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XE Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

It has come to everyone's attention that XE Money Transfer is one of the greatest platforms available for transferring money.

The service was awarded a perfect score of five stars from TrustPilot, which is really excellent.

The question now is, from whence did you get a rating of five stars? To begin, XE Money Transfer reviews suggest that this platform provides a variety of useful functions in a one location, which is convenient for users. Even if some of the alternatives provide one or two of the functions, they do not offer nearly as many in total.

For instance, you may start a transfer for the same day in the majority of the 170 countries that are supported by the site. Additionally, you have the option to convert your cash into another kind. When you take into account their inexpensive prices and the fact that there are no additional costs, they are difficult to beat.

Users are able to send and receive a number of currencies using their computers or mobile phones thanks to this internet organization. You are able to check in at any moment to monitor the situation using the individual account you have created.

The necessity of transferring money is one that has been there for a long time, despite the relative novelty of online currency transfer companies. In the past, moving money across international boundaries was little more than locating a bank willing to act as an intermediary in the transaction.

Now, new businesses like as Wise, Skrill, and XE Money Transfer are making it simpler (and cheaper) than ever before to transfer money from the convenience of your mobile device, such as a smartphone.

The selection of the most reliable digital money transfer method might be difficult because there are so many different firms to choose from.

Choosing which service you want to utilize for yourself is now the most challenging component of modern life.

There are a few factors that, while you deliberate over this choice, you should give careful consideration to, in our opinion. The phrases "convenience," "speed," "cost," and "service quality" come to mind here. In light of the foregoing, let's investigate the benefits that XE Money Transfer provides in comparison to its rivals.

XE was initially established in 1993 in the country of Canada. It was one of the first currency exchanges available on the internet, and it helped pave the way for a new era of simple money transactions. In 2002, their service was connected to Western Union; however, beginning in 2015, Euronet Worldwide became the owner of the business.

It is currently operating under the umbrella of a corporation that complies with the regulations of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, as well as the United States and Canada. This is encouraging news since it indicates that your money is safe at these establishments.

The following are the languages that are supported by the customer service team: English, Spanish, and French. It takes its global presence seriously and makes certain that every user receives the assistance they require.

It is simple to use in every region of the world. How hard is it? You may claim that it is straightforward given that it has an approval rating of 96%. During the course of just the previous year, XE acted as a facilitator for customers doing business totaling 115 billion dollars. These customers came from all over the world.

They are not unreasonable in any way. Customers are going to like the fact that there is not a required minimum quantity to be transferred. There is plenty of room to transfer all of the money you need thanks to the fact that the maximum limit for online transactions is $500,000.

There is a comprehensive range of transfer services to choose from. XE Money Transfer is capable of handling anything from online trading systems and spot transactions to regular payments and corporate options all inside its own platform.

The prices provided by XE are renowned for their precision. XE is widely recognized as the most precise currency conversion calculator available online. It also provides access to a variety of fascinating historical data and statistics.

Reduced costs. In spite of the fact that they publicly assert that there are no costs, in practice there are extremely little fees. It is common practice to add a tiny percentage on top of the exchange rate, and this method of charging fees is typically favoured over charging flat rates. In contrast to banks, which might charge an additional fee anywhere from 3-7 percent, XE just adds an additional 0.5-2 percent.

Getting started with XE is as simple as creating an account and providing all of the required information in the appropriate fields. In spite of the fact that you are required to load certain documents and may be asked for sensitive information, their stringent security system ensures that you may exchange information with complete peace of mind. The following is an outline of what you should anticipate during the registration process:

To begin, go to their official website and click the "Get Started" button.
Create an account with XE as the next step. In this section, you will be asked to provide information such as your name, nationality, and email address. After that, click the "Continue" button.
After that, you will need to come up with a password and choose a security question. Click the "Next" button.
Find the tab labeled "Your Requirements" and click on it.
Please upload the necessary piece of identifying documentation.
Hold tight while your account is being reviewed. It shouldn't take more than a few hours till the next bank day for this to be completed.

After registering and having your application accepted, you will then be able to schedule appointments or make changes. Signing in, inputting payment information, evaluating the transaction, and submitting it are all that are required to complete the transaction.

The fact that the majority of transfers may be finished within the same day is quite appealing to customers. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that it might take up to three days before the cash can be accessed. You will be informed via a notification of payment when the money is now ready to be withdrawn by you.

You won't have any trouble finding your way around here. The user interface of the website is quite inviting to newcomers. The app makes everything much simpler to do. You'll be able to manage company risk, improve credit facilities, send mass payments, recommend partners, and design your payment platform, in addition to being able to transfer money.

In a word, absolutely everyone. Whether you're a large business, an individual, making a one-time payment for a particular event, or doing mass payments on a monthly basis, you'll enjoy how simple XE simplifies the process. If you select this company as your money transfer service of choice, you will be provided with a number of different alternatives, which is likely what you were hoping to find.

In the interest of assisting you in making an informed and practical decision on whether or not XE Money Transfer is the best option for you, the following is a list of frequent problems that may appear while you are using the program:

The concept of posting vital papers such as identification cards and social security cards onto a website is not universally well received. In addition, there are occasions when individuals would rather have a conversation in-person or over the phone as opposed to using the online-only interface. The digital interface may be a challenge for individuals who require assistance with troubleshooting or direction from customer support representatives.

Even while getting started with XE and making transfers is easy, and the platform is generally quite user-friendly, some individuals still just prefer to get things done in person or over the phone. A option like TorFX is probably going to be more appealing to those types of individuals than XE is going to be. OFX Money Transfer is another firm that handles transfers over the phone and is established over the phone. They handle registration, transfers, and customer service over the phone as well.

When utilizing XE, any speed delays that you encounter are almost certainly going to be caused by the SWIFT network. This network functions in much the same way as a variety of international flights that link to one another. This indicates that the money may have to be transferred via a total of three distinct financial institutions before it reaches its intended recipient.

There is a lot of tough competition out there, despite the fact that the ratings on are quite positive and customers adore the XE experience. Wise and WorldRemit are two further companies that provide global money transfer services. These companies also have some appealing features and products.

Transfers may be made using Facebook Messenger, Apple Pay, and Google Pay with Wise, whereas XE only supports its own payment system. In addition to their regular bank transfers, debit, and credit cards, they also provide this method.

Even if there are some positives associated with Wise, there are also some negatives associated with it. For instance, the delivery time for Wise is longer than that of XE. Wise is often able to accomplish transactions within three to five bank days, whereas XE can make the majority of transfers happen within the same bank day. Additionally, the yearly transfer limit is capped at $250,000 under the Wise system's stricter regulations. This represents one-half of what the XE limit is. It is possible that Wise is not the best option for you if you intend to transmit significant sums of money.

Wise charges a service fee that is calculated based on a flat cost, in addition to a percentage of the amount that is being transferred. When compared to the very low percentage cost charged by XE, this can quickly mount up.

WorldRemit, a money transfer service that advertises itself as offering customers a low-cost alternative, is yet another formidable rival operating in this industry. One may make the case that XE is a cost-effective choice as well.

WorldRemit was founded in 2010 by a person who had previously worked for the United Nations. It is already operational in fifty countries and enables users to pick up cash, deposit funds into bank accounts, and send money instantly to e-wallets.

As can be seen, both of these options are potential competitors to XE; however, neither of these options even comes close to providing the same degree of reliable service that XE delivers.

To keep things straightforward, the following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using XE as your source of international money transfers:

Free of charge There are no transaction fees, continuing fees, or costs for commissions.
The capability to transfer money in more than 100 different currencies to more than 200 different nations. Those that need to make recurring payments or transfers would appreciate this platform's extensive reach.
Transfer fees that are competitive. When compared to the rates offered by other suppliers, especially financial institutions like banks, their exchange rates are quite competitive.
familiar with the prices of several foreign currencies. Banks provide customers with a diverse range of financial services. On the other hand, XE is an expert in the many different currency markets throughout the world.
The software has a clean interface and is very simple to use. It makes the process of sending money very simple.
No limit. XE does not place a limit on the total amount of money that can be sent in a given month.
Registering an account and getting started is quite simple. Using the app, it is simple to enter all of the required information and get started with the transfer process.
Card payments can only be processed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. If this is not the case, using a credit card or debit card to pay for an international money transfer is not possible.
Cash pickup unavailable. Every single transfer needs to be made to an existing bank account.

A cursory examination of the evaluations available on will provide you with a wealth of information regarding the opinions of actual users regarding their time spent utilizing the site. It goes without saying that every review, including the critical ones, ought to be taken with a grain of salt. Negative evaluations are frequently written in the heat of the moment, and as a result, they may not be an accurate portrayal of what actually took place. When it comes to selecting a choice, having any kind of knowledge, including terrible news, is beneficial.

Positive comments are made about XE Money Transfer on the whole. XE has earned a rating of 5 stars across the board on the website TrustPilot.

Customers seem to love the simplicity of getting started and moving money, as well as the competitive exchange rates and excellent service, according to the evaluations that are positive.

A mere four percent of all of the ratings and comments were unfavorable. The following are some of the primary concerns raised by these reviews:

Confusion around the merging of companies. The firm still goes by the same name, XE, however it has lately amalgamated with another company called HiFX. Some clients have reported feeling confused as a result of this change, while others have observed that the quality of service has decreased slightly after it was implemented.

Money that was either delayed or lost. Several of the reviewers did not get their money on time or at all, which is really unfortunate. It would appear that the most of the reviewers had a simple misunderstanding regarding the amount of time it would take for them to collect their money. The fact that XE made an effort to discover the source of the problem is a positive development in this scenario.

Problems with the account's verification There were a few users who were either not permitted to transmit money or had their permission to do so cancelled after they had earned it.

Despite the fact that this small percentage of customers have issues, XE has shown to be a reliable service generally.

Is it a reliable and authorized method for monetary transactions across borders? It is legal, risk-free, and effective all at the same time. Their mid-market pricing are quite competitive, and the fact that there are no transfer costs involved makes it an economical option.

What precisely does it mean to transfer money using XE Money Transfers? It is a method that allows money to be sent to more than 100 countries in more than 200 different currencies.

When using the XE Money mobile app on your phone, there are no limitations on the maximum or minimum amount that may be sent. When transactions are being facilitated using the internet platform, there is a maximum of $500,000 per transaction. Because of this, it is simple to transmit a substantial sum all at once.

The automatic systems that they have for email and SMS will keep you informed about the progress of all of your transactions at all times. You are going to receive a notification as soon as the money has been completely transferred and is accessible. If you do not like to rely on SMS or email, you have the option of tracking the transfers on the dashboard using the transaction number that corresponds to each transfer.

The procedure may be completed by clients online at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Bear in mind that there is a possibility that the transfer will not be completed until the banks have opened.

You can see they are doing very well as they have over 285 million yearly site views and more than 65 million app downloads since the introduction of their product. Even big global businesses like Amazon and Apple trust XE trading to move money.

There is no question about the significance of maintaining a high level of security online, in particular with regard to private financial data. Users may have peace of mind knowing that their money is protected thanks to a permission from the FCA and protection from Norton Security.

XE is, all things considered, among the most competitive money transfer service choices that are currently available. Because it does not have any hidden costs, has reasonable service rates, has a quick transfer time, and is easy to use, the majority of people will consider it to be a dependable option.

When researching currency conversion rates, the vast majority of individuals have probably come across the moniker XE at some point. However, were you aware that they also transmit money to other countries? Even if they are well-known, you should still make sure that they are safe to use and that they offer the advantages that are most beneficial to you. Find the answers to these questions and more in our straightforward guide.

XE Money Transfer has a distinguished history of success as a leading provider of international money transfer services. As part of the Euronet Worldwide group, which also includes HiFX and Ria, it processes more than 115 billion pounds worth of international financial transactions annually for its more than 65,000 clients. XE is a reliable source of information on exchange rates and is extensively used by businesses, banks, and other financial institutions to gain a better understanding of the market rate. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years. Indeed, they are rather striking in their own right.

They make their money off of the difference between the exchange rate you obtain and the basic exchange rate, which means that they do not charge any transfer fees. Because of this, they are one of the most competitive suppliers out there, despite the fact that they are not always the most affordable option. You should plan on paying anywhere from 0.5 to 2 percent of the total amount that you are transferring to XE as a fee; however, the cost of sending some less traded currencies may be slightly higher.

Through its all-encompassing web platform, XE beats out virtually every other service in terms of the number of countries and currencies it supports for money transfers. Because of this, XE is an excellent option to consider whenever you need to convert money into a currency that is not widely traded. In addition to its website and mobile application, XE provides customers with customer care through email and by telephone, in addition to a plethora of additional services related to the transfer of money. We are huge fans of XE, and we are confident that you will be too.

Consider the following while deciding whether or not to use XE:

XE is an excellent option for the majority of your money transactions that take place on a global scale.
Letís break it down and discuss what XE is amazing at and where they have a few flaws.
The fact that a certain brand is extremely well-known and relied upon might help to put one's mind at ease.
There are no costs, regardless of the amount that you are transferring, and there is no minimum amount that must be transferred.
They maintain a website that is packed with useful information and can keep you abreast of any new currency developments.
Help is offered to people on an individual basis as well as to corporations.
They provide a selection of items, which also includes limit orders.
Support for customers that is helpful and not difficult to reach.
The main page does not provide clear information on the margins of currency exchange rates.
The margin that XE applies is not reflected in the exchange rate that is displayed on the webpage.
We are unable to accept cash or checks as payment for your transfer.
There is not a cash pick up option available.
Although they compare the vast majority of currencies on their website, they only allow the transfer of a subset of those currencies.
They do not offer the most competitive conversion rates for different currencies.

This section of the XE Money Transfer Review will answer the question, "How quick are XE's international money transfers?"

According to XE, the majority of transactions are processed on the same day that the company receives your money.

Despite the fact that XE claims to convert money and transmit the majority of trades on the same business day, it can take anywhere from one to four working days for the funds to show up in an overseas bank account after the transaction is completed. It is essential to include in both the transfer speed and the lag time experienced by the bank when planning your currency exchange. In addition, XE will keep you informed about the status of your transfer by email and text message updates.

The one thing that is really necessary for you to be aware of is the fee structure that XE utilizes for international money transfers. The good news is that XE does not impose transfer fees, and you may receive rates that are competitive with those offered by other providers. Of course, mentioning that they are the most affordable option does not mean the same thing!

When you transfer money to a popular location, you should expect to pay an additional fee that ranges from 0.5 percent to 2 percent in addition to the base rate and the interbank rate. This fee is determined by the currency that you are exchanging into. Countries such as Canada, the United States, and Europe are included in this category. If you choose a currency that is not widely traded, you may end up paying a higher rate. It's possible that competing money transfer services, such as Wise (previously TransferWise) or Revolut, provide better rates in some circumstances.

If you do not already have an account with XE and log in with that account, it will be difficult for you to see what exchange rates you will obtain.

Getting started transferring money and opening an account with couldn't be easier. The procedure is as follows.

You may register for an account with XE by phoning the company, using the website, or downloading the mobile application. You are going to need to generate an ID and password for yourself, in addition to giving them your contact information.
After you have created an account, you will be able to determine how much it will cost you to send money and schedule a transfer online.
After that, you provide XE the required information about the recipient of your transfer, complete the transaction, and then pay the money to XE. Easy.
You will also need the recipient's bank account information to complete the transaction. The requirements for this normally consist of the account number as well as the sort code or routing number. However, these specifications might vary from country to country. In some circumstances, you will be required to supply either a SWIFT code or an IBAN.

There is no upper limit to the amount of money that can be sent via XE, which is fantastic news for anyone who has to transfer a large sum of money to a foreign country. You are able to transmit up to around $500,000 or £380,000 through the internet. If you wish to transfer more money than that, you will need to give them a call so that they can assist you with sending the money to another country.

Information that will be necessary for you to have when transferring money

If you wish to register an account with XE and send money to other countries, the company does want certain information from you.
XE will require you to provide some information in order to register an account and send money to a foreign country. XE requires that you provide your complete name, date of birth, residence address, occupation, email address, and a phone number for contact. XE will also need to verify your identification; however, in the most of instances, they will be able to do it online; nonetheless, they will notify you if they want any documentation from you.
If you wish to send them money, they will require further information, including a copy of your:

Identification card issued by the government Passport
License to drive issued on photo ID card
Statement from your bank or building society Bills for your utilities (gas, electric, landline phone, water, satellite/cable TV, or broadband Internet service)
Residence permit
Certificate of current insurance covering the structure and its contents, or a recent tax bill

There is material on the XE website that appears to be in conflict with itself, which makes it a bit difficult to figure out how to pay for your transfer. On some sites, it states that the sole method of payment accepted is a bank transfer, sometimes referred to as a wire transfer; on other pages, it states that credit cards and debit cards can also be used to make payments. You will be able to view your options when you have successfully logged in and scheduled a transfer.

XE will only send money to a bank account that belongs to another person. They are unable to get their money delivered to their house or get it in cash form.

Transferring money while you're on the road has never been easier than with the XE mobile app, which combines speed and convenience. The application enables you to monitor the current rates of exchange for more than 180 different currencies, to conduct international money transfers, and even to set up notifications so that you don't miss out on the rate you've been watching for. You may also see when your transfer is pending, when it has been sent, and when it is on its way to the receiver by checking the appropriate boxes.

We studied reviews on both the Apple App Store and Google Play to get a sense of how easy it would be to use the product. On Apple devices, the XE Money Transfer app received a score of 4.6 out of 5, while on Android devices, it received a score of 4.5 out of 5. Reviewers commented that the application was uncomplicated to use and that it provided information on currency exchange rates in a manner that was clear and easy to comprehend.

Customers have provided very positive feedback about XE Money Transfer, with 96 percent of reviews on Trustpilot praising the company as "Excellent" or "Great." They receive a score that is, on average, 4.7 out of 5.

Telephone: 1-877-932-6640 in the United States; Email:

XE Money Transfer complies with all regulations in both the United States and the United Kingdom. They are subject to highly stringent laws and regulations in order to maintain the security of your money. In addition, XE makes use of robust encryption and security measures so that all of your details and information pertaining to money transfers remain secret. Further reassuring you is the fact that XE Money Transfer is required by law to retain the money its customers deposit in a separate account from the money it uses to operate the business. XE Money Transfer is well liked by its customers, who award the company an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.
In addition to offering currency exchanges for individuals and businesses, also provides a number of other services.

The XE Datafeed is a tool that gives developers the ability to incorporate up-to-date currency rates into accounting systems, bespoke software, and online shopping platforms.

XE provides its customers with a daily email that covers a variety of topics, including the most recent news, interest rates, currency exchange rates, and more.

Users operating businesses may sign up for access to XE's services, which enable them to send payments to numerous recipients located in different countries and accept international payments through their websites and mobile apps.

Users in the business world can control the risks associated with currency exchange utilizing a range of options made available by XE, such as credit facilities.

You have the option of receiving individual service in the languages of English, French, and Spanish.

Locking in exchange rates may be accomplished with the use of sophisticated currency tools such as market orders and forward contracts.

You may even engage in foreign currency speculative trading with XE if you don't mind taking some chances in your financial dealings.


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