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Our Axiory review will walk you through all of the crucial aspects you should be aware of before deciding to use this broker's services. Axiory, which was established in 2012, provides access to over 60 currency pairs as well as CFDs on energy, precious metals, and indices. Low costs and narrow spreads, as well as a comprehensive set of research and teaching resources, contribute to make the broker appealing to traders of all skill levels.

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In Belize, Axiory has obtained a license from the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), which allows the company to accept clients from all over the world. Follow the links below to find out more about the broker's security features and trading conditions.

Axiory has over 5 years of expertise in the business and has won several honors throughout that time. At the Business Worldwide CEO Awards in 2020, the broker's CEO, Roberto d'Ambrosio, was awarded the title of 'Best CEO in the Forex (FX) Brokerage Industry' for his achievements. This was followed by Axiory receiving two honors at the International Investor Awards in the same year, including "Best Customer-Centric Forex Brand in Dubai" from Global Brands Magazine. Axiory was recognized for its "Excellence in Customer Service" and "Most Transparent Broker in 2020" awards at this event.

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Despite the fact that Axiory is a global brand, the broker does not provide services to clients in the following countries: the United States, Canada, the European Union, Indonesia, Belize, North Korea, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Axiory is required to operate responsibly and safely in accordance with the regulations of the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) of Belize. All client monies must be held in separate accounts, as mandated by the regulatory authority.

Axiory is also a member of the Financial Commission, where it maintains a Category A membership. The Financial Commission is a non-profit organization that provides unbiased dispute settlement. Axiory is a member of a compensation fund as a result of their participation. This implies that, in the unusual case of insolvency, you may be able to recover up to $20,000 in damages.

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In addition, our Axiory reviewers are glad to inform that the broker provides negative balance protection on all of its client accounts. Overall, it is evident that openness and safety are the most important values at Axiory.

In addition to the standard account categories, you may establish a Light Live account as well. This account requires simply a personal identification card and no address verification, making it ideal for people who wish to start trading right away. Take aware, however, that you may only trade with a maximum value of $1,000 with this account, and that you can only make deposits using your credit card.

It will come as no surprise to learn that Axiory provides a demo account with $10,000 in virtual funds, which you can use to practice trading before making a real-money deposit. The number of demo accounts you create is completely up to you, and you may keep them active for as long as you like. This is an excellent opportunity to try a variety of trading techniques at the same time - an advantage that you will not find at most other forex brokers.

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Bonuses are rarely offered by this online broker in order to prevent gimmicks. Instead, our research team discovered that Axiory is committed to providing high-quality services at an affordable price to all of its clients. Except for the birthday bonus, which is a $50 gift ticket for use in your trading account, there are no other exceptions.

You must submit a request to your personal account manager within 30 days after receiving your birthday bonus through email in order to be eligible to receive it. To guarantee that you are receiving a genuine gift, there are no minimum deposit or trading limitations associated with the bonus.

Axiory's product websites also include detailed information on financing options and overnight rates. For short positions, EURUSD swaps were 0.05, and for long ones, they were -4.59, at the time of writing this broker review.

Axiory does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals, which are considered non-trading costs. You should check with your payment processor to see if there are any additional costs. In our analysis of Axiory, we discovered that there is a $10 fee for withdrawals of less than $200.

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It is possible to fund your account at Axiory using a variety of different ways including credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets like as Sticpay, Neteller, Skrill, and VLoad. Alternatively, you may take advantage of localized techniques, which allow for speedier transactions and no transaction costs.

It is possible to fund your account via BitPay, if that is more convenient for you. You may pick from eight different cryptocurrencies when using this technique, and your cash will be available in your account within 15 minutes. It takes between one and five business days to get a withdrawal from BitPay. The same is true for deposits.

Axiory's trading platforms (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader) were all evaluated in order to provide a thorough analysis of the broker's services.

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MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform in the world, with more than a million users. It comes with more than 50 built-in indicators, lightning-fast execution rates, and a variety of charting tools to choose from. The use of expert advisers and custom indicators can also help you to improve your trading abilities. One more common trading platform is cTrader, which has 60 indicators, automated trading features, and an intuitive user-interface.

All of the trading platforms are accessible for use on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. Because they are so similar, our reviewers recommend that you choose the platform with which you are most comfortable working.

When trading with Axiory, our broker review team also recommends that you take use of Autochartist, which is a charting program. Autochartist is a third-party plug-in that is compatible with both of the broker's trading platforms, as well as with other trading platforms. In addition to six Fibonacci pattern types, volatility analysis, quality indicators, and important levels are also included in this package.

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Axiory is a broker that is optimized for mobile devices. Along with two trading platforms that are accessible via iOS and Android applications, our reviewers discovered that they could also access the MyAxiory Client Zone while on the road. You may use this page to fill your account, monitor your trades, request withdrawals, and communicate with customer care.

Beginners are the center of education and training. Axiory provides a wealth of instructional resources, such as trading tutorials and market news, to its customers.

If you're a new trader, we strongly recommend that you check out Axiory's Trading Academy. It's jam-packed with articles that are both simple to grasp and comprehensive in their coverage of the subject matter. Basics, Trading Tools, Platforms, Strategies, Automated Trading, Technical Indicators, Economic Indicators, Trading Terms, Trading Psychology, Live Trading, and Risk Management are just a few of the topics covered in the Trading Academy.

If you're a more seasoned trader, we're confident you'll find the broker's market news and technical analysis articles to be very useful. These tools, which are updated on a regular basis, provide you with excellent trading ideas and further information.

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Customer service is provided in a convenient manner. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while using Axiory, you may contact customer care through email, form, phone, or live chat. Clients in Chile, Cyprus, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Belize can call a local phone number provided by the broker, which is in their native language.

The responses are frequently rapid and informative, and you may also call customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Should you trade with Axiory, is our recommendation? After doing an investigation on Axiory, we have concluded that it is a respectable broker with robust security features. Account fees and conditions are very reasonable, and the trading platforms provided are among the finest in the business, according to our research.

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In order to distinguish yourself from the competition, Axiory additionally supplies you with a comprehensive set of research and analysis tools. It is because of this that the broker is excellent for traders of all skill levels, since there are several possibilities to enhance your trading skills.

To summarize, our reviewers have given Axiory their enthusiastic endorsement. Whether you're looking for a demo account, a low-cost live account, or a premium account with tight spreads, this broker offers something to suit your requirements.

We found that Axiory is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize, which was confirmed by our Axiory study. The Financial Commission, on which Axiory sits, is a body that sets tight norms and safety criteria for the company. In general, these requirements guarantee that the broker does business in a responsible and transparent manner at all times.

Axiory has three major account types: Nano, Standard, and Max. Each account type has its own set of features. Each of them grants you access to the broker's whole suite of instruments, trading platforms, and research tools, among other things. Additionally, in addition to the standard retail accounts, Islamic accounts, demo accounts, and Light Live accounts can be requested. The latter is a one-of-a-kind product that enables you to trade in seconds because it does not require any authentication.

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Axiory provides a $50 birthday bonus to all of its clients on their birthdays. You can make a claim for it by contacting your individual account. While there are no deposit limitations on the bonus, you must utilize it for trading purposes only and cannot withdraw it immediately after receiving it.

For Max accounts, the minimum deposit amount at Axiory is as little as $10. Similarly, accounts with the Nano or Standard tiers will cost you $10. Spreads are modest on all accounts as well, making this broker a good choice for traders of various financial backgrounds. In the event that you decide to make a deposit after practicing trading, Axiory demo accounts are absolutely free.

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Is Axiory a safe investment? Yes, Axiory employs a range of security measures to ensure that your funds are always protected. Maintaining them in separate accounts, providing negative balance protection, and participating in an investor compensation fund are just few examples of how to do so. SSL encryption, as well as secure payment mechanisms, further protect your information.

It may be quite difficult to find the best trading brokers and the best trading sites that can suit all of one's requirements when there are so many various types of brokers available online, even for experienced traders. This is especially true for novices.

Here you will find trading reviews of online brokers to help you choose which of them are the top trading brokers in the business. We also have trading websites that can actually assist you in achieving your trading objectives.

When we first started working on our trading assessments, we were met with a trading environment that had significantly changed in recent years, which we had not anticipated.

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According to Belizean regulations, Axiory Global Limited (doing business as Axiory) will serve as the primary counterparty for foreign clients. A license number 000122/15 has been issued to this firm by the Financial Services Commission of Belize (BZ FSC), which has its registered location at No.1 Corner Of Hutson Street And Marine Parade, Belize City, Belize.

Regulations in Mauritius: Tradit Limited (doing business as Axiory) is a Mauritius-based corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius and registered with the company registration number 179444. With a registered office at Suite 207 of The Catalyst on Silicon Avenue in Cybercity in the Republic of Mauritius, this entity may be found at 72201 Ebene, Mauritius. Tradit Limited is a company governed by the Mauritius Food Safety Commission (FSC), and its license number is GB21026376.

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Axiory adheres to the strictest security requirements when it comes to its clients' assets. This is why Axiory clients' funds are held in top-tier international banks that are completely separate from the company's own funds, as described above.

As part of its compliance with client money handling requirements, Axiory has established stringent policies and processes for the management and administration of these accounts, which are adhered to strictly. Axiory maintains client monies in a separate account from business funds and does not utilize these funds for any administrative or operational expenditures.

Because Axiory Global Limited is not regulated by any tier-1 financial authority that oversees an Investor Compensation Fund, the company does not provide a customer deposit compensation program. Customers will not be entitled to any financial compensation if Axiory Global Limited is unable to satisfy its financial commitments, including in the event of bankruptcy.

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To ensure that accounts created with Axiory Global Limited do not have a negative balance, the company has implemented a Negative Balance Protection feature by default. Customers of Axiory Global Limited are protected against losses that are greater than their initial investments, even in the event of high market volatility, thanks to NBP. Three types of trading accounts are available from Axiory: Nano (ECN model), Standard, and Max (higher leverage). Axiory also provides two MT5-only accounts - Tera and Alpha - to its customers. The Tera account includes trading charges that are equal to those of the Nano account, however it is exclusively accessible with MT5. The Alpha account, which is available with a maximum leverage ratio of 1:1 and is specialized to stock trading on the MT5 platform, is the most popular option. Axiory also provides swap-free accounts for traders who adhere to Islamic principles.

Social trading, including copy trading, is also possible with Axiory, thanks to the Axiory CopyTrade feature. In the case of money managers, Axiory does not provide alternatives to PAMM accounts.

Leverage is limited to 1:1 for the Alpha account, 400:1 for the Tera and Nano accounts, and up to 777:1 for the Max account, with the maximum leverage available in all markets.

Axiory Account

At this time, Axiory trading accounts are only accessible in the currencies of EUR and USD.

Trading with Axiory may be done through the use of the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 (for Terra and Alpha accounts only), and cTrader platforms, all of which are available on the web, on desktop computers, and on mobile devices (iOS and Android). Axiory provides a restricted range of 350 assets to trade, including currency, equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indexes, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The foreign exchange market has a total of 62 currency pairings (including Minor and Exotic crosses).

The FTSE 100, STOXX 50, and the NIKKEI 225 are among the 10 international indices included in the package.

The stock market now offers 122 equities with a 1:1 leverage and dividends paid (only for the Alpha account) from prominent businesses such as Apple, Enel, Eni, BMW, Tesla, Nike, Amazon, BHP Hilton, and Facebook. Also featured in the stocks category are 78 stocks CFDs, which enable traders to go long or short on stocks of worldwide corporations and financial institutions (available with the Tera, Nano, Max and Standard accounts).

Axiory Account

ETFs - There are 69 ETFs and CFDs available in a variety of industries, including mining, energy, and technology, that reflect the overall performance of the equity markets in a number of nations.

commodities - There are nine commodities CFDs available for trading, comprising four metals (including gold and silver), five energy (including UK oil and natural gas), and one indices (including gold and silver).

For the entry-level account, the Standard account, and even the Max account, Axiory's forex trading spreads are not the most competitive in the market, and this is true for all three accounts. Using the Standard account, the average spread for the EUR/USD is 1.3 pip (spreads may be higher during big economic releases and market opening hours). The Standard account is commission-free and has no minimum deposit. The average spread for the EUR/USD for the Max account is 1.9 pip on average. Positively, the EUR/USD average spread with a Nano account is only 0.3 pip, which is a little difference.

Axiory Account

A broker commission will be charged by Axiory in order to get access to the superior trading conditions of the Nano account (smaller spreads). When trading the EUR/USD, the usual lot charge for a single lot (100,000 units) is 6 USD (three dollars each side/per lot), according to the CME Group. According to us, this commission is pretty reasonable when compared to other services and when compared with other brokers.

As of the 7th of March, 2022, the axiory swap rates for the EUR/USD are -5.26 for holding overnight a 1 lot long contract and +0.03 for holding overnight a 1 lot short contract, respectively. When compared to the rollover rates given by other prominent Forex brokers, we believe that these swap rates are on the average.

Fees for deposits - Traders may fund their trading accounts with just two different currencies and eight different funding options, which include credit cards, bank transfers, and electronic payments such as Skrill, SticPay, and Neteller, among others. Axiory accepts deposits in a variety of cryptocurrencies as well. The money that have been deposited are available practically immediately. In the case of deposits, Axiory does not charge any fees; however, for transactions totaling less than $200/� 200 per transaction, a cost of $10/�10 will be charged, with the exception of international wire transfers, for which a fee of $15/�15 will be charged.

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Fees for withdrawals - The same policy applies to withdrawals as it does for deposits (processing times vary from immediate to 10 business days). Axiory does not charge any fees for withdrawals; however, for withdrawals of less than $200/�200 per transaction, a fee of $10/�10 will be charged per withdrawal request via cards and e-payments, and a fee of $15/�15 will be charged per withdrawal request via International Wire Transfer, unless otherwise specified. In order to obtain further information, please see the dedicated Axiory deposit and withdrawals page.

Inactivity fee � Axiory does not impose an inactivity fee or any other account maintenance fees on its customers. Despite the fact that the adoption of Axiory's swift and free withdrawal policy has been highly praised, the broker's popularity among traders is somewhat indifferent, with an average rating of 3.0 stars. Although Axiory has made significant strides in recent years, including eliminating commissions on deposits and withdrawals, implementing Negative Balance Protection, and implementing a quick smart onboarding system that allows traders to register at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there are still a number of areas that could be improved.

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Perhaps this has something to do with the total trading costs associated with Axiory and its pricing methodology. The weak client's fund protection provided by a tier-4 financial authority, the Belize International Securities and Futures Commission, may still be a significant reason why traders may not use Axiory as their broker of choice, in our opinion.

Trading accounts - When it comes to trading accounts, we believe that the Axiory Nano account offers the most value for money. This account is also a popular alternative because of the lower trading expenses. Based on the smaller EUR/USD spread and a competitive charge of $6.00 per lot traded, this account is regarded the best option.

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Forex education - Axiory receives bonus popularity points for their extensive collection of Forex education resources, which can be accessed under the Trading Resources page. In addition to enrolling in and brushing up on their market knowledge with Axiory's Forex courses, learning about trading through several articles, reading and making informed decisions with Axiory's fundamental and technical analysis reports, and using their trading tools are all options for Axiory clients. It is Axiory's devoted website to everything market related, Axiory Intelligence, which is a fully filled website with live trading sessions (which will be available shortly), various excellent FX (and other markets) articles, trading tactics, and much more. Minimum deposit - Creating a trading account with Axiory is simple and can be done entirely online in about 10 minutes after filling out the necessary papers. The xiory minimum deposit requirement is 10 USD/10 EUR for all trading accounts, regardless of the kind of account.

Service - Axiory multi-language customer care is accessible 24 hours a day, five days a week, seven days a week in seven different languages. Phone calls, emails, contact forms, and live chat are all options for getting in touch with Axiory support. Axiory assistance is also available straight through their website. Axiory Global Ltd was founded in 2011 and has been active on the financial markets since 2012. The company's headquarters are in Belize, and the group has representative offices throughout the Middle East as well as other countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Singapore. The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize has granted Axiory a license and is responsible for overseeing the company.

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Axiory is a licensed industry leader that has been providing services to traders all around the world since its founding in 2012. Axiory has established a clever, pleasant, and intuitive environment for accessing the forex and CFDs markets, in which the demands of clients are always prioritized over anything else.

Trading with Axiory may be accomplished through the use of the tried and true MetaTrader 4 and cTrader trading platforms. Financial instruments are offered for trading in three main asset classes; over 60 currency pairs, gold, silver, and CFDs are all available for personal investment and trading possibilities through the broker. An superb trading environment, innovative risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the continual assistance of an international staff of highly competent and exceptionally nice individuals distinguish Axiory traders from the competition.

Finally, owing to licensing and regulatory constraints, Axiory is unable to provide services to people of the United States of America, Canada, European Union nations, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Indonesia, North Korea, or Belize due to licensing and regulatory restrictions.

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Overall, according to our Axiory assessment, the broker has a slightly below-average rating of 2.8 out of 5, indicating that the firm still has some significant areas for improvement. The pricing model of Axiory should be evaluated and modified to ensure that it is competitive with its rivals. Additionally, in order to gain greater credibility with traders who are seeking for the critically necessary safety of funds measures, Axiory could raise its trust score by becoming a member of a tier-1 financial authority, such as the Financial Conduct Authority. Nonetheless, despite these less favorable aspects, Axiory appears to be a popular broker among Asian traders and traders seeking for Islamic accounts that meet their requirements.

It was created in 2011 and has its headquarters in Belize. Axiory is an online forex broker that was founded in 2011. This forex broker offers three distinct trading accounts as well as a selection of trading tools and more than 50 different financial products to choose from.

Axiory provides its traders with the chance to engage in exclusive financial markets while also ensuring that their transactions are transparent. By virtue of being licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize, this Forex broker is deemed to be a risk-free broker with whom to conduct business.

Axiory Account

Axiory employs cutting-edge technology in trade execution and trading solutions for experienced traders, ensuring that trades are executed quickly and with high levels of stability. This Axiory review will provide you with an in-depth examination of the characteristics of this Forex broker.

Axiory was formed in Belize in 2011, and it was founded there in 2011. For this Forex broker, the goal was to create a concept for clients that combined trading, technology, and transparency. Axiory is well-known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, which includes providing assistance to needy individuals in disaster zones.

Axiory is a forex broker that is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in the country of Belize. Aside from being a member of the famous Financial Commission, this Forex trading company also follows anti-money laundering (AML) procedures in order to protect its clients' cash from fraudulent activities.

Axiory is a very safe broker since client assets are held in separate accounts, and clients are protected from losing their money if their account goes into negative balance. In the event that the broker goes out of business, this Forex trading service will compensate you for your losses.

Axiory Account

The Forex trading costs at Axiory are competitively priced; in addition, the non-trading expenses are virtually non-existent.

The NANO account does not impose a fee for deposits or withdrawals, however you should be aware that a commission of 6 USD per lot is levied on transactions made through the NANO account alone.

The non-trading costs charged by Axiory are virtually non-existent. There are no fees associated with making a deposit or withdrawing funds from this Forex trading company. You will not be required to pay an inactivity fee or an account fee, which are both charged in order to keep your trading account active.

Axiory provides traders with floating spreads, which implies that the prices move in response to external factors such as market volatility. However, on average, the Standard trading account has spreads ranging from 0.2 pip to 1.2 pip, with the lowest being 0.2 pip and the most being 1.2 pip.

Axiory Account

Maximum leverage is 1:777 on the max account, while leverage up to 1:400 is available on the Nano and Standard accounts. Leverage is required in order to trade on the max account.

There are three types of accounts that are available to traders, and all of them provide the opportunity to open an Islamic account.

The account opening process is very quick and fully digital; it can be completed in less than 10 minutes on most computers. Axiory requires a minimum deposit of 50USD to open a trading account with them, regardless of the account type.

In this Axiory review, we'll take a look at the three various sorts of accounts that the company offers to its customers. The minimum deposit amount for each of these three trading accounts is 50 US dollars.

There is a maximum leverage level of 1:400 available with the Nano Account, and a minimum deposit amount of 50USD is required for this account. The average spread between EURUSD and USDJPY is 0.2 pips.

The EUR and the USD are the two account currencies that are currently accessible. The Nano Account is accessible on both MT4 and cTrader, and you may choose between a conventional and an Islamic account for your trading needs. However, you will be charged a fee of 6USD each lot for your participation.

Axiory Account

Axiory Standard Account (also known as Axiory Standard Account) is a type of standard account that is used to track a company's financial transactions.

Using the Standard Account, the leverage ratio is one-to-four hundred (400:1), with a necessary minimum deposit of fifty dollars (USD). The average spread between EURUSD and USDJPY is 1.2 pips.

The EUR and the USD are the only account currencies that may be used on the Standard Account, and they cannot be combined. In addition to the Standard Account, you have the option of opening an Islamic Account on both MT4 and cTrader. You will also not have to be concerned about fees because there will be no charges paid to you.

The leverage level given by the MAX Account can be as high as 1:777 while using the account. The account must be activated with a minimum deposit of 50USD, and there are no commissions charged on this account.

Axiory Account

The EUR and the USD are the two account currencies that may be used on the MAX Account at this time. The MAX Account is accessible on both MT4 and cTrader, and you may choose between a conventional and an Islamic account for trading. The average spread between EURUSD and USDJPY is 1.8 pips.

Opening An Axiory Trading Account - What You Need to Know

- Step one is to complete the application by providing your personal information.
- Select whether you want a Demo Account or a Live Account in Step Two of the process.
- Step three: Select your chosen leverage level, trading platform, base currency, and account type from the drop-down menus that appear.
- Step Four: Complete the form with your personal information and answers to the compliance questions.
- The fifth step is to check your papers with your passport or National ID card.

Axiory Account

Axiory accepts payments through a variety of methods, including wire transfers and electronic payments.

The absence of a deposit or withdrawal charge means that you won't have to worry about transfer costs, but you should be aware of them. There are just three base currencies that you may use for your account, and they are as follows:

Deposits: It is the purpose of this Axiory review to outline the particular payment alternatives available for depositing cash into your trading account. You can make deposits using a credit or debit card, a wire transfer, BitPay, Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, VLoad, or ThunderXPay. You can also use a variety of other payment methods.

There is no price for making a deposit, however there may be a fee for transferring funds, depending on the sort of payment method you use.

The same payment methods that are used to deposit monies into your trading account are also used to withdraw funds from your trading account. Axiory strongly advises that you use the same payment method for both depositing and withdrawing funds in order to make the process run more smoothly.

Axiory Account

There are no fees associated with withdrawals, however there may be a price associated with transfers if you opt to utilize specific e-payment methods. You will notice that the withdrawal procedure takes longer than it does with the majority of Forex trading brokers, but this is also dependent on the sort of payment method you use.

Axiory provides two cutting-edge trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader.
Both systems are available for download on Windows and Mac computers, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing for trading via smartphone. You can also opt to trade over the internet.

In this Axiory review, we will be showcasing a guide on the MetaTrader4 trading platform, which is available on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. In addition, both trading platforms include the option of hedging, and you can always rely on the assistance of expert advisors to assist you with your trades.

Axiory Account

Trading Platform on the Internet: Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, and Sell Stop are the four types of pending orders you will be able to make using Axiory and its MT4 web-based trading platform. They are the most fundamental pending orders in trading, and they allow you to specify a future date for when you wish to purchase or sell a security at a specific price at a specified price.

Axiory's MT4 trading platform only supports a two-step login authentication method on their Japanese version of the platform, which is exclusively available to its Japanese clients.

You will be able to place four pending orders simultaneously using Axiory and its MT4 mobile trading platform, in addition to placing orders on the web and desktop trading platforms. If you have any outstanding orders, you have the ability to decide when you would want to purchase or sell securities in the future at a certain price in the future. Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, and Sell Stop are the types of pending orders that may be placed on the MT4 mobile trading platform.

Axiory Account

As a trader, you will not be able to get any price alerts or push notifications using the mobile trading platform since it is not an option available to you.

With Axiory, you will be able to trade with more than 170 different financial instruments and will have access to the most unique financial marketplaces available to traders.
The currency pairs financial market and the energy markets are the two financial markets that Axiory Traders utilize the most frequently. Trading with Axiory will provide you access to all major financial markets, and you will be able to choose from more than 170 different financial instruments to trade with. Forex, energy, CFD indices, CFD stocks, and metals are all available for trading. Commodities and cryptocurrency, on the other hand, are not available. This Axiory review categorizes the financial instruments that you may trade as well as the particular quantities that are accessible.

Axiory Account

In order to aid you in the evaluation of trading methods, you may use a number of different trading instruments. The first trading tool is MyAxiory, which is a database that contains all of your order history as well as your previous performance. The second trading tool is the Calculator, which allows traders to compute account currency in relation to its asset class, as well as to the measurement of margins, pips, swaps, and profit margins.

The third trading tool is Auto Chartist, which is a highly popular tool for traders to employ in order to personalize their charting software. The Strike Indicator is the fourth trading tool offered by Axiory, and it is used to analyze currency pairings in order to identify trends. Last but not least, Axiory offers Currency Indices, which indicate the value of a currency while also reflecting changes in the exchange rate between two currencies.

Axiory Account

Traders may benefit from Axiory's market research and trading tools, which will improve their overall trading experience and assist them in refining their trading methods. The market research resources include market news and technical analysis, which will assist traders in staying up to speed with the latest developments in the market.

Axiory provides traders with market news and technical analysis as well as market research resources to help them remain on top of the latest developments in the trading world.

Technical analysis is updated on a daily basis, while the market newsfeed is not updated on a daily basis. The most current market research material, on the other hand, is the investment methods that are offered to the trader's desire based on the most recent market research material.

Axiory offers a multi-award-winning, great customer service staff that places a strong emphasis on providing a human and welcoming experience to customers.

Axiory Account

Axiory thinks that the most effective method to reach out to their clients is through a human-to-human approach, which they do through their well-educated employees. You may contact out to the customer support department by email, phone, live chat, or social media platforms such as Facebook. Because they do not function on weekends, customer care representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to assist you.

Several customers have expressed appreciation for the variety of options available for contacting customer care assistance at this Forex broker. Customer service has, on the other hand, been criticized for being too lengthy and too sluggish to respond to requests.

Client education is a priority for Axiory, which is why traders get full access to the "Axiory Trading Academy" as part of their trading platform.
You will discover articles, e-books, and videos that will assist you in furthering your education in the trading industry.

The Trading Academy of Axiory is a collection of articles, e-books, and videos that are designed to give instructional insight for beginners. When you return to the basics, the Academy will educate you trading terminologies, allow you to evaluate different trading platforms, and teach you all you need to know about trading solutions.

Axiory Account

To test out trading strategies and evaluate brokers before joining up with one, more experienced traders choose to use the Demo Account approach to test out trading strategies and evaluate brokers. Traders may also put their trading techniques to the test without risking any monetary loss.

This Axiory review will walk you through the process of creating your own Axiory Demo Account step-by-step, from start to finish. If you follow these procedures, you will have the opportunity to trade with Axiory without incurring any financial losses at all.

This Axiory review has concentrated on the most important aspects of the company and the elements you should consider when deciding whether or not to trade with them.

The importance of customer protection is the most outstanding element of Axiory. Due to the fact that the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize regulates the company and that it is a member of the Financial Commission, transparency and security are essential.

Axiory Account

Axiory, on the other hand, has taken the step of providing negative balance protection to everyone of its trading accounts. Axiory provides three different types of trading accounts: the Nano Account, the Standard Account, and the MAX Account. In addition, this Forex broker has safeguarded customer assets by providing reimbursement of cash in the event that the broker goes out of business.

Axiory Account


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Axiory Account


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