brokers provide access to between five and ten different commodities. Commodities consist of a variety of different things, including fuels like Brent Crude Oil and metals like silver and gold.

At the time of this writing, there are 250 different cryptocurrency pairings available. Some of the cryptocurrencies accessible are Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, and DASH, amongst many more. This is THE biggest set that any company has ever produced. If you trade on these assets, you need to pay close attention to your margins because the spreads are notably different from those of other traditional fiat currencies. Traders should be aware of this fact.

In general, the CFD product that Eightcap provides is comparable to what is provided by other international brokerages that are of a similar kind.

Because of its significant emphasis on simplicity and transparency, Eightcap is an excellent trading platform for novice investors. The website can be navigated with ease, and all of the information that new traders could find useful is presented in a way that is both straightforward and succinct. The education area of Eightcap is not very large, but the content is of high quality, it serves a vital purpose, and it receives frequent updates with fresh information. In a similar vein, the market analysis section receives sporadic updates, but the in-house team at Eightcap is responsible for its intelligent and detailed writing.

The Trading Education part of Eightcap is easy to use and has a clear presentation. The reader is given access to three primary categories, which are titled MetaTrader Guides, Fundamentals, and Trading Strategies respectively. After conducting more research, it was found that all of the content is presented in the form of blog posts, but it is of a good quality and is helpful for novices. Traders who are just starting out may find the section on MetaTrader Guides and Trading Strategies to be especially helpful. Unfortuitously, there is no video content or webinars accessible at this moment; in addition, the provision of a structured course designed specifically for novices would be very welcome.

The market study resources provided by Eightcap are of a good quality; nevertheless, they are not updated very regularly.

The Analysis area of Eightcap is laid out in a manner that is analogous to the way the Trading Education section is. The blogposts are provided in a chronological order, and there are three primary categories to choose from: CFD News, Forex News, and Market Updates. Even while research is not offered on a daily basis, there is always a comprehensive forecast for the next week, and additional analysis on a variety of markets is released over the course of the week. The analysis, which is supplied by a team from within the company, will be helpful for novice traders who are searching for a better grasp of the markets and new prospects for trading.

Email, live chat, and phone assistance for customers are accessible around the clock, every day of the week, from any of Eightcap's five global offices. It is possible to receive assistance in the following languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

In the course of our research for this evaluation, we discovered that Eightcap's Customer Support is quick to respond, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Eightcap is a global CFD and forex broker that provides clients with access to over 250 different financial products. It offers both the MT4 and the MT5 trading platforms to its clientele, which are both considered to be industry leaders.

Broker de Change

It is a reliable broker that complied with the rules set out by both the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (VFSC).

The business was established in 2009, and ever since then, it has expanded at a quick rate over the entire world.

It has its offices and a customer support staff headquartered in a variety of countries, including Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, and many more.

Eights provides a mobile app that has the most recent and flexible functions, as well as a modern design and overall appearance. Both MT4 and MT5 are compatible with the Eightcap app that can be downloaded from the Eightcap website.

The mobile application may be accessed by the users on all devices, including web browsers, Android, and iOS smartphones.

You may download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and then use your login credentials to access the app after it has been installed.

The mobile app that Lightcap offers is not only user-friendly and simple to operate, but it can also be accessed at any time and from any location.

Raw accounts and Standard Accounts are the two different kinds of trading accounts that may be opened with Eightcap.

The spreads are vary for the Raw account, which offers a tighter spread for key currency pairings, with the possibility of a spread as low as 0.0 pips.

When dealing with indices, the spread might be anywhere from 0.5 pip. The spread begins at 0.1 pip for commodities such as gold and oil, and it begins at 0.5 pip for silver. Other commodities include oil.

The spread costs are continuously subject to change as a function of the instruments' varying levels of volatility.

There are no commission fees associated with an Eightcap Standard account.

On the other hand, the commission for the Raw account is calculated at a rate of $3.50 for each standard lot.

In forex exchanges that last for a whole night, swap costs are also charged.

In the foreign exchange market, leverage functions similarly to a loan and is provided to investors by brokers in order for them to trade. Eightcap ensures that all of its traders have access to a minimum leverage of 30:1.

The percentage of leverage might be different based on the kind of investor and the scale of the deal that is being conducted.

Eightcap's highest leverage for professional traders is 500:1, and it offers competitive spreads.

Eightcap enables users to make instant payments in seven different base currencies using a broad variety of different methods. Through the use of the client site, each and every payment is processed.

Deposit Alternatives China UnionPay, Credit Card, Neteller, Poli, Bpay, Skrill, and Wire Transfer are the many deposit options that are available with Eightcap.

Except for the wire transfer, there are no fees associated with any of the payment choices.

The cost of sending money through a wire transfer from one bank to another might vary. The deposits made using BPay, Skrill, and bank wire transfers can take anywhere from one to two business days, whereas the deposits made through the remaining alternatives can be made instantly.

Withdrawal Options Eightcap gives its customers the ability to withdraw their funds through Bpay, Cash-U, China UnionPay, Credit Card, Neteller, Poli, and Wire Transfer.

Along with its many other trading accounts, Eightcap provides a demo account that has been thoughtfully developed.

The provision of a demo account is done with the intention of assisting novice traders in learning the fundamentals of trading and gaining an understanding of how trading accounts are managed.

Demo account users are given an unlimited amount of virtual currency by the broker so that they may practice trading in a genuine market setting without having to risk their actual funds.

A demo account can be used for testing purposes on Eightcap for a duration of one month. Traders, on the other hand, have the ability to prolong the validity period by submitting a request application.

Eightcap is an online foreign exchange broker that has offices located all over the world. It was established in the year 2009 and has its headquarters in Melbourne, which is located in Australia.

Eightcap is a reliable company that is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and it adheres to the stringent regulations that are imposed by these authorities. As a result, Eightcap provides the traders with the highest possible level of safety and security.

Eightcap is a sophisticated trading platform that offers a rich assortment of trading capabilities to its users.

Trading from the chart, Social Trading / Copy Trading, Email Alerts, Guaranteed Stop Loss, Guaranteed Limit Orders, Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity, OCO Orders, Trailing SP/TP, Automated Trading, API Trading, Offers Hedging, Offers Promotions, One-Click-Trading, and Expert Advisors are some of the automated tools that can be accessed through the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

In addition, it offers great Educational Services for both novice traders and market professionals. These services consist of a variety of learning courses, the most recent and popular blogs written by market specialists, economic calendars, and market news.

Trading strategy advice, information on CFDs and forex, frequent market updates, an outlook for the coming trading week, and tips for MetaTrader are all available from Eightcap.

It has introduced an outstanding automated tool known as, which assists customers in gaining access to automation and analytical tools such as smart notifications, loop tactics, and backtesting, amongst other things.

Raw accounts and Standard accounts are the two primary categories of trading accounts that may be opened with Eightcap.

Standard Account: The Standard Account offered by Eightcap is primarily geared for beginning traders. The initial deposit amount is one hundred dollars, and the smallest unit of trading is one cent.

The leverage is set at 30:1 for local Australian citizens, while for non-Australian residents, it can reach up to 500:1.

Raw Account: The raw account offered by Eightcap is reserved just for seasoned traders who have a significant amount of trading experience.

As with a Standard account, it requires an initial deposit of $100 and has a minimum trading size of 0.01, but the maximum trade size is $1000. In addition, the leverage is not changed from what it is in the regular account.

The two most important distinctions between the two narratives are as follows:

When compared to the regular account, the raw account's commission fee is $3.50 per lot, while the normal account has no commission fee.
While the regular account gives you access to 5 different base currencies, the raw account only gives you access to 4.

The trading hours of Eightcap are determined by the hours of the market. Investors have the ability to make trades in the foreign exchange market throughout the day, seven days a week.

In spite of this, the trading hour for international currency exchange is determined by the time zone of the country in question.

The market is open for business in Sydney from 7:00 AM to 04:00 PM, in Tokyo from 09:00 AM to 06:PM, in New York from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM, and in London from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The market in Tokyo begins at 9:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM, while in New York it opens at 10:00 PM and closes at 7:00 AM.

Eightcap is an online forex trading firm that adheres to stringent protecting measures and cybersecurity for its traders. Because the company is regulated by ASIC and VFSC, Eightcap is held to a high standard.

It offers full encryption for the data that is sent back and forth between the client-server and the platform.

In addition to this, the Forex broker makes use of 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect the users' personal information and validate their identities.

In addition, Eightcap has ensured that it complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in order to secure all of its customers' personal information.

Can you tell me more about the Commission for Eightcap? There are no commission fees associated with an Eightcap Standard account.

On the other hand, the commission fee for the Raw account is calculated at a rate of $ 3.50 for each standard lot. In forex exchanges that last for a whole night, swap costs are also charged.

How Do I Get Started with Eightcap's Trading Account? Go to the website and in the upper right-hand corner, you will see an option that says "new account." Click on that option.

After that, fill out the account registration form, verify your identity using the EKYC process, and deposit some money into your new account. Within a short amount of time, your new account will be ready for use.

Can I use Eightcap to make investments in cryptocurrencies? Yes, Eightcap does allow traders to make investments in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are the different cryptocurrencies that are supported.

What kind of leverage is provided by Eightcap? Eightcap ensures that all of its traders have access to a minimum leverage of 30:1.

Eightcap gives expert traders access to the largest leverage possible, which may go up to 500:1.

Is there a trading app available for Eightcap? Yes, Eightcap offers a trading app that is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms.

It is an app that is simple to use and can be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.

How can I get in touch with Eightcap's customer service team? You may reach the customer service department of Eightcap in a variety of languages on five business days by calling the following number: +61 3 8373 4800. You may also contact them by email at if you have any questions.

Is Eightcap Subject to Regulation? Eightcap is a corporation that specializes in online forex trading, and it is supervised by both the ASIC and the VFSC.

To guarantee the total safety of its customers' personal information, the broker ensures that it complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Is it easy to get started with Eightcap? Yes, Eightcap is a fantastic option for newcomers because it offers a Standard account that has no commission fees and is primarily geared for newcomers.

Who was the pioneer behind Eightcap? Joel Murphy initiated the establishment of Eightcap in the year 2009. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Victorian Financial Services Commission (VFSC) both oversee this online brokerage firm, which serves customers all over the world.

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