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Atani Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

When employing Atani, traders may anticipate the following characteristics and benefits, as well as how it can be utilized most effectively. In addition, we will determine whether or not it is deserving of all the acclaim it has received as one of the most promising businesses in the field of fintech. And now, we will finally reach a decision about Atani's claim that it is a one-stop solution to all of your cryptocurrency trading, asset management, and tax reporting requirements. Visit Atani Website.

When it comes to trading, decentralization may be a tremendous pain, but it's also the strength of blockchain-focused companies, so that's a double-edged sword. Traders of cryptocurrencies must deal with the significant annoyance of being required to use a number of different programs and terminals in order to efficiently execute their deals. It is one of the most frustrating parts of trading in cryptocurrencies, and it is certainly something that has caused more than one trader to give up at some point or another.

It is not only cumbersome, but it also necessitates spending the time to learn how to correctly utilize all of the trading instruments, and in certain situations, there are additional charges as well. Even the most patient trader will reach a point where they wish there was an all-in-one solution for trading that would streamline the entire process, centralize all of the relevant information, and make it more accessible. It would be beneficial if there were additional tools available to help you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio in a more effective manner.

To our great good fortune, a platform precisely like that exists, and it goes by the name Atani. The given name "Atani" originates from Japanese, and the word "to you" translates to this. The team behind the development of this outstanding (and free) desktop program had the goal of providing its users with a collection of straightforward tools that would make trading cryptocurrencies simpler and more productive, and the name of the app reflects that goal. Traders will no longer face the time-consuming and irritating challenge of using a wide number of applications and tools in their transactions thanks to Atani.

Because both the firm and the software were once known under the name Etoshi, it's possible that you've already come across Atani without realizing it. It was initially released in 2019 as a stand-alone desktop PC application, and it continues to be available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. There is no web-based version available, mostly due to concerns about privacy and safety. On the other hand, Atani only just launched a mobile version of the platform that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. According to Atani, in the following weeks and months, they will be releasing new versions on a consistent basis in order to give complete capability for managing portfolios and trading. In addition, it will have the same level of protection as the non-custodial mobile wallet that offers the highest level of security.

To speak in the most fundamental terms, it is nothing more than a terminal for trading cryptocurrencies. The fact that it was and still is the only cryptocurrency trading terminal with such a rich and complete set of tools for trading, managing portfolios, investing, and managing tax reporting all in one place may not seem particularly impressive. However, the fact that it was and still is the only cryptocurrency trading terminal with such tools makes it particularly impressive.

More than 20 of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges across the world may be accessed through the Atani platform, which keeps its user interface uncomplicated and easy to understand. Additionally, the terminal provides real-time data that may be included into the computation of portfolio values and even tax obligations. In a later section of our review, we will delve further into both of these aspects to provide a more in-depth analysis.

Atani has swiftly established itself as one of the most promising blockchain related firms in Europe, which is not unexpected considering the feature rich trading terminal, the ease of use and simple design, and the significant benefits of the platform. Despite the fact that it has been around for fewer than three years, it has already been honored with a great deal of success.

These are the following:

2019 Top 100 European Start-up by Red Herring, 2019 Top Blockchain Pick at TechCrunch Disrupt, 2019 Top 10 Fintech Start-up at South Summit, and 2019 Top Blockchain Pick at TechCrunch Disrupt. 2020 Mobile World Congress Top 12 Global Start-up, 2020 European Blockchain Convention Top 3 Start-up, 2020 Barcelona Top 12 Global Start-up at the European Blockchain Convention, 2020
The Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain's Neotec-CDTI has selected their top three technological innovation projects for the year 2020.
2020 is an initiative that has been supported by the Entrepreneurship Programme of ENISA, which is run by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Trade.
2021 recipient of the Seal of Excellence in Innovation bestowed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
The project's early success has also brought Atani into the limelight as one of the most attractive investment options for venture capital firms. This is due to the fact that Atani was developed by the Atani Foundation. JME Ventures, Lanai Partners, and Encomenda contributed a combined total of €600,000 to the company at the seed round that took place in May of 2019.

Atani's unified trading terminal supports more than 20 exchanges, 1,500 cryptocurrencies, and 9,000 trading pairings. The platform's drawbacks include the following:
Downloading and signing up for an account is simple.
The application may be downloaded without cost.
Tax reports that have been audited and are available to customers in a limited number of countries.
Reports on the market updated in real time and surveillance of portfolios.
Free graphs, charting tools, and analytics are all available here.
Complete command over all of your APIs.
Due to the non-custodial nature of the framework, Atani will not have access to the monies you deposit.
There is a possibility that the user interface will first appear to be somewhat confusing to newly registered users.
There is currently no support for futures trading or margin trading.
There are no tax reports available for users located outside of the 30 countries that are currently covered.

Atani is primarily a trade terminal, and it possesses a great deal of power. It gives you the ability to connect to 22 distinct cryptocurrency exchanges, and it comes equipped with all of the capabilities listed below:

Order books updated in real time with a delay of 100 milliseconds.
Monitor and trade more over 1500 different cryptocurrencies and over 9000 different pair combinations.
There is not a single middleman in this transaction.
There are no further charges.
Over one billion events occur every day, and the data infrastructure handles them all in real time.
Orders that were placed in advance, such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and OCO.
Establishing a Connection Between Atani and an Exchange
You will first require an API Key from the exchange of your choice in order to successfully link your selected exchange with Atani for the purposes of trading. When utilizing the Atani terminal, this is the process that must be followed in order to verify yourself and connect to the exchange.

Atani furthermore makes it simple and hassle-free to sign up for an account with an exchange directly from within the Atani app itself. Therefore, opening an account at a new exchange will be a straightforward procedure for you, and you won't even have to exit the app to do it. In addition, registering with some cryptocurrency exchanges through Atani might qualify you for special trading discounts.

When you join with Atani, you will receive a discount on the trading costs.

Simply following the six steps outlined below will allow you to join an exchange with Atani by making use of API keys:

You'll need to do this in order to link Atani to the exchange account you have.
Make sure that the authorization for your API key is set to 'Trade' when you create it.
After that, make a duplicate of the API key and the secret key that goes with it.
To begin, open the Atani desktop program and navigate to the 'Exchange' option.
To view the identical trade, click here. Every marketplace features its own unique assistance center.
Click on the "Connect Exchange" button after you have pasted the API and the secret key.

Atani has, as you may have already suspected based on what has previously been covered in this review, done an excellent job of stuffing the app full of all the tools a cryptocurrency trader may want or need. The Atani app makes available a wide variety of capabilities, beginning with the most prominent function of facilitating trading across a variety of exchanges, continuing with the acquisition of real-time market data and analysis, and concluding with the tracking and reporting of tax information. Let's take each of them in turn and examine them more closely.

Atani facilitates the trade of over 1,500 distinct cryptocurrencies and over 9,000 different trading pairings because to its links to over 20 distinct cryptocurrency exchanges. It is simply not possible to gain access to more cryptocurrencies and trading pairs at this time. The platform provides support for a significant number of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, and a great number of others.

That implies that if you already use one or more of the supporting exchanges, you will be able to trade on all of them using the Atani terminal. If you use more than one of the supported exchanges, you will be able to trade on all of them. You will no longer need to navigate away from one website and onto another in order to finish all of your deals. In addition, Atani supports all the fundamental sorts of market orders that you could want, including the following:

Market orders
Limit orders
The use of stop loss orders
Take profit orders
Orders placed one after the other are canceled.

You won't have to worry about outages even during times of peak demand if you use this app since it connects directly to the exchange via an application programming interface (API), which is another advantage that many traders don't think about. Because of the API connection, you will continue to have unrestricted access to the exchange, and there will be no break in the continuity of your trade in any form.

Atani gives you the ability to establish price alerts for any of the more than 9,000 supported trading pairs on any of the more than 20 supported exchanges.

Make use of notifications to ensure that you never pass up another trading opportunity.

You will never again miss a trading opportunity simply because you aren't logged in and keeping an eye on the markets at the time when a pair achieves one of your price goals. You may have up to 1,000 emails, 200 text messages, and 30 phone calls sent to your inbox absolutely free every single month.

Atani incorporates a significant number of TradingView's features directly into the software, providing you with charting and analytical capabilities that are unequaled in the industry.

Charting done with a professional touch using TradingView charts.

Take a look at some of the aspects of Atani's technical analysis that will be available to you when you trade through the platform:

Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Area, and Baseline are the different forms of charts. Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Area, and Baseline are the many forms of charts.
There are around 80 different types of technical indicators, including Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages.
There are around 80 different types of technical indicators, including Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages.
More than fifty sophisticated drawing tools, including the Fibonacci and Gann ratios, Elliott Waves, and a great many more
More than fifty sophisticated drawing tools, including the Fibonacci and Gann ratios, Elliott Waves, and a great many more
Personalize time intervals & date ranges: minute, hour, day, week. Personalize time intervals & date ranges: minute, hour, day, week

The capability to create audited tax reports directly from within the Atani app is among the most valuable aspects of the Atani platform. The application will mechanically produce tax returns for more than 30 different jurisdictions all around the world. These tax reports are readily available for download, and the company asserts that each of the generated tax reports has been double-checked for accuracy by one of the Big Four accounting firms.

The tax reports are accessible for dealers in the United States as well as for merchants in thirty other countries spanning Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Form 8949 and Schedule D, which are required for filing taxes in the United States, are produced by the report.

The following is a list of the nations that are supported by the tax reporting through Atani at the present time. Along with this, the organization is focused on expanding into more nations in 2021. (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States of America)

Atani is a company that places a high priority on safety, which is the first thing you need to be aware of about them. Because of this consideration, they chose to create a desktop application rather than a web-based application. The development of Atani as a desktop application required significantly more time and money, but it also provides traders with access to a far more secure environment. This also denotes that Atani is a non-custodial platform, which implies that it is never required to have access to the cash of its users.

Your assets are always safe on the Atani platform since it is not a custodial one; this is true even in the event that the Atani platform itself is attacked by malicious hackers. In addition, the business employs encryption of a military-grade AES-256 standard in order to safeguard the APIs that are kept locally on your own computer.

Atani does not need any documentation to be completed as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which means that the company does not save any information that might be used to identify individual users.

Atani was established by the brother-and-sister team of Paul and Haydée Barroso, both of whom are from Spain and have extensive experience working in trading and the financial markets in addition to a strong interest in cryptocurrencies. Both of them were early users of cryptocurrencies, which led to the understanding that the cryptocurrency markets need some kind of terminal that would save traders from having to deal with a wide variety of different platforms. This revelation led to the creation of the crypto terminal.

Although it is true that the exchanges have made significant progress in a very short period of time, there are still a great deal of disparities between them. One of the most difficult of these variances is the ever-shifting regulatory environment. It was just this circumstance that prompted the Barrosos to conceive of the idea for a single trading platform that would provide an uniform trading experience. The development of Atani made it possible for traders to ignore all of the difficulties associated with the user experience presented by different trading platforms and instead concentrate just on trading.

The extensive technical experience that the Barrosos brought to the project was another factor that contributed to the successful introduction of Atani as a platform.

Formerly a senior software developer for Morgan Stanley, Paul Barroso is now the Chief Executive Officer of Atani. During his time working there, he was in charge of creating a matching tool that made use of many data intelligence channels. Additionally, there are additional initiatives being worked on for the investment bank. Because of his previous experiences, he was equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to develop the Atani platform. Following his departure from Morgan Stanley, he established his very own crypto-related trading desk, which allowed him to engage in transactions in the spot, margin, derivatives, options, and OTC markets.

Formerly a top financial professional, Haydée Barroso now serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Atani. Before she established Atani, she worked as the Head of Digital Strategy at InnoCells, which is a centre for emerging digital companies owned and operated by Banco Sabadell.

Atani was officially launched in 2019, with the initial marketing push concentrating on the cities of London, Barcelona, and Madrid. The firm and the platform have both expanded and developed extremely quickly thanks to the fact that their operations now encompass the whole world. The business has expanded to the point that it currently employs about twenty skilled people and is expanding at a rapid rate.

When using the Atani platform for trading, we certainly hope that you won't have any need for customer assistance, but in the event that you do, you may reach out to our professional support staff by sending an email to In addition, the website contains a section titled "Frequently Asked Questions," which provides answers to the majority of the questions that are asked, as well as a "Atani Academy," which features a number of brief movies that explain how to utilize the Atani platform. There is also a tiny English community on Telegram where you may seek assistance if you need it.

When you give it some thought, there are actually four key qualities about Atani that make it a good choice for you to use for your own trading. Its safety, low cost (it's free), simple use, and wide feature set are its defining characteristics.

As you may have gleaned from the evaluation that was just presented to you, the app places a high priority on maintaining users' confidentiality. This implies that there are no obligations for know your customer checks and non-custodial holdings.

The app is packed with features, and you won't find a comparable software with a more robust collection of those functions anywhere else. There aren't very many items a merchant may require that aren't already provided by Atani. Atani can assist you with everything from technical analysis to submitting your taxes.

It is true that beginner traders may have difficulty getting started when it comes to the simplicity of use, but there are a sufficient number of resources and tutorials available, so it should not take too much time to get up to speed. In addition, we believe that it is more beneficial to learn just one user interface at Atani as opposed to learning all of the other exchange interfaces, which is something you would have to do if you did not utilize Atani.

Naturally, Atani is still entirely free to use, which is another significant selling point for the platform. There are plans to introduce a premium product in the future, but there should still be a free option since founder and CEO Paul Barroso has already said he would be pursuing a freemium model for Atani, which means there should always be a free option available. Although there are plans to introduce a premium product in the future, there should still be a free option.

If you sign up for an account with a number of different exchanges using the Atani platform, you may be eligible for a reduction in the trading costs charged by those exchanges.

Using the platform comes with a significant number of advantages and virtually none of the potential drawbacks. Since it is free, there is no reason not to give it a shot and judge for yourself whether or not it improves your trade.

Paul and Haydée Barroso launched Atani in 2019, which is an all-in-one platform for trading cryptocurrencies and was established in London, Madrid, and Barcelona. They provide safe access to trading and portfolio management across 22 exchanges, in addition to a free tax reporting system that just requires one click.

It enables you to plan your asset allocation, examine liquidity using real-time order books, compare rates across exchanges, use TradingView charts, and view all of your history trades. You only need one click to switch between different swaps and pair combinations.
They have been honored with a number of accolades and awards, including the Top Blockchain Pick award at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2019, a spot in the Top 3 Start-ups category at the European Blockchain Convention in 2020, and the Seal of Excellence in Innovation from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2021, amongst others.

Atani provides a Crypto Exchange Aggregator that enables trading, the setting of real-time notifications, the management of portfolios, the generation of tax reports, and the use of technical analysis tools.
The multi-exchange trading terminal provides connectivity to 22 different cryptocurrency markets. They offer over 1500 different cryptocurrencies and over 9000 different pair combinations.
API allows connections to be made between Atani and the exchanges. Atani is non-custodial, which means that it does not keep your API keys; hence, you retain total control over your API credentials.
You may expect to be notified in real time by text messages, emails, and phone calls.
They provide a wide variety of trading view tools for technical analysis, including charts, sketching tools, many types of technical indicators, and more.
Tax reports that have been audited are automatically generated by Atani, and you may download them with the press of a button.

You are able to trade directly with 22 different exchanges when you use Atani's, which is a trading terminal. It has several features, including the following:

order books updated in real time with a delay of 100 milliseconds
Monitor and trade more than 1500 different cryptocurrencies in over 9000 different pairings.
There is not a single middleman in this transaction.
There are no further charges.
Over one billion events occur every day, and the data infrastructure handles them all in real time.
Orders that were placed in advance, such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and OCO.
Now, let's have a look at the basics of how to use the Atani Trading Terminal.

Integrate your cryptocurrency trading platform with Atani.
Atani will verify your identity using the API Keys provided by your cryptocurrency exchange in order to link it to our platform.

You may register an account on the cryptocurrency exchange immediately from the Atani app, even if you do not already have an account there. You may save money by participating in affiliate programs offered by several cryptocurrency exchanges.

You will need to follow these procedures in order to link your exchange with Atani by utilizing API Keys:

First, ensure that you are logged in to the exchange account that you intend to link Atani to.
You are need to generate an API key and provide the permission 'Trade' to that key.
After that, make a duplicate of both the API key and the secret key.
In the desktop program that Atani provides, select the 'Exchange' tab.
To view the identical trade, click here. There is a support section available for each exchange.
Click on the "Connect Exchange" button after you have pasted the API and the secret key.

Atani allows you to create orders on your cryptocurrency exchange.
Atani accepts a variety of orders, including the following:

Stop-Market Orders
Stop-Limit Orders
Take Profit Market Orders
Take Profit Limit Orders
OCO Market Orders
OCO Limit Orders

OCO is an abbreviation for "One cancels the other." It enables you to place two orders at the same time, with each order contributing to the same balance (Limit Order and Stop Market Order). The unfulfilled order is immediately and mechanically canceled as soon as the first order is even half fulfilled.

As a result, there is only ever one order that is carried out. This allows you to safeguard your gains (limit order) and reduce the likelihood of incurring losses (stop market order).

Atani gives you the option to get real-time notifications through text messages, email, and even phone calls. You are able to set up notifications for more than 1,500 different cryptocurrency exchanges. They ensure that you will never miss an opportunity to trade again.

After making your selections for the exchange, cryptocurrency pair, and alert mode of your choice, you will need to click the "Create" button.

In addition, you are eligible for free notifications on a monthly basis, which include a total of 1,000 emails, 200 SMS, and 30 phone calls.

You will receive two calls in a row even if your mobile device is set to the "Do not disturb" or "night mode" settings.

The Atani mobile app also gives you the ability to monitor and manage these notifications.

Atani provides its users with a variety of trading tools for doing technical analysis, some of which include charts, sketching tools, and several types of technical indicators.

Charts - Candles, Hollow Candles, Bars, Heikin Ashi, Area, Line, and BaseLine Drawing Tools - They provide over 50 drawing tools, including Fibonacci, Gann Ratios, Elliot Waves, and many more. Charts - Candles, Hollow Candles, Bars, Heikin Ashi, Area, Line, and BaseLine
Technical Indicators - They provide over 80 trade indicators, some of which are Bollinger Bands and Moving averages, amongst others.
In addition, you have the ability to customize date ranges (down to the minute, hour, day, and week) as well as time intervals.

Tax reports that have been audited are automatically generated by Atani and may be downloaded with a single click. Additionally, they offer real-time portfolio value in the currency of your choice. This will save you a significant amount of time.

They may be found under the portfolio area of the website. In the "Setting" area of the app, you will find options to import all of your transactions and configure your country. This is an example of a tax report that may be seen here.

There are already thirty nations spanning Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East that offer cryptocurrency tax calculation services. They have future plans to incorporate other countries.

Depending on the nation, cryptocurrency transactions may be subject to taxation. You can write to them if you have any additional tax obligations, and they will link you with their partners; however, the charges associated with working with their partners will be additional.

If the nation you live in is not one that is supported by Atani, you also have the option of utilizing third-party crypto tax software.

Coinbase is one of the Atani-supported exchanges.
Bitstamp, Kraken, Binance,
Bitrex, Kucoin, HitBTC, CEX.IO
Okcoin, Okex,
UPbit, BitFlyer, BTC Markets
CoinEx, Bibox, ZB.

You are able to send an email to with the subject line "Request" if you require help for an extra exchange.

Because of these connections, you are able to receive additional discounts.

Atani is totally non-custodial, which means that it is unable to access your funds by utilizing the API keys associated with your exchange. In addition, the API keys are scrambled and encrypted before being saved locally on your device. In the extremely improbable case that Atani is hacked, anyone who attempt to access your cash will be unable to do so. They provide encryption that is suitable for military use. Because of this, utilizing Atani grants you unrestricted authority over your financial resources. You are also able to whitelist users using Atani, so restricting access to only those you trust. You would be required to buy a fixed IP address for the same.

Note, Atani does not require KYC verification.

Atani provides a desktop program that is simple to operate. Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported by it. In addition to that, it has a gloomy tone.

You can sync your account across numerous devices. You can find a backup code if you navigate to the 'Setting' area of the app and look under the 'Security' option. You are able to use the same code to sync your devices even while you are checking in from a different device.

You may contact them by sending an email to Additionally, they maintain a channel on YouTube where they post information on the services that Atani provides and the ways in which we may make use of those features.

In addition to that, you have the option of joining their community on Telegram as well.

The Good and the Bad:
Because of their connections with cryptocurrency exchanges, they provide low trading fees.
Trading tools for cryptocurrencies, such as tax reports, real-time notifications, multi-exchange trading terminals, Trading View Charting, and Technical Analysis, may be accessed for free.
Effective monitoring of investment portfolios
Your API keys and your cash are entirely under your control at all times.
Robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure.
Low lag times while maintaining high availability
They provide tax reports for some of the nations in the world.
They do not provide assistance for futures trading or trading on margin.

Atani is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform that gives you the ability to trade on numerous exchanges, use free technical analysis tools, create audited tax reports automatically, manage your portfolio in real time, and do a lot more besides. The program is completely safe to use, has a short response time, and has a high availability rate. You will have full control over your API keys and cash if the framework does not perform custodial functions.

The system is simple to use even for novices. They are able to provide reductions on trading costs because to the different partnerships they have formed. Customers are drawn in by the presence of free tools built in and inexpensive trading fees.

They are also intending to facilitate the integration of cryptocurrency wallets and the movement of assets between exchanges within the application in order to give you with an improved experience.

Atani provides a unified user interface with which users can trade, manage their portfolios, set up real-time notifications, produce tax reports, and use technical analysis tools.

In how many countries is it possible to generate tax reports using Atani's platform? There are thirty nations spanning Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East that provide taxpayers with the ability to calculate their taxes. They have future plans to incorporate other countries.

Atani is entirely non-custodial, which means that it does not have access to either your cash or your API credentials. You have full control over your finances thanks to the fact that the API keys are encrypted and saved locally on your smartphone. They provide encryption that is suitable for military use.

The Atani desktop program is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux.

Using API Keys, Atani establishes a connection between you and the exchanges. In order to connect to an exchange, you will need to provide the API key as well as the secret key inside the Atani desktop program, which can be found within the Exchange tab. The mere fact that, at first, getting your mind around cryptocurrency trading might be a little bit challenging is one of the reasons why becoming involved in cryptocurrency trading can be difficult for some people. 26.8 percent of American adults said that the reason they do not invest is because they find the process to be too difficult to grasp.

11.4 percent of people have claimed that learning how to utilize the tools that are used to trade cryptocurrencies is too difficult for them. This is in addition to having to acquire a handle on exactly how cryptocurrency works.

Atani provides a user-friendly and uncomplicated answer to the challenges presented by bitcoin trading, acting as the solution to the issues that have been raised. This all-in-one platform provides its customers with access to a comprehensive system of financial tools, enabling them to carry out any and all functions required of them, including trading, analysis, tax reporting, and the execution of trade operations.

If Atani is successful in resolving the obstacles that are discouraging the majority of investors from participating, then perhaps the launch of this new platform will mark the turning point for cryptocurrencies, with increased accessibility ushering cryptocurrencies into the mainstream for good.

Atani was established in 2019 by siblings Paul and Haydée Barroso with the purpose of providing solutions to two key issues that crypto investors were facing at the time: excessive service charges and difficult-to-use trading tools. Its goal is to make trading cryptocurrencies accessible and inexpensive to all users by aggregating the most effective trading tools into a single, user-friendly platform.

Due to the fact that the siblings have been enthusiastic cryptocurrency investors ever since 2013, they have constantly witnessed the annoyances that are inherent in many bitcoin trading platforms. Not to mention the murky state of crypto tax issues, which is still in the process of evolving into a gray area. However, as they lived through the changing crypto environment, they had a clearer understanding of exactly what they intended to improve. Atani came into the world as a result of this.

Their ambition is supported by a dazzling array of honors and money, including the most recent acquisition of a seed round of $3.7 million from a number of Europe's most prestigious venture capital companies. Their vast collection of accolades is evidence of the significant influence they are having, and over the course of the previous several years, they have amassed a remarkable portfolio:

Attend the European Blockchain conference in 2020 and place as one of the top three start-ups in the region.
Received recognition from TechCrunch Disrupted as the Year's Best Blockchain Pick.
South Summit's Top 10 Most Promising Fintech Startups for 2019
Mobile World Congress in 2020 will feature the top 12 global start-up companies.
Due to the rapid expansion of this business in such a short period of time, this is only the beginning of the accomplishments that they will attain.

Coinbase and other major platforms charge end-users exorbitant fees and can be challenging to master, particularly for those who are just starting out in the cryptocurrency space. In addition, while certain applications, such as those for cryptocurrency exchanges, portfolio management apps, tax reporting tools, and many more, are all useful in their own right, the sheer number of apps that are required to implement this method makes it undesirable.

Atani pulls together all of these elements and provides every tool that a crypto investor will need, from the moment that they acquire a coin until the moment that they report tax on that income. Atani is the only platform that does this. Investing in bitcoin is now substantially less complicated thanks to Atani, which handles everything for its users.

Atani, in addition to offering a system of tools of the highest caliber, also makes cryptocurrency trading as financially accessible as is humanly feasible, with modest prices that are lower than those of big platforms. They are able to do this because they have formed agreements with other platforms like as Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, and OKEx, amongst others. These connections allow them to provide cheaper costs than their rivals, allowing you to retain more of what you earn.

Atani's primary objective is to simplify and streamline the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies so that it may be utilized by anybody. Keeping this in mind, they have developed their platform to support a wide variety of languages, giving users the ability to interact with the platform in the language most natural to them.

Users no longer have to learn the ins and outs of several different services since everything they want is included in the Atani ecosystem. This is made possible by the fact that a variety of tools have been consolidated into a single platform.

Atani is a platform that stands out because to the intelligent combination of essential trading features and cutting-edge financial tools that it offers. It offers consumers access to a sophisticated system that enables them to make the most profitable bitcoin trades possible.

Atani simplifies the process of mining cryptocurrencies by turning it into something anybody can understand. The platform also provides in-depth training that explain how to use all of the site's capabilities. The most notable characteristics are:

Exchange Aggregator Freemium Tools
DEX Aggregator Tax Manager Security DEX Aggregator Tax Manager
Low lag times while maintaining high availability
Let's get into more detail about these.

Atani gives its customers the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, keep track of their transactions in an efficient manner, and make changes within the cryptocurrency industry by utilizing a cutting-edge exchange aggregator system. Atani consolidates everything that's required to trade cryptocurrencies into a single, easy-to-use site, and it already offers more than 9,000 trading pairings on 1,500 different tokens that are spread over more than 20 different exchanges.

Atani enables users to perform everything that they need to do on a single platform, so they don't have to go from platform to platform, relearn shortcuts, navigation paths, and fundamental trade methods, and so on. In addition, customers will be able to access current prices and analyses within the aggregator thanks to the seamless data collecting from a variety of sources.

Investing is made easier with this all-encompassing approach, which provides you with this one, straightforward platform that has all of the tools you want.

Atani places a strong emphasis on accessibility, which is why the company provides a wide variety of free options for all of its customers. For instance, customers will be able to use the multi-exchange trading terminal in order to monitor the statistics, chart, and technical analysis of the portfolio, receive real-time price alerts, and obtain tax reports without incurring any additional fees. Due to the extensive number of services offered, it is possible to use Atani with a free account.

Those users of the platform who decide to upgrade to a premium account will be granted expanded access to the advanced features network. Avani's premium users are always the first to test out the company's cutting-edge new features because the app is updated on a regular basis and new versions are released.

Atani is a firm that, as shown by their accomplishments, places an emphasis on the innovative use of their resources at the forefront of their operations. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that they have only lately unveiled a DEX aggregator. The fact that it comes equipped with a wide number of features makes it the most powerful platform of its kind available on the Solana ecosystem.

This DEX aggregator contains extensive options capabilities in addition to the variety of features that enable users to follow every moment within their portfolio and receive notifications about big changes. In addition, users may receive alerts when there are significant shifts. Users have the ability to establish market orders as well as limit orders, allowing them to create stop loss, take profit, and other bound metrics that offer an additional degree of protection to their trading.

This platform provides you with a trading experience that is uninterrupted by the inclusion of these extra capabilities, which are in addition to the price alerts and technical analysis tools that were already included.

Taxes are never a nice topic to discuss, especially when considering the highly convoluted reporting structure for cryptocurrencies. Atani serves as the answer to this issue by doing an investigation into the user's account's history of spot trades, which includes the prices at which the user purchased and sold the cryptocurrency, in order to provide an audited tax report. In addition, customers have the ability to immediately submit this report, which includes all of the information organized in an orderly fashion.

Users are able to assemble their tax reports with a single click, which enables them to have a document that can be submitted in a matter of seconds. As a result, people may move on with their lives without ever having to worry about bitcoin tax computations again. In addition, the tax reports that Atani generates are compatible with the administrative software used in over 30 nations spanning Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

Due to the dramatic increase in the value of cryptocurrencies in 2019, there is a growing concern over frauds, hacks, and leaks involving these assets. Any effective cryptocurrency trading platform must make security a top priority. Atani hasn't tried to hide the fact that they're constructing a robust digital security system to protect your wallets, and they haven't either.

Atani has developed a trading application for desktop computers; they have avoided using cloud devices in this process to ensure that their servers will never save your individual API credentials or monies. This implies that even in the extremely improbable event that Atani would be hacked, the data belonging to customers would not be accessible to the hackers because it would be safely saved on the clients' own devices.

Because Atani is a desktop-based system, your access to the platform is not dependent on any of the company's internal servers. This is one of the reasons why Atani is such an appealing platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Atani assures that its customers are constantly connected, but if a site like Coinbase were to go down because of heavy demand, its users wouldn't be able to access their cryptocurrencies or trade, but Atani users won't have that problem.

Trading is constantly available with Atani since the app establishes direct connections from the devices of users to the API of the exchange. Additionally, because this connection is so reliable, Atani is able to provide an extremely low latency (100 milliseconds or less), which enables users to trade risky assets at precisely the moment they want.

Atani offers a variety of top-tier financial tools that make trading more user-friendly than it has ever been before, acting as a streamlined and accessible answer to the complex problem of trading cryptocurrencies. Atani provides consumers with a low-cost, comprehensive platform that houses all of the resources they require in an one spot rather than charging expensive conversion costs.

Atani is an excellent option to consider if you are interested in entering the world of cryptocurrencies or consolidating all of your accounts into an one location.

Over 20 different cryptocurrency exchanges may be accessed through this one trading website, which acts as an aggregator. Users may trade cryptocurrencies, check their portfolios, and access several cryptocurrency exchanges all from a one location.

At the moment, the trading terminal is only accessible as a desktop program or a mobile application. This is done to ensure the safety and security of the personal data and cryptocurrency assets of the consumers. On the site, users have the option of monitoring and trading over 1500 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Atani makes trading possible with over 9000 crypto pairings sourced from 22 different exchanges.

Atani offers a complete set of tools and features that are designed to meet the requirements of all user types. You are able to obtain notifications on prices in real time, as well as tax reports and graphing tools. The following are additional features:

There is a selection of advanced order types available, including OCO Real-time order books with a latency of 100ms.
Connectivity to several accounts within a same exchange yet using only one account to trade
The capacity to personalize one's own trading experience.
Real-time examination of investment portfolios offered in more than 40+ currencies
Functionalities for the management of the portfolio and the distribution of the assets
There is access to a variety of technical indicators and clever charting tools.
Binance,, Kraken, and Gemini are just a few of the noteworthy exchanges that can be accessed through Atani. Atani gives users the ability to trade in real time on 22 different exchanges while experiencing low levels of latency. At this time, there are no additional expenses associated with trading. However, when you link your exchange to the trading terminal, you become eligible for exclusive savings that are both thrilling and unique.

Atani only offers the ability to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that it integrates with platforms such as Binance and, which both provide complex trading possibilities.

Nevertheless, depending on which exchange you use, it provides access to a wide range of different sorts of advanced order.

Atani is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that gives customers the ability to compare cryptocurrency rates and buy from more than 20 different exchanges. Despite the fact that it is connected to exchanges that provide leverage options for cryptocurrency assets, users of this trading terminal are unable to leverage any crypto assets. You may join many exchanges on Atani, such as and Binance, and utilize the leverage capability to boost the amount of exposure you get from those exchanges.

Atani is exempt from having spreads applied on it.

Where can I get information on the costs, maximums, and speeds associated with deposits and withdrawals?
Regardless of their degree of expertise, investors in cryptocurrencies should give careful thought to the fees associated with their transactions. Atani guarantees that there will be no additional costs in addition to those that are assessed by the exchange of your choice. Those who utilize Huobi Global, for instance, should anticipate just having to pay a base cost of 0.2 percent of their whole transaction value.

Additionally, the trading platform provides access to special savings on a number of the partner exchanges it works with. On Binance, Huobi, and, for instance, there is a discount off the costs of ten percent for a variety of different timescales.

Because of this, the costs associated with deposits and withdrawals will vary depending on the exchange that you use. For example, if you choose to purchase Bitcoin using US Dollars through Coinbase Pro, you will be subject to fees assessed by Coinbase Pro.

The costs will differ from one exchange to the next, with Binance possibly providing the most wallet-friendly alternative. In addition, there are costs associated with transactions that are known as maker fees and taker fees. These fees may be assessed as either a flat rate or a percentage of the account's 30-day transaction volume by some exchanges. Take note that some of the exchanges have a predetermined pricing that varies dependent on the levels available. Other fees, including as service charges and commissions, are not standard across all 22 exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded.

Once more, the limits will vary depending on the exchange, the verification level, and the funding choice. For instance, if you want to acquire Bitcoin from Binance using a credit card, verification will be required for any purchases that are more than $300.

On Atani, real-time order books complete in fewer than 100 milliseconds. The speed at which transactions are executed will vary depending on the particular blockchain and the exchange being used. Exchanges like as Binance and Huobi that have a significant volume of trading activity are more likely to complete your buy and sell orders swiftly.

There are different costs associated with each mode of deposit. The costs associated with credit cards are often greater than the fees associated with alternative types of funding such as bank deposits. On, for example, you may expect to pay nothing when making deposits via ACH transfers, but you will be charged 2.99 percent for deposits made with Visa.

According on the selected method of funding, every exchange will likewise have its own maximum and minimum limits. For instance, with Coinbase Pro, wire deposits are not subject to any restrictions, however bank transfers (both SEPA and ACH) are subject to weekly caps.

Verification techniques for "know your customer" (KYC) are heavily influenced by the country in question. Exchanges are required to comply with the stringent anti-money laundering (AML) legislation of countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Before allowing users to make deposits, the majority of cryptocurrency services require users to first verify their identities. The level of verification required to trade on an exchange like Binance varies from the most basic to the most complex level. The level of the verification procedure that you go through will be directly proportional to the amount that you desire to deposit.

In the same way as deposit methods are dependent on the exchange, withdrawal methods are likewise dependent on the exchange. The vast majority of these exchanges will permit you to withdraw using a variety of different payment methods, including cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and electronic wallets.

The timescales for processing withdrawals do not remain consistent throughout Atani's many exchanges. For example, while making a withdrawal from Kraken, the transaction may not be executed correctly for more than twenty minutes.

Additionally, both the minimum and maximum withdrawal limitations are bound to a particular cryptocurrency exchange. As an illustration, the daily withdrawal limit on Coinbase Pro is set at a maximum of $50,000. Additionally, KYC must be completed before any withdrawals may be made.

At this time, using Atani does not result in any costs or commissions being assessed. The platform does not charge users anything to use any of its services, including its charting and analytical capabilities. On the other hand, if you trade using Atani, you are eligible for certain exceptional savings that are only available for a limited time on a variety of exchanges.

Atani does not impose any limitations or sizes on its trading activities. These are policies that have been implemented by separate cryptocurrency exchanges that are part of the platform. For example, the minimum and maximum sizes of trades will be different between Binance and Poloniex. We strongly suggest that you examine the documentation provided by your cryptocurrency exchange if you wish to learn more about the trade sizes and restrictions.

Because it is a desktop program, Atani must be downloaded into your own computer before it can be used. This trading platform is compatible with the Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Additionally, Atani offers a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The application provides a straightforward method for monitoring your portfolio right from the convenience of your mobile device. You are unable to engage in trading using the mobile app at this time. The following is a list of the app's most important features:

Access to real-time charts and graphs
Access to more advanced viewing tools for trade
Track the prices of over 1500 cryptocurrencies in real time here.
Maintain vigilance on your holdings of cryptocurrencies.
Wherever I go, can I use the Atani app?
Atani enables its component cryptocurrency exchanges to unleash their combined strength and expand their influence around the globe. The availability of a certain exchange in your region will determine whether or not you are allowed to utilize that exchange on Atani. Binance, for instance, has customers located in every region of the world. Poloniex is only one of several exchanges that span more than one hundred nations.

Atani has compatibility for a total of 12 different languages. The following are some of the most widely spoken languages in addition to English:

Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol, Francais

Atani cannot be used on any browser in its native form. Downloading either the desktop or mobile application is required of users.

Sign up with your fundamental information after the installation is complete. The program will ask you to select your ability level from three different categories: beginner, intermediate, and professional.

You will first need to connect your exchange with Atani before you can begin trading. The procedure is easy to understand, and there are helpful instructions provided along the way. However, people who are just starting out in cryptocurrency trading may find the trading perspective to be overwhelming. The charting and analyzing tools might be difficult to understand for first-timers as well. The buying and selling section is simple to operate. As a result, we consider the level of ease of use to be moderate.

The trading platform comes equipped with a variety of features that set this terminal apart from others. The following are the most noteworthy examples:

Atani offers a tool for financial management that enables customers to track all of their activities in order to make tax payment more straightforward. A single click is all that is required to download the report.

Because of this functionality, you will now be able to get notifications on your operating system in real time. You have the option to sign up to get phone calls, text messages, or emails that provide updates on the specific market behavior or price movement of particular cryptocurrencies.

Atani gives users access to a range of tools that may be used for charting and doing technical analysis. Before deciding on your next course of action, you will be able to undertake analysis thanks to these tools. Both trend analysis and technical analysis are quite simple to do.

Atani does not participate in any form of custody. This indicates that the platform will not keep any of your personal information or account data, including API keys, crypto assets, or money of any kind. The desktop program utilizes an encryption protocol with a military-grade of 256-bit AES.

The parent exchange that Atani is connected to serves as the storage location for crypto assets. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to utilize only trustworthy exchanges that offer a high level of protection for your funds. Keep an eye out for cryptocurrency exchanges that provide insurance to guarantee that your valuables are secured in the event that harmful system breaches occur.

Only a single platform that supports integrations and operations from several exchanges is made available by Atani. The business does not make any mention of its regulatory status despite the fact that it is an aggregater. Nevertheless, the platform collaborates with exchanges that are governed by the laws of a number of different jurisdictions.

This online trading platform places a high priority on protecting users' privacy. No personally identifying information (KYC) is gathered. To sign up, all you need is an email address and a password.

Atani's website has a resource for educational activities known as the Atani Academy. By offering concise video walkthroughs, the hub makes an effort to cover the most important components of the platform. In addition, the website contains both a frequently asked questions area and a blog where more information may be found that is more in-depth.

Atani offers its clients a tradeview that includes tools for charting and technical analysis. You have the ability to perform the following with the tools that are available on the platform:

You may save all of your charts without any restrictions.
Make use of a variety of chart styles, such as bars, candles, hollow candles, Heikin Ashi, line, area, and baseline charts.
Employ in excess of 80 different types of technical indicators, such as moving averages and Bollinger bands.
Make use of over 50 different insightful tools, such as Elliott waves and the Fibonacci sequence.

Atani provides service by email - There is also a support channel on Telegram, in addition to a channel on YouTube.

Atani: Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency Guide for Exchanges
How to purchase cryptocurrency with Atani
The process of purchasing cryptocurrency on Atani is more complicated than it is on other exchanges. There are several tasks that must be completed before continuing, such as downloading the Atani trading platform and registering for an account. It is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to purchase cryptocurrency directly through Atani but rather through one of the 22 exchanges that are connected into the platform. To make your first purchase of cryptocurrency using Atani, follow these steps.

The first step is to register: Create an account at a cryptocurrency exchange that is listed on Atani. To link two exchanges, such as Binance and Atani, on the trading view, click on the "Exchanges" tab. In order to finish the connection, you will want both of your API keys and your secret key.
Step 2 - Make a deposit: Obtain the necessary funding. Use either traditional cash or cryptocurrency, depending on the requirements set out by the exchange you select.
Step 3: After you have logged in, go to the "Trade" tab: Find the purchase and sell module by selecting the "Trade" option and looking for it. When trading via the Atani app, select the Coinbase Pro option.
Proceed to Purchase Something (Step 4): to create a purchase order for cryptocurrency. Proceed in the following manner:

Pick the MATIC/USD trade pair as your currency of choice in Atani.
Choose a cryptocurrency pair to invest in.

Choose and customize your order type, e.g., market order, limit order, and take profit market order.

Step 5: With the money that are now available in your account, enter the quantity or number of cryptocurrencies that you intend to spend.

Click the "purchase" button (Step 6): Confirm that the deal has been concluded by checking the status of your portfolio.

The steps involved in selling cryptocurrency are exactly the same as those involved in purchasing it. The purchase and sell module will continue to be utilized by our team.

After successfully logging in, proceed to step 1 and pick your exchange.
Step 2: Navigate to the "Trade" menu, then find the "buy and sell" module.
Create a sell order for your cryptocurrency in the third step. Proceed in the following manner:
Select and specify the sort of order you want to place, such as a market or limit order.
Step 4: Check your portfolio to determine if the changes have been reflected in your crypto or fiat holdings.

Atani is a non-custodial trading platform that integrates APIs from 22 different exchanges to bring them all under one roof. It eliminates the need for intermediaries by connecting users directly to their respective exchanges. Users get access to data reflecting the market as it is happening in real time and are able to conduct transactions with ease on the platform. Desktop users can download a version of Atani to use on their computers. When they join up, users are not required to supply any KYC data.

The platform comes with a few one-of-a-kind capabilities, such as the ability to generate tax reports and link numerous accounts to the same exchange. The 22 different exchanges, including as Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Huobi Global, make it possible for users to trade and track more than 9000 different cryptocurrencies.

Trading cryptocurrency is made simple by a module that allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. Receive updates on current prices so that you may make transactions in real time. Users are required to connect to their exchange by utilizing API and secret keys in order to do so. After you have purchased some cryptocurrency, it is simple and convenient to monitor your portfolio using a mobile application, even while you are not at home.

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