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FIBO Group Review: Is this broker legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

One of the most established companies in the field of marginal online trading is known as the International Financial Holding FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group). 1998 marked the beginning of operations for the holding's pioneering enterprise. We have always adhered, from the very first day of our activity, to the principles of transparent actions, to defend the interests of consumers, and to ensure strict compliance with observance of applicable laws and regulations of national regulators. All of the services that are offered by any of the companies that are part of the FIBO Group holding may reassure our clients and business partners that they are held to the highest international standards and that they are regulated by the appropriate national authorities.

FIBO Group


The multinational financial and investment holding company FIBO Group includes the FIBO Group Forex Broker as one of its subsidiaries (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group). On today's modern financial markets, Fibo Group Broker is one of the major and oldest companies in the field of providing services and products related to online marginal trading. Forex clients of the Fibo group, both private and institutional, can be assured that all products offered by any of the subsidiary companies within the forex trading group meet the highest industry standards and are regulated by national reputable financial authorities. This is something that clients of the forex trading group can take comfort in knowing.

FIBO Group

Trading in forex and CFDs is made available by the Fibo Group, which offers advantageous trading circumstances. In order to enhance the quality of the services that are provided, the staff at Fibo Group continually assesses the requirements of each trader. Therefore, using Fibonacci in forex trading will almost certainly result in success and profits. A trader may more easily collect all of the market data that is essential for trading with the assistance of various instruments, such as currency calculators and daily market evaluations. Reviews of Fibo Group that can be found on a variety of topical forums provide evidence that the broker is in high demand among members of the community of international currency traders.

FIBO Group has been active in margin markets for over 20 years, and during that time it has developed the ideal mix of trading accounts and trading circumstances to satisfy the requirements of traders in the most efficient manner. Low spreads beginning at 0 pips for the main instruments, and 41 currency pairings to choose from. Streaming currency rates and technology called Instant Execution (on MT4 NDD and cTrader NDD accounts Market Execution technology is applied). Execution of limit orders, stop losses (S/L), and take profits (T/P) at the price mentioned is guaranteed. The minimum lot size is one thousand of the base currency (0.01 of a standard lot). The minimum deposit required is either 0 USD or an amount that is equal in another currency. Leverage: lowest 1:1, maximum 1:1000 (minimum margin is 0.1 percent of the trade volume). On an MT4 NDD account, the leverage is 1:400. In the event that you roll over your position to the day after the market opens, the settlement date will shift without your intervention. Calculations of swaps are made in pips and based on LIBOR rates. These pips are then translated into the account currency using the exchange rates that are in effect at 00.00 server time and credited to your trading account.

FIBO Group

The minimum quantity of a contract for gold is 100 ounces, whereas the minimum quantity for silver is 5000 ounces. The price of gold and silver is displayed in both US Dollars and Euros. You can tell just by looking at the names of the agreements. These days, the cost of gold and silver is often expressed in US Dollars and Euros. The leverage ranges anywhere from 1 to 1 thousand. You are able to open long (buy) positions as well as short (sell) ones. Keep in mind, however, that a swap or rollover charge will be incurred if you decide to carry over your position to the next day. The swap rate might change based on both the asset and the position of the trader (long or short).

FIBO Group

Forex broker The Fibo Group is an international financial and investment holding company that is a member of the Fibo Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Company). Brokers affiliated with the Fibo Group are among the most prominent and innovative companies offering services and solutions related to online marginal trading on modern financial markets.

In 1998, the first Fibogroup holding company was established, marking over 20 years since the business's inception. Since the very beginning of the operation of the Fibo Group, the broker's team has always adhered to the principles of highly transparent conditions and services, protecting the interests of customers, and fully complying with the applicable industry requirements and recommendations of national regulators. These principles have been in place since the very beginning of the operation of the Fibo Group.

FIBO Group

All foreign exchange customers of the Fibo Group, including private individuals and large institutions, are offered a guarantee that all products sold by subsidiaries of the company's foreign exchange trading group are compliant with the highest industry standards and are supervised by appropriate governing bodies. Trading in forex and CFDs is available through Fibo Group, which offers favorable trading circumstances.

The requirements of each trader are always being assessed by the Fibo Group team in order to enhance the quality of the services that are offered. Trading in forex using Fibo levels is therefore certain to be both effective and lucrative. A trader may obtain all of the market data that is necessary for trading with the assistance of various tools. Some examples of these tools are currency calculators and daily market evaluations. The trading community appears to have a significant need for the broker, according to assessments of Fibo Group.

FIBO Group

Holding Company for International Finance With a history dating all the way back to 1998, FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is one of the brokers with the greatest expertise in the field of online trading. The broker has, from the very first day that they have been in business, always adhered to the principles of open operations, and they have done so in full conformity with the law regarding the protection of their clients' interests.

The FIBO Group Company was established in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and its headquarters are still located there. However, the broker has improved its offering thanks to another entity located in Cyprus, which includes renowned European regulatory authorization and the opportunity to invest in a risk-free manner. Additionally, FIBO's global presence includes high-quality help from its offices in Vienna, Limassol, Shanghai, Singapore, Zurich, Kiev, and Astana.

FIBO Group

Is it safe to invest in FIBO Group, or is it a scam? FIBO Group, Ltd., which is in turn overseen by the Financial Services Commission, British Virgin Islands, is the parent company of FONTEN CORPORATION LIMITED, which is a licensed financial services and commercial entity. FONTEN CORPORATION LIMITED is a subsidiary of FIBO Group, Ltd. In point of fact, the BVI is considered an offshore jurisdiction that has comparatively lax regulatory rules and standards for financial companies.

Despite this, the extra entity known as FIBO Group Holdings, Ltd is a corporation that is incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and has been granted permission by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to offer its services to nationals of the EU as well as other individuals.

It is in accordance with European Regulation, which, in conjunction with the offshore registration of the FIBO Group, makes the broker an attractive and risk-free investment opportunity.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group review reveals, in its entirety, that the company distributes its services across all of the major markets, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), while also providing a diverse selection of trading instruments and services. Because it operates on a worldwide scale, the firm offers a wide range of technologies and solutions that are designed to meet the majority of the requirements imposed by trade.

In addition to this, they provide execution that is uninterrupted and flawless, the choice between strategies that are based on a fixed spread or a variable one, the requirement to employ a large leverage, competitive trading conditions, and the ability to engage in social trading.

FIBO Group

FIBO Group is an online brokerage that offers Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) for online trading. They are licensed and provide a variety of account kinds in addition to trading platforms that are adaptable (MT4, MT5, and cTrader). However, the broker does not provide traders with any training resources and does not provide a diverse selection of trading products to choose from.

FIBO Group, also known as Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online, is a global FX and CFD broker that provides clients with competitive trading conditions as well as a variety of online trading services. FIBO Group was established in 1998, and its headquarters can be found in Cyprus. However, the company also has offices in Austria, Kazakhstan, Germany, and China. The website of the FIBO Group is available in a total of 14 different languages.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group makes the following asset classes available for trading on the MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms: cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, and indices. The 'fixed spread MT4' accounts are managed by the broker utilizing the Market Maker brokerage model. In addition to that, it provides the Non Dealing Desk (NDD) style of execution for all of the other account types and platforms.

The FIBO Group provides clients with competitive fee rates, low spreads that begin at 0 pip increments, cutting-edge technical solutions, and sophisticated trading platforms. Note that there will be a markup applied to fixed spread accounts; this is important information to keep in mind. It is acceptable to engage in any trading strategy, including scalping, hedging, and the use of automated trading robots.

FIBO Group

Multiple accolades in this sector have been bestowed to FIBO Group in recognition of its superior brokerage services. Awards such as these include "Best Standard Forex Broker," "Best Forex Broker in Europe," and "Best PAMM service broker." These three prizes were all bestowed to the recipients in 2016 at the conclusion of the "Moscow Financial Expo."

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has issued a license to FIBO Group Holdings Ltd with the number 118/10, therefore authorizing and regulating the company. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union is adhered to by the Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)-supervised office. It may be accessed online at

The Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands is the body responsible for overseeing FIBO Group Ltd. (FSC BVI). This is the arm that manages the worldwide website that can be found at, and the registration number for this arm is SIBA/L/13/1063.

FIBO Group

To comply with the directives of the governing bodies, the money belonging to the customers is kept in separate accounts. Because of this, it will be impossible for the broker to use them to cover their operational costs. In the event that the broker goes bankrupt, any client money that have been prudently stored in segregated accounts will be able to be restored to the respective account holders.

In preparation for a potential economic downturn, FIBO Group has secured financial protection in the form of an insurance policy. This action has also increased the brokerage firm's reliability, which in turn has further protected the cash of the company's customers.

FIBO Group

In addition, the money of investors are safeguarded by the fact that FIBO is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). Despite the fact that FIBO is a well-capitalized broker, the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) assures that investors have some protection in the event that the broker declares bankruptcy in the future. In the event that this occurs, the ICF has the ability to provide compensations to clients of the FIBO Group who are eligible. The compensation cannot exceed 20,000 for individual customer.

FIBO wishes to express its apologies but inhabitants of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Iraq, North Korea, and the United States of America are not eligible to use its services.

FIBO Group

MetaTrader 4, sometimes known simply as MT4, is a well-known and frequently used trading platform that is utilized by millions of traders all around the world. The 'MetaQuotes Software Corporation,' a Russian company with headquarters in Cyprus, was the one responsible for its creation in 2005. The MT4 trading platform is equipped with all of the essential trading tools that are required for doing in-depth market analysis and trading effectively. The following options are available for use with the FIBO Group MT4:

WebTrader is the online platform's web version, and it is compatible with the vast majority of today's web browsers.

The word "multiterminal" refers to a system that enables many account managers to simultaneously handle various accounts from a single master account.

FIBO Group

Mobile applications: Specifically crafted for use on iOS and Android-based smartphones. When it comes to mobile monitoring, analysis, and trading, nothing beats this.

Application for the desktop: This is available as a download for computers running the Windows operating system. It is the version of the MT4 that includes all of its functions, including the installation of trading software add-ons. This is the full feature version of the MT4.

FIBO Group

The following is a rundown of the most important aspects of MT4:

The interface, layouts, charts, and colors of the platform may all be modified to suit individual preferences.

Prices in real time for all of the assets that are available.

A wide variety of order kinds, including tools for risk management.

Trading with a single click as well as trading directly from the charts are both available.

Live account balances and a complete trade history are both available.

30 specialized indicators, and 24 objects for in-depth analysis.

There are three sorts of charts based on nine different periods, ranging from one minute (M1) to one month (MN).

Includes support for the MetaQuotes Language (MQL), which is a programming language that may be employed in the production of individualized scripts, indications, and expert advisers (EAs).

FIBO Group

Notifications of alerts can be sent by pop-up, email, and SMS.

MT4 Trading Platform Provided by the FIBO Group

MT4 Trading Platform Provided by the FIBO Group

The same company, MetaQuotes Software Corp., was responsible for developing the MT5 trading platform. MT5 was developed with a wider variety of trading tools and features than its predecessor, MT4, which already included a broad array of functionalities. These improvements were made to enhance the platform's existing capabilities. The user interface and applications have a very identical appearance, and both the desktop and mobile versions are intuitive and highly adaptable to individual preferences. Both allow for the creation of bespoke extensions and automated trading through the use of experienced advisers (EAs). When transferred to MT5, software that was developed specifically for MT4 would not function properly, and vice versa.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group MT5 is offered as a desktop program for Windows, in addition to being made accessible as mobile apps for iOS and Android-based devices. In addition to the capabilities offered by the MT4 platform, the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is equipped with the following key features:

It offers around 21 different timelines, which is 12 more than the MT4 platform has to offer.

It has 6 outstanding orders, which is an increase of 2 over the MT4, which only has 4.

Preloaded with 38 technical indicators, which is an increase of 8 over the MT4's offering.

44 analytical tools, which is an increase of 20 tools compared to those present on the MT4 platform.

Comes with an economic calendar, something that MT4 lacks but which this product has.

It is equipped with the depth of market tool, which is absent from the MT4 platform.

MT5 Trading Platform Provided by the FIBO Group

FIBO Group

cTrade is a trading platform that can accommodate experienced investors as well as novice traders. Utilizing technology known as No Dealing Desk (NDD), it establishes a connection to the markets in real time. "Spotware Systems Ltd," a financial technology company situated in Cyprus and created and led by "Andrey Pavlov," is credited with developing cTrader in the year 2010. cTrader is offered as cTrader online, which can be run directly in a web browser; a desktop platform for Windows that can be downloaded; and Android and iOS applications that can be downloaded via the app stores for those respective operating systems.

The following is a list of some of the most important aspects of the cTrader platform:

The 'buy' and'sell' prices of the instrument are updated in real time and displayed in the Watchlist. It may be tailored to the trader's preferred assets and assets in general.

Multiple order types including market order, limit order, stop order and stop limit order.

There are four different chart styles available on the FIBO cTrader, and they may be presented on any of the 26 timelines.

There are around 65 different technical indicators that may be used for doing technical analysis.

The cAlgo programming language is supported by the platform, which may be utilized to construct indicators and trading robots that can automate forex and CFD trading.

The system is compatible with 21 different languages.

cTrader Platform Provided by the FIBO Group

The cTrader platform has a social trading function known as the cTrader Mirror. Customers of the FIBO Group are given the choice to either become investors or strategy suppliers. The investors might pay a fee to mimic the trades that the strategy providers broadcast to the market. Spotware has renamed the product cMirror to cTrader Copy and given it a new packaging.

FIBO Group

cAlgo: The C# programming language is leveraged on the cAlgo platform in order to facilitate the development of indicators, trading robots, and other types of software.

To qualify for this service, you will need to have a minimum amount in your account equal to $300. The cTrader and MT5 platforms do not support the PAMM services that are offered. Customers of FIBO have the option of either becoming managers or investors in the company. An investor may pick from hundreds of different PAMM accounts to invest in based on the level of risk that they are comfortable with. There is not the slightest assurance that the investors will make a profit when the PAMM manager is trading on their behalf. The performance of PAMM in the past is not always indicative of its future performance.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group provides its customers with the chance to participate in a portfolio that is managed by asset managers that are competent, experienced, and accredited by the CySEC. Investors have the option of selecting one of the following strategies from the pool of available options:

In a balanced manner, the yearly profit objective is set at sixty percent, with forty percent of the earnings going to FIBO. At a loss of thirty percent of deposits, the level of closure is reached.

The annual profit objective that we are shooting for is 120 percent. FIBO will keep 50 percent of the earnings, despite the fact that the degree of closure will result in a loss of 50 percent of the deposits.

Individual: The targeted return on investment is 120%, and FIBO will receive 30% of the profit.

A computer program handles all of the trading, and investors may get data whenever they choose. Investors have the freedom to both deposit additional capital and withdraw previously earned earnings. The first investment volume begins at $50,000. Again, it cannot be emphasized enough that there is zero assurance that the desired outcomes will be achieved.

FIBO Group

Real-time transaction statistics are made available to clients in order to uphold the company's commitment to maintaining a policy of openness and to aid traders with information. The data cover open positions, statistics on order execution for all different types of accounts, statistics on spreads, and statistics on the speed at which orders are executed. The figures are derived from actual market data that was compiled from the accounts of customers. The open positions provide insight into the market mood held by traders inside the FIBO Group, which can be used into a contrarian trading strategy.

The FIBO Group brokers analyst team is responsible for maintaining and updating this portion of the website. It is shown no more than a couple times every week on average. It concentrates on the news, events, and fundamentals associated with certain assets, as well as the reaction of the market and an analysis of it.

FIBO Group

This calendar allows you customization of the currency, week, day, and events displayed on it. The economic calendar details the times and dates of significant economic events that are known to have an influence on the currencies of the various nations. In addition to that, it presents the projections of the analysts and contrasts them with the previous data. The process of basic analysis makes use of this instrument. It may be accessed through the MT5 trading platform as well as the website of the FIBO Group.

Both the MT4 and MT5 platforms offer access to these features. There are some premium services and some that are completely free. Customers of FIBO Group are at liberty to look for a signal service that meets their needs and subscribe to that service.

Over two hundred and thirty trading-related terms are defined and described in a glossary that may be found on the website of the FIBO Group. It is possible to search the glossary. There are no additional resources for trader education that may be accessed. When compared to the vast majority of other online brokers, this is somewhat restricted.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group provides traders with access to a variety of products. The following are some of them:

Over 60 different currency pairings

9 assets denominated in cryptocurrency

Gold and silver are the two precious metals.

Eight indices

9 Types of Commodities

The FIBO Group provides its customers with a wide variety of account options, each of which is tailored to the customer's level of expertise, amount of capital, and personal preferences. There is just one type of account accessible for the cTrader and MT5 trading platforms, but all of the other account categories are for the MT4 trading platform.

FIBO Group

There are a variety of account kinds available, including the following:

The NDD execution type is used for the MT4 Cent account, which is the only platform on which it is accessible. It is designed for inexperienced traders who want to gain some exposure to real market conditions. In addition, there is no requirement for a minimum deposit, and spreads begin at 0.6 pips. The maximum leverage allowed is 1000 to one.

MT4 Fixed: This account utilizes the Market Maker brokerage mechanism, which enables fast executions and is available to traders worldwide. The highest leverage allowed is 1:200, while the minimum starting balance required is $50. Spreads begin at 2 pip increments, and the stop out level is set at 20 percent of the initial investment.

MT4 NDD: The NDD execution model is available with this account type. The minimum amount required is $50, and trading begins with a spread of 0.0 pips. Every trade incurs a fee equal to 0.003 percent of the total transaction value, and the maximum leverage available is 1:400.

MT4 NDD The minimum deposit is $50, and the minimum spread is 0.8 pips. There is no commission on trades. Execution is done via NDD, and there is no fee for commissions because of this, as the name suggests. The cutoff level has been set at fifty percent.

FIBO Group

The NDD execution type is utilized while trading using cTrader. The minimum deposit required is $50, and the spread begins at 0 pip levels. Each transaction incurs a fee equal to 0.003 percent of the value of the underlying deal. The cTrader platform allows for the trading of around 41 different currencies at a maximum leverage of 1:400.

MT5 NDD requires a deposit of at least one thousand dollars, and the NDD execution type is utilized to carry out customer orders. The highest leverage available on the FIBO Group MT5 platform is 1:400, and the spread begins at 0 pip increments. Commission fees equal to 0.005 percent of the total value of the transaction are assessed.

On each of the three different platforms, demo accounts may be accessed. These are limitless and unrestricted for all customers, giving you the opportunity to test out the various trading platforms before you commit to creating a real-money account.

Customers who are Muslim and who apply to the support department through email are eligible to have swap-free Islamic accounts setup for them. Swaps are not charged to Islamic accounts, but there may be a weekly fee of $25 to $100 per lot, depending on the instruments being traded. The MT4 fixed account type is the only one that allows access to these features.

FIBO Group

The team that provides customer support works out of a number of different office locations, and they are primarily reachable from Monday through Friday. They are fluent in up to 12 different languages. You may get in touch with the team through a variety of channels, including immediate web chat online, email, several phone lines for different regions, and fax. On the website, you'll see a section labeled "FAQs," which stands for "frequently asked questions." FIBO Group may be found on both YouTube and Facebook, two of the most popular social media sites.

However, clients should be aware that the payment processors may charge a cost, and that price will be passed on to the client. FIBO Group claims that it does not charge commissions for deposits or withdrawals, but clients should be aware that this fee may be passed on to them. The following methods of payment are open for selection:

The costs that must be paid for a wire transfer might run anywhere from $35 to $50, depending on the institutions that are involved. The fact that it might take anywhere from two to five days is the most significant disadvantage of bank transfers. The Euro and the US Dollar are both acceptable forms of payment. The smallest amount that may be withdrawn is $80.

FIBO Group

Connectum is the payment processor that is utilized to handle the processing of debit and credit card payments. Deposits are handled immediately, however withdrawals to a card might take anywhere from one to three business days. There is a withdrawal commission fee that is equal to 2.5 percent plus 1.5.

Deposits are handled instantly, and there are no fees or commissions associated with regular pay. The minimum amount required to withdraw is ten dollars, and the processing time is ten business days.

Paysafecard is one of the payment methods that are acceptable for US Dollar deposits. There is no fee for the commission, and the payment is handled promptly after it is received.

The following cryptocurrencies may be used to make deposits into Raido Spare: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Raido Coin. The processor will not charge any commission fees; nevertheless, the commission for using the blockchain may be required. The processing of withdrawals takes two days, and there are no fees or commissions involved.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash deposits may all be made via Bitpay. The deposit is not subject to any fees, and it is processed instantly once it is made.

The Fibo Group strictly adheres to the norms that have been established by the various regulatory agencies. One of the regulations pertaining to the cash belonging to customers is one that it follows. The following safeguards have been implemented by Fibo Group in order to protect the financial resources of its customers.

FIBO Group

separating the client's money into many bank accounts held at reputable financial institutions. This is done to ensure that the cash belonging to the customers do not become entangled with the general running finances of the organization.
Putting one's name down for a compensation plan that will, in the event that the company's assets are sold off, result in the return of money paid by customers to those customers.

Your initial base capital in the execution of trades will be determined by the amount of your initial deposit, which is required to be at least the higher of $300 or more.

You will be subject to a commission fee of 0.003 percent of the transaction value for using certain account types, such as the Ctrader and the mt4 NDD.

The trading experience may be improved using Fibo Group's trading platforms, which are among the most modern in the industry. This is made possible by the numerous features that are included with these various platforms. It offers several trading platforms, including the Meta trader4, the Meta trader5, and the Ctrader platform, among others.

FIBO Group

This trading platform comes equipped with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind capabilities, some of which are listed below:

Pleasant and intuitive user interface.
Charting and analysis tools of a more advanced level.
Consists of thirty different technical indicators.
Minimum traffic usage.
Provides support for all possible modes of operation.
The Platform Known as Meta Trader5
The following are some of the characteristics of the Meta trader5 platform that contribute to its profitable nature:


FIBO Group

Possesses a straightforward navigational structure.
Supports all execution modes.
Equipped with sophisticated charting and data analysis tools
Enables automatic trading as well as duplicate trading.
Possesses the ability to obtain news on the foreign exchange market from reputable sources such as Reuters.
Compatible with a wide variety of platforms and operating systems, including iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS.
The Platform Provided by Ctrader
The ctrader platform is a platform that offers trading access through the use of technology that does not include a dealing desk.

These are some of its features:

You have access to excellent tools for conducting technical analysis.
Displays the current trading volume in the market.
Execution times that are really quick.

FIBO Group

The following is a list of all of the current promos that can be found on the Fibo Group website.

A promotion offered by no desk dealing that lowers the minimum deposit required to create an NDD account to $50.

Transactions may be completed using a variety of methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and automated payments made via the bitpay pay system, which are all accepted by the firm. Deposits are not subject to any commission fees, however withdrawals can incur fees of up to fifty dollars each. The lowest amount that may be withdrawn is $80.

The Fibo Group possesses all of the necessary components to be a market leader in the foreign exchange market. Its nearly two decades of experience in the industry have equipped it with the knowledge and expertise required to dominate the foreign exchange market. This is a really reputable trader that comes highly recommended from me to everybody, but especially those who are interested in trading on a professional level.

FIBO Group

Cyprus is the location of FIBO Group, which operates as a forex and CFD brokerage. Trading is available on MT4, MT5, and cTrader, and the broker provides many real account, PAMM account, and demo account choices. In this evaluation, we will focus on regulation, leverage, and price in order to assist you in determining whether or not FIBO Group is a viable option for you.

In 1998, Financial Intermarket Brokerage Group, also known as FIBO Group Ltd., was established. The European Union is overseen by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which issues licenses and regulates the organization (CySEC). The Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the British Virgin Islands has also granted the worldwide site authorization to operate there (BVI).

Any trader, regardless of their degree of expertise, should strongly consider using the MT4 trading platform. The program features a sophisticated interface that can be completely personalized and is compatible with a variety of trading strategies.

Spreads, both fixed and floating, start at 0.3 pips for EUR/USD and 1 point for key indices like NASDAQ that are offered by FIBO Group. The spread on gold is around 0.5 USD, and the spread on crude oil is 8 cents.

Commissions are another possibility, however it depends on the sort of account you have. These begin at a rate of 0.003 percent based on the total value of the transaction. A dormant account fee of $5 will be assessed to your credit card when the account has been inactive for more than 91 days. In addition, overnight holdings are subject to exchange fees.

FIBO Group

For worldwide customers, the highest leverage that is available in the MT4 Cent account is 1:1000, whereas the maximum leverage that is available in the majority of other account types is 1:400. There is a maximum leverage of 1:50 for basic traders and a maximum leverage of 1:400 for professionals available to EU customers.

The CEO of the brokerage company has seen to it that comprehensive leverage requirements are described in detail on the company website.

All clients have access to mobile app versions of the MT4 platform provided by FIBO Group, while clients that trade through the worldwide site have access to the MT5 and cTrader platforms.

Users of the mobile version of MetaTrader have the advantage of having rapid access to online quotations, as well as all available trade orders and the ability to trade immediately from the chart. In addition, you are able to conduct analysis of the financial markets by utilizing the interactive charts that allow you to pinch and zoom, and for your convenience, you can even handle transactions while offline.

FIBO Group

Advanced mobile trading tools are available through the cTrader mobile app. These features include QuickTrade mode, rapid linkages to news sources, price alerts and notifications, and over 50 indicators over 26 time frames.

The FIBO Group allows customers to fund their accounts using a number of channels, including bank wires, credit cards, and other online payment systems like Skrill and Neteller. Take into account that these will differ from one jurisdiction to another.

There is a possibility of deposit commissions; for example, the fee for a bank transfer can range anywhere from $35 to $50; however, the commission for the majority of other deposit methods is waived. The fee rate for withdrawals starts at 0.5 percent.

There is also a wide range of processing periods, which can be as little as a few minutes for some electronic payment systems or as much as a few days for bank transfers and some credit card payment systems.

FIBO Group

Traders may test their mettle and get familiar with FIBO Group's trading platforms by using the MT4 demo server. Demo accounts are typically offered for a limited amount of time and do not require you to make a real-money deposit or trade in order to use them.

Traders may visit the website or sign up for the newsletter to obtain information on bonus deals. Although there are no promotions accessible on the worldwide site at the moment, traders can still monitor the website. Because of the constraints imposed by regulations, the European Union website does not provide any promotions.

Under the license number 118/10, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has granted FIBO Group Holdings Ltd. the authority to conduct business in the country and oversees its operations. The Investor Compensation Fund, of which FIBO Group is a member, provides coverage of up to 20,000 per individual customer.

In addition to this, FIBO Group Ltd. is subject to regulation by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the British Virgin Islands, which issues the company's license (with the number SIBA/L/13/1063).

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group provides users with a number of other tools, such as analyses and projections of the market, in addition to an economic calendar. For beginners, there is some educational information included, such as YouTube videos explaining the fundamentals of forex. When compared to other brokers, this one does not provide the most extensive selection of features; hence, traders on the EU site in particular may need to go elsewhere.

Clients located in the EU have the option of opening either an MT4 NDD or an MT4 NDD No Commission account. Aside from the changes in commissions, the primary distinction between the two accounts is that the spreads in the commission-based account are significantly narrower. Please be aware that the minimum deposits for the commission-based account are $300, and the minimum deposits for the no-commission account are 100.

The MT4 Cent and MT4 Fixed accounts are two more options that are available to global customers along with the MT5 and cTrader NDD trading accounts. All accounts have a minimum deposit requirement of $50, with the exception of the MT4 Cent account, which does not have a minimum deposit requirement, and the MT5 NDD account, which needs a deposit of $1,000. In addition, certain accounts provide further advantages, such as PAMM options, for investors.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group receives high marks in a number of categories, including the following:

Platforms like MetaTrader and cTrader are available.
Dual governmental oversight of the industry
Simple registration and successful revenue collection
free of charge trade commissions
Very narrow ECN spreads

FIBO Group

Trading with this broker may have various potential downsides, including the following:

There are insufficient educational resources.
Fewer tools and platforms available for European Union customers
Business & Finance:
Monday through Friday, the trading hours for FX and cryptocurrencies run from 00:05 to 23:55 (Eastern Time). The trading session for spot metals takes place from 00:05 to 23:55 (EET), Monday through Friday. You may find a comprehensive list of trading sessions for various particular instruments either inside the contract specifications or on the trading platforms themselves.

FIBO Group

You may get in contact with the Limassol headquarters by calling them, sending them an email, or engaging in live chat with them. You might also try contacting one of the worldwide representative offices that is located in Kazakhstan, Germany, or China as an alternative.

Cyprus email - [email protected]
Telephone number for Cyprus: +357 25 030 930
FIBO Group Holdings Limited may be found in Cyprus at the following address: 29 Agias Zonis, 1st Floor, 3027 Limassol, Cyprus.

When a user logs in to one of FIBO Group's trading platforms, they are greeted with authentication procedures that need a combination of a password and a second authentication factor. A one-time verification password is sent to the member's mobile phone and is required for certain requests made through the member's area.

FIBO Group

FIBO Group offers FX and CFD trading services that are of a satisfactory quality. These services include the MT4 and MT5 platforms, as well as a variety of deposit methods and account kinds. Traders need to also have a sense of security working for this well-established organization, which is regulated in two different jurisdictions. One significant drawback, on the other hand, is that there are no instructional materials available, which may discourage traders who are searching for a more comprehensive product or service.

FIBO Group welcomes traders from most nations across the world, including Thailand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, and Qatar.

Traders based in the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, or Belgium are unable to utilize the FIBO Group platform.

FIBO Group

FIBO Group Licenses:

FIBO Group, Ltd. is approved by the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands, with registration number SIBA/L/14/1063.
FIBO Group Holdings, Ltd. is a company that is approved by CySEC (Cyprus), and its registration number is 118/10.

Holding Company for International Finance It all began in 1998 for FIBO Group, also known as the Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group, which makes it one of the most established companies in the field of online trading. The broker has always adhered to the principles of transparent actions, with the protection of the interests, rigorous compliance, and observance of laws, and this has been the case since the very first day of business.

FIBO Group Company was founded in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and its headquarters are still located there. However, the broker has improved its offering by establishing an additional entity in Cyprus, which has received respected European regulatory authorization and provides investors with the opportunity to invest safely.

Additionally, the FIBO Group's global reach includes high-quality assistance that has been built through offices in Vienna, Limassol, Shanghai, Singapore, Munich, Kiev, and Astana.

FIBO Group

In general, the FIBO Companies of the holding have, during the course of their operation, acquired a large number of awards for their outstanding customer service and Brokerage company successes. In addition, the holding has thousands of pleased customers all over the world who they serve.

Is it safe to invest in FIBO Group, or is it a scam? The Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands is in charge of regulating FONTEN CORPORATION LIMITED, which is a registered financial services and activities firm. FONTEN CORPORATION LIMITED is a subsidiary of FIBO Group, Ltd. In point of fact, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are considered an offshore jurisdiction that has relatively lax regulatory rules and standards for financial companies.

On the other hand, an additional entity known as FIBO Group Holdings, Ltd. is a company that was founded in the Republic of Cyprus and was granted permission by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to offer its services to citizens of the EU and other countries.

As a result, given the European law that runs in tandem with the offshore registration of FIBO Group, we are able to draw the conclusion that the broker is a secure option in which to make an investment.

FIBO Group

When you trade with FIBO Group, you will be given the opportunity to employ leverage, which is when a loan is taken out from the broker in order to raise the size of your trading position. Leverage provides extensive capabilities as well as the chance of bigger earnings, provided that you utilize the instruments in an intelligent manner and do not engage in high-risk activities.

Aside from that, the leverage limits are also decided by the regulatory constraints. For example, if you trade with a European business of the FIBO Group, you will immediately fall under the regulation of the ESMA, which has lower leverage requirements.

Leverage up to a maximum of 1:30 was permitted for major currency pairings, and even 1:10 was permitted for commodities.
However, membership in the worldwide FIBO group grants access to the greatest conceivable leverage, which may go as high as 1:1000. This is an extremely risky level, so you should exercise extreme caution while using it.

FIBO Group

You have the option of opening either an MT4 NDD Account or an MT4 NDD No Commission Account thanks to the fact that FIBO group has established two different account kinds. Although the first account has a competitive variable spread starting at 0 pips, you will be required to pay a fee on each transaction. However, this account type is excellent for many different trading strategies because of the commission structure.

And the second account is an NDD No Commission account that is created with a set spread starting at 0.8 pips and is fantastic for novice traders or those trading techniques that demand the precise computation of a spread regardless of the conditions of the market.

In addition, people who adhere to the Sharia law can open Islamic or Swap free accounts, which do not charge overnight fees and offer high leverage possibilities. These accounts are available to those who follow the Sharia law.

FIBO Group

The FIBO Group spread differs between the two account types that are available, and traders have the choice to conduct their business with either a set spread and no commission, or with variable spreads and a commission that is 0.003 percent of the total value of the transaction. It is, in fact, a wonderful alternative since it enables you to select the greatest option in accordance with the trading technique that you employ and to determine what is most beneficial for you.

Additionally, as a cost of trading, you should constantly take into consideration an overnight charge or rollover. It is a fee that is assessed on positions that have been held for more than a day; for the EUR/USD pair, the rollover fee is around -1.38 for long positions and 0.68 for short positions. You can view an example of FIBO spreads below, and if you're interested in checking out another broker, BlackBull Markets is a good option.

The FIBO Group included versatile choices for making deposits or withdrawals as part of their service, which enables safe and dependable transactions of monetary value. The many modes of payment, including

FIBO Group

Bank Wire Transfers, Card Payments, as well as Payment Systems and Online Payments through Neteller, Skrill, Qiwi, CashU, fasapay, DixiPay, PaytoDay and ecoPayz, etc. are all accepted payment methods.
Nevertheless, you should make it a point to verify with the customer support service in order to determine which payment option is accessible in accordance with the organization that you deal with as well as your place of residence.

The FIBO minimum deposit requirement is $100, which enables traders to access NDD accounts without commissions and begin trading immediately. While an NDD Account requires an initial deposit of $300 to get started.

FIBO provides a number of different withdrawal alternatives, including the common bank wire and web wallets like Skrill. You should also be aware that the terms and conditions of your chosen form of payment might affect whether or not certain fees apply to your transaction. In most cases, there are no transfer costs, however certain alternatives might cost between $35 and $50.

FIBO Group

Due to the fact that the selection of the platform is of the utmost importance, the customers of FIBO Group are able to take advantage of MetaTrader4, which is one of the most widely used and powerful platforms in the business.

The platform is also accessible through MT4 WebTerminal, which is a simple feature that does not require a download and is compatible with any operating system. Additionally, the platform's mobile application is appropriate for use on devices running Windows, iOS, and Android.

In addition to its extensive built-in technical indicators, all sorts of trading orders, and quick execution, MT4 also enables automated trading opportunities via its well-known EAs or Expert Advisors and does not place any restrictions on these opportunities. You have the option of selecting an EA from the several that are available or even developing your own using the MQL4 editor.

FIBO Group

In addition, the FIBO platform kindly offers AutoTrade or a social trade tool called myfxbook as a dependable method to duplicate trades from successful traders to your own account. Both of these platforms are social trading platforms. This platform is an excellent feature that not only benefits novice traders but also benefits pros who are looking to build a following.

Another access option provided by FIBO Group is geared for Money Managers or Professionals who wish to expand their trading potential by utilizing a large array of strong instruments, so elevating their investments to a level that is simultaneously more responsible and more potent.

FIBO Group

A comprehensive look at FIBO Group reveals that it is the brokerage business that offers its services throughout all of the key markets, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and the CIS area, while also providing a diverse selection of trading products and services. Because it operates on a worldwide scale, the firm offers its customers a wide range of technology and problem-solving options that can accommodate virtually any kind of trading requirement.

FIBO Group

Whether there is a requirement for seamless execution with no interventions, a choice between strategies built on a fixed spread or a variable one, a need to use high leverage, competitive trading conditions, or even Social trading capabilities, FIBO Group has all of these things and more available to its customers.

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