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CoinMarketCap Review: Is it legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

CoinMarketCap is a website that focuses on cryptocurrencies and other non-traditional assets and is packed full of features; if you have any interest in the cryptocurrency or NFT markets, you will certainly want to check out this website. I'm going to go through a couple of the more fascinating aspects in this post, in addition to providing a basic evaluation. Visit CoinMarketCap Website.

In my view, one of the most user-friendly websites now available in this sector of the internet. It has an elegant layout and makes it very simple to explore all of the different parts of the website.

This home page will feature all you want if you are searching for general information that is updated between cryptos on a day-to-day basis. The report contains a variety of statistics, such as price, volume, and percentage gain, in addition to a lovely weekly graph.

You may view fresh new cryptocurrencies in addition to ones that are trending if you make use of the numerous sorting options that are available to you across a variety of categories.

Their NFT page contains a reasonable amount of information on what is trending at the moment, depending on what it is that you are searching for. They also offer several articles that explain how to get started, which are wonderful resources for anyone who are just starting out. If you are only interested in the present market, this is a very straightforward approach.

CoinMarketCap has a very engaging rewards program, in which users may earn "diamonds" by achieving certain goals and doing certain activities. When you have collected a certain number of diamonds, you will be eligible to exchange them for a prize. These awards are often tied to NFT, but it is still really great to have this function included in the game.

The fact that they have a page that is solely devoted to airdrops is perhaps one of the aspects of this website that I like the best. To put it simply, an airdrop is when a new cryptocurrency firm acknowledges your support by providing you with some of their coin in return for it (generally via social media).

You have to fill out a form, submit them with evidence that you have successfully completed a task, and then you will get their currency! I simply believe that this is a pretty intriguing feature that is not really seen anywhere else, and that it will definitely be something that many crypto fans would want to check into.

Their news feeds are another item that I truly love using on a regular basis. They offer incredibly prompt and up-to-date news covering the entirety of cryptocurrency throughout the day.

I make extensive use of this functionality in conjunction with the mobile app; hence, I have high hopes that, at some point in the future, they will implement an extra function that enables notification via your mobile device.

In general, this article provides a wealth of valuable information, and I strongly recommend making use of what is offered.

CoinMarketCap is a website that measures the prices of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2013 and monitors a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Zcash, and SafeMoon, amongst others. It is frequently trending on Twitter and Instagram and is widely considered to be one of the most important bitcoin websites in the world. In this analysis, we will go over what CoinMarketCap is, how it operates, and the ways in which it may assist you in monitoring and diversifying your portfolio as well as potentially increasing your earnings. We will also provide a listing of a large number of popular coins on the website so that you are aware of what to watch out for.

CoinMarketCap is a free website that monitors the values of more than 11,000 different cryptocurrencies, which have a total market capitalization of 1.924 quadrillion US dollars or 1.4 quadrillion British pounds (British pounds). There are those who refer to it as the "Wikipedia" (Wiki) of the cryptocurrency world.

CoinMarketCap was established in 2013 by Brandon Chez, who was also the company's creator and a previous owner. Binance Holdings Limited is the current owner and operator of the firm.

CoinMarketCap is not an exchange, a wallet, or a trading platform, and it does not identify any of these tokens as being available for purchase, despite the widespread perception to the contrary. Instead, the website monitors and displays the current values of a range of currencies, and it also provides connections to a number of different exchanges where users may buy, sell, and trade the tokens. There are several distinct exchanges available, including spot exchanges, derivative exchanges, and decentralized finance (DeFi) exchanges, sometimes abbreviated as DEXs.

Brief History First launch in May 2013 First public API launch in May 2016 Mobile application developed and released for iOS download May 2018 Professional API launch August 2018 Mobile application developed and released for iOS download April 2019 CoinMarketCap launches Android app November 2019 First support for Ethereum Classic Introduced in April of 2020, the Liquidity Metric CoinMarketCap was purchased by Binance for a sum of USD 400 million.

CoinMarketCap is a website that gathers and compiles information in real time from a wide number of sources. This information is utilized to give reliable price tracking on confirmed cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets such as Crypto Cricket Club (3CS), 2Local (2LC), VideoCoin (VID), WAX (WAXP), Universal Cash (UCASH), and WinkLink (WIN).

CoinMarketCap gives users access to a variety of information pertaining to each asset. The price, the price change, the 24-hour highs and lows, the trading volume, and the market capitalization are some examples of statistics (cap). You have the option of seeing a variety of charts that cover a range of time periods, such as one hour, twenty-four hours, one week, one month, or one year. There is also statistics from the past accessible, such as a list of the coins that have had the best performance in prior years. Some coins are highlighted as untracked listings, which means that while some information is presented, the coins themselves are not being monitored in real time. Users are also able to set up alerts and notifications regarding prices.

If you are not specifically looking for a certain currency, you may use CoinMarketCap to browse the many tokens that are being monitored instead. You are able to examine all listings, the top 500, 300, 100, 30 or 5 ranking coins, or you may search for the biggest/top gainers, most watched, recently added, and new coins. You can also search for the coins that have lost the greatest value over the past few days.

Although they are all cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken are frequently, but incorrectly, regarded to be some of the major competitors of the cryptocurrency tracker. CoinMarketCap is not in the business of competing with these other firms; in fact, it actively sends users to these other businesses when those businesses offer the best pricing for a given currency.

Alerts, watchlists, and other features are available on the CoinMarketCap mobile app.
Mobile App
Coingecko, on the other hand, is a direct rival to CoinMarketCap and an alternative to it. They provide services that are really comparable, but the latter includes enhanced historical data as well as an interface that is simpler to grasp.

CoinMarketCap is a repository for all of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, as well as alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ada and meme coins such as Dogecoin.

CoinMarketCap monitors a number of important cryptocurrencies in addition to those that have previously been identified. These cryptocurrencies include Telcoin (TEL), Ecomi (OMI), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK), Chia (XCH), and PancakeSwap (CAKE).

This is a very minor portion of the total number of coins that the corporation is monitoring and listing on its many applications. You can get a complete list of the more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies that are listed and analyzed in real-time on the website of the firm.

CoinMarketCap not only monitors the performance of cryptocurrencies but also monitors the performance and pricing of a wide variety of exchanges. They provide categorized and overall rankings, and for each exchange, they provide a score that is based on the exchange's liquidity, online traffic, and confidence in the organization. Spot exchanges, derivative exchanges, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and crypto loan exchanges are each represented by their own table.

CoinMarketCap provides access to data on the 24-hour trading volume, average liquidity, weekly visitors, markets, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies that are supported by each each exchange. Users are able to generate their very own watchlists, which emphasize the exchanges in which they are most interested, based on all of this information.

CoinMarketCap possesses a number of remarkable and one-of-a-kind characteristics, some of which are listed below:

CoinMarketCap has a comprehensive vocabulary for users. This is an excellent resource for anyone who is new to the world of cryptocurrency as well as those who are more seasoned but have come across a new bit of jargon. It is full with crypto words from A to Z. This lexicon has definitions for virtually every conceivable phrase, making it an exceptionally useful tool.

Even while cryptocurrencies are the most important assets that CoinMarketCap follows, it also follows notable non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as digital artwork. You have the option of seeing either entire collections of NFT artwork or single pieces. The amount of assets in a collection, the collection's net value, the trading volume and sales for the past seven days, as well as the trading volume and sales for all time, are all included in the information that is supplied.

The cryptocurrency portfolio tracker offered by CoinMarketCap enables you to monitor your gains and losses, as well as your yield. The service does not have any covert or additional costs associated with it at all. Users have the ability to import their portfolios and monitor prices using real-time data. The tracker also includes a useful currency converter and calculator that can display, in real time, the potential costs associated with switching between different currencies.

CoinMarketCap provides its customers with access to several quizzes. These are intended to assist users improve their knowledge while also earning money and other prizes for their efforts. The procedure is straightforward; after seeing certain videos, you must finish a quiz to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge and receive cryptocurrency. After the exam has been finished and the awards have been obtained, the solutions to questions pertaining to 1inch, Mobox, and other quizzes will be made available.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to win free airdrops by participating on the website. These are available in a number of different denominations, and there is a calendar that lists any impending airdrops as well as any that are already accessible. In addition, the calendar includes lists of forthcoming events and ICOs. Visit Reddit or YouTube for informational guides on how to maximize your earnings from participating in airdrops and events if you wish to get further knowledge on the subject.

Education and analysis resources provided by CoinMarketCap may be found at the CoinMarketCap Education Center.

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CoinMarketCap's Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of high-performance RESTful JSON endpoints that may be written in Python as well as other languages. Users have the option to sign up and join for free in order to evaluate the functionality of the basic version before selecting whether or not to purchase the full version.

Customers are able to use the crypto data provided by the CoinMarketCap API to perform simulations, put their trading and yield farming tactics to the test, and more. They are able to enter their portfolio into the API and do testing directly on cryptocurrencies that they already possess. In addition, users are able to construct their own own models by using the data that is provided. The application programming interface (API) may also be connected to Google Sheets or Excel.

There are many levels of membership available for use with the CoinMarketCap API. The Hobbyist subscription comes with 11 market data endpoints, one month's worth of historical conversions, and 40,000 call credits per month. It costs USD 30 per month to subscribe to this plan. The cost of the Startup membership will thereafter be USD 79, and the Standard subscription will cost USD 299 per month. The Standard subscription includes 29 market data endpoints, three months' worth of historical conversions, and 500,000 call credits per month.

The Professional API service, which comes with 3 million credits and 12 months' worth of historical data conversions, may be acquired for a monthly fee of $699 by those who are taking cryptocurrency trading more seriously. Additionally accessible are top-tier Enterprise API services for historical data beginning in 2013, as well as individualized license and credit levels. Users need make direct inquiries with CoinMarketCap in order to complete a transaction at this level.

If you are interested in transitioning away from your current office work and starting a career in trading, the CoinMarketCap API could be a wonderful method to get a head start on your profession and possibly increase the amount of money you make.

Using CoinMarketCap is a straightforward process. You do not even need to log in to explore the website if all you want to do is search through various cryptocurrencies and keep tabs on them. All you have to do is browse the website.

Signing up and importing your portfolio is an option available to those that desire a more individualized experience. This will provide you the ability to keep track of the coins you desire and configure any widgets that may enhance and increase the quality of your experience. You are also able to create your own watchlists so that you may monitor the cryptocurrency markets that are of interest to you.

Signing up is easy; all you need to do is establish a login for your email account and a password for it. If you do not wish to use the professional API, there are no additional costs. You can even sign up for a free subscription to CoinMarketCap's newsletter in order to receive all of the latest stories and information regarding the firm.

CoinMarketCap is a large and all-encompassing cryptocurrency site that can be accessed from a desktop computer as well as a mobile device. The site has a plethora of information on decentralized exchanges, helpful tools, and free cryptocurrency prizes. Users get access to a wide variety of features, including the ability to monitor over 11,000 different cryptocurrencies, create watchlists, maintain portfolios, and backtest various trading methods. Even if you don't pay for the premium API service, CoinMarketCap is a fantastic source of information for both novice and expert cryptocurrency traders. The fact that CoinMarketCap offers a high level of personalization helps explain why the website is used by so many people. Simply click on the link provided below to register right away.

CoinMarketCap is not an actual trading platform. Instead, users may use the website to monitor the prices of cryptocurrencies and other information, as well as monitor the operation of exchanges and backtest techniques.

CoinMarketCap is not a wallet; rather, it is only a database that contains information. The website monitors data for more than 11,000 different cryptocurrencies and displays that data in formats that traders may use to better educate themselves for upcoming purchases and transactions. You will need to locate a separate exchange and wallet in order to buy and store cryptocurrency; however, the Crypto Tracker website can provide you with some pointers that will assist you locate some of these.

CoinMarketCap is a reliable resource. Since there is no buying or selling of cryptocurrency, no bank information is obtained or retained. As a result, the possibility of your wallet being hacked or your personal information being stolen is significantly reduced.

CoinMarketCap began its existence as a standalone website and remained such for the first seven years of its existence. On the other hand, as of April 2020, Binance Holdings Ltd. has taken ownership of the business and is operating it.

CoinMarketCap offers a wide variety of helpful ranking and comparison options for digital currencies. The most common method is to utilize market capitalization, which can be determined by multiplying the current price of a cryptocurrency by the total amount that is currently in circulation of that cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap has a rating of 1.6 out of 5 stars for Trustpilot, which indicates that customers are quite unhappy with the service (according to June 2022 Stats). The vast majority of users believe that this website is an elaborate hoax. We are going to hold off on passing judgment because I don't believe they are running a scam; I think they are just completely swamped by their enormous expansion and are having serious issues with providing good customer support.

The following is a selection of reviews that can be found about them on Trustpilot:

Fabrizio from Italy: Good evening. At the beginning of the year, I decided to make an investment in the cryptocurrency known as GLOW. Could one of you kindly let me know whether or not I have misplaced all of my currencies? since I am unable to locate them at this time. In point of fact, GLOW 2 came into being; however, I am uncertain as to whether or not my cryptocurrencies are still accessible or whether I have been the victim of a hoax. Thanks. Fabrizio ITALY.

A user hailing from France: Horrible, they only let bots win in all of their giveaways, and now they have blocked legit accounts from even participating; you have to visit multiple pages, try to fill out the form, and there are constant network errors; it's been an hour and I'm still trying; if they want to drive someone crazy, they should go ahead and do it.

Irishman Shane Moloney: Website that is consistently inoperable. The numbers that represent the prices are frequently off. In addition to this, it has a strong prejudice. Do not waste your time with this horrible website; you'll wind up basing your choices on inaccurate information if you do.

Coinmarketcap displays information that has been changed or is inaccurate, according to Curly from New Zealand. The facts are fake, and data supplied from worldwide exchanges in some countries is ignored in order to influence the pricing for the benefit of Binance Exchange, which is the exchange's owner.

Consistent manipulation of market capitalization figures by employing arbitrary criteria to shift market attitudes and algorithms, as stated by Santiago Velez from the United States. Owned by a centralized exchange, which has every motivation to boost volume for fees and promote its own internal currency, BNB. There is no integrity in either the price signals or the participant in the market.

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