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ADS Securities (ADSS) - Based out of Abu Dhabi and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, this broker's official website and app are legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents.

ADSS (ADS Securities) has decent reviews on Reddit and Quora, including satisfactory ratings on sites like Trustpilot. Thus, overall this broker is considered reliable for online trading of currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs and stocks.

With over a thousand products available for trading online through the ADSS's proprietary OREX platform and the ever popular MetaTrader 4 platform, ADSS is a forex and CFD broker (MT4). Autochartist-powered market analysis and daily market news are provided by the broker. However, when compared to other online brokerages, the spreads and commissions are not the lowest.

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With the goal of creating a worldwide financial services company that offers top-notch goods and services, ADSS, a forex and CFD broker, was established. Since 2011, ADSS has been based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom nowadays. Clients are from all around the globe, with more than 150,000 individuals and 400 organisations using its services.

According to ADSS, it was founded with a $400 million financial basis, making it a well-capitalized company. The TY3, LD4, and NY4 data centres house the ADSS trading technologies and servers. More than 30 banks and non-bank liquidity providers, including Currenex, Lucera, PrimeXM, Xenfin, One-Zero, and others, have worked with the broker. As a consequence, high levels of liquidity are available, prices are competitive, and transaction times are quick.

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ADSS customers may trade on both the OREX platform and the MT4 platform, which is available to them. Both platforms cater to a wide range of dealers and may be accessed through a mobile phone or tablet. To begin trading, you just need to deposit $100. Demo accounts are also available on both platforms for traders to practise their tactics.

The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi has officially registered ADS Securities LLC. The licence number is 1190047. �> According to UAE regulations, it is permitted to operate.

Incorporated under the legislation of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) financial free zone, ADS Investment Solutions Ltd. Is 000000966 the registration number? The ADGM's Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) licences and regulates it. The vehicle's licence plate number is 170025, and the owner currently has no insurance.

Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong grants a licence to ADS Securities Hong Kong Ltd, a Hong Kong-based company. ADS Securities Hong Kong Ltd. (SFC). AXC847 is the licence number.

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London-based ADS Securities London is licenced to do business in the UK. The vehicle's licence plate number is 07785265. With the registration number FRN 577453, ADS Securities London is approved and governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Client money are held in separate bank accounts as mandated by the authorities. Even if the broker goes bankrupt, the cash cannot be used. ADSS has adopted a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to safeguard all customer transactions.

A new customer's identification must be verified, as must his or her financial situation, throughout the registration process. Money laundering and terrorism financiers will not be able to hide their crimes by masquerading as ADSS traders, in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering policy.

They do not take customers from the United States.

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The OREX Platform ADSS developed this trading platform exclusively for its own use. As a result, it is web-based, which means that it operates in most current web browsers without the need for extra downloads or instals. The platform is simple to use and can be installed on any computer running a supported operating system. Additionally, iOS and Android users may access it through mobile applications. OREX may be used to monitor and analyse the markets, make trades, and follow market news updates.

Millions of forex and CFD traders rely on MT4, which is one of the most commonly used trading platforms in the industry. Charting and trading tools are plentiful on the MT4 platform thanks to its support for extensions applications and automated trading. ADSS makes MT4 available as a desktop programme for Windows, an iOS and Android app, and a web browser extension.

A trading app for the OREX platform. The OREX platform is available on mobile devices with this app. You may download the app from the appropriate app stores for iOS and Android smartphones. The OREX mobile app is a convenient way to keep tabs on the markets, keep up with the latest headlines, and conduct online trading while on the go. Easy to use, with no delays or disconnections, the trading software is a pleasure to work with. It's possible to see all of the asset quotations in real time. A variety of periods may be used to show all instruments on numerous charts. Indicators and sketching tools are used in technical analysis. You may add money to your trading account right from the app.

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ADSS provides news from the financial markets, including forex, stocks, CFDs, and economic news from across the world. Analysis and forecasts from experts are also included in the stories.. The webpage has daily revisions.

Analysis of technical data. These are written articles that use charts, price movement, history, indicators, and other analytical tools to examine a broad range of stocks, FX, indices, commodities, and so on.. It is no longer updated as often as before.

The dates and timings of economic events, such as announcements and reports, are shown on this calendar. It is expected that these events will have a significant influence on some assets, particularly currencies. 'TradingView' is the engine that drives the ADSS Economic Calendar.

Autochartist. This is a software application that constantly monitors the market for trading opportunities. The trader is alerted when it detects a deal set-up. By using this programme, you no longer have to spend your days poring through charts for a variety of instruments. As a result, the Autochartist provides daily market updates and the most recent developments. There is an MT4 plugin app for the Autochartist.

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The most recent news stories. On the website's main page, you'll find this. You may choose to read forex news, commodities news, economic news, or equity news individually. "Dow Jones" is a well-known source of business and financial information.

The broker sometimes posts seminar and webinar dates on the ADSS website. Abu Dhabi or Dubai are the most common locations for these conferences. There are currently no upcoming webinars listed on the website.

The website provides a financial glossary with over 300 trading terms and their definitions. For novice traders who may require a little time to get acquainted to the terminology used in trading, this information is critical.

Questions and answers are available on the site. Questions include ADSS, account information, and the fundamentals of trading. Prospective customers and new traders often have a slew of questions, and we've attempted to address them all here.

Accounts are determined by the trader's money or preference.

The minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum leverage is 1:500 for the Classic account.

A minimum deposit of $200,000 is required to open an Elite account, and the maximum leverage is 1:500. For the most experienced traders, this is the account to go with. ADSS top employees, including the Chief Marketing Strategist, are available to account holders at no cost.

Muslims may open Sharia-compliant trading accounts for free. HUF, ZAR, MXN, CNH, PLN, RUB, TRY, and NZD currency pairings cannot be traded by account holders.

ADSS Account

All platforms provide free demo accounts. Trading platforms and methods may be tested before a trader opens a genuine account with $50,000 in virtual money preloaded into the trading platform.

The ADSS customer service staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in many languages. Using the website's live online chat feature is the fastest method to seek assistance. On the 'Contact us' part of the website, there is also a 'Enquiry form.' A customer service person will get back to the inquirer through email or phone call. The support staff has a number of phone lines available. The company may also be contacted by email and fax. When it comes to social media, you can find ADSS on almost every major platform available, from Facebook to YouTube to Instagram.

All deposits must come from the same ADSS client's account. No third-party deposits and no cash deposits are allowed. Before requesting a withdrawal, all customers must complete their verifications. Additional fees may be imposed by third-party payment processors.

The following methods of payment are accepted by ADDSS:

Visa and MasterCard are the two most widely recognised credit and debit cards. Deposits made with a credit or debit card are quickly processed. The minimal down payment is $100.

You may use Skrill to make both deposits and withdrawals using this electronic wallet. Instantaneous processing of all deposited funds.

A new ADSS trading account may be created in just a few minutes. Right-click the 'Create an account' button and choose the 'Create an account' option from the menu. An online registration form is going to be shown for you to complete.

Forms requesting personal and financial information, trading experience, and verification papers may be found on this website's six-page application. Your account is established and you are signed in to the website's clients section instantly. You may establish a demo account, adjust your settings, monitor your account, etc. from there.

ADSS is a UAE-based broker that provides access to more than 1,000 assets through sophisticated trading platforms. This brand is subject to government regulation in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. A large capital basis, account segregation, digital security and reporting are just a few of the regulatory requirements that must be met by the broker.

It is claimed by ADSS that it has spent a significant amount of money on the development of trading systems and solutions in order to provide traders with a satisfying experience. New and experienced traders alike can benefit from OREX's proprietary trading platform. As a standard for most brokers and traders alike, the inclusion of the widely used MT4 platform is well-deserved.

ADSS Account

ADSS, on the other hand, has to provide a thorough training programme for new traders. Investors and seasoned traders alike may benefit from the broker's integration of social trading platforms. When compared to the competition, the $100 minimum deposit is still a lot. According to our study, the spreads and commissions aren't the cheapest among hundreds of online brokers.

As a foreign exchange broker, ADSS has three locations: Abu Dhabi; London; and Hong Kong (China). Traders may use the company's services practically everywhere in the globe except for the United States and a few other nations, where it hasn't been operational since 2011.

In ADSS, what is the highest amount of leverage that may be achieved? It is set at 1:500 for most traders and 1:30 for EU traders to use ADSS's maximum leverage.

ADSS includes practically all of the trading tools you'd expect from any other broker. More than 50 currency pairings, stock indexes, commodities, and government bonds are included in this collection of around 1,000 shares of firms based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Both the traditional MT4 and ADSS' own proprietary trading platform, OREX, are available to ADSS customers. OREX is a strong platform, but it's also very user-friendly, so even non-techies can pick it up fast. OREX, unlike most other trading platforms, provides elements that enhance the social aspect of trading. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn users may now post transactions and other information from the trading platform straight into their profiles.

ADSS provides a variety of account options. Customers of ADSS may pick from three different trading accounts, in addition to the normal free demo account, in order to trade. An elite account is available for highly experienced traders who deal in huge numbers, while a swap-free account is available for individuals who need it for religious reasons.

ADSS Account

Where can I find out the ADSS's minimal deposit? To open a classic account, you must deposit at least $100. For most customers, opening an elite account requires an investment of $200,000, which most are unable to afford. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and the famous Skrill e-wallet may all be used to refill trading accounts.

Founded in 2011, ADSS aims to become the world's leading provider of financial services, offering the best products and services. It is governed by three different regulatory bodies: Abu Dhabi's central bank, Britain's Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"), and Hong Kong-based Securities & Futures Commission ("SFC").

As of 2011, the UAE-based financial services business ADSS was created and is located in Abu Dhabi. Customers from all around the globe may access the company's services via its offices in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Commodities, currencies, equities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies are just some of the products available via ADSS.

Wealth and asset management are among the many services provided by the organisation (through its sister company ADSI, which is part of ADSS Group). Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) oversee the brokerage's regulatory compliance. ADSS provides swap-free accounts throughout the MENA area to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

ADSS Account

In terms of trading volume, ADSS serves to a wide range of customers, including institutional investors and retail traders, and is capable of handling $17 billion a day. Additionally, the organisation provides investors with a variety of analytical tools to assist them optimise their profits.

A large selection of instruments and a high level of security make ADSS an attractive choice for traders. More than 70 currency pairs and more than 2,700 CFDs on indices, commodities and single stocks are available on two secure platforms, all utilising a 128-bit SSL encryption (SSL). ADSS places a high priority on protecting its customers' data, and the firm has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001 for the last seven years.

ADSS now provides bitcoin trading, a function that is getting more popular. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash are some of the crypto currencies that ADSS enables traders to invest in.

ADSS allows its customers to trade these currencies using Contracts for Difference, rather than via an exchange (CFDs). Rather than needing to store their coins in virtual wallets, users may trade these positions (assets) and avoid many of the hassles that come with direct currency ownership. Traders may access real-time cryptocurrency pricing through the brokerage's site, allowing them a wide range of options.

The finest advantage is that you may choose from a broad variety of instruments. Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies and equities are all available for clients to trade. There are over 2,700 different CFDs that may be traded on this site.

All accounts are protected by SSL technology, which ensures that the site is very secure.

ADSS Account

A variety of customer service options are offered, including help in many languages and trading in multiple currencies. This is critical since the platform is accessible to customers throughout the globe. MT4's trading interface is accessible in a whopping 22 languages.

Technical analysis, forex indicators, and economic calendars are just a few of the many tools accessible on the platform to help traders make informed decisions. These tools make it simpler for investors to make wise selections. Additionally, a wealth of training resources, including webinars and a database of frequently asked questions, are available.

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, ADSS has operations in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong. The GCC, Asia, and Europe make up the majority of its clientele, although it serves more than 151 countries worldwide. In addition to the UAE, the UK, and Hong Kong, the broker is also governed in other countries.

For traders who don't want to receive or pay overnight fees, the firm also provides a Swap-Free account type. During the account registration procedure, users may choose their nation from a drop-down menu.

On the main currency pairings (depending on the location in which you create an account), ADSS enables tiered margin trading with leverage up to 500:1 and extremely customizable lot sizes. At any moment, the current spreads and prices may be seen.

ADSS Account

Trading with ADSS entails no fees or commissions for the trader. The value, change, % change, the starting price, the high price, the low price, and the prior price can all be seen for each CFD. According to trading fees and commissions, the broker's products fall a little short of the industry average.

The broker's OREX and MetaTrader 4 trading platforms are well-known for their dependability. Downloadable and customisable platforms are also available on the site. In addition, the organisation provides online and mobile assistance that works with both Android and iOS devices.

The trades are often completed in a matter of seconds, thanks to the quickness of the smartphone applications. Additionally, traders will find the OREX platform's design to be intuitive, making it simple to place transactions. The OREX platform's connection and stability remain unaffected.

ADSS has a reputation for being one of the top Middle Eastern brokers. It's also one of the top brokers in terms of transaction volume.. The company's platforms and great customer satisfaction have won it several awards in the sector. Global Investor Group MENA Awards recognised ADSS as "Broker of the Year" in 2019.

To ensure that sensitive data such as credit card numbers are safeguarded, this organisation was awarded ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation for information security management and protection. With that said, we found their platforms to be quite user-friendly, and all of their functions worked as anticipated.

Users must join up and establish a new account in order to trade on the company's platforms. In order to create a demo account, users must submit their name, email address, and other personal information. When setting up for a live account, additional papers are required to verify the user's identity and address.

ADSS Account

Users may begin their trip by placing a deposit after their account has been set up. Deposits may be made through wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and other methods, such as wire transfers. There are a large variety of instruments available to traders after depositing funds, including currency pairings (both conventional and exotic), chosen commodities, a vast choice of stocks and more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the method utilised to deposit and withdraw funds should be the same. Once a user's account has been validated by the business, withdrawals may only be made. Making a deposit or a withdrawal is free of charge.

The organisation provides customer service in a wide number of languages, including English, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. ' As a result, customers from all over the globe may expect prompt responses to their inquiries. In the event of a client issue, the company's customer care staff is ready around the clock to help. In addition to email, phone, and live chat, you may get in touch with the staff. The FAQ area is a great resource for those who are used to searching for answers on their own.

ADSS Account

Overall, ADSS provides a well-thought-out trading environment with a diverse selection of assets. Customer service is available in several languages, making the firm more accessible to people from all over the world. There are a wide range of helpful and customizable research tools accessible. Customer money are managed according to the strictest security protocols in this eco-system as well.

In addition to these advantages, the OREX trade execution platform is simple and straightforward to use. Even better, you may set up a demo account with the firm and get a feel for the platform before deciding to join. An excellent choice for inexperienced traders, ADSS prides itself on its reputation for trustworthiness, dependability, and the availability of top-notch trading resources.

Do I have to deposit money into my account and send in paperwork to use a demo account? The sample account does not need any paperwork to be set up. To get started, all users need to do is provide some basic information about themselves. For a live account, however, there are formalities to be followed in terms of paperwork and regulatory compliance. Verifying one's identity and verifying one's address are all part of the process.

Is ADSS able to handle automated trading methods? Yes, automated trading methods are supported by the platform. Using the company's automated trading options, investors may profit from the strategies of successful traders. Instantly, the auto trader may be set up.

ADSS Account

Is there a mobile trading app for ADSS? ADSS does, in fact, provide mobile applications for its services. Both Android and iOS versions of these applications are currently available.

Is ADSS going to keep my money safe? Yes, ADSS ensures the safety of your cash at all times. The newest SSL technology and ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation for information security management and the protection of sensitive information are used to safeguard all customer cash.

United Arab Emirates Central Bank Resolution Number 164/8/1994 and Resolution Number 126/5/1995 allowed ADS Securities L.L.C.

ADS Securities London Limited is a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) under licence number 577453.

SFC (Hong Kong) registration number AXC847 authorises ADS Securities Hong Kong Limited.

ADS Securities, or ADSS, is an Abu Dhabi-based subsidiary of ADS Holding LLC, which has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the world's three most important financial centres.

Abu Dhabi Central Bank granted a licence to the Holding, making it one of the few investment businesses to do so, while related offices in the United Kingdom's FCA and Hong Kong's SFC have given their approval.

There is now just one major foreign exchange dealer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): ADS Securities. In order to deliver a wide variety of high-quality services and solutions, ADSS focuses on creating long-term partnerships with institutional and corporate customers.

ADSS Account

ADS is a well-known broker in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a wide range of trading platforms, educational resources, and an easy-to-use digital account opening process. With a wide variety of instruments, spreads and commission are on the lower end of the spectrum.

On the other hand, stock CFD trading costs more and lacks a round-the-clock customer service team.

Numerous international newspapers have recognised ADSS's importance, and the firm is a proud supporter of a number of organisations in the UAE and throughout the globe.

As a registered broker offering low-risk Forex and CFD trading, ADS Securities is not a fraud.

As a result, each state has permitted the ADSS firm regulation to encompass institutional and private investing activity from linked centres.

While the firm is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi and licenced by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to conduct financial activities, ADS Securities L.L.C. is a limited liability company.

In order to let traders from all around the world to participate in leveraged FX, securities and futures trading, the reputed UK FCA and Hong Kong SFC have issued additional licences.

Regulated trading services like ADSS's adhere to international regulations and procedures for the safekeeping of traders' money. These procedures are dedicated to ensuring that client money and financial services remuneration are kept separate from one another and that overall fair conditions are maintained.

ADSS Account

Private investments and institutional or corporate investments are the two primary sources of activity for brokers.

Multi-asset investing classes include FX with 60+ currency pairs; over 1000 CFDs; indices; commodities; treasuries; and single stocks; in addition ADS MT4 Plus � a unique Spread Betting platform available to UK customers and residents.

In order to take advantage of ADSS's 400:1 leverage on a number of currency pairs and indices, you must have an account with a Hong Kong or UAE financial institution. Certain amounts of leverage have been used by many jurisdictions and their recognised authorities, and that is a truth.

However, if you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), the maximum allowable leverage is 1:30 for major currency pairs, 1:20 for minor currency pairings, and even 1:10 for commodities, so you may still enjoy high leverage levels at ADSS.

With ADSS, the amount of leverage you may use depends on the kind of account you're using. "

Lite, Classic, and Elite accounts are all available at ADS, and each has a minimum deposit of $100, a fixed spread of around 2.4 pips, and a negative balance protection feature, but only on MT4.

ADSS Account

ADSS has a special account for asset/fund managers to trade and monitor their customers - MAM or PAMM. Check to see whether any of the offerings are available in your area of residence before signing up.

It's no surprise that the biggest MENA broker, ADSS, offers a Swap-Free Account. Sharia-compliant traders may take use of all the features of Classic and Elite accounts in a single account that does not charge interest on overnight holdings.

Fees for ADS Securities might vary depending on the ADS organisation you are dealing with, however they are often included in the spread determined by the instruments. For a more complete breakdown of costs, including any extra expenses like as financing fees or inactivity fees, see the price chart below.

To get a better idea of how much ADS securities cost, we've included below the usual spread for some of the most common instruments that ADSS charges.

ADSS Account

The broker supports credit or debit card payments and bank transfers in 13 different funding currencies, including AED, GBP, EUR, USD, JPY, and more. ADS trading accounts may be funded in a variety of various methods. You may also use the most popular e-wallets, but it's a good idea to check with your local bank to see if there are any local limitations.

At just $100, even novice traders can open an account and begin their journey into the world of trading.

Company policy states that customers are responsible for conversion fees or other fees imposed by their bank, while brokers themselves do not charge additional charges for transactions.

Multi-asset trading solutions created by ADS Securities provide a wide range of options for trading, as well as complete support and education.

OREX, a proprietary multi-asset platform with minimal latency, or MT4, the most popular platform, are the two primary trading platforms available with a sophisticated software solution.

ADS Securities' OREX is a cutting-edge trading platform with a focus on low latency and fast order processing. It is possible to use the platform on a PC or a mobile device, and it provides easy access to information, such as location and danger. The real-time volume provided by five tiers of the market, in addition to being accessible on OREX, making it a sophisticated feature for experts.

ADSS Account

In spite of this, MetaQuotes and ADS worked together to create ADSS MT4 and provide community-sourced indicators and EAs to trading solutions. There are MT4 apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Award-winning technology, personalised customer service between East and West, as well as a wide range of account benefits and constant promotions, make for the ultimate trading experience.

As a further benefit, the broker provides daily market briefings, technical analysis reports, sentiment data and trading signals in a variety of trading styles for Forex and CFD trading.

It's clear that ADS Securities' enticing features, together with their technological solutions and optimization, as well as rules and acquired confidence, have resulted in a wide choice of investments and trading offerings for both individual investors and institutional customers. Whatever the location or "business mindset," the proposal scope is done intelligently to meet the needs of each customer. There are, however, certain variances between the relevant legislation and offers that should be reviewed before creating an account with a broker based on the client's residency.

Read the broker review before you open an account with a broker. Below, you'll find a detailed overview of ADSS. ADSS has an appropriate trust score of 88/99, making it a low-risk broker. It's not a publicly listed firm, and it doesn't manage a financial institution. The SFC (Securities Futures Commission) and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) are two of the top-tier highly trustworthy authorities that have authorised this broker. There are no tier-3 (unreliable) agencies that have approved this broker.

ADSS Account

According to the ADSS brand chosen by the client, the number of account types available varies depending on the user's geographic region and the applicable legal jurisdiction. Different account types have different fees and other expenses, depending on what the trader selects.

There are two types of accounts offered by this broker: Standard and Elite, both of which are headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, even the most conservative traders may now open an account with only $100, although the spreads are still higher than those of the Elite account. Target spreads on the EUR/USD pair are as low as 1.6 pips in a regular account. With a 200,000 USD deposit or more in monthly trading activity, the Elite account is the broker's most appealing offering, and it comes with incentives and lower spreads in addition to the lower spreads.

With Autochartist & VPS and add-ons, the broker goes above and beyond the usual MT-only broker.

In comparison to the MetaTrader 4 platform, the broker's flagship OREX online platform provides a greater selection of products and is simple, uncluttered, and easy to use. However, the online version does contain certain missing features, such as the "coming soon" and financial calendar sections.

However, the desktop version of the platform (OREX Optim) operates on an outdated plugin called Silverlight, which makes it impossible to install in current browsers. As a result, Orex Optim's desktop edition is not recommended.

ADSS Account

Furthermore, the broker now offers its own OREX platform for both iOS and Android devices in addition to MetaTrader 4. Evaluations were conducted using the OREX programme.

A calendar of earnings is included, as well as specific and economic news. More than 60 indicators and 25 candlestick types are available when charts are viewed in full-screen mode. And last but not least in this group are sentiment analyses and probabilities (meaning, the level of certainty in the signal power).

Cons: Apart from analysis and a basic watchlist, the OREX mobile application lacks functionality and includes a few minor bugs. Although sentiment analysis is available in the Market Insight section, several sentiment analysis tools like Power and Tech return an error.

More than 60 currency pairs and 2200 CFDs are available to fx traders via this broker, which goes beyond the typical MT brokers in terms of offering additional add-ons for MetaTrader 4.
With its Premium-style account features and privileges, the broker may be an ideal choice for regular fx traders as well as those with substantial holdings, such as experienced day traders and rich clients. Depending on where you live, creating a bank account may not be an option.

ADSS Account

Sites like ADS Securities (ADSS) in the UAE

Here is a list of top online brokers to open an account for trading Forex, Bitcoin, CFDs and Stocks in the UAE. These brokers have above-average reviews on sites like Reddit, Quora and Trustpilot; and are totally legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents.

The brokers listed on this webpage accept clients from within the United Arab Emirates. Most of these companies provide an online trading platform for fiat currencies (such as Pound Sterling, the Euro, the US dollar, Japanese Yen etc.), buying and selling of cryptocurrencies (for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP etc.), stocks (this includes listings on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Borse Dubai, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, Dubai Financial Market and NASDAQ Dubai), CFDs (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla etc.), UAE government and corporate bonds, and short-term to long-term fixed income securities.


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