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Hodlnaut Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Hodlnaut is a platform that offers users access to a variety of financial services, including the ability to invest digital assets. The term "hodl," which is commonly used in the cryptocurrency industry and has come to mean "hold on for dear life," was used as the inspiration for the name of the service. This term simply encourages investors to hold onto their cryptocurrency assets for longer terms in order to achieve better returns. Visit Hodlnaut Website.

2019 saw the beginning of Hodlnaut, which has its headquarters in the city-state of Singapore. Their goal has always been to guide clients through the process of turning their cryptocurrency holdings into a source of passive income.

Hodlnaut opens up a wealth of options for its customers, allowing them to make more effective use of the crypto assets that, in the past, would have been been sitting in their wallets. Not only that, but the platform has also made it more simpler for users to earn interest without having to take into consideration a vast number of factors before making a choice. Users don't need to be concerned about the lock-in periods, minimum deposits, security, or returns because these are only some of the many aspects of the platform that have been improved during its development. Even better, if you authenticate your account, deposit more than one thousand dollars, and keep it for at least 31 days, Hodlnaut will give you 30 USDC for FREE. This is an amazing sign-up deal.

In response to your question, the aspects of Hodlnaut that I appreciate the most and find to be its strongest points are as follows:

1) An interest rate of up to 13.86 percent Hodlnaut's interest rates are among the most competitive available, with an astounding 13.86 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on UST. On other currencies, you can receive interest rates ranging from 5 to 10 percent, depending on the currency. Simply click on this link for an exhaustive rundown of the available interest rates.

2) User-friendly mobile applications Users are able to download user-friendly mobile applications that were developed by Hodlnaut so that they can simply deposit cash into their interest account and begin earning. The mobile application is readily accessible for download on any device running Android or iOS, and setup is quick and simple. Simply establish an account, give the required information and documentation, and get started straight away.

3) There is no minimum deposit required, and users are allowed one free withdrawal per month. Users are given the choice to either go with the interest account that does not have a lock-in period or go with the fixed-term deposit option, which locks your cash for the duration of the deposit term. There are also no limitations for a minimum deposit, and you are free to make deposits of any amount you like. Above all else, you are given one fee-free withdrawal every month, allowing you to remove your cash from the site without incurring any further costs.

Investors who wish to make additional income from their digital assets may take advantage of a wide number of beneficial features and possibilities offered by Hodlnaut. But why would someone choose to use Hodlnaut rather than opening a staking or savings account with one of the several cryptocurrency exchanges that are currently available? Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics that set Hodlnaut apart from its rivals:
Collect interest on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
Simple procedure for signing up, with a free bonus of 30 USDC Mobile applications available for quick access
Excellent returns on a variety of investments.
There are no commitment requirements or minimum deposits.
Instant token swaps
Modern educational resource center
Programs based on referrals and affiliate commissions
Premium customer service that includes a live chat feature

Although Hodlnaut provides its users with a variety of chances, the platform is lacking in at least one significant area. Hodlnaut's disadvantages and drawbacks When evaluating Hodlnaut, keep in mind that they do not provide access to a comprehensive selection of cryptocurrency options.

If you are an investor seeking for a place to put your money to work, Hodlnaut is the place for you. Because of the high interest rates offered by Hodlnaut, you have the opportunity to potentially make quite a substantial sum of money if you wager a significant quantity of money. In addition, the platform's user interface is simple to navigate, and the sign-up procedure requires little to no effort on your part, so you may begin earning with Hodlnaut practically immediately.

Earn income on popular cryptocurrencies One of the most important things that bothers the vast majority of investors is when they are unable to stake their favourite cryptocurrency. Earning interest on popular cryptocurrencies. If, on the other hand, you choose Hodlnaut for your fixed-term deposits or any other plan, you do not need to be concerned about anything. Hodlnaut now offers a number of the crypto assets that are among the most widely used in the globe. They are picky about the assets they invest in, and they only put money into ones that have a strong foundation and significant room for development.

The following types of cryptocurrency may be used to fund your account on the site and begin earning rewards:


The indisputable rulers of the blockchain sector are Bitcoin and Ethereum, with Bitcoin serving as the godfather of the blockchain industry. It is anticipated that Ethereum will revolutionize the way payments are processed. The other assets are a safe bet as well and won't let you down. Because of their low degree of price volatility, US Dollar Coin and United States Dollar Token are now the two most reliable investment alternatives.

Simple steps to sign up, along with a free bonus of 30 USDC: To make an account on Hodlnaut, all that is required is a name, an email address, and a password. As soon as your email address has been validated, you will have immediate access to the platform. You will first need to enable the two-factor authentication and submit a few identity papers before you can make deposits or select any deposit or account plan.
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As soon as these further verifications have been completed, you will be able to swiftly and conveniently deposit crypto assets into your Hodlnaut account by using the wallet address that has been supplied. It will just take a few minutes for you to complete the entire process of depositing if you are familiar with what you are doing.

You may take advantage of the huge welcome bonus that Hodlnaut provides by verifying your account, making a deposit of more than one thousand dollars, and keeping it for at least 31 days. It is an excellent method to get your trip into cryptography off the ground.

Mobile apps allow for convenient access: If you do not have quick access to a laptop or desktop computer, you can still use the services of Hodlnaut quite efficiently thanks to their mobile apps, which are available for Android and iOS devices. These apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The mobile apps are lightning-quick and may be downloaded from the app store on your mobile phone at any time. Users are able to create Hodlnaut accounts, deposit cryptocurrencies, investigate available plans, and earn a yield on their deposited cryptocurrencies using their mobile devices. Users are also able to explore available plans and earn a yield using their mobile devices.

The company's interest rates are Hodlnaut's most attractive selling point since they offer excellent yields on a variety of assets. The maximum return that may be achieved is 13.86 percent, which is a significant amount. The interest rates change monthly, fluctuate depending on the state of the market, and differ according to the type of asset in which you choose to put your money. As a general rule of thumb, you may assume that the quantity of money you deposit will directly correlate to the amount of money you take out. However, there are specific thresholds where the interest on your investment will decrease if you deposit more than a particular amount. If you reach one of these thresholds, your yield will be lowered. You will only be impacted by this if you hold significant quantities of cryptocurrency (for example, more than one Bitcoin or more than one hundred thousand USDT). Click this link in order to view the most up-to-date prices for all eight of Hodlnaut's supported cryptocurrencies.

There will be no lock-in periods, and there is no required minimum deposit. Uncertainty causes many investors to feel nervous. They take pleasure in the fact that they may access their riches at any time they choose. The majority of interest programs come with a locking period during which consumers are not permitted access to their funds under any circumstances. On the other hand, this is not the case with Hodlnaut. Users have the ability to withdraw their monies at any time of their choosing when they have an interest account with Hodlnaut. Traditional deposits with set terms are also available on the site for those who are interested in them. These often give greater returns than other options.

One further advantage is that there are no limitations for a minimum deposit amount for any one of the two plans.

Instant token swaps: If you believe that the returns you would receive on an asset that you do not already own would be higher than the returns you would receive on an asset that you do currently own, then you may easily switch assets using Hodlnaut. Because there is a component of the platform that is solely devoted to trading, the entire procedure may be completed in just a few minutes.

Hodlnaut provides a learning center that is always up to date. Whether you are just beginning your adventure in the blockchain business or you have been working in it for a few years, the learning center that Hodlnaut provides may assist you in many different ways. You may not only educate yourself on the fundamentals as well as more complex parts of crypto assets and the future of these assets, but you can also keep yourself up to date by reading articles and news. There is a comprehensive Hodlnaut Academy available to users, which includes step-by-step instructions that will lead you through the whole process of investing. You may also look out their crypto insights in order to analyze upcoming market moves on your own.

Referral and affiliate programs: Just when you believe that Hodlnaut has provided you with a sufficient number of opportunities to earn money without exerting any effort, they offer some more. After they have deposited a certain amount, you are eligible to get a premium incentive for each individual that you introduce to the platform. You and the person you referred will each receive 30 USDC if the recommendation is for a normal individual. Referrals are accomplished by the use of a one-of-a-kind referral link. You also have the option to sign up to become an affiliate partner, which requires you to promote Hodlnaut on social media or any other site. As an affiliate, you have the potential to earn anywhere from 15 to 25 USDC for each referral that you bring in. This amount is directly proportional to the number of new members that you bring in. Because there is no limit to the number of referrals that you are allowed to bring to the platform, you have the ability to earn a limitless amount of money by introducing a large number of individuals to it.

Premium customer support with live chat: Any reputable financial institution should provide useful and easy access to customer support, making it possible for you to handle your problems without adding any additional sources of stress to your life. It is not unusual for the customer service departments of many cryptocurrency firms to fall short of expectations. You may take comfort in the fact that Hodlnaut is not one of such firms. Live chat and email support are also available through their customer care. Just bear in mind that their live chat help is only available during the times that are indicated on their website; it is not open around the clock.

Despite the fact that Hodlnaut supports well-known and reliable cryptocurrencies, the asset selection is obviously lacking. There are just eight different assets on which you can accrue interest. This may be a huge letdown for many cryptocurrency users who wish to earn interest on their other currencies, and it may prompt them to select another earning site as a result.

A withdrawal fee that is specific to each asset that may be traded on the Hodlnaut platform is applied when making a withdrawal. When compared to the fees of other industry exchanges and platforms, these ones do not have particularly high prices.

The good news is that Hodlnaut allows users to make one free withdrawal each month.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Hodlnaut: FREE 30 USDC sign-up bonus Token exchanging supported
Mobile applications that allow you to maintain complete command of your financial situation at all times
The annual percentage yields on investments might go as high as 13.86 percent.
There are no minimum deposit requirements or time restrictions.
Only eight different crypto assets are available.
Rates of return on deposits are lowered for those with larger balances.
Create an account on Hodlnaut.

Warren Buffet, an influential investor and multimillionaire, is quoted as saying, "If you don't discover a method to generate money while you sleep, you will labor until the day you die." You might make use of Hodlnaut if you have not yet discovered a means to adhere to his recommendations. Earning interest on your assets is undeniably a fantastic method to create money while you sleep, however I am very certain that this is not precisely what Warren was referring to when he made his statement.

You may find that Hodlnaut is an excellent starting point for your investment endeavors. They provide several benefits, advantages, and features that are of considerable value. Just remember to select the appropriate programs and put your money into the assets that will provide you with the highest possible returns. The FREE 30 USDC sign-up bonus is an additional benefit that may be used as an excellent approach to increase the value of your investment.

Putting money into virtual currencies such as Bitcoin might seem like riding a roller coaster at times. Investors may discover, as a result of the inherent big price fluctuations, that they are currently trading at a discount to their weighted average cost basis over an extended period of time. The value of the cryptocurrency investment will remain stagnant until such time as the price recovers to a level that is higher than its cost base.

Even when share values are falling, there is still the potential to generate dividend income from equity investments. And with real estate investment, your renter is obligated to pay the same amount of rent each month regardless of how the value of your property shifts from one month to the next. Is there something like to this that can be done to generate revenue from cryptocurrency holdings? Using cryptocurrency savings accounts, such as those provided by Hodlnaut and other organizations, it turns out that the answer to that question is yes.

Hodlnaut offers bitcoin investors a means to earn income on their holdings while maintaining their buy-and-hold investment strategy. This is analogous to being the owner of a stock that pays dividends. Long-term investors have the opportunity to generate interest income by lending their cryptocurrency holdings to traders operating on margin.

These accounts are not like CDs in any way, shape, or form because investors have complete access to their money at any time. Continue reading to find out more about the functionality of Hodlnaut and the features it possesses.

Hodlnaut is a platform for the lending of cryptocurrencies. Juntao Zhu is both a co-founder of the company and its CEO. 2019 marked the beginning of Hodlnaut, which has its headquarters in Singapore. Additionally, it is a portfolio business under the management of Antler.

"Conventionally speaking, owners of Bitcoin will only be able to profit from price increases associated with the asset. While they wait for the value of their assets to increase, they are also searching for methods to boost the return on those assets while they are waiting. Because of this, we came up with the idea of Hodlnaut "Zhu said this in a conversation with Antler. "We aim to assist Bitcoin investors in earning interest on their Bitcoin holdings, as well as in unlocking the cryptocurrency's true worth and the opportunity costs of holding it.

The company Holdnaut claims that its name is a portmanteau of the words "HODL" and "Astronaut." Investors in cryptocurrencies frequently use the slang term "hodl" to refer to the practice of keeping cryptocurrency in one's possession rather than selling it. The purpose of the platform is to assist "hodlers" in generating a steady income.

Deposits of bitcoin are rewarded with interest by Hodlnaut. These deposits are then used to provide traders in cryptocurrencies with margin loans. The borrowings of cryptocurrencies are referred to as cryptocurrency loans. Hodlnaut is willing to take deposits and will pay interest on the following:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Dai (DAI)
US Dollar Coin (USDC)
Tether (USDT)

There is no obligation for a minimum deposit, and you are free to withdraw your money at any moment.

The range of yearly compounded interest rates that Hodlnaut is responsible for paying is anywhere from 1.0 percent to 13.86 percent. The following is a list of the current prices for all of the currencies that are supported by the platform:

1.00 percent to 5.33 percent for Bitcoin (BTC)
3.04 percent to 5.44 percent for the Ethereum (ETH) price
Dai (DAI): 0.10 percent to 8.32 percent
0.10 percent to 9.41 percent on the USD Coin (USDC) market
Tether (USDT): 0.10 percent to 9.41 percent range as of today's market close
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC): 1.00% to 5.33% of the total.
TerraUSD (UST): 13.86 percent
Terra (LUNA): 6.71 percent

The amount of interest that is generated is based on the performance of a coin over the previous month as well as its demand. Daily interest is accumulated, and it is deposited into user accounts once a week, on Mondays.

Hodlnaut provides institutional clients with the ability to borrow digital assets. The minimum amount that may be borrowed is $50,000. In the case of Institutional Loans, Hodlnaut acts as the counter-party. The terms are flexible for a minimum of three months. In most cases, the ratio of the loan to the property's worth is no higher than 70 percent.

You also have the option to trade tokens with Hodlnaut. It is possible to trade any and all of the assets that are supported by the platform. In addition, it has only recently introduced a feature called "Market Order Execution," which promptly fulfills orders to exchange tokens and lowers the number of times trades are cancelled during moments of high volatility.

There is no other means to get in touch with Hodlnaut than sending an email to or using the website's live chat feature. Because Holdnaut's business hours are in Singapore Time, Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, customers who live in the United States may also have to wait a little bit for a response.

Deposits are handled completely free of charge. Nevertheless, Hodlnaut does impose withdrawal fees, the amount of which is dependent on the sort of currency that is being withdrawn.

In order to create an account with Hodlnaut, you will need to visit their website. Users are required to undergo KYC (know your customer) verification, much as on other cryptocurrency exchanges, in order to use all of their account features. When creating a new account with Holdnaut and making a deposit of at least $1,000, readers of The College Investor are eligible to get a free bonus of up to $20.

Hodlnaut is a Singaporean financial technology business that operates in accordance with Singapore's regulatory framework. Deposit accounts in the United States are safeguarded by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. There is none of this kind of security provided for deposits made with Hodlnaut (or SIPC protection either). But keep in mind that none of the cryptocurrency accounts provide this feature either.

Holdnaut is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the entirety of its traffic is SSL-encrypted. This mitigates the platform-level security risk. In addition, any cryptocurrencies that are stored in custody with Hodlnaut are either moved to cold wallets that are self-custodied or are leased out to borrowers. It makes absolutely no use of hot wallets at all. They also provide a whitelisting function, which ensures that withdrawals are only made to addresses that have been pre-approved.

Users have the option to acquire extra insurance from Nexus Mutual in order to reduce the likelihood of being hacked. Regrettably, Holdnaut is not responsible for the payment of this insurance coverage on its own. If you go through Nexus Mutual's Hodlnaut Custody Cover smart contract to get insurance, the coverage limit is $6.7 million, and the premium is 2.6 percent of the total.

Earning interest with Hodlnaut is fraught with more peril than earning interest in a deposit account that is guaranteed by the FDIC. But Hodlnaut offers a far higher reward in exchange for taking on this added risk. Because the firm is situated in Singapore, citizens of the United States will need to be OK with the idea of forgoing the safeguards offered by financial institutions located in their home country.

The centralized cryptocurrency loan and borrowing business known as Hodlnaut was introduced in 2019. The company, which is located in Singapore, gives customers the ability to lend out selected cryptocurrencies and earn weekly interest on those loans.

Ether, Bitcoin, USDC, USDT, and Dai are the five cryptocurrencies on which you may now earn interest. As a means of generating profits, Hodlnaut makes these assets available for lending to corporations and institutional margin traders.

Those who are interested in making some returns on their cryptocurrency rather than just keeping their assets in a cryptocurrency wallet will find that the platform is incredibly user-friendly and handy in general to use.

When making investments, it is important to remember to balance the potential for loss with the potential for gain. The profits that users are now able to make are around 6% per year, but there are also certain inherent hazards that should be kept in mind, which we will discuss in depth later on in the study.

Hodlnaut presently has Assets under Management of more than $12 Million USD, and the company is expanding at an average rate of 20 percent month on month.

Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee established Hodlnaut in 2019. The two of them each have prior experience working in their respective fields of banking (Credit Suisse) and mechanical engineering, respectively. Both of Hodlnaut's founders got their start in the business world as Entrepreneurs in Residence at Antler, an early stage Venture Capitalists fund and company builder, prior to launching Hodlnaut and receiving $100,000 in investment from the fund to do so.

At the moment, the group is made up of eight people, the most of whom are located in Singapore; nevertheless, it is clear that they are expanding at a rapid rate given the amount of job openings that are now being advertised on their website.

Hodlnaut has its headquarters in Singapore, and its operations are governed by Singapore law. On the 28th of January 2020, Singapore passed a law called the Payment Services Act, which defines cryptocurrency as commodities "digital payment tokens". It has been granted a grace period of six months under the new regime, and it is in the process of applying for a license under the new rules.

Because of its well-defined and consistent regulations for cryptocurrency businesses, Singapore is well recognized as a center for the launch of new cryptocurrency ventures.

If you wish to begin utilizing Hodlnaut, you will first be required to identify yourself. This is standard procedure for any centralized cryptocurrency loan company. This involves registering with a valid email address and password, setting up 2FA (2 factor authentication) to prevent other people from accessing your account, and uploading identification papers. 2FA prevents other people from accessing your account.

Onfido is a third-party KYC provider that Hodlnaut employs for this final step since it has a very streamlined on-boarding procedure. You will also be required to upload a selfie and a proof-of-address document, such as a utility bill, that is no more than six months old and demonstrates that you reside in the location that you say you do. After you have completed this step, you will get an email letting you know that your account has been properly confirmed. This means that you are now able to utilize Hodlnaut to begin collecting income on your investments.

In the event that you have any questions or require assistance, there is an available customer support (We received help within 1 day after we uploaded an incorrect document for KYC)

Your Hodlnaut dashboard will provide you with an overview of all of the assets that are listed on the site as well as the interest rates that are associated with each asset.

When you have determined the asset you wish to deposit, navigate to the "Transfer" tab located at the very top of the website. On the transfer page, you will have the ability to pick the asset that you would want to begin lending with and view the deposit address that corresponds to that item.

After you have copied the deposit address, you can then proceed to your ethereum or bitcoin wallet to begin the transfer process. You also have the option of storing your cryptocurrency at a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase. In this case, you may request a withdrawal to the Hodlnaut deposit address, and the cash should arrive within a few hours at the very latest.

Note that the deposits will be settled on the blockchain, and Hodlnaut will not credit your account until a particular amount of block confirmations have been received. Holdnaut requires a total of six confirmations for Bitcoin deposits, but thirty are necessary for deposits of Ethereum-based assets like as DAI, USDC, and so on.

You will receive an email from Hodlnaut after the funds have been added to your account. You can monitor the progress of your transaction using a block explorer such as Etherscan if you are unsure of the current state of the transaction you have initiated.

To review, the following are the steps:
Choose the asset that you would want to begin financing against.
Make a copy of the bank account number.
Start the process of the transfer.
Hold off until the transfer has been completed.
Start accumulating interest on your own automatically.
Dashboard and General User Experience of Hodlnaut

Anyone who is interested in making good use of their cryptocurrency will find that Hodlnaut is quite simple to operate and provides an easy yield. The website is kept in a very clean and simple manner that is accessible to all users and is simple to comprehend. In addition, they have excellent customer support in case you have any questions or problems throughout the application process or when you are lending money.

We also appreciate that there is no minimum deposit quantity, which makes it an excellent alternative for individuals who are new to cryptocurrency and want to begin with little sums so that they can become accustomed with the service.

You may see the value of your portfolio, how much interest you've earned, and the date on which the next interest payment is due by clicking on the tab labeled "Account Overview." The addition of the progress bar is a thoughtful flourish that makes it much simpler to comprehend the material.

You are presently able to lend out 5 different assets on Hodlnaut, and the weekly yield currently ranges anywhere from 6% to 8%. Hodlnaut, in contrast to a significant number of other online lending platforms, does not have a lock up period. It is wonderful that you are free to withdraw your money whenever you choose, regardless of whether the price of ETH or BTC has changed.

When you use Hodlnaut, you will be subject to two different kinds of fees. Transaction costs on the blockchain and fees charged by Hodlnaut.

When you conduct any kind of transfer on the Blockchain, you are required to pay certain fees to miners in the form of blockchain transaction fees. When you deposit assets into your Hodlnaut account, these fees will be taken from your cryptocurrency wallet in a timely manner. However, Hodlnaut will charge you a fee for the transfer when you withdraw funds from Hodlnaut back to your cryptocurrency wallet. This is because Hodlnaut has to pay its own costs.

You may view the current withdrawal costs at [this link], which are modified on a regular basis to reflect the circumstances of the network.

(If you would want to check the current withdrawal fees, you may do so here.) Even if the costs aren't very high, you should give it some thought if you only want to deposit $10 worth of cryptocurrency because the fees might eat into your returns.

On the other hand, similar to the majority of other lending businesses, Hodlnaut deducts a nominal fee from the returns on loans it makes (including your bank). This is how revenue is generated for Hodlnaut. However, it does not make clear how much money is required for that cost. You, as a user, do not have access to information that reveals exactly who Hodlnaut is lending the assets to or the rate of return they are receiving on those assets. Although it is desirable to have this level of openness, it is difficult to manage in practice due to the fact that the assets are lent to a broad collection of players who have a variety of use cases and loan durations. Hodlnaut is encouraged to give attractive interest rates to its customers; otherwise, the users would not deposit and would pick alternative lending providers. We presume, however, that the fee that Hodlnaut charges is not too large because of this incentive.

Hodlnaut generates interest revenue by lending out the assets placed by users, and this revenue is distributed back to the users on a weekly basis automatically. Each day, Hodlnaut takes a picture of the user's account balance and computes the amount of interest that was earned that day. The interest that has been accrued from users' deposits is credited back to their Hodlnaut accounts on a weekly basis, on Mondays, in the form of the asset that the user originally placed. The level of interest rates is set on a monthly basis, with consideration given to earnings and demand from the previous month.

Borrowers are often investors, traders, hedge funds, and miners who are in need of liquidity so that they may continue their activity. Traders, for instance, may want stablecoins in order to purchase other cryptocurrencies or to pursue arbitrage opportunities. Miners may need cash to pay for expenses like energy or to pay employees, but they do not want to sell their cryptocurrency because they do not want to lose control of their holdings. Regardless, each of these borrowers is required to put up crypto collateral in order to secure their loan, which from the perspective of the lender makes the loan an extremely secure investment.

When there is a high demand for loans from Hodlnaut borrowers, interest rates will rise, which will result in increased earnings for Hodlnaut users. When there is a low demand for loans, the situation turns around and becomes reversed. Because the cryptocurrency sector is still in its infancy and relatively small in scale, the demand for and supply of lending and borrowing can be extremely volatile from one month to the next. Lending and borrowing will be significantly impacted by the success of other crypto assets, and this will be reflected in the returns that users of Hodlnaut are able to obtain.

When compared to rates found in traditional markets, those found in cryptocurrency marketplaces are typically substantially higher and should be taken into consideration when making comparisons of the two. To put it more succinctly, there is always a trade-off between risk and benefits, and this is mostly due to the maturity of the crypto sector as well as the possible hazards that are encountered while utilizing digital currencies. In addition, because these immature markets suffer from low levels of liquidity and efficiency, there are a great deal of potential for making arbitrage profits. Actors who are able to capitalize on these possibilities and are ready to pay exorbitant fees do so because they have the necessary cash.

As was noted before, there is always a choice to be made between the potential risks and the potential rewards.

There are four primary dangers that users of Hodlnaut need to be aware of:

In this day and age, any financial service provider who retains the assets of other users is considered to be a custodian of those assets. The business that is responsible for retaining your money and lending it out is the custodian of those assets. It is possible for users' cash to be stolen from wallets that have been put on Hodlnaut or while those monies are being leased out to borrowers.

Hodlnaut accepts user funds on so-called multi-signature wallets, which require several parties to sign off on transactions to safeguard user funds on Hodlnaut. This is done to assure the safety of user assets that are held on Hodlnaut. BitGo, which is one of the largest and most generally recognized organizations specializing in the protection of digital assets, is the provider of the wallet infrastructure, and it is held in custody until it is loaned out to one of their partners.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the funds are not insured to cover hacking. Instead, the firm writes on its website that "We put away some of our revenues for our insurance fund to cover any potential losses." This implies that in the event of a hack, Hodlnaut will bear the loss and compensate our users from the equity money that they have contributed to the platform.

All of the traffic on the platform is secured using SSL, and it operates on a safe cloud architecture that is hosted on Amazon Web Services. To further protect user credentials from being compromised, Hodlnaut implements a two-factor authentication system (Google Authenticator).

It's possible that some of the businesses who borrow money from Hodlnaut won't pay back their debts. Because of this, ensuring the credibility and risk profile of the institutions that borrow from Hodlnaut is one of the most critical jobs that Hodlnaut must complete. They have an obligation to confirm that the businesses they finance are legal and in a financial position to make loan repayments.

Hodlnaut says that in order to minimize the possibility of its customers defaulting on their loans, the company is "selective with whoever we give out to, making sure that they have a strong credit score, and the loan is collateralized based on this." On the other hand, there is no additional information regarding the specific collateralization ratio that they require and the credit score of the companies that they lend to. One way to mitigate risk is for the lender to increase the number of businesses to whom they extend credit; to put it another way, they should avoid putting all of their eggs in one basket.

As a result of the early stage at which this industry is operating, laws are always subject to change. Although Singapore is regarded as being quite welcoming to digital assets and cryptocurrencies, other countries in which borrowers or customers of Hodlnauts are located may have regulations that are less favorable for cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, even in the face of more stringent regulation, this is not expected to have an effect on the finances of customers. "Hodlnaut has its headquarters in Singapore and does business in accordance with Singapore law. On the 28th of January 2020, Singapore passed the Payment Services Act, which defines cryptocurrencies as "payment instruments." "digital payment tokens. Hodlnaut has been granted a grace period of six months, and the company is presently submitting an application for a license under the new system.

Due to the fact that they are comprised of a variety of different assets, the assets that may be given out on Hodlnaut, such as Dai, Ether, Bitcoin, USDT, and USDC, are each subject to their own individual hazards. Currencies such as Ether and Bitcoin have a high degree of volatility and are prone to experiencing significant value shifts when being traded between buyers and sellers. The remaining currencies, known as Dai, USDT, and USDC, are all stable coins that are tethered to the value of the US dollar. Despite the fact that this is believed to be safer, each of these currencies is susceptible to its own particular dangers that are associated with its capacity to maintain its dollar-pegged value.

Check read our post on the dangers of cryptocurrency lending for additional information on the hazards that are involved.

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the platform, particularly with regard to its ease of use, the quality of the customer care, the competitive pricing, and the importance placed on safety. Similar to the majority of cryptocurrency lenders, it has room for improvement. transparency. Although the wallets that are used to make deposits are protected by BitGo, we do not have any knowledge on the individuals to whom Hodlnaut loans these assets, as well as the specific use cases and risk profiles of each of these individuals. Hodlnaut asserts that all of their loans are backed by collateral, and the company only lends money to other businesses, therefore we anticipate this risk to be quite minimal despite the fact that it exists.

The absence of insurance in the event that a counterparty defaults is another point to consider. Hodlnaut asserts that it will reimburse users out of corporate earnings rather than via insurance, which depends on the honesty and financial stability of the company. Nexus Mutual makes it possible for customers to purchase insurance coverage for lending platforms like as Hodlnaut, BlockFi, Nexo, and others if they are interested.

Having said all of that, we feel that Hodlnaut provides an excellent service to its customers. Due to the fact that we did not encounter any problems with our deposits, interest payments, or withdrawals, we are confident in recommending the platform.

To this day, bitcoin investors who intend to preserve their holdings for a period of years have been storing their coins either offline in a hardware wallet or inactively on a cryptocurrency exchange. However, this practice is no longer acceptable. Hodlnaut was created as a platform for lending and borrowing bitcoin. On this platform, investors may utilize cryptocurrency assets like savings accounts and receive interest in order to deviate from conventional investing practices.

As a result, cryptocurrency savings accounts pay interest rates that are comparably high to or even higher than those offered by regular banks on deposits of fiat money. This evaluation of Hodlnaut covers all of the significant characteristics of the exchange, which will assist traders in accepting the platform as a method for cryptographic currency savings.

Hodlnaut is a platform for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies that was launched in April 2019 and is situated in Singapore.
It makes it possible for consumers to earn an annual percentage yield of up to 10.5 percent on their cryptocurrency holdings.
Hodlnaut provides support for the following six core assets: BTC, DAI, ETH, USDC, and USDT in addition to WBTC.
It holds an accreditation that is recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in addition to being approved by the Singapore Fintech Association.
Recently merged with Fireblocks to guarantee clients' assets are protected in a comprehensive manner.

A pioneer in the cryptocurrency lending space, Hodlnaut is headquartered in Singapore. It gives its investors the ability to lend out their cryptocurrencies and stablecoins and earn high interest rates as a result of doing so. These investors keep their cryptocurrency assets on the platform. A total of six lentiable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), as well as stablecoins, such as DAI (DAI), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether, are available for purchase on the site (USDT).

The United States of America is one of the almost two dozen nations in the globe where you may download Hodlnaut. The amount of cryptocurrency that a user has in their account determines the amount of interest that is automatically created on their cryptocurrency holdings. The interest is disbursed on a weekly basis, on a Monday basis. Hodlnaut also offers a mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices.

The operation of Hodlnaut is uncomplicated and basic. The only steps required of users are to register for an account on the platform and then to deposit the cryptocurrencies of their choice; after that, the site will begin producing weekly crypto interest dividends automatically.

Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee, two of the most prominent Bitcoin fans in the world, established Hodlnaut in April 2019 in the city-state of Singapore. Both Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee had backgrounds in the financial sector; Juntao Zhu worked for Credit Suisse, and Simon Lee had a degree in mechanical engineering. Both of Hodlnaut's founders were active participants in Antler, a venture capitalists fund startup and company builder, in the capacity of "Entrepreneurs in Residence" prior to the establishment of the Hodlnaut exchange. They were able to secure $100,000 in financing from the fund to go toward the development of Hodlnaut, which was completed in 2019.

The phrase "Hodlnaut" is a mix of two terms: "Hodl," which implies to keep crypto assets or digital assets rather than selling them, and "naut," which is short for "astronaut." Together, these words form the origin of the term. In April 2020, less than one year after its start, Hodlnaut's total AUM stood at USD 1 million; it has since surpassed AUM of 250 million. The network began with barely 100 members at the time of its introduction, but it currently has over 5,000 active users who are taking crypto borrowing and lending seriously.

Hodlnaut review provides its customers with the following essential characteristics, which are as follows:

Lending services for popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), Dai (DAI), and Tether are supported by Hodlnaut (USDT).
There are provisions for getting weekly payments on Mondays at 5 PM (GMT 8+), as these are the days on which they are scheduled.
The current market circumstances (demand) and earnings from the previous month are taken into consideration when determining the interest rates applicable to Hodlnaut loans.
The users' initial contributions are converted into the same cryptocurrency that the interest is paid out in.
Because there is no minimum deposit required and no lock-in period, customers are free to withdraw their funds whenever they choose.

Customers may use the interest calculator on the Hodlnaut website, which requires them to enter the appropriate cryptocurrency asset and the number of days in order to determine the interest that will be credited to their account.

The Nexus Mutual Custody Cover is a one-of-a-kind insurance policy that can be purchased on the platform.

Hodlnaut is headquartered in Singapore and does business in accordance with Singapore Law. On January 28, 2020, the Payment Services Act was passed into law in Singapore. In accordance with the Payment Services Act, cryptocurrencies are referred to as "digital payment tokens." In addition, the firm has made an application for a license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which is anticipated to be authorized in the near future.

Users of the site who are institutions or corporations are eligible to get VIP fixed-term loans; individual users are not eligible for VIP fixed-term loans. The Hodlnaut fixed deposit account enables customers to earn the highest possible interest rates on their cryptocurrency holdings while simultaneously depositing those assets for a predetermined amount of time. The fixed-term loan offered by Hodlnaut is analogous to the fixed-term loan offered by a conventional bank; however, rather than depositing cash, users can store their cryptocurrency assets with Hodlnaut for a certain amount of time, therefore garnering a significantly greater yield.

Customers are required to make a minimum deposit of 100 BTC (or its equivalent amount in ETH, Tether, DAI, or USDC), and the minimum lock-in term is one month. Customers must also comply with the minimum lock-in amount. When corporations or other types of institutional investors choose the Hodlnaut Fixed-Term loan, they are assigned a dedicated manager who is responsible for managing their account on their behalf.

However, in order for consumers to qualify for this Hodlnaut VIP fixed-term loan, they must fulfill the following requirements: -

If they want to receive a better income from their bitcoin holdings at Hodlnaut, the lock-in period should be either one, three, or six months long.

Users are encouraged to place at least the equivalent of 25 Bitcoin (BTC) in a single type of cryptocurrency asset.

The money that have been placed should be retained until the end of the period, during which time they should not be utilized for anything, not even as collateral.

It is important to keep in mind that the interest that is generated is reliant on the quantity of money that is deposited as well as the interest rates.

Additionally, it offers institutional loans, which are a type of cryptocurrency loan that is given to pre-existing financial organizations. The following is a list of the features for institutional loans that are supplied by the platform:

The minimum amount that may be borrowed is 50,000 USD.
The loan-to-value ratio begins at 25 percent and can reach a maximum of 100 percent at its highest point.
Users have the option of subscribing for open terms or for a minimum of three months.
The most competitively priced options available
No hidden costs.
It fulfills the role of the counterparty for any and all institutional loans that Hodlnaut makes available.

These institutional loans are available for cryptocurrency investors to utilize for anything they need for their businesses, including diversifying their cryptocurrency holdings. In addition, the structure of these asset loans is rather complicated, and the terms and conditions change depending on the lender.

It gives customers the ability to earn favorable interest rates on their cryptocurrency holdings that they deposit onto the platform. The monies that are deposited are then loaned to approved institutions that pay large interest rates. The following types of cryptocurrency investments are now available through the Hodlnaut review platform:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Dai (DAI)
Ethereum (ETH)
Anchored (USDT)
US Dollar Coin (USDC)

The users are free to withdraw their monies whenever they choose, and there is no minimum deposit requirement to use the cryptocurrency loans. It offers the following annual interest rates (APY) on its supported crypto assets or digital assets, which are computed using compound interest as the foundation for the interest rates.

A 6.2 percent increase for Bitcoin (BTC) and a 10.5 percent increase for Dai (DAI)
6.7 percent with regard to Ethereum (ETH)
Tether (USDT): 10.5 percent of the total value
10.5 percent applies to the USD Coin (USDC) currency.

Users also have the opportunity to accumulate interest on a daily basis, with the total amount being added to their accounts every Monday. In addition to this, if you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin loans and how the system operates, you can learn more about it here.

The Good and the Bad of the Hodlnaut:

Offers a great deal of interest.
Cryptocurrency loans are exclusively made accessible to institutions, not to individual cryptocurrency traders.
There is neither a minimum deposit required nor a lock-in period.
Does not support fiat money deposits.
pleasant and intuitive user interface.
Only a select few coins are supported.

The procedure to sign up for the platform may be completed in a short amount of time. To create an account on the platform, all that's required of users is a visit to the company's main website. Users are required to finish the KYC verification in order to access all of the platform's features for account creation. KYC is an acronym that stands for "know your customer."

Another forward-thinking platform, Hodlnaut Interest Account (HIA), enables users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. HIA stands for Hodlnaut Interest Account. As a distinguishing characteristic, the organization makes its deposited assets available for lending to well-established financial institutions that provide exceptionally high rates of interest.

However, after conducting a comprehensive background check on account users, the corporation makes asset loans (also known as collateralized loans) to permitted companies in order to secure timely payment of interest payments. When determining the interest rates to be offered, the corporation takes into account both the prior month's earnings as well as the circumstances that currently exist in the market. Since the beginning of 2019, when the platform first opened its doors, it has offered a rate of interest that is always stable to those who utilize it.

The Hodlnaut exchange also makes its funds available to other decentralized protocols for lending purposes. In order to cover these costs, the platform keeps a tiny portion of the income it earns from lending and then shares the balance of the money with its members. Additionally, the loans are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer via the platform. For the Hodlnaut Interest Account, BTC, ETH, USDC, DAI, and USDT are all supported cryptocurrencies at this time (HIA).

Additionally, the site of the platform features a one-of-a-kind interest calculator that assists users in determining how much interest they are able to accumulate on the HIA (Hodlnaut Interest Account) when they 'HODL' their cryptocurrency for a predetermined amount of time.

According to the Hodlnaut review, there are two different kinds of fees that customers are required to pay in order to make use of the services provided by this platform:

When any form of transfer is done on the Blockchain, miners are compensated with fees known as blockchain transaction fees. These costs are paid to the miners. When a user deposits assets on Hodlnaut, the blockchain fees are taken immediately from the best crypto wallet they have associated with their account. The site does, however, charge a fee for the transfer of funds when users withdraw their coins from the platform back to their crypto wallet in order to cover the costs associated with the transaction. However, there is no fee associated with making deposits on the platform or exchanging tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

Only on withdrawals does the platform charge interest, and that rate is variable depending on the dynamics of the blockchain market at the time. Simply clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can learn more about the pricing structure of the platform.

Hodlnaut does not support fiat deposits. Two different methods are available to users for the purpose of depositing bitcoin assets into their platform account:

Users who want to send cryptocurrency to another wallet or exchange should copy and paste the address of their favorite Hodlnaut crypto wallet into that wallet or exchange.

Users also have the option of swiftly depositing their favorite cryptocurrency by scanning the QR code that corresponds to the wallet address and then selecting it from the subsequent drop-down menu. Also, Hodlnaut does not support fiat deposits.

To begin the process of withdrawing funds from their Hodlnaut account, users must first select their favorite cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu located in the top left corner of the page. If the user's wallet address is already entered, all they need to do is pick the coins they want to withdraw from their wallet. A manual entry of the recipient's name, the wallet address to which they want to transfer the money, and the amount that they desire to withdraw is required if this is not the case for the user. However, there are costs associated with withdrawals, and the maximum daily withdrawal amount is 100 BTC.

The dashboard of the platform provides an overview of all the supported assets that are listed on the platform, along with the interest rates associated with each asset. The following is a list of the actions that users are required to take in order to begin earning interest on the platform:

Once the user has determined which cryptocurrency asset he would want to deposit on, he may access the list of supported cryptocurrencies by clicking on the "Transfer" option located at the very top of the website. This will bring up a list of all of the assets that can be used with the platform. After making their pick, users are then able to select anyone from the list to begin lending to and display the deposit address for their separate wallets.

After that, users are asked to copy their deposit address, at which point they will be sent to either their Ethereum wallet or their bitcoin wallet, depending on which one they choose, to begin the transfer. Users also have the option of storing their bitcoin assets on another cryptocurrency exchange if they like. They may submit a withdrawal request to the platform deposit address, and the monies will be credited immediately to the appropriate address within a few hours of the request being processed.

It is important to keep in mind that the Blockchain network is responsible for settling all of the deposits, and that Hodlnaut necessitates a predetermined amount of block confirmations before it will credit the account of a specific user. For instance, Holdnaut is comprised of enterprises that demand only 6 confirmations for Bitcoin deposits, however for Ethereum assets like as USDC or DAI, it necessitates more than 30 confirmations. Consequently, users are need to wait until the confirmation of their deposits.

When a user's account has been successfully credited, the platform immediately notifies that user by e-mail, and the user immediately begins to accrue interest from the moment that credit is applied to their account.

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, there is always a balance to be struck between the risks taken and the potential returns. The following are the four potential downsides of utilizing the services provided by Hodlnaut, which are discussed in the reviews:

Just like any other type of financial service provider, a company that holds its customers' assets is vulnerable to the danger of being hacked. It's possible that customers' money might be stolen either from their placed wallets on the platform or while the platform is in the process of lending money to borrowers. However, Hodlnaut makes use of every available security mechanism to safeguard the cash of its customers. The platform saves customers' funds in multi-signature wallets, which demand the approval of a number of different individuals before a transaction can be completed. The safety of the wallet is also supplied by BitGo, which is one of the most successful organizations in the digital asset security industry.

Because the platform is still in its early phases, the regulations are always susceptible to change, despite the fact that Singapore (where Hodlnaut is situated) is generally favorable toward cryptocurrencies. The norms might shift if other countries, including those in which a greater number of Hodlnauts borrowers are situated, enact policies that are less lenient regarding the borrowing and lending of bitcoin loans. In that situation, Singapore will also need to implement certain limits in order to make amends for the state of the environment.

There is a risk of loan default for any corporations or institutional investors who take out loans from Hodlnaut. Before making loans, the staff at Hodlnaut investigates the trustworthiness of the borrowers as well as their risk profiles, and they also base the loan collateralization on these findings. This helps to mitigate the risk. On the other hand, the site does not have any information on the needed specific collateralization ratio or the required special credit score ratio.

The dollar-pegged value of the assets that are backed by the Hodlnaut is constantly at risk of being lost, and this is a risk that cannot be eliminated.

Concerning the safety of the platform, no Hodlnaut looks into the reports of any hacks that have been encountered on it. The encryption protocols and other safety standards utilized by the platform are of the highest industry level, ensuring the confidentiality of the platform's users' assets and information. Users of Hodlnaut are required to set up their two-factor authentication (2FA) before they may withdraw from the platform. This safeguards the customers' accounts against illegal withdrawals.

In addition, Hodlnaut uses Fireblocks as its primary custodian. Fireblocks is a prominent provider of digital asset custody solutions and uses a variety of cutting-edge security techniques to safeguard their customers' assets. As a consequence of this, investments are held by Fireblocks in a mix of offline cold storage and online hot wallets. This ensures that the entirety of the user's deposits are never kept in the same physical location at the same time.

Through a strategic agreement with a European firm named Nexus Mutual, Hodlnaut gives its customers the ability to buy insurance coverage for their bitcoin holdings. This feature is available at no additional cost. The current value of the insurance cover provided by Nexus for Hodlnaut is $22 million. The Singapore Fintech Association, which is recognized by the MAS, has given Hodlnaut its accreditation in regard to the regulations and certifications that govern it. Additionally, Hodlnaut intends to submit an application for a license in order to become the first crypto borrowing and lending business in Singapore to be subject to regulation.

This Hodlnaut review is helpful to consumers so that they may access various instructions that are available on the internet and are linked to the numerous operations and fundamental elements of the platform. Additionally, the website has enlightening articles that give deeper insights into larger digital currency issues like as blockchain technology, centralized vs decentralized financial systems, and the safety of cryptocurrencies.

Customers who visit the Hodlnaut website but are unable to locate the information they need can get in touch with the company's customer care and support team by live chat, email, or Telegram. In addition, there is a dedicated website for frequently asked questions that users may consult in order to obtain further information on topics such as account setup or 2FA (two-factor authentication security).

In addition, users of the site have the ability to submit a ticket if they have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of lending or borrowing bitcoin. The submitted ticket ought to be accompanied by typical information about the user, such as the user's name and email address, in addition to a description of the inquiry. The issue is resolved within twenty-four hours, as stated by a number of evaluations located on Hodlnaut. Additionally, Hodlnaut offers mobile app services for users of the iOS and Android operating systems.

As a result, according to the Hodlnaut review, the platform appears to be a secure cryptocurrency lending and borrowing service that encourages customers to lend their cryptocurrency holdings in order to earn a high annual percentage yield rather than keeping them in a cryptocurrency wallet until the appropriate time comes to sell them. At the moment, Hodlnaut is one of the businesses that is expanding at the quickest rate. It has over $250 million in AUM (assets under management) and is expanding at an average rate of more than 20 percent month-on-month.

The bitcoin borrowing and lending network Hodlnaut, which has its headquarters in Singapore, is among the most prominent of its kind.

Fireblocks, which is an architecture for multi-party computation wallets, is what Hodlnaut uses to ensure the safety of the cash. Fireblocks will provide the user with a one-of-a-kind address whenever they sign up for an account with the Hodlnaut exchange. After that, the monies that they have placed are protected by the wallet infrastructure provided by Fireblocks, and only after that are they made available for lending to any of Hodlnaut's institutional investors.

The Affiliate tab on Hodlnaut's website provides access to further information on the company's affiliate program. When a user refers their friends to Hodlnaut, they are eligible for a 10 percent share of the interest that their buddy generates in the platform. In addition to this, the person who is referred to Hodlnaut through your link is eligible for a free bonus of twenty dollars (US) when they make their initial deposit of one thousand dollars (or an amount comparable to this).

Hodlnaut's architecture includes a built-in Fireblocks wallet, which is how users make deposits, and same technology also enables the firm to access the monies put by users from the backend. The money can either be moved into the user's custodial cold wallets or loaned to the institutional borrowers. Both options are available to the user. Because of our stringent security measures, Hodlnaut does not yet support the use of hot wallets.

There are two different methods that bitcoins may be deposited onto the network. The first thing you need to do is copy and paste the address of the wallet where the cryptocurrency cash will be sent from. The second option is to do a scan of the QR code, which contains the user's wallet address and is used to carry out the transaction.

At the moment, it is only available as an app for iOS, but one for android is on its way very soon.

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