Editorial Policy for

The standards of this website for the production of the article must be adhered to, and the authors are responsible for ensuring that the submission is free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes. If a manuscript is not prepared in accordance with the author guidelines or if the author does not exhibit a fluent use of the English language, then the manuscript will not be eligible for the complete external peer-review process or for publishing.

Before submitting their work, non-native speakers of English are strongly encouraged to make use of language editing services in order to have their manuscripts reviewed and edited by native language professionals for issues pertaining to grammar, clarity of content, formatting, punctuation, and spelling.

It has not been published before, even partially, and it is not being considered for publication anywhere else. It has been prepared in conformity with this website's publishing ethics. It has been approved by all co-authors. The corresponding author has been authorized to handle any communication regarding the manuscript on behalf of other co-authors. It complies with this website's author guidelines regarding stylistic, bibliographic, and other requirements.

The editors do a preliminary examination of all contributions that come in before sending them to other contributors for additional evaluation. At this stage, the editors have the option of sending the article back to the writers for further revisions or rejecting it altogether without performing any more analysis. At any time throughout the peer review process, the editors have the ability to appoint more reviewers, seek minor or substantial adjustments from the authors, or make a final judgment regarding the paper. A one-of-a-kind manuscript ID is given to each submission that is made through the gateway for making them, and this identification number has to be provided whenever there is any communication with the editorial or support staff.

This website welcomes submissions of research articles, review articles, interviews, among other types of writing.