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ActivTrades Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

Since it was established in Switzerland in the year 2001 and has been in business since that time, ActivTrades has more than two decades of experience working in the financial technology industry. The independent brokerage company was once only a modest firm, but it has since grown to become a retail and institutional broker operating all over the world. In 2005, ActivTrades relocated its headquarters to London, and shortly thereafter, it began experiencing fast expansion across Europe. Visit ActivTrades Website.

Customers of ActivTrades may take advantage of a wide range of perks, including as educational resources, incentive programs, low spreads, and access to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, two platforms that are considered to be leaders in their respective industries. The following is a list of the accolades that have been bestowed upon this broker in recognition of its exceptional quality:

The "Best Online Trading Services" award came from the ADVFN International Financial Awards.
Le Fonti: "Best Forex Broker"
"Best Execution Broker" was awarded the Agence IAT Grand Prize for Excellence.
The "Best Customer Support" title was awarded the Grand Prize for Excellence by Agence IAT.
The "Most Trusted Forex Broker" award will be presented during the MENA Forex Show.
DKI and Euro am Sonntag have recognized them as having the "Best Customer Service."

ActivTrades was established in Switzerland in the year 2001, but in 2005 it moved its operations to the United Kingdom. From those humble beginnings, it expanded into a global brokerage that now serves clients from more than 140 countries. It started out as a foreign exchange broker but has now evolved to include over 1,000 CFDs spread over six categories. At ActivTrades, technology plays an essential part, which is made abundantly clear by the substantial investments made in the trading infrastructure and its development team located in Bulgaria.

ActivTrades was ranked as the 90th fastest growing firm in the United Kingdom in an article that appeared in a special supplement to the UK Sunday Times in April of 2017.

This broker is subject to oversight from the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which also acts as the broker's principal authority. ActivTrades PLC. An office was set up in Milan, Italy, and registration was completed with the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa. [Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa] (CONSOB). The Bahamian subsidiary of the broker is called ActivTrades Corp., and it is licensed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. Excess of Loss insurance coverage is maintained by ActivTrades with a limit of £1,000,000 for the UK subsidiary and $1,000,000 for all other accounts. This is in addition to the fact that client funds are kept in separate accounts and that UK portfolios are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a maximum of £85,000 in the event that the broker goes out of business. Everyone who trades in retail has the same access to the negative balance protection feature.

The trading environment provided by ActivTrades is one that is really safe and secure.

There are no fees associated with trading currency pairs, and the EUR/USD pair has an average spread of 0.72 pips, making it one of the most competitive offers available. CFDs on US stocks come with a minimum cost of $1, or $0.02 per share; CFDs on UK stocks come with a commission of £1, or 0.1 percent; and CFDs on European shares come with a commission of €1, or 0.01 percent. It is important to note that clients of this broker are charged a nominal fee of one euro (€) per month for access to market data. This fee is not considered to be very significant. Swap charges are applied on overnight leveraged positions, and information regarding these charges may be received directly from trading platforms. Both equity and index CFDs are vulnerable to the effects of company activities, which are adequately detailed on the website. There are fees charged by third parties for both deposits and withdrawals.

The prices of the currency pairings are acceptable, and there are no commissions involved.

Forex traders who are simply interested in entry-level exposure will find it somewhat frustrating because there are only 48 currency pairings to choose from. The maintenance of over 450 stock CFDs in addition to 15 different commodities makes it feasible to diversify across many asset classes. In addition to this, there are a total of seven bond CFDs, eight cash index CFDs, and sixteen forward index CFDs. The inclusion of 24 ETFs brings the total number of assets to 48. While the vast majority of retail traders will find the general selection to be satisfactory, more experienced and professional traders, in addition to fund managers, will very quickly run into constraints.

The vast majority of retail traders will find ActivTrades' asset selection to be satisfactory and satisfactory.

Every customer has access to the same type of CFD account, which does not require a minimum initial investment. The spread betting account that is made available to UK traders is exempt from taxation, and the FCA-regulated brokerage offers an upgrade to professional status as an option. The trading conditions offered by the Bahamas subsidiary are on par with those provided by the professional account in the UK. Both a free demo account and an Islamic account, which requires a minimum deposit but is available on request, are offered by the broker.

Every trader has access to the same conditions for trading and the same circumstances for their CFD accounts.

Traders who do not already have trading solutions established on the MT4 infrastructure may find the proprietary trading platform that this broker offers, ActivTrader, to be visually appealing. It is only available as a webtrader, despite the fact that it provides the most complete trading environment possible. In addition, the ActivTrader platform does not offer support for automatic trading solutions; hence, the only type of traders who should consider using it are manual traders. The MT4 trading platform is available through ActivTrades, along with its unsuccessful predecessor's successor, the MT5.

The simplest version of the MT4 platform may be upgraded to a robust trading environment by utilizing the Smart Tool suite, which is available to MT4 users. It is also completely compatible with automated trading systems, and the fact that it can be further customized with hundreds of plugins from third-party developers makes it a superior option overall. Unfortunately, MT4 might not support all of the assets in your portfolio. Traders have the option of segmenting their portfolios and combining the functionality of ActivTrader and MT4 for a strategy that is optimized and makes use of the full potential of the market.

The proprietary trading platform known as ActivTrader is a good option for traders who like to take manual orders.

In spite of the fact that ActivTrades has established its own trading platform, the company exhibits its dedication to the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms by making seven different add-ons accessible for use with all active accounts. Traders now have access to a gateway that is superior to the one offered by the proprietary ActivTrader thanks to the improved version of MT4, which was just released. The add-ons are referred to as Smart Tools, and one of its features is automatic chart pattern detection. This is an extremely helpful tool, particularly for retail traders who might not have access to sufficient resources or a professional trading team. This broker offers one of the most useful assets available, which is their Smart Tools.

The MT4 trading platform is transformed into a robust entry point to the financial markets by the incorporation of Smart Tools, which consists of seven add-ons.

Three analysts are responsible for doing the company's internal research and providing daily brief trading suggestions. Even while the quality of the information is passable, it is still far lower than that of rival brokerages. The research that is made available to clients through the Smart Tools suite is of a higher quality than that which is released by the analytics team. One-on-one instruction is offered for those interested in furthering their education, which is a very helpful service for beginning traders. In addition to the manuals that cover all trading platforms, there is a video library that covers introductory themes related to MT4. Webinars are online presentations that provide more in-depth subject matter and may be accessible through the website. In addition to this, ActivTrades organizes events in major financial hubs, and the company's educational section as a whole delivers exceptional service.

The published research is sufficient, but it is not as good as that provided by rival brokerages.

Customer service is available around the clock and may be reached quickly through live chat. Traders can also contact the company through telephone, e-mail, or by requesting a free callback. A Frequently Asked Queries (FAQ) section will make an effort to address essential questions, while a glossary will cover important vocabulary. The relevant documentation can be found inside the legal section.

Customers have a positive impression of the customer service that is easily available to them.

Traders who have a notional trading value of more than $50 million are eligible for the rewards program that ActivTrades offers. Interest is provided on available free margin; nevertheless, traders from the Bahamas operating subsidiary are the only ones who may participate in either of the incentive schemes.

In accordance with the requirements of the business, new accounts are established through the use of an online application. After newly registered traders have been granted access to the back office, regulatory authorities require that they undergo verification in order to demonstrate compliance with AML and KYC regulations. This phase is often finished with a photocopy of the trader's identification document and one document serving as evidence of residency.

Traders have the option of using bank wires, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, and PayPal for their financial transactions. ActivTrades distinguishes between traders from the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area (EEA) and traders from other jurisdictions. Both the availability of different alternatives and the costs that are connected with making deposits and withdrawals are contingent on the geographic location of the user. There is a reference to an ActivTrades Prepaid MasterCard in the list of withdrawal choices; however, no more information is offered. In order to remain in compliance with AML requirements, the name that appears on the trading account and the payment processor must be the same.

ActivTrades has been in business since 2001 and offers clients outstanding security of their cash, up to a maximum of one million pounds or dollars. Although the pricing structure and asset selection are satisfactory, the trading environment provided by the Bahamas subsidiary is noticeably superior to that offered by the UK subsidiary. The teaching section geared for new traders is exceptional, while the in-house research is only acceptable. Although a bespoke trading platform is available, traders will find that the MT4 platform, in conjunction with the Smart Tools upgrade, offers a superior return on investment. In general, ActivTrades is an excellent option for portfolios that are handled by the Bahamas subsidiary. Because of the unrealized potential, this broker needs to be included in a brokerage selection that has a broad range of offerings and should be watched closely for any future advancements.

Is ActivTrades a scam? This broker is legitimate since it is regulated in two different jurisdictions and complies with the requirements of each of those authorities.

What is the highest amount of leverage that ActivTrades will allow? The amount of leverage that may be obtained varies depending on a number of circumstances; however, the Bahamas-based subsidiary can provide leverage of up to 1:400.

At ActivTrades, what is the lowest amount of deposit that is acceptable? The minimum deposit required to start an account is one hundred dollars or its equivalent in another currency.

What is the commission rate for ActivTrades?
The minimum commission for trading US stock CFDs is $1, which is equivalent to $0.02 per share; the minimum commission for trading UK CFDs is £1, which is equivalent to 0.1 percent; and the minimum commission for trading European CFDs is €1, which is equivalent to 0.01 percent.

What is the lowest possible spread that ActivTrades offers? The EUR/USD pair has the most competitive spread, with only 0.72 pip difference between buy and sell prices on average.

ActivTrades is an independent trading company that was established in Switzerland in 2001 as a modest brokerage house. Since its inception, the company has grown into a global broker firm that caters to regular clients as well as institutions.

The firm relocated its headquarters to London in 2005, at which time it displayed tremendous development throughout Europe and became a market leader in Italy, Germany, and France. This was followed by expansion into other regions, including Australia, South America, Russia, and South East Asia. Recently, ActivTrades opened an office in Dubai to better support its clients' trading requirements in the Middle East.

Traders are provided with the possibilities they need to be successful in both the short term and the long term by ActivTrades, which offers a wide range of perks that make trading on the financial markets a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.

The benefits that are proposed include access to a wide variety of financial instruments, reputable trading platforms, comprehensive trading solutions, and outstanding trading tools. Customers of ActivTrades may trade more than 50 different currency pairings, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, commodities, equities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Customers in the United Kingdom can also access spread betting.

In point of fact, there are a great deal of respects and recognition that have been shown to have been earned by ActivTrades throughout the course of its successful years, while official numbers verify it even more than is required: In the most recent study that ActivTrades conducted, the majority of its customers rated their entire experience with the company as either good or exceptional. This translated to a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent.

The Good and the Bad of ActivTrades:

According to the results of our test trades, ActivTrades is a trustworthy broker that provides excellent trading environments, potent technology, and one of the lowest spreads in the industry. There are platforms known as MT4, MT5, and ActivTrades' own unique platform.

Forex trading with low transaction costs and excellent customer service as well as learning and research resources.

Concerning the disadvantages, the terms and conditions may change depending on the governing body and the company, and help is not available round-the-clock.

Licenses held by ActivTrades include: ActivTrades PLC, which is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom with registration number 434413; ActivTrades Corporation, which is allowed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas with registration number 199667 B.

In point of fact, there are a great deal of respects and recognition that have been shown to have been earned by ActivTrades throughout the course of its successful years, while official numbers verify it even more than is required: In the most recent study that ActivTrades conducted, the majority of its customers rated their entire experience with the company as either good or exceptional. This translated to a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent.

Because the famous FCA has granted ActivTrades broker the status of completely regulated, traders can be confident that their assets are secure, and engaging in Forex trading is regarded as having a low level of risk. The broker has consistently worked to enhance the quality of the services they provide over the course of the past few years, which has helped them build a solid reputation as a trustworthy and dependable business partner.

The Financial Conduct Authority (UK) has granted ActivTrades PLC authorization and regulation, and the company is also a participant in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. In addition to this, the broker maintains an office in Dubai, and both that location and its offshore operation in the Bahamas are subject to regulation by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

In addition, in order to guarantee the safety of advanced trading, ActivTrades offers protection against having a negative account balance, storage of the money in accounts that are kept separate from each other, and supplementary insurance of up to one million dollars (which is a quite rare state among the brokers).

In terms of the trading circumstances, ActivTrades takes the best possible route to optimize the offer by providing low spreads, leverage of up to 1:400, no hidden costs, and a policy that does not permit requotes or rejections of trades, all of which are complemented by lightning-fast direct execution.

The leverage of 1:400, which was previously announced, is, however, only accessible to residents of Dubai or the Bahamas who trade with the ActivTrades Bahamas business.

ActivTrades' primary product satisfies the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation, which places a cap on the leverage at 1:30 for all major currency pairings.

The only thing that differentiates the ActivTrades accounts is the trader type, with the broker offering either an Individual Account (which enables trading in mini and micro lots) or a Professional Account (which requires meeting certain criteria in order to open one, such as engaging in significantly large transactions and having a financial portfolio that is worth more than 500,000 dollars).

Naturally, in order to make things easier for new traders, there is the option to open a free demo account on which they can test out the platform and get a broad idea of how the broker does their business. Those who abide by the Sharia regulations are eligible for either an Islamic Account or a Swap-Free Account, depending on which option they want.

You have access to the most important Fixed Income contracts, such as the US T-Note and the German Bund, in addition to the widely offered Trading instruments, which give UK residents the option to trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and SpreadBetting, among other things. In addition, you can trade Forex.

ActivTrades are primarily constructed as a spread, however this might vary based on the type of account that you use. See the charge table that follows for details on financing costs and other fees that are not associated with trading.

The spread for currencies offered by ActivTrades begins at 0.5 pips, and the spreads on indices and financial CFDs are also set to 0.5 pips. When compared to the spreads offered by other brokers, ActivTrades' spreads are quite modest.

In addition to this, there is no adjustment that takes place overnight (the underlying Futures price already accounts for the adjustment). Costs on contracts for difference (CFDs) on shares start at €1 per side, whereas spread betting on shares does not need any commissions and charges 0.10 percent of the transaction value.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the ActivTrades spread is, in fact, an opportunity that many different kinds of traders will find highly appealing.

It is possible to make deposits and withdrawal requests through your online Personal Area, which makes the procedure streamlined and straightforward.

ActivTrades allows users to fill their accounts using a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and Sofort, and more. In addition, the company offers the ActivTrades Prepaid Card to its customers. This card, which has the same benefits of usage as Mastercard and is offered free of charge to the customers, does not charge a monthly administration fee.

The minimum amount required to start live trading with ActivTrades is $250, which gives you the ability to do so instantly.

ActivTrades does not charge its customers a fee for deposits made through bank transfers or electronic wallets. On the other hand, investors should expect to pay a fee of at least 0.75 percent for deposits made using credit cards issued in the UK and EEA and 1.5 percent for deposits made using credit cards issued outside of the UK and EEA.

When it comes to withdrawal costs, transferring funds to an e-wallet or an ActivTrades Prepaid Mastercard is free, however transferring funds to a bank account in USD will cost you 12.50 dollars.

The range of platforms that ActivTrades provides is another one of the company's strong points. These platforms include ActivTrades' own proprietary platform as well as the well-known MT4 and MT5 Platforms, each of which comes with its own unique selection of add-ons.

The ActiveTrades trading platform is a web-based platform that enables trades to be executed directly from the browser. In addition, ActiveTrades provides a dedicated application for use on an iPhone or iPad. The platform gives users access to more than 90 different technical analysis indicators, and it has a user interface that is easy to use. Despite this, it offers cutting-edge functionality that are suitable for experienced traders of all trading styles.

However, traders who are more comfortable and convenient with a user-friendly platform like as MT4 are also welcomed by ActivTrades, which is available through desktop trading. Desktop trading is one of the trading methods offered by ActivTrades. In addition, the technology has been improved in accordance with the company's requirements of safety, and the addition of sophisticated charts makes it possible to automate the tactics using EAs.

With MetaTrader5, you will have access to new and expanded features, which will take your online trading to the most in-depth level possible. The platform makes it possible to trade in more markets, such as shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as more than 450 CFDs on stocks, each of which has a wide range of features and may be automated, and it also includes integrated trading statements.

In addition to the robust platform, several utility extensions may be added to extend trade functions and automation features, bringing with them instruments built for both decision making and indicating purpose at the same time. Trading tools, tools for making decisions, and several indicators are included in this category.

An additional compliment need to be sent on the ActivTrades help and education center. Since customer service has been honored with a number of accolades, the primary objective of the education system that is provided is to bring traders up to speed on new offerings, advancements in technology, and emerging trends in the industry.

There is a support center available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat and email, and the average response time is an astounding 27 minutes, which is obviously beneficial to you as a trader.

You get access to in-depth educational resources such as e-books, courses, webinars, and analyses with ActivTrades. These resources are organized according to the subject matter. In addition, you have access to a Demo account, which, together with the strong analytical and technical analysis integrated right into the platforms, as well as the special add-ons that let you study and trade more effectively, are all available to you.

In conclusion, ActivTrades is an international broker that has been operating successfully for 10 years and has experience working mostly with experts who have been with the company for a long period of time. Their product is of high quality, is well maintained, and is a dependable alternative. In our ActivTrades Review, we found that the trading circumstances were extremely pleasing. These trading conditions included lowest spreads, no dealing desk interference in the trading process, and relatively competitive conditions. These trading conditions are a benefit to traders of all levels.

ActivTrades is a broker with headquarters in the United Kingdom that provides FX and CFD trading in addition to spread betting on the MT4, MT5, and its own ActivTrader platform. The procedure for logging in, the minimum requirements for margin, bonuses, and other topics are discussed in our study. Check to see whether ActivTrades is the broker that best suits your needs.

ActivTrades PLC was created in Switzerland in the year 2001, and in the year 2005, it established its headquarters in London. The broker has a sizable clientele not only in European countries like Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal, but also in international ones like Australia and other places.

The workforce at the firm currently numbers close to 700 people, and it has locations not only in Sofia, Bulgaria, but also in Milan, Italy, as well as in Luxembourg and the Bahamas. A new office for ActivTrades was inaugurated not long ago in Dubai.

ActivTrades Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, which is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA).

ActivTrader is a user-friendly platform that combines complex features with industry-leading technology. This makes it ideal for beginner traders who are just starting out in the trading sector.

Among its many features are:
The leading indications of market sentiment
Strategies including hedging and scalping
Instant and pending order types
14 different kinds of charts and sketching tools that make recognizing patterns easier
Functionality for progressive trailing stop that guards against loss of income and profit

The majority of popular online browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer, are compatible with ActivTrader.

The following are some examples of further advanced features aimed to make trading more enjoyable:

ActivTrades has created the Smart Order 2 application with the goal of increasing the speed of trading and improving the interaction between the platform and the application. Suitable for use with both MT4 and MT5

When the price of the selected instrument breaks through one of the pre-defined trendlines that SmartLines has established, an order is automatically triggered.

Based on chart indications and their relationship to the strength of the trend, SmartTemplate identifies long and short opportunities.

By modeling a variety of possible transaction outcomes, SmartCalculator makes risk management more effective.

MT4, a platform particularly well-known across the world for forex trading, is available through ActivTrades. Some of the highlights of MT4 are as follows:

Trading that is done automatically using APIs
Comprehensive and advanced historical data stop out levels
View of the advanced frame
Trading with a single click

You may trade using MT4, which can be downloaded to desktop devices, or you can use popular web browsers.

ActivTrades also provides the MT5 platform, which is designed for traders with more extensive expertise. MT5 gives users access to over 500 different CFDs and ETFs, in addition to the ability to trade on currency, indices, and equities.

The following is a list of key features that the MT5 solution offers:
Data from the past and a test of the strategy
Notifications of changing prices and trailing stops
Statements of integrated trading activity
Recent Headlines in Economic News
Trading with a single click
21-time frames

You have the option to trade using either the WebTrader or MT5, which can be downloaded to your desktop computer.

Among the broker's tradable assets are the following:

50 currency pairings and more
More than 500 different firm shares, including those traded on the exchanges in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Japan
Over thirty-five significant indexes, including the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Euronext, UK100, and German30
CFDs on more than 15 different commodities, including gold, silver, cereals, and energy

In addition, several exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and spread betting options may be found in the UK. There are no alternatives to purchase bonds, binary contracts, or cryptocurrencies.

Spreads on the EURUSD and USDJPY offered by ActivTrades are among the lowest in the industry, starting at 0.5 pips, while the GBPUSD spread starts at 0.8 pips. On FX deals, the broker does not impose any commission fees. Spreads on financial instruments, such as CFDs and indices, can be as low as 0.5 pips. Shares can be purchased with a commission as little as $1 per side, while spread betting customers in the UK pay no cost at all.

The broker imposes swap rates on positions that are held overnight; more information on these fees may be obtained on the website of the firm.

In accordance with the standards set forth by ESMA, the maximum permitted leverage ratio is 1:30.

Forex – 1:30 maximum leverage
Financials – 1:5 maximum leverage
Commodities – 1.10 maximum leverage
Maximum leverage of 1:20 for equities and share prices

Mobile trading is supported on ActivTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5, among other platforms. Your mobile or tablet device may be used to perform an in-depth pricing study as well as full account administration thanks to the applications. In addition, there are options for payments, incentives, and customer support to choose from.

You may get instructions on how to trade using your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch), by going to the Mobile Trading area of the broker's website.

The minimum deposit required to open an account with ActivTrades is $500. There are several options for making payments, all of which promise rapid processing:

Skrill – 30 minutes
Neteller – 30 minutes
Bank transfer - Same working day
Credit/debit card (prepaid Mastercard) – 30 minutes (1.5 percent fee)
Sofort– thirty minutes' time (only available for clients of ActivTrades PLC)
PayPal – 30 minutes (only available for clients of ActivTrades PLC)

To reclaim previously earned profits and income using any of the following alternatives, go to the client area and select'request a withdrawal.'

Same day processing for credit and debit card payments provided the request is made before 12.30 GMT.
Same day bank transfer service is available if the request is made by 12:30 (GMT).
Same day processing with Neteller provided the request is made before 12:30 (GMT).
Same day processing through PayPal if the request is made before 12:30 (GMT).
Same day delivery with Sofort if the order is placed before 12.30 GMT.
Skrill: instantaneous if the request is made before 12:30 (GMT).

Every withdrawal is completely free, with the exception of transfers to Citibank or Moneycorp, which each incur a fee of £9.

The best places to discuss concerns relating to withdrawals are either through the customer service email address or through the live chat feature.

ActivTrades provides its customers with a sample account that allows them to practice their trading talents with £10,000 worth of virtual cash. The sample account gives you access to all three of the accessible platforms. For the other hand, market data on CFD shares are shown with a 15-minute delay when using the MT5 demo account that ActivTrades provides.

After you have reached $10 million in notional value traded, you will be able to receive cashback on every transaction you make. Although it is a nice promotion, the trading volume criteria that are stipulated in the terms and conditions of the promotion are quite high. You have till the end of 2020 to take advantage of the cashback offer. The broker does not provide incentives that need no initial investment.

ActivTrades Corp is a subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, which is regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. ActivTrades Corp is governed by The Securities Commission of the Bahamas, which is also a regulatory body (FCA). The Financial Conduct Authority is a reputable regulating organization, and as a result, the broker earns a high trust rating in our evaluation.

ActivTrades provides substantial education and training opportunities in the form of webinars. There is no cost associated with receiving instruction at any level, from the most fundamental concepts to the most complex trading ideas. Additionally, the broker provides individual training sessions with seasoned professionals from related fields on how to make the most of the ActivTrades platforms and trading tools.

In addition to these services, the organization provides bridging loans and other investment opportunities. For further information, please contact the staff that handles customer service.

ActivTrades provides a number of trading account choices, including the following:

Individual or Organizational Professional (for those eligible under ESMA regulations)
Islamic (swap-free trading)

Negative balance protection, FSCS protection, segregated accounts, and best execution are features that are included in both individual and professional accounts. Individual accounts, however, also include features such as rewards, risk alerts, and leverage warnings. Professional accounts do not include rewards or risk alerts. Trading in mini and microlots is also possible using the individual account type that is the industry norm.

Passports, utility bills, and bank statements are some of the compliance papers that must be presented in order to create an account.

When compared to ICMarkets, NinjaTrader, ZuluTrade, or TradingView, ActivTrades comes out on top as a broker thanks to its strong performance in the following areas:
ActivTrader Smart Order 2 will improve the overall efficiency of trading.
Multiple trading systems, including MT4 and MT5, are available for use.
Protection against a negative balance.
24/5 customer assistance
Abundant profit margins
Free webinars

Trading with ActivTrades has a number of drawbacks, including the following:
After one year of inactivity, there is a €10 per month cost assessed.
Not accessible to customers in the United States of America or Canada
No trading of cryptocurrencies is allowed.

The usual market hours are adhered to by ActivTrades. The hours may differ somewhat from instrument to instrument, but in general, they are open Monday through Friday. There is a possibility that the platform's server timings will change based on your location.

ActivTrades follows the same pattern as the global financial markets and operates on a reduced schedule during bank holidays. On the broker's website, you may get further information about the exact adjustments that have been made.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in 14 different languages. The appropriate emblems and icons that are located on the right-hand side of the homepage provide access to a live chat channel, a free call back hotline, and email assistance, respectively. Users can also look in the Frequently Asked Questions area for solutions to frequent problems. The live chat feature is very helpful because the people that staff it are knowledgeable and quick, so it can answer most questions.

The support service provided by ActivTrades has an impressively high rating of 95 percent in terms of client satisfaction.

The funds in your ActivTrades Corp account are protected by insurance up to a million dollars. Additionally, strong encryption mechanisms are utilized by the broker in order to protect platforms, servers, and payments. In addition, the MetaTrader platforms provide robust user security by providing a number of extra authentication choices throughout the login process.

Users have the ability to trade foreign exchange, indices, commodities, and shares using ActivTrades' extensive selection of accounts and trading tools. Access to the world-famous MT4 and MT5 trading platforms in addition to the ActivTrader solution offered by the broker enables the broker to accommodate traders of varying skill levels.

ActivTrades welcomes traders from most countries across the world, including Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Luxembourg.

Traders located in the United States and Canada are unable to utilize ActivTrades.

The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority is in charge of overseeing ActivTrades PLC (FCA). This is a strong indication that the broker may be trusted.

In addition to the well-known industry platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5, ActivTrades also provides access to its own ActivTrader interface.

Is ActivTrades available on mobile? Yes, all of the trading platforms are compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android. Mobile versions of ActivTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 are all available for download from their respective app stores.

On each of its three platforms, ActivTrades provides its users with a demo account. Demo accounts give traders the opportunity to test their skills in the financial markets by providing them with $10,000 in virtual funds.

How exactly does one go about taking money out of an ActivTrades account?

The following methods may be used to request a withdrawal: bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Every withdrawal is free of charge, with the exception of those made through Citibank or Moneycorp, which each carry a cost of £9.

ActivTrades is a market maker that adheres to a non-dealing desk paradigm rather than an electronic communication network (ECN) model.

The ActivTrades broker is a leading financial trading platform based in the United Kingdom. It offers foreign exchange, contracts for difference (CFDs), and spread betting on multiple trading platforms, including its user-friendly proprietary platform known as ActivTrader as well as two additional platforms known as MT4 and MT5. ActivTrades PLC started out in Switzerland but now has its headquarters in London. The company was founded in 2001. The customer base of the broker is fairly robust inside the EU, specifically in the countries of Germany, Italy, Portugal, and France. In addition, the broker has a sizable presence within the international market, which extends all the way to Australia.

At the moment, the ActivTrades broker has more than 700 people operating across a number of different locations located in Milan, Bulgaria, Sofia, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Bahamas. ActivTrades Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, which is supervised and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). However, continue reading our ActivTrades review to learn more about this trading platform and obtain all of the information you need in a single location.

ActivTrades is an independent foreign exchange brokerage firm that was founded in Switzerland in 2001. ActivTrades is an online broker. In the beginning, it was a little brokerage firm, but now it has grown to become one of the most successful worldwide brokers serving both institutional and retail traders. In 2005, ActivTrades relocated its headquarters to London, and shortly thereafter, the firm began exhibiting significant expansion throughout Europe.

It has established itself as a dominant player in the markets of France, Germany, and Italy, and it is continuing to expand its business operations beyond international borders in Australia, Russia, South East Asia, and South America. Recently, the online broker ActivTrades has begun offering its trading platforms in Dubai, fulfilling the trading demands of the Middle East in the process.

The minimum deposit necessary to open an account with ActivTrades is only $500. Traders may also take advantage of the demo ActivTrades account that the company provides so that they can become used to the interface of trading platforms and practice using the platform's capabilities. The Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 434413), which is the most important regulatory organization in the UK, has granted ActivTrades ECN broker authorization and regulation.

It is important to note that ActivTrades is a dependable forex broker that stores all customer money in separate accounts and uses top tier-1 institutions to do this task. This is one of the most prominent safety characteristics that ActivTrades possesses. As a result, trading is risk-free since accounts often suffer very little monetary losses.

This ActivTrades review will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following: the platform's advanced and additional features, the services it offers, the benefits and drawbacks of each, multiple trading platforms, market instruments, the financial instruments directive, leverage, fees, bonuses, and the partnership program.

According to this ActivTrades Review, ActivTrades provides professional accounts, retail investor accounts for corporations and individuals, and retail investor accounts for qualifying traders. Alongside a free demo account that may be used to practice trading, swap-free and Islamic accounts can also be opened.

Through spread betting, forex, indices, commodities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), share CFDs, and other financial instruments offered by this provider, all ActivTrades accounts have access to more than a thousand tradable items. The promising aspect of ActivTrades is that it provides STP execution. As a result, market participants might anticipate narrower spreads and increased transparency.

One of the most amazing aspects of ActivTrades is its user interface, which presents features and operations in a manner that is both understandable and simple to navigate. ActivTrades traders have access to a variety of customized trading platforms, including ActivTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5, which allow them to trade any product of their choosing.

ActivTrades allows mobile trading on the move thanks to the inclusion of the Progressive Trailing Stops Order and its compatibility across all platforms including personal computers (PC), iOS smartphones, and Android gadgets. In addition, the trading broker provides free sophisticated trading tools, such as Smart Lines, Smart Order Two, Smart Patter, Smart Forecast, and a great deal of other similar applications.

Live chat, email, and phone assistance are all available as customer care channels round-the-clock and five days a week through the ActivTrades broker. The clientele of the broker have access to a vast library of frequent webinars, in addition to the daily exclusive markets and technical analysis that the broker provides.

Traders who are not very familiar with foreign exchange, CFDs trading, or financial markets can take advantage of the demonstration films that are provided by the broker. The training films and other course studies provide newcomers with a richer understanding of forex trading and investments, despite the fact that trader research and technical analysis are restricted.

The ActivTrades firm has a number of significant characteristics, one of which is known as negative balance protection. Because of this feature, customers will never have their capital reduced by more than it was before to investing it with this business. This ensures that the amount of money lost at ActivTrades will never surpass the amount of money deposited.

According to this analysis of ActivTrades, the brokerage firm has taken the best possible route, which optimizes the services it provides by providing narrower spreads and the highest possible leverage, which is capped at 400:1. However, in order to take advantage of the leverage, residents of either the Bahamas or Dubai must trade with the Dubai or Bahamas company of the ActivTrades platform. The maximum leverage that may be used for major and minor forex pairs is rigorously regulated by the FCA to be no more than 1:30.

The customer service center that ActivTrades provides is another important aspect of the company. The support staff has been recognized with a number of accolades, and its primary mission is to provide investors and traders with the most recent information on market news, extra features, market opportunities, trends, and technological advancements. Live chat is available around the clock, five days a week, and email support has a response time of 27 minutes at ActivTrades, which is the fastest response time in the industry. Because it possesses such qualities, the platform functions as a decent broker.

When it comes to regulations, ActivTrades Corp is authorized and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, while the subsidiary company of ActivTrades PLC is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. ActivTrades PLC is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (FCA). Because the FCA is a leading and respected regulatory authority, experienced and professional traders are aware that the ActivTrades forex brokers are a reliable and trustworthy trading platform for foreign exchange and CFD trading. ActivTrades forex brokers facilitate trading in foreign currency and contracts for difference (CFDs).

MetaTrader 4, a platform that has won several accolades, is available through ActivTrades. Over the course of its existence, it has been recognized with a number of prestigious accolades. ActivTrades has been honored with the following accolades:

ADVFN Forex Broker of the Year 2017 – Le Fonti International Financial Awards Best Online Trading Services 2018 – ADVFN
2017 Winners of the Shared Magazine Awards for the Best Online Trading Services
Awards Given Out by ActivTrades

Customers come from all over the world, including Singapore, France, and the United Arab Emirates. ActivTrades brokers offers more than a thousand different financial products and has thousands of registered traders from all around the world.

The money protection insurance offered by ActivTrades Corp. can cover up to one million dollars. The trading platform protects its servers, client trades, and client funds using a variety of various security techniques. Encryption protocols are one of the security measures that are offered by ActivTrades. Other security measures include protection against negative account balances, protection of cash, and a segregated bank account.

In addition to this, the MetaTrader platform provides comprehensive user security protections, including an extra authentication option that may be selected during the signup or login process. Consequently, investors who are looking for a trustworthy and secure forex broker should include ActivTrades in their top five list of brokers because the company provides increased customer money security by way of supplementary insurance.

The robust ActivTrades broker was developed with the specific needs of its customers in terms of trading in mind at every stage of the process. One of the most remarkable advantages of the platform is its lightning-fast execution speed, which is offered by the platform's user-friendly interface and clocks in at 0.4 seconds.

The broker may more easily put into action an automated trading strategy with the assistance of a number of different technical tools on ActivTrades, such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These application programming interfaces (APIs) make completely automated trades possible by allowing traders to link their trading software directly to their broker accounts in order to place orders. The application programming interface (API) enables traders to immediately connect their screening software with their broker account in order to place a market order or any other sort of transaction.

ActivTrades has modest costs for trading and non-trading, including an inactivity charge of $10 for every month of inactivity after the first year of idleness during which there was no trading. There are no surprises when it comes to costs at ActivTrades since they strive to maintain the highest level of openness possible. When looking for the greatest trading platform in this business, this is something that each and every customer wants to make sure they find.

Good spreads, various trading accounts, different trading platforms, and a fully automated trading environment with the best execution time of 0.4 seconds are all available with ActivTrades. ActivTrades also provides competitive pricing. The following is a list of the services that ActivTrades provides:

Protection against negative account balances so that the customers' total losses do not exceed their deposits.

Additional insurance protects you up to a maximum of one million dollars.

ActivTrades is a broker that does not use dealing desks, hence it is able to provide direct executions that do not need any human participation.

For the greatest possible trading experience, many currency pairings, including exotic forex pairs, should be used. This contains EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, as well as a few more currencies.
There is a knowledgeable customer service team that is on call 24 hours a day, five days a week, and provides help in a total of 14 different languages.

Multiple alternatives for depositing, withdrawing funds, and trading, including bank transfers, payments made with credit or debit cards, payments made using Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal, and more.

A highly effective proprietary ActivTrader broker that gives customers the fastest possible executions, an easy-to-use interface, and the most productive trading experience possible.

Private mentoring and one-on-one instruction with seasoned professionals in the business, delivering a variety of trading add-ons and tools.

As was mentioned before in this evaluation of ActivTrades, the broker is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. This authorization and regulation is held by the subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, which has the reference number 434413.

ActivTrades is compliant with the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as well as the authorization requirements of the Security Commission of the Bahamas. According to the firm, ActivTrades Corp is still in the process of developing in order to provide platforms to the markets in South America and to expand its customer base to include customers from outside of the EU.
The Good and the Bad of ActivTrades:

Client monies that are kept separate.
A high inactivity cost of ten euros every month is charged.
A number of different trading platforms and accounts.
There is a need for advancements to be made in the Education area.
Multilingual 24*5 client assistance.
It does not support social trading or copy trading.
The protection against negative balances is one of the superior security methods.
supervised and authorized by the industry's most prominent regulatory bodies.

A proprietary platform known as ActivTrader is a forex and CFDs trading platform that is user-friendly for beginners while still providing advanced features and technology that is leading the market. It is perfect not just for seasoned traders but also for those who are just starting out. The following is a list of some of the features that the ActivTrader platform offers:

Techniques such as scalping and hedging
The leading indications of market sentiment
The sorts of orders Pending and Instant
14 sketching tools and several kinds of charts to assist with pattern recognition
A progressive trailing stop mechanism that guards against loss of income and profits

A web platform, a desktop platform, and a mobile trading (mobile applications are available) platform are all supported versions of the ActivTrader platform, which may be used on a variety of different devices. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is unable to make it work. ActivTrader also provides extra advanced trading tools, all of which were developed with the express purpose of enhancing the overall experience of online CFD and forex trading. The following are examples of sophisticated trading tools:

The ActivTrades team developed the Smart Order 2 app with the goals of accelerating the trading process and improving the level of interaction between the app and the platform.
Both the MT4 and MT5 online trading platforms may be used with the tools without any problems.
Predefined Trendlines are established by Smartlines; orders are immediately issued once the value of a certain investment product crosses a trendline.
When analyzing charts, SmartTemplates can identify both short and long-term possibilities based on the strength of the trend.
Through the modeling and simulation of a variety of pricing and trading scenarios, SmartCalculator offers practical risk management functions.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is one of the most widely used and well-known MT platforms in the world, particularly for forex trading, and ActivTrades provides its customers with access to this platform. The following is a list that highlights some of the features that are available in MT4:

Trading that is completely automated using API
Enhanced cutoff and safety zones
Market mood reflected via several signs
Extensive historical data
View of the advanced frame
Users of MT4 who want to download the program on any desktop device can do so, and they can also trade stocks, foreign exchange, indices, and other financial assets through their web browsers. One-click trading Consequently, the utilization of mobile applications makes mobile trading possible.

Last but not least, ActivTrades provides its clients with access to the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, which is ideal for more seasoned traders. MetaTrader 5 allows users to trade foreign exchange, equities, and indices, in addition to providing access to more than 500 ETFs and CFDs. The following are the primary benefits of trading using MT5 platforms:

The examination of strategies, as well as historical data
Trailing stops and price alerts are two trading tools.
Recent Headlines in Economic News
Statements of integrated trading activity
21 time frames
Trading on all of the financial markets with only one click
Users of MT5 have the option to either utilize the WebTrader version of the program or download the MT5 software on their desktop to trade and invest from their mobile devices (there is a mobile app available).

According to this ActivTrades Review, the website for ActivTrades provides customers with a variety of trading instruments from which they may select to trade forex, indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. These options are available to those living in the UK. Traders may also get access to important fixed income contracts such as the German bund and the United States Treasury note.

ActivTrades also provides UK citizens with access to a variety of spread betting and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which they may trade in. ActivTrades does not yet provide binary options or bonds as a trading option. The following is a list of the most common trading instruments that can be found on the ActivTrades website:

Forex \sCommodities \sIndices
Shares/Stocks \sFinancials \sCryptocurrencies
Variety of Financial Market Instruments
The ActivTrades website provides a wide variety of assets, which include:

Over 50 of the most important currency pairings in forex, including EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and a wide variety of additional currency combinations.
about five hundred different stocks and shares of companies, including German shares and Japanese shares, among others.
more than 35 significant indexes, including the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, 100 UK, and Euronext, as well as the German 30.
over 15 different commodities contracts for difference, including silver, gold, cereals, and energy.

Every new client should answer some basic compliance checks in order to open an account. These checks are for basic informational purposes and are designed to ensure that the client understands the risk that is involved in forex investments and trades due to the fact that retail investor accounts lose money and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

Traders on the ActivTrades website can open the following retail investor accounts after responding to the essential compliance questions: a free demo account, a real Individual account, and an Islamic account. The procedure of creating an account with ActivTrades is quite easy to understand and does not take up a great deal of time.

Users only need to visit the official ActivTrades website, navigate to the Account section on the homepage, and click the "Open Account" button to initiate the opening of a real Individual account. The users are then sent to the account opening page of the site, where they are required to input personal details such as their name, email ID, a unique password, telephone information, facts on their savings and employment, account financing details, and trading preferences.

Next, they will need to decide the trading platform and base currency they would like to use. Users are questioned about various aspects of their prior experience with forex trading for the objective of gathering data and information. When the broker has reached a conclusion on the user's responses, only then will the user be sent to the subsequent page.

When the users have successfully passed compliance, the ActivTrades website navigates them to the next page for declarations. On this page, users who are interested in trading with ActivTrades are required to verify their address and personal identity in accordance with the standard procedures for AML and KYC.

In the not-too-distant future, users will also be able to upload scanned color copies of any national identification document, such as a utility bill, driver's license, bank card, or bank statement. When users click the "Submit" button, they are taken to the ActivTrades Personal Area. This is the section of the website where they can view the application status, as well as access downloads, funding methods, and proprietary trading and research tools, as well as educational resources such as Smart Forecast and Smart Pattern.

For novice traders, ActivTrades provides the option of signing up for a free demo account so that they may become used to the many features and capabilities of the platform. On the ActivTrades website, a new customer may put his trading talents to the test with virtual money worth the equivalent of £10,000. Demo account access is provided across all three of the accessible platforms. On the other hand, the Meta Trader 5 sample accounts provide market information on CFD shares with a delay of ten to fifteen minutes.

Users need to click on the "Try Free Demo" tab on the Accounts page in order to open an account and test out the demo version of the ActivTrades trading platform. After doing so, the broker will immediately create a demo account for the new client without requiring them to register or provide any kind of KYC information.

Individual accounts are available through the ActivTrades PLC website. These accounts come with a variety of ActivTrades trading features, including negative balance protection, enhanced client funds insurance, direct executions through acting as a non-dealing desk forex broker, multiple currency funding including EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, 24x5 customer support, several funding and withdrawal options, a minimum deposit requirement of £500, and ESMA-restricted leverages. The minimum deposit requirement is $500.

In addition to the Individual account, ActivTrades now provides traders who meet the requirements of the ESMA regulation with access to the Professional account. Users who have a Professional account have access to the same trading account features that are available on ActivTrades in addition to brand-new features. These new features include the ability to enjoy the best trade executions, protection against negative balances, segregated accounts, enhanced insurance, and FSCS protection.

Even before the introduction of Islamic accounts, ActivTrades has made it clear that it places a high priority on meeting the individualized needs of its customers. ActivTrades has designed each type of account it provides with the goal of providing the greatest possible standard of financial service to the whole Arab and Islamic community. As a result, the broker makes available to its traders an Islamic account that complies with Shariah law. The following characteristics are present in an Islamic trading account:

There is no payment of interest on contracts that have been expired for more than 24 hours.
Zero constant rollover interest
There will be no further rollover commissions charged for any contracts that extend longer than 24 hours.
MetaTrader 4 (USD accounts) and MetaTrader 5 (all platforms) compatibility (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF accounts)
Trade microlots and minilots
Five-digit spreads
Automated transactions with the use of Expert Advisors
Minimum deposit requirement of $500
Direct executions

The term "leverage" refers to any capital that a broker makes available to its clients in the hopes of attracting further business. This capital may be stated as a ratio of the client's capital to the volume of the broker's credit. For illustration purposes, if a user deposits a total of $500 into his trading account, and the leverage is capped at 100:1, the user will have power over a total of $50,000.

The sale of leveraged goods is one such potential for financial gain. However, traders always need to be aware of the significant dangers that come with trading CFDs and FX owing to the fact that retail investor accounts might lose money as a result of leverage. Warning about the potential for loss: because trading entails risk, a trader should only put up cash if he can afford to suffer a quick loss of funds owing to the use of leverage.

Despite the fact that the leverage ratios at ActivTrades are limited to 1:30 in accordance with ESMA legislation, the following is a list of the maximum leverage rates for various tradable assets:

30:1 for forex
10:1 in the case of commodities CFDs
20:1 for stock and stock market indices
5:1 for financials

Have in mind that in order for any customer to take advantage of the maximum leverages described above, they are need to keep a minimum deposit of $500.

There are no hidden costs or commissions in the ActivTrades fee structure, making it exceptionally clear in comparison to the fee structures of other brokers. This applies to both the trading fees and the non-trading expenses. ActivTrades brokers, much like the majority of other brokers, also charge customers a fee based on the spreads they use. The spread of any financial instrument is the difference between the price at which it can be bought and the price at which it can be sold. On the official website of the broker, both the spreads and the commissions are shown in an easy-to-understand format.

When it comes to trading foreign exchange, ActivTrades provides customers with access to attractive spreads that may be as low as 0.5 pips on currency pairings such as USDJPY and EURUSD. On the other hand, the spread for the currency pair GBPUSD is set at 0.8 pips. Trading in foreign exchange does not incur any commission fees on the site. Spreads for trading indices and CFDs with this provider can be as low as 0.5 pips, and they are set at such levels. The costs associated with deposits and withdrawals are not consistent across all of ActivTrades' available payment methods.

Deposit Fees — ActivTrades does not assess any deposit fees for payments that are made by bank transfers or e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, and PayPal. Nevertheless, a fee of 1.5 percent will be assessed for any deposits that are made using a credit card or debit card.
Withdrawal Fees - ActivTrades does not charge traders any withdrawal fees for any of the payment options available to them, including bank transfers.
Inactivity Fees - If a trader leaves his trading account inactive for more than a year, ActivTrades levies an inactivity cost of €10 per month against that trader's account.
Swap Fees — In addition, the broker will charge you swap fees for any overnight open positions you have.

When it comes to the ActivTrades Referral Program, the experience is just what the majority of traders are searching for. Users who participate in the "Suggest a Friend" program offered by the site have the opportunity to win $1,000 for themselves as well as the person they refer.

To participate in the referral program and reap the benefits it offers, a current customer must first develop a one-of-a-kind link and then e-mail it to his or her circle of friends, family, and acquaintances. It is necessary to share the one-of-a-kind link, and the user will have a chance to win up to a thousand dollars for each link they share. Take note that the friend you referred must use the link in order to register for an account at ActivTrades and must also fulfill the minimum deposit requirement for the platform.

After an existing user has referred their maximum of four friends during a given year, that user's referral count will be reset for the next year. Referring a friend is only possible for traders who already have a valid account. Demo account users are ineligible to participate in the referral program. ActivTrades will instantly add the incentives to your real account when they are earned.

It is crucial to note, for those who are curious about whether a friend who has been recommended may refer another friend, because the friend who has been referred is eligible for a cashback bonus of 20% as soon as they meet the requirements, and they can begin recommending other friends right immediately. The incentives do not accumulate and will be distributed throughout the course of the subsequent three monthly periods.

The ActivTrades Cashback program enables customers to earn significant benefits for each and every deal that they execute, as stated in this review of ActivTrades. To participate in the cashback program, simply complete the steps outlined in the following paragraphs: -

Send in your application to become a member of the ActivTrades cashback program.
Trade a minimum notional value of $50 million
Gain cashbacks on each and every trade you execute.
Therefore, in order to participate in the cashback program, the traders need to execute a deal with a value of more than $50 million. A customer will receive a discount equivalent to 20 percent on the spreads, 20 percent on the shares fee, and 20 percent on swaps for every lot that is exchanged. Traders who have crossed $50 million in total notional value of FX and CFD trading are eligible to participate in the ActivTrades Cashback program.

As a client of ActivTrades, users have the opportunity to earn cashbacks on the trades they execute, in addition to receiving interest on any unused margin amounts up to a maximum of one million dollars. The monthly average free margin requirements are used to calculate interest that is paid out by ActivTrades brokers. Once a user has placed their first trade, they will have access to their Personal Area, where they will be able to monitor their notional traded balance as well as any prizes they have earned.

It is essential to take note that all prizes are distributed on the very first day of each calendar month for any trading activity that took place in the previous month. This is the case regardless of whatever month the activity took place in. Users will only be eligible for the award if they reach the required number of transactions within the specified month.

Additionally, ActivTrades provides its users with an Affiliate Partnership Program. This program makes use of a CPA payment structure to compensate digital marketing professionals for each and every client that they bring to the platform via referrals. By adhering to the procedures outlined in the following paragraphs, anybody can become an ActivTrades Affiliate partner: -

Complete the sign-up form for the affiliate program with any additional information and then submit it. After the customer has submitted the form, a member of the ActivTrades support staff will get in touch with him to provide assistance in setting up his trading account through the ActivTrades Affiliate program.

Affiliates and partners of ActivTrades are able to begin trading and earning commissions as soon as the program is up and running. These traders can earn commissions for each trader that they introduce to the ActivTrades platform. The primary objective of the ActivTrades Affiliate Program is to cultivate long-term financial relationships with the partners and the customers that the partners recommend.

Be aware that the essential principles that ActivTrades operates on may be found at the very center of their business. It provides one of the best and super fast and instant executions, delivers exceptional customer service, continuously innovates the platform to meet the ever-changing needs of the financial markets, educates its clients to help them gain profits from trading CFDs and forex instruments, and provides a safe and reliable trading environment to clients by offering the high-level security measures.

The affiliate CPA system at ActivTrades awards its partners and affiliates with incentives according on the countries in which they are headquartered. A trader is considered qualified if they meet the minimum initial deposit requirement of $1000 (or its equivalent) and generate a minimum of $50 in spreads for the platform within a period of 90 days of placing their first trade. This requirement must be met in order to become eligible to trade on the platform.

If you want to be able to make profitable trades with ActivTrades, it is essential to have a solid comprehension of the way the platform operates, the trading tools it provides, and the financial markets it provides access to. Customers of ActivTrades should make it a priority to get the most out of the learning and investigation resources that the company provides.

First-time traders in the financial markets may get a wealth of information through the platform's vast educational materials, which take a highly analytical approach and offer a decent variety of topics to learn about. Every day, three highly qualified analysts contribute to the development of the company's in-house research by providing brief trading and financial ideas. Nevertheless, the quality of the content that is provided is substandard in comparison to that of other brokers. Smart tools offered by ActivTrades enable access to research information that is both more valuable and more complete. This content is supplied by the analytics team.

One-on-one training sessions, which provide new traders with a very helpful service, are the primary mode of instruction utilized at this institution. Manuals that cover each of the MetaTrader platforms that are offered by ActivTrades are also accessible, in addition to a video library that covers introductory themes related to the MetaTrader platforms. Regular webinars are arranged to address more advanced material, and additional hosts who provide exceptional service to the attendees of these webinars are included.

The headquarters of ActivTrades may be found in London, and the company also has offices in Milan, Luxembourg, Sofia, and Nassau. It provides fantastic trading conditions in addition to superb service to all of its devoted customers in over 140 countries, including the following:

Countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, and Qatar, amongst many others, are among those that have established diplomatic relations with Qatar. However, it is important to keep in mind that ActivTrades does not accept traders from the United States or Canada.

Before choosing a broker to trade with, prospective traders need to be aware that a significant amount of background research is required. The majority of brokers provide a variety of security measures to their customers in order to safeguard their financial information and personal details. Even if there are a large number of brokers and investment firms that are comparable to ActivTrades, only a very small percentage of brokers are regulated and registered by a major regulatory organization.

According to the findings of our study and the many online evaluations of ActivTrades that can be found on the internet, regulated brokers such as ActivTrades provide the most dependable trading practices and safe trading circumstances for its clients. ActivTrades is one of the few brokers who can be trusted and depended on since they are regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. ActivTrades Corporation is officially recognized by the government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (registration number 199667B).

On the other hand, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has granted ActivTrades PLC authorization and regulation, and it has assigned the company the registration number 434413. The financial services compensation scheme includes the brokerage business as a participant in its program (FSCS). In addition, the trading platform provides supplementary insurance that covers up to one million dollars, in addition to negative balance protection, which ensures that a trader's losses will not exceed the amount of money he has deposited.

Take into consideration that CFDs are difficult products to understand and come with associated risks. Due to the leverage and market risk, retail investors should only risk funds while trading CFDs and FX if they are in a position where they can afford to lose money. When it comes to trading CFDs with this supplier, 72 percent of the accounts held by ordinary investors end up losing money.

You need to think about your investing goals, learn how contracts for difference (CFDs) operate, and evaluate whether or not you can afford to incur the significant risk of losing money while trading CFDs. This Alvexo review contains material that has been gathered only for the purpose of educating readers and does not represent investment advice.

According to this evaluation of ActivTrades, the platform provides customers with service in many languages that is accessible around the clock, five days a week, from Monday through Friday. Customers who have any issues or questions regarding the ActivTrades trading platform or who are looking for investment advice can get in touch with the ActivTrades support team through the live chat option, a call back hotline, email support, or social networks that are accessible from the respective icons and logos that are located on the right side of the official webpage.

Customers may now access a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to discover answers to the most frequently asked questions. The live chat assistance is extremely helpful for finding rapid solutions that are also instructive and efficient, and they address the majority of questions. The Frequently Asked Questions section also includes a glossary that describes fundamental terms, which can assist new traders in having a better understanding of the financial markets. Nevertheless, the fact that ActivTrades customer assistance is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week is the service's sole drawback.

To summarize this ActivTrades review, it can be said that the platform is a good broker because it has low trading fees and an adequate number of payment options. These payment options include bank transfers, credit card payments, and electronic wallets, which enable traders to deposit and withdraw funds into and from the trading platform according to their convenience. Trading with ActivTrades does have a few drawbacks, the most significant one being the restricted financial instruments it offers, which mostly consist of FX, CFDs, and a few other assets.

In spite of this, ActivTrades is an excellent choice for those looking for an international broker because it possesses the necessary and reliable regulation, ten years of successful experience and operation with long-term professional traders, a reliable and well-maintained interface that is user-friendly to beginners, and efficient customer service. Traders of varying levels of expertise can benefit from the trading features contained within this ActivTrades review. These trading features include no dealing desk involvement, the lowest spreads and commissions, and competitive trading conditions.

Because it is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and because it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ActivTrades is a legitimate broker and is not a scam. [Citation needed] (FSCS). The most recent poll conducted by the exchange found that the majority of participants rated their overall experience as either great or good.

Because ActivTrades is not an ECN broker, it does not provide access to ECN markets for trading.

Because it is authorized by industry-leading agencies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ActivTrades is trustworthy, risk-free, and not a fraud. The regulatory status of the ActivTrades broker is above and beyond what is considered adequate, and it provides the required security measures such as separate bank accounts, protection against negative balances, and a great deal more.

What is the Bare Minimum Required to Open an ActivTrades Account? When compared to the minimum deposit requirements of other brokers, ActivTrades's requirement is $500. The use of bank transfers, credit/debit cards, or e-wallets are all acceptable methods for making deposits on ActivTrades.

Is ActivTrades a broker that uses an ECN? The answer is no; this is not an ECN Broker.

Is it a Good Place for Beginners to Trade on ActivTrades? This ActivTrades review, as well as the comments provided by previous customers, indicates that the platform's features and functionality are suited for all types of users, regardless of how much trading experience the user may have. The broker, on the other hand, does not support social trading.

Because of the use of leverage, contracts for difference (CFDs) are complicated transactions that come with a large potential loss of capital. When it comes to trading CFDs and FX, 72 percent of the retail investor accounts end up losing money. Think about whether you have a firm grasp on how foreign exchange and CFDs operate and whether you can afford to take the high risk of incurring financial loss. This review contains material that is just for educational purposes and does not in any way constitute professional advice in any financial matter.

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