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The5%ers Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Instead of investing the cash of their customers, organizations that deal in propriety invest their own money to earn profits. In this article, we take a look at one of the most successful foreign exchange futures and options trading organizations in 2022: Those who make up the top 5%. Continue reading to learn more about the fees, spreads, accounts, and withdrawal procedures. Find out how to join The5%ers and get started right away. Visit The5ers Website.

In 2016, The5%ers' Funding Traders & Growth Program was launched with the purpose of making easily available funds to full-time traders. Gil Ben Hur and Snir Achiel are credited with having initially conceptualized the platform. The two were skilled day traders, but they did not have enough cash to generate significant profits on their investments. Because there was a need for a platform that would enable competent traders to make money without putting their own money at risk, The5%ers was established in response to that desire.

Users are given the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in trading through the use of a testing program known as Level 1. Traders are required to pay a one-time participation fee in order to open an account that will be financed with the company's own money. The trader will be given a fully funded account and the ability to continue raising the amount of cash they trade with if they are successful in meeting the profit objectives set in Level 1.

The5%ers make it possible for investors of any experience level to start trading and generate money. Throughout the entirety of the procedure, including the review, users are provided the potential to make actual financial gains. There are several accounts available, each catering to a different capital level and risk scheme, which makes it possible for traders to implement whatever trading strategy they choose � more information on this topic will be provided in the following paragraphs.

After determining the amount of capital and level of risk that is most appropriate for you, all that is left to do is log in, pay the one-time participation charge, and start trading. The platform formerly known as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is no longer in use; instead, MetaTrader 5 is used to host the software (MT5). Forex firms and traders all around the world utilize MetaTrader 5, which is one of the most cutting-edge trading platforms available. It is downloadable via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it is also accessible on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Users are examined through a Level 1 account before being given the opportunity to become fully funded prop traders with The5%ers. Traders must pay a one-time charge in order to acquire access to this account, which is used by The5%ers to analyze traders' personalities and trading styles. The "low-risk" evaluation program needs traders to maintain a net profit rate of 6-7 percent, while the "aggressive" program wants traders to maintain a rate of 12 percent. Both programs require traders to maintain a gain in net profit. To demonstrate to The5%ers that you are capable of maintaining earnings while while minimizing risk is the objective of the Level 1 solution.

The following is a rundown of the account's guidelines:

Achieve the desired level of earnings.
Maintain a position that is over the maximum stop out limit.
Avoid going beyond the permitted maximum leverage rate.
Keep an appropriate stop loss in place for each of your trades.

Following the successful completion of the Level 1 account's predetermined objectives, you will be entitled to your initial reward as well as a trading contract for the top 5 percent earners. This indicates that you will become an official Funded Traders Partner, which will result in you earning a larger fully funded account as well as monthly profit distributions. When you hit your profit objectives, your account will be closed, and you will be given a new Funded Forex Account with more money and new profit targets. This process will continue until you meet all of your profit targets.

Various types of accounts at The members of the 5 percent are classified according to capital and risk. Following the trader's triumphant completion of the first level, their starting capital is multiplied by four. Capital is increased by a factor of two at every level but the first. The risk schemes are meant to accommodate investors with various methods, including the following:

Traders that are more comfortable with lower risk techniques are the target demographic for the Risk Manager Program. The first level of this program mandates that your funded forex account maintain a 6 percent rise in net profit, with an allowance of a maximum loss of 4 percent, a necessary stop loss, and leverage as high as 1:6. In addition, there is an allowed for a maximum loss of 4 percent. The ten percent mark represents the profit goal for all other levels. The first level of this program requires traders to reach their profit objective within 180 calendar days in order to advance to the next level. After that point, there is no time constraint on how long active traders have to fulfill their goals.

The Aggressive Trader Program is a plan that is designed for traders who use tactics with a higher level of risk and who seek a greater level of difficulty. Traders are required to keep a net profit of 12 percent on the first level, and a net profit of 25 percent on all subsequent levels. There is no requirement to place a stop loss order, and you may get leverage of up to 1:30. The first level of this program requires traders to reach their profit objective within 60 calendar days in order to advance to the next level.

On the website, there are four different levels of funded capital accounts, each of which is accessible on either the low-risk or the aggressive program:

$6,000 in quick funding is provided to users of a system that has a value of $24,000. The participation cost is a one-time payment of $275.

$40,000 - Instant money in the amount of $10,000 is made available to users. The participation cost is a one-time payment of $450.

$52,000 - Instant money in the amount of $13,000 is made available to users. The one-time participation cost is $565. The price is non-refundable.

$80,000 - Instant money in the amount of $20,000 is made available to users. The participation cost is a one-time payment of $875.

The majority of your participation fee goes toward preventing losses to your assets and the 5 percent ers gives the funding for your Level 1 procedure. 0.65 hectares is the largest lot size that may be purchased in The5%ers.

The following is a list of the trading securities that are provided by The5%ers:

The following currency pairs are considered to be majors in forex: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CHF.


During conditions of the market that are considered normal, the spreads on key currency pairings such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY vary from 0.2 pips to 0.9 pips, and the fee rate is $4.5. Every night, overnight switch costs are either collected or paid in full.

Traders utilizing who have accounts that are fully funded earn a fifty percent cut of any profits made by the company. Following the successful conclusion of the initial phase of the program, your fifty percent share will be sent to the newly created account. Traders who have reached Level 2 can use the button labeled "Profit Payout" on their dashboard at any time to withdraw their part of the profit.

Withdrawals of up to $1,000 can be processed using PayPal, while withdrawals of more than $1,000 must be processed through a bank transfer using TransferWise. Traders are entitled to one cost-free payout during each calendar month, with any additional withdrawals subject to a minimum handling fee of $15 or 3% of the amount withdrawn, whichever is greater.

Because the 5 percent ers is a private fund and not a financial institution, the amount of regulatory scrutiny that they are subject to is restricted. The fund is the owner of a foreign exchange trading account that is maintained with a registered broker. The individuals that make up the 5 percent utilize a number of different online brokers at the same time; but, for reasons of confidentiality, the identities of these brokers are not released.

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Investors who possess The individuals that make up the 5 percent are service contractors and not customers of the broker. Traders are afforded a higher level of protection than they would receive from conventional forex brokers since they do not put their own funds at risk when working with service contractors.

The headquarters of The5%ers squad may be found at 3 Rapaport street in Kfar Saba, Israel. Their business hours are as follows:

GMT times are 07:00 to 17:00 from Sunday through Thursday.
GMT timings on Fridays are 07:00-12:00.

You may get in touch with the staff that handles customer support by calling them or sending them an email:

+1 (929) 955 5595, +44 (20) 8068 0793, [email protected].

A live chat service, which may be helpful for traders who require immediate support, is not offered by The5%ers, which is unfortunate because such a service can be quite useful.

The5%ers also have the goals of educating traders all over the world and connecting them with one another. Users of the website have access to a comprehensive blog where they can read up on a variety of topics, ranging from the psychology of forex trading to the most recent news on gold and indexes. There are a variety of free trading courses, webinars, and live events, in addition to workshops, such as the supply and demand workshop, which emphasizes the principles of trading theory and practice.

The following are some of the advantages of prop trading with The 5 Percent

Instant financing
Referral program
There is no danger to the money you have invested.
Provision of up to 1.28 million dollars in funding
Advanced platform based on MetaTrader 5
Comprehensive training in the form of trade webinars, workshops, and courses

The following are some of the drawbacks associated with prop trading with The5%ers:

Options for leverage are restricted, with a ratio of 1:6 for accounts with a low level of risk and 1:30 for accounts with a high level of risk.
There are time constraints for Level 1 accounts: 180 days for low-risk accounts and 60 days for aggressive accounts.
There is no live chat option.

Speculative trading using The5%ers present an intriguing possibility for investors with extensive experience. Users of have the opportunity to demonstrate their competence as traders by funding their accounts to the full 5 percent. The company has a large number of favorable evaluations can be found on the internet and provides a variety of educational resources. However, successful investors have the possibility to trade with more than $1 million when their returns meet the appropriate objectives, despite the fact that the leverage options supplied by The5%ers are more limited than those offered by companies such as FTMO or CTI.

After determining the amount of capital and the level of risk that is appropriate for your circumstances, you will be required to pay a one-time participation fee. These range from a low of $275 for an account with a balance of $24,000 to a high of $875 for an account with a balance of $80,000.

Those in the top 5 percent have forex trading accounts with brokers and platforms that have been licensed. However, because they are a private fund, they do not need to be controlled by the government.

No matter where you are located, if you are at least 18 years old and want to trade with The5%ers, you may do so. However, in order to have access to significant quantities of cash, you will first need to demonstrate that you are capable.

To begin trading with The5%ers, all you need to do is select the capital and risk level that is most appropriate for you, pay the one-time participation fee, and your account will be credited with real money right away.

When it comes to leverage, the low risk programs give a margin of 1:6 while the aggressive programs offer a leverage of 1:30.



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