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Xtrade Review: Is this broker legit, safe and trustworthy for UAE citizens and residents?

XTrade is a foreign exchange (Forex) and contracts for difference (CFD) broker that is regulated by the CySEC and has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. It was established in 2002 and functions as a division of XTrade Europe Ltd. XTrade already has a solid reputation in the industry due to the fact that it is an experienced broker on the market. In addition to offering favorable trading circumstances, the broker stands out because to the quality of service that it provides to customers. As part of our analysis of XTrade, we have analyzed the numerous benefits and drawbacks of the platform, and we have compiled a report that provides a comprehensive summary of our findings. Visit Xtrade Website.

The fact that XTrade uses fixed spreads is one of the company's most significant benefits and one of its most significant weaknesses. In theory, fixed spreads offer the benefit that the trader is aware of the fees that are to be expected while trading right from the beginning of the transaction. In addition to this, there are no commissions, which is another huge benefit that should be taken into consideration. On the other hand, the fixed spreads at XTrade are significantly higher than average. Especially in the case of the ordinary account, which is the first pick for newcomers because it only begins at 4 pip increments, they only begin at those levels. When compared to the other companies in the industry, there is a significant margin that exists, which must not be disregarded. As a result, it makes perfect sense to think about upgrading to a premium account right from the start.

You have the option of establishing either of two distinct sorts of accounts when you first create your account. When we were putting XTrade through its paces, we discovered that the primary distinction between the normal account and the premium account is the spreads that are offered, as well as the availability of a specialized education program for premium account holders. You may start using the regular account with as little as 100 in your balance. Traders are able to conduct transactions with a little amount of equity by using this account. Having said that, doing so will set you back at least 4 pips. In addition, investors who choose this sort of account will have access to the standard educational resources made available to them. As a reward for successfully referring a new client to our business, you might be eligible to receive a bonus of up to one hundred Euros.

When a trader puts at least one thousand Euros into their account, they are eligible for the premium account. Additionally, the sum that may be paid for making successful recommendations is one thousand euros. In addition to this, a training program that was developed specifically for the trader may be utilized, and the minimum amount of money required to trade is just 2 pip. As a result of the fact that the pricing disparities between the two account kinds are not insurmountable, our analysis of XTrade concludes that you should sign up for a premium account.

Trading in foreign currency and contracts for difference (CFDs) is available on the XTrade platform, and the corresponding catalogue of underlying assets has been established. Traders have access to a total of about 130 underlying assets to pick from. The Foreign Exchange share is rather robust with fifty different currencies, while the Equities offering has around sixty different stock offers to choose from. Traders have the option of trading major or minor currency pairings, which indicates that exotic currency pairs are also included in the total offering made by the broker. When it comes to the trading of commodities, XTrade is in a position to provide its clients with an excellent offer that includes both traditional and unusual underlying assets. For example, cotton and coffee, as well as gold and silver, may all be exchanged for one another.

There are around 25 different commodities that may be bought and sold at the moment. In addition, there are the indices, which are widely regarded as a significant contributor to the economy and of which around 35 can be found in this location. Therefore, the XTrade catalogue of underlying assets has been very well set up, and it has an equally fantastic offering in store for beginning traders as well as professional traders, from which traders may freely pick. Traders also have the ability to select from a wide variety of underlying assets.

While we were putting XTrade through its paces, we also gave the various order types that are provided by the broker a careful examination. XTrade passed with flying colors. Customers of the broker can profit from the website of the broker, which offers a very excellent picture of the situation in this respect. As part of our report on our experiences with XTrade, we had the opportunity to test the following specific order types:

The status of a Classicr for Stop Loss: Stop-loss orders, which XTrade makes available to its customers, are an excellent choice for mitigating the financial impact of any prospective losses. If a position is closed before it reaches a certain price, they will always be responsible for paying the associated fee. A stop-loss order will transform into a best order once the price has been met.

Take-Profit-Order: You may guard your own gains by using something called a take-profit order. When an instrument is moved in a direction that is deemed to be inappropriate, the position is closed while the gain is kept the same.

Even if there is a restriction on the sorts of orders that can be placed through XTrade, this is still a solid approach to be able to run an ideal risk management plan for your own trades, which is something that should not have its worth underestimated.

The brokerage firm XTrade has made the decision to develop its own own trading platform, and as a result, it does not provide access to any other trading platforms. This means that XTrade will not provide its traders with access to the MetaTrader trading platform or any other platform that is comparable. The trading interface provided by the broker is extremely user-friendly, operates rapidly, and gives traders the option to select from among four distinct tabs. The following navigation tabs are available to you: The page that provides an overview as well as other pages that detail a trader's open positions, closed positions, and orders that they have made. It is possible to open many charts, and trading is made quite straightforward using various charts. The positions may be opened and closed with the single press of a mouse button.

The trading platform has been outfitted with a number of different analytical tools, and it also provides a summary of the present rising and falling positions. This summary is updated at all times to reflect current events. Traders are able to respond rapidly if there is a change because of this. According to what was discovered in this XTrade review, mobile trading is also an option. The broker makes available a downloadable application that is both free and simple to set up. The app grants you access to your own account, and there are no limitations placed on the app's users in terms of the visibility or the trading opportunities. Because of this, engaging in trading of CFDs or forex while traveling is a breeze.

Due to the fact that XTrade's headquarters are situated in Limassol, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Cyprus (CySEC) is the organization in charge of regulating the company. To put this another way, compliance with this legislation necessitates ongoing inspections. Additionally, XTrade conducts its business in accordance with the MiFID regulations. These standards include, among other things, the condition that a broker is required to keep the operational capital of the broker distinct from the customer deposits at all times. Traders do not need to be concerned about the possibility of having their whole account balances wiped out in the event that the broker goes out of business. The investor is protected by the broker's participation in the Investor Compensation Fund. Because of this, the broker is able to provide a deposit guarantee to each customer in the sum of 20,000. However, it is important to highlight that deposits from customers are kept in accounts with Greek financial institutions. At XTrade, there are no other options presented to customers who feel that this one is too risky to choose.

At XTrade, it is also possible to have a negative balance on your account. This indicates that the broker provides a lever that enables the credit to be multiplied without the need to physically have the relevant balance in one's possession. You need to keep in mind that extra margin-call responsibilities may be incurred in this context as well, so keep that in mind at all times. When the trader's account reaches a certain threshold, they will receive a notification asking them to make a further deposit of funds. When you trade with XTrade, the broker will keep a close eye on the margin in real time.

That is to say that the trader is constantly aware of the current status of his or her own account. To be able to keep open positions, you are required to have a certain amount of margin in your account at all times. This amount is called the minimum margin. In the event that the equity in the account drops below this threshold, XTrade will get in touch with the client in order to establish a margin-call requirement. The broker will not reopen any positions in the account until this criteria has been satisfied, which means that all open positions will be closed until there are adequate money in the account once again. This is done for the protection of both the broker and the trader, to ensure that the loss does not get any larger than it already is. The risk of anything like this occurring should not be understated, especially when considering that the lever can go as high as 400:1.

A trader can open either a demo account or a real-money account when they first sign up for an account with the broker. The demo account offered by the broker is a popular choice that gives clients the opportunity to test out trading without running the risk of incurring any financial damages. Traders who are just beginning their careers, in particular, have a propensity to grossly underestimate the intricacy of the trading process or struggle to successfully traverse trading platforms. This might result in the opening of positions that should not have been opened at all, and at the same time, probable losses can take place, reducing the overall motivation to engage in trading. This is something that may be avoided by using the demo account.

The XTrade trader has complete access to all of the platform's capabilities. During the course of our analysis of XTrade, we discovered that there are no constraints placed on the demo account. Traders have the freedom to utilize this account anyway they like for a period of one month. It should go without saying that any possible credit obtained as a consequence of these demo deals will not be turned into actual cash. Demo trading accounts provided by brokers can, in theory, provide a strong opportunity to locate a decent entrance point into the world of trading. The sole drawback associated with this scenario is that it is only applicable for a period of thirty days. Traders consequently do not have the option to utilize the demo account on a more permanent basis in order to work on their methods and enhance them in a way that is both sustainable and long-lasting.

You have the option of choosing between two distinct account types while trading with XTrade. The minimum deposit is between one hundred and one thousand euros. The ordinary version is highly well-liked by new traders since it allows them to get started in the market with a minimum deposit that is no more than one hundred euros. The regular account gives users access to the whole range of services that the broker has to offer. The XTrade review, on the other hand, has demonstrated that the premium account is also a viable option to consider. When you first start trading, you are required to make a minimum deposit of 1,000 Euros.

As part of our analysis of XTrade, we have previously discussed the contrasts that exist between the two different types of accounts. It does not take a significant amount of time to create a new account. A request for the trader's personal information is followed by the delivery of an email with the trader's login confirmation. It is now possible for him or her to visit their account and check the information. The verification process is essential in order to make withdrawals feasible in the near future. Getting this stage out of the way as soon as possible is highly encouraged given that the trader will be eligible for a bonus when the verification procedure has been successfully finished. There are a few various methods that the deposit may be made.

The use of a credit card, a bank transfer, or PayPal is all acceptable methods for making a deposit. There are distinct maximum deposits that are associated with each of the different deposit methods. Traders may select which nation they are from on the website in order to view the available deposit alternatives, as well as the maximum amount that can be deposited. This information is also given in a simple and understandable manner. This makes it simple to select a technique that is appropriate for the deposit of money.

How well a broker is able to place themselves on the market is always an indication of what accomplishments the broker has under its belt and how happy the traders are with the broker's entire offering. Because having a very broad reach puts the broker in the best possible position to negotiate, the XTrade review team felt that it was vital to take this factor into consideration. The liquidity pool or the hedging options for the net positions may serve as the basis for these positions.

The middleman or broker XTrade was first established in 2002 and is currently a subsidiary of XTrade Europe Ltd. It is one of the elder brokers operating in the industry, and it has already been able to successfully solidify its positions over the course of many years. This broker is regarded as a suitable beginning point for beginners due to the quality of its offering as well as the transparency of its spreads, and it has a positive reputation among many traders that meet the profile of a novice. Therefore, the broker is in an advantageous position with regard to the industry in which they operate. XTrade outperforms many of its rivals, particularly in terms of the customer assistance that is provided by this broker. Especially in this regard, XTrade excels. Because the customer care team is available around the clock, five days a week, it is always possible to get your questions answered when the market is open for business.

As the educational resources provided by a broker constitute an essential factor for every trader's decision-making process, we have dedicated a significant portion of our XTrade review to analyzing the educational resources made available by this particular broker. There is a well-established educational offering available, which includes both video courses and eBooks, in addition to a dedicated library space. This educational opportunity is only accessible to traders who have already registered. The training is broken up into separate tracks for novice traders and more experienced ones. There is a course designed specifically for novices, as well as a course that provides an in-depth examination of the tools available to brokers. This ensures that novice traders have all of the required core information and may begin trading as soon as they are ready to do so.

According to our in-depth analysis of XTrade, the service that is provided by the broker is of the highest possible quality. During the entirety of the trading session, the staff that provides customer assistance will be accessible to address any queries that may arise. This holds true for five days out of the week. There are no breaks; dealers are able to get in touch with customer service around the clock. This can be accomplished through a variety of means: There are three different ways to get in touch with the broker: through live chat, the phone, or e-mail.

The webpage of the broker is quite impressive. Because of the straightforward organization, it is simple for traders to swiftly navigate their way around and obtain all of the essential information that they are searching for. There are perfect explanations available on a variety of trade-related issues, as well as trading expenses and other potential outcomes. The procedure of signing up is quite organized and straightforward. During the course of our examination of XTrade, we did not come across anything that we felt warranted the level of criticism that we leveled on the company's customer service or website.

It is clear that XTrade has a lot of experience in the industry thanks to the fact that they are a broker. The broker is aware of all of the desires and goals that its customers have, and it makes every effort to accommodate them. Not only seasoned traders will enjoy what they see since the trade offering is strong, the platform is extremely well positioned, and the customer service is excellent; but, even novice traders will appreciate what they see. Even people who are new to trading will be able to discover the ideal beginning point for their first transactions here, and they will be able to begin trading forex right away. According to the findings of the XTrade review, both the school and the demo account are useful tools that can be depended on to assist with getting started with the platform.

There is, without a doubt, room for a little bit of development. Most importantly, some of the spreads are very expensive, particularly when compared to those offered by other brokers. Traders at XTrade, on the other hand, may rely on the constant spreads, and as a result, they are not need to perform a fresh cost calculation prior to opening each position. Additionally, the safety of the traders is prioritized by the broker. Both the regulation and the supplementary deposit guarantee program work together to make this possible. In addition, all of the important information can be seen on the website of XTrade, which is quite easy to use and understand. As a result, XTrade was successful, and its success stood out notably when measured against that of many of its rivals.

This Xtrade review for 2022 was updated by industry professionals that have years of expertise in the financial markets, namely in Forex, CFDs, and Social Trading.

Users in Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Iran, Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic, Japan, and the United States of America should be aware that the material of this Xtrade review does not apply to them because of local legislation in those countries.

This analysis of Xtrade includes all of the most recent information that has been available on Xtrade.

If you are new to the world of trading online and working with brokerages, there are a lot of subtleties that are likely to be confusing for you. To participate in the field of internet trading, one needs to possess expert assessing skills in addition to extensive information. As you continue to trade, you will acquire an expert level of knowledge regarding all of the facets of internet trading and brokerages. To begin, you must select the most suitable broker for you, one who will constantly communicate clearly with you.

You are going to require help in order to make the right choices in the extremely fast-paced world of financial markets and trading. You can benefit from working with an experienced direct investing partner who can assist you in lowering your potential losses and increasing your potential profits. Xtrade is one of these stages that will be of use to you. Before entrusting Xtrade with your money, you should educate yourself as much as possible about the company.

Our comprehensive review of Xtrade will teach you all you need to know in order to trade successfully with Xtrade. A great broker will not only utilize your initial capital to shield it from potential losses and offer you with a platform from which you can generate positive returns, but they will also use this capital to safeguard their own. Trading with a broker service that is at odds with your investment goals is not the best way to increase your chances of making a profit, though.

It goes without saying that there is no foolproof method for guaranteeing earnings; as a result, you need to thoroughly evaluate your broker before selecting them as your partner. One of the most widespread errors people make is assuming that all brokers are identical, which, of course, is not the case. Your money might be put in jeopardy if you make an early error in judgment.

Xtrade is a trading partner that has made a name for itself in the world of brokers via its consistent success. In this evaluation, we have made an effort to bring together a few of the most important aspects of Xtrade. With the aid of this evaluation, you will be able to determine whether or not Xtrade is a suitable platform for your investing needs. For the sake of your convenience, we have made an effort to break down all of the features and the costs.

Who are Xtrade? Xtrade is a broker that facilitates online trading and has its headquarters in Australia. They offer a wide range of trading tools to its customers. Xtrade has established itself as a leading competitor in the market for internet trading ever since the company was founded in 2003. Xtrade comes with a trading platform that is very professional and packed with features, with a particular emphasis on foreign exchange (forex), indices, metals, shares, and commodities.

In the course of the last 19 years, Xtrade has developed into one of the most successful online brokers that are open to the general public.

Since its inception in 2003, the company has amassed more than 10,000 satisfied customers among its clientele.

Because it offers protection against negative balances, Xtrade is the platform of choice for many stock dealers. According to the findings of our evaluation of Xtrade, they provide a first-rate platform for automated trading of options. It is particularly suitable for investors who are trying to diversify their holdings into a variety of assets. Xtrade focuses on providing social and automated trading solutions at its core.

The importance of technology to Xtrade cannot be overstated. Trading on is available through Xtrade. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has found Xtrade to be an honest and transparent broker that complies with all of its regulations (CySEC). The exceptional array of materials that they offer will be useful to the vast majority of dealers. Additionally, in-house analysis is provided via third-party collaborations.

Novice traders may gain a better understanding of the financial markets by taking use of the trader resource department at Xtrade. This section is quite informative for new traders. Xtrade is a broker that caters to all different kinds of traders and is an essential component of practically every comprehensively diversified trading strategy.

Xtrade is a dynamic trading platform that gives users access to a variety of trading strategies. These tools offer a comprehensive coverage of the financial markets. The majority of brokerage systems provide a smaller number of steps than Xtrade does.

If you want to engage in trading with Xtrade, you will be required to make a deposit of at least one dollar. If you want to start trading with Xtrade, you are going to need to make this deposit. This evaluation of 2022 Xtrade will provide you with easy direction regarding trading with them.

Xtrade offers the same degree of adaptability as any other broker platform. Traders who are looking for a manageable selection of low-cost services would benefit greatly from using Xtrade. Xtrade only provides white-label versions of applications that are provided by other companies. The options are open to all traders.

In addition to everything, Xtrade offers many advantages to both novice and experienced traders, and it is something that should be looked into. There is in no way a predetermined minimum amount of time that a deal needs to be held open. The agents provide premium client service that gives consumers perks in exchange for their business.

There are a lot of dishonest brokers out there that try to coerce customers into paying more money for premium services. Xtrade, on the other hand, is more concerned with the volume of trades. It is reasonable for traders to anticipate that the trading circumstances would be fair, honest, and open. The bigger the number of lots that are traded by the customer, the more advantages that will become available.

Accounts with Xtrade may be opened in virtually every country on the planet, and the company offers exceptional support in every market in which it operates. There are just a few of nations in which Xtrade accounts are not accessible to its residents. Traders located in the following countries are unable to establish or use an account with Xtrade:

Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Iran, Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic, Japan, and the United States of America are the countries in question.

Is It Risk-Free To Make Transactions On Xtrade? Xtrade was established in 2003 and has been running successfully for the past 19 years. The company's headquarters are located in Australia.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is in charge of Xtrade's oversight (CySEC). Trading platforms are required to have policies in place to protect investor funds under the rules established by these agencies, which demand that such policies be in place. Because of this, customers of Xtrade don't need to be concerned about the safety of their money because it is kept in separate accounts at institutions that are already well-established. Encrypting confidential information using SSL makes it easier to access for each individual user.

For an additional layer of protection, Xtrade provides users with the opportunity to activate a feature known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Your mobile device will get a text message containing the confirmation code shortly. In order to access your account, you will need to provide this code when prompted to do so.

Another issue that raises concerns about the safety of financial brokers is the possibility of manipulative trading. The customers of these sites are put in a very precarious position as a result of this. On the other hand, this phenomenon is far more widespread in the case of Market Maker brokers, who engage in competition with users on the platform.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is in charge of Xtrade's oversight (CySEC).

Xtrade, the corporation, has a robust set of guidelines in place that traders must adhere to in order to do ethical business on its platform. A secure socket layer, which is the industry standard, is made available by it so that data may be encrypted (SSL).

Client information is not to be disclosed to any other organizations or people under any circumstances, as specified by the privacy policies of the firm. Include your credit history as well as any other relevant financial information.

Xtrade is a reputable and experienced brokerage firm that has been in business for more than 19 years. Within the realm of client accounts, they provide a plethora of customizable possibilities.

XFR, Financial Ltd. was the original name of the brokerage firm currently known as Xtrade.

The broker website was launched all the way back in 2003, and its headquarters are located in Cyprus. The website is famous for providing conventional trading via CFD (contact for differences) on shares, commodities, and indices, as well as pretty much all financial instruments.

The organization has gained a significant amount of notoriety due to the fact that it keeps expanding its product lines and provides fast access to some of the most well-known and widely used cryptocurrencies at all times of the day and night.

They may be obtained through the use of several trading sites. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are some of the cryptocurrencies that may be purchased, along with a variety of other digital currency.

The worldwide proposal was successfully carried out through the organizational structures of a well-established corporation in Belize. It provides support to overseas traders so that they may create accounts and obtain a greater degree of leverage or other favorable trading circumstances.

After doing an in-depth analysis of Xtrade, we determined that the company is among the most reliable brokers that are regulated by CySEC. The interface is quite simple to use, and the trading technology has been enhanced to include a number of platforms as well as spreads that are on average rather low.

The opening of an account is a breeze, and there is a large variety of FX and CFD products available to choose from.

On the other hand, there are quite a few restrictions and constraints placed on the product offered. This is a disadvantage.

In addition, support is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the only way an international application may be submitted is through the Belize organization.

The leverage is always the same, always 2:30. The bare minimum required to open an account is fifty dollars. Metatrader 4, Tech Street, and Web Trader are the trading platforms that are available.

As can be seen from the Xtrade evaluations, the clients' money is kept completely separate at all times and only ever in one location. It refers to a type of account in which the assets of the trader are kept distinct from those of the broker, and in which each client's account is first opened under the umbrella of the Investment Compensation Fund.

Xtrade Europe limited is the entity that holds the license for Xtrade, and that entity is authorized by a registration number. It's straight through the long operation that has spread around the world magnificently alongside serving that lines from a large number of countries as one of the most recognized online trading companies with a magnificent experience and a global presence as one of the most recognized online trading companies with a magnificient experience and global presence. Xtrade International Limited and Financial Arena Limited are both authorized by IFSC Belize.

Throughout the years, the company has been able to demonstrate its standing by winning a number of honors and distinctions from the industry.

One Xtrade account can easily trade and function across several devices, therefore it is irrelevant which traders are using which gadget to do their trading.

From the very beginning, the trader has always had the option to participate in a risk-free environment by creating a demo trading account.

One of two things can happen: either one's account can be grown to the point where it reaches a certain balance, at which point it is upgraded to either a premium account with a balance of $1,000, a platinum account with a balance of $5,000, or a VIP account with a balance of $25,000, depending on how much money is in the account.

Despite the fact that the market circumstances have remained unchanged throughout and that all of the aspects, including support, education, news, and other signals, have remained the same, a reduction in the spread has been seen.

Additional instructional films may be accessed through the platinum and VIP membership tiers of the platform, respectively.

The popular CFDs model, also known as the contract for differences model, is used to service the trading instruments and financial products offered by Xtrade. This approach enables significantly variable chances on price gambling without the need for a specific owner of an asset.

Additionally, it enables trading in CFDs on a worldwide level that is recognized, with a margin of 5%, on the most actively traded firm shares, such as those of Apple, Google, JP Morgan, and IBM.

In addition to trading in one of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies and the most liquid foreign currency pairings, such as the Euro and the US Dollar, the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, Forex trading also includes trading in the Japanese Yen.

In order to provide a more favorable atmosphere for trading, Xtrade makes a variety of technical solutions and trading tools available to each and every one of its clients. In addition to the charges that were agreed without the inclusion of a commission policy, only a predetermined amount of spreads will be charged.

Inactivity fees, non-trading fees, and financing fees are some examples of the additional expenditures that may be incurred.

The consumer has a number of different alternatives to choose from when making a deposit or withdrawing cash; however, the specific method that may be used is contingent on the customer's location, which can be easily determined through the official Xtrade website.

Leverage, also known as gearing, is one of the most one-of-a-kind opportunities for consumers, as it allows them to amplify their trading potential and get enormous profits by utilizing the instrument of leverage.

However, every trader should also keep in mind that leverage may have both positive and bad effects, which is why they should exercise extreme caution whenever they use it, and in order to derive the most possible benefits from it, they should also learn how to utilize it intelligently.

As things stand, European consumers that fall within the purview of CySEC regulation are permitted to utilize a maximum leverage of 1:30. This is the case regardless of any future developments.
Customers that conduct their business on a global scale through Xtrade International may be eligible for leverage of up to 1:400.

CFD and FX trading are offered by Xtrade, which is a broker with headquarters in Cyprus. Xtrade is an established broker in the industry, and due to the extensive variety of payment methods it offers, it has been a favorite choice for certain investors and traders. Many people are still confused about what Xtrade is and what its best features are, so the discussion continues. This Xtrade review will go through the many different facets of how this CFD and FX broker operates, including trading conditions, customer service, fees, regulation and deposit protection, trading platforms, and features.

An overall score (out of 5 stars) The amount being provided is 4 Coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, ETH/BTC, DASH/BTC, Bitcoin (EUR), Litecoin (EUR), NEO, Zcash, Monero, Lisk, OmiseGO, Steem, Golem, Civic, Bitcoin Gold, and Iota are some of the cryptocurrencies that are now in circulation. Minimum Deposit 200 USD Regulation/Licence CySEC, ASiC, MiFID Payment methods Payment gateways online that accept wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic wallets are among the major benefits. Client money are kept separate to ensure their safety, and investors can get compensation and have their deposits protected up to 20,000 Euros. This company is regulated by CySEC, AiSIC, and MiFID. Standard and free demo accounts are available upon registration, and more than 150 CFD assets can be traded using them. These assets include 12 indices, 74 equities, 51 currency pairings, and 13 commodities. The trading platform is a proprietary one, and there are no downloads or mobile applications that are required to be accessible commissions. Xtrade provides professional charts, technical analysis tools, and training as a form of compensation in addition to its bid/ask spread. Customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through email, phone, or live chat.

In this Xtrade review, the CFD and FX broker will be analyzed on a number of different criteria. These include the availability of a selection of cryptocurrencies and alternative coins, the charging of fees, the implementation of measures for regulation, licensing, and safety, and even the provision of a variety of payment methods. Understanding the value of Xtrade's unique platform has been a critical component in determining the possibilities for trading offered by the company. Access to the site is instant, and there are no downloads required. Other aspects of the trading platform, such as analytics, charting indicators, and more were also evaluated. In addition to this, the Xtrade Review takes into account how traders will find the website to be used and how simple it is to use. This review is a logical and comprehensive analysis of how Xtrade compares to skilled players like eToro. It begins with an evaluation of the platform Xtrade, then moves on to consider bitcoin and other altcoin options. It then moves on to consider the merits and pitfalls of investing through this broker.

Xtrade was initially founded in the year 2003, when it was owned by XFR Financial Limited. At that time, XFR Financial Limited was a firm that was authorized by CySEC to provide contracts for difference. Xtrade is currently well-known for providing trading services on cryptocurrencies, foreign currencies, indices, commodities, and even equities. The company's headquarters are located in Limassol, Cyprus. It has offices in all five continents and clientele in more than one hundred and forty countries. Due to the fact that Xtrade began as a CFD broker, the company has even built its very own trading platform. It provides a very extensive selection of assets, open positions, historical data, and trading instruments to choose from. This broker provides a multitude of capabilities in addition to the most recent SSL encryption standard of 256 bits.

Even while Xtrade does not charge fees, it does make money through something called a bid-ask spread. These also change depending on the item. The margin requirements are provided in a separate clause. If the markets abruptly move in an unfavorable direction, a margin call can become probable for a contract for difference (CFD). Trading foreign exchange on margin exposes one to a significant degree of risk. In addition to this, the high leverage of 1:400 might be a significant obstacle for a single trader. Prior to making any investments in forex or the foreign exchange market, it is critical to evaluate one's investment goals, degree of experience, and level of comfort with risk. Processing fees, whether for deposits or withdrawals, are an additional cost associated with Xtrade transactions. However, charges for bank intermediaries or processing fees may be incurred. Using the services of a third party to withdraw money might result in additional costs. The time it takes to process an order typically ranges from one to five working days, which is well around the average for this sector.

Even if there are no withdrawal costs associated with Xtrade, this is not the only benefit. When it comes to filling your Xtrade account, you may choose from approximately forty different payment options, with a minimum deposit of USD 200. In addition to e-wallets, bank wire transfers, debit cards, and credit cards, they also accept a variety of domestic and international online payment alternatives, as well as choices provided by domestic and national payment providers. All of these factors combine to make it reasonably simple for someone who is new to the market to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process of withdrawals is identical to that of deposits; furthermore, as long as the necessary anti-money laundering documentation are gathered, the withdrawal process is straightforward. Therefore, despite the fact that the broker provides a limited number of choices in terms of platforms and trading accounts, it does provide a wide variety of options for making payments. These options include Todito Cash, YandexMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, Moneta RU, Webmoney, Multibanco, Neosurf, QIQI, POLi, Przweley24, Sporopay, iDEAL, Halcash, Giropay,

The sign-up process broken down into 5 simple steps:
First, navigate to the part of the website titled "Register" and click on the link there.
Step 2: After you have finished filling out the form that asks for fundamental information such your name and email address, you will be sent to the trading account. Xtrade does not impose any fees on its users for the registration process.
Step 3: A pop-up message will display you a password that was generated at random. You will need to modify this password to something that is unique to you.
Step 4: Traders will also get a welcome email with their username and password upon successful completion of the registration process.
Step 5: Log in to Xtrade with your credentials and begin trading.

The customer service department is not open outside of regular business hours and is only available during trade hours. If you don't have any queries outside of normal business hours, then the multilingual customer service representatives who are available 24 hours a day are not an advantage for you. Traders, on the other hand, have access to customer service around the clock during those five business days. There are a variety of communication channels available to choose from, including live chat, direct phone, and email. This broker places an emphasis on education and makes it available to its clients in the form of tutorials and courses through its Xtrade Academy. Additionally useful is the Xtrade app; nevertheless, the Xtrade trading platform has very few features and is not recommended. The mobile trader on Xtrade just has one option available to them: this broker's exclusive platform. While the customer service employees speak a combined total of six languages, the website itself supports more than sixteen different languages. Account managers are available to answer questions and direct traders through the processes of trading education, system familiarization, and account set-up. Even concepts like spread and leverage, as well as the significance of risk management, are broken down and explained on the website.

This trading platform is distinguished from others in that it offers fixed spreads. Traders have an edge when using Xtrade since from the very beginning, they are aware of all of the costs that will be assessed. In addition to this, there are no commissions involved. Fixed spreads at Xtrade are notoriously on the expensive side of the spectrum. It is set at 4 pips for the ordinary account, which is the one that most inexperienced traders would choose to use. In contrast, there may be a significant margin as a result, which is something that should not be disregarded or underrated in any way. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for those who are able to afford it to upgrade to a premium account. One simply needs to make a deposit of one hundred Euros in order to open a regular account, and they will credit their account with a bonus of the same amount for each and every successful referral. However, the available trading equity in this account is relatively modest. Only until the trader has deposited at least one thousand Euros can they gain access to the premium account, which limits trading spreads to only two pip increments. Traders also have the option of choosing between major currency pairings, smaller currency pairs, and even exotic currency pairs. The most desirable stocks, indexes, and commodities are all made available to traders through this platform. On the other hand, there are a great deal of potential dangers. One such example is the in-house trading platform known as Xtrade. Xtrade only provides its own platform, hence it is impossible to trade on any other venue. At Xtrade, traders do not have access to MT4 or any other powerful trading platforms. In addition, the trading platform used by Xtrades simply consists of four tabs: the overview page, pages for closed and open positions, and the order that a trader has already made. Trading is possible with these numerous charts, although doing so is not very simple. App-compatible, its trading platform also provides encryption for transactions.

XTrade was established in 2010, and its headquarters are located in Cyprus. CySec, which is the Cyprus national financial regulating agency, is the entity that exercises oversight on the brokerage. There are X Trade offices located on all five continents, and XFR Financial Ltd is the company that runs those offices. The trading services offered by XTrade may be accessible in a dependable manner in over 140 countries throughout the world, making it possible for the company to supply high-quality investment services to traders. XTrade provides its customers with a comprehensive selection of assets from which to trade, in addition to offering first-rate bonuses and trading incentives.

CFDs, Indices, Commodities, Shares, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange Traded Funds, and Bonds are all examples of tradable assets on XTrade. You have the ability to trade in over 52 different currency pairs when you use XTrade, with at least half of those pairs being unusual combinations that you would not discover when using another broker. The fact that X Trade is willing to pair Bitcoin with other assets is another another illustration of the innovative approach that the broker takes to trading.

When one looks beyond the substantial portion of X Trade's assets that is represented by Forex, there are more than one hundred other options. Trading is very customized and one-of-a-kind due to the fact that each option has its own minimum margin requirement as well as bid/ask spread dynamic.

XTrade is an online CFD (Contracts for Difference) trade broker that provides its clients with, among other assets, a large choice of CFDs, which are often regarded as being among the least complicated methods to trade. XTrade was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. CFDs require you to purchase a contract with your broker that will pay out in the event that the market moves in the direction you anticipate. CFD trading, on the other hand, exposes your capital to a significant amount of risk and is thus best left to experienced investors only. You should keep this in mind. The most successful traders in this market are those with extensive brokering experience.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, more often referred to as "CySec," is the governing body that oversees XTrade. This restriction has been in effect since since the beginning of XTrade in the year 2010.

When it comes to its platform, XTrade adopts a distinct and original stance. While the majority of brokers rely on the well-known and widely accepted MetaTrader4 platform for trading, XTrade takes a distinctive approach. XTrade makes the Xtrade Pro proprietary platform available to its customers. This platform is accessible through the web, but there are also mobile versions available (as you will see in the following section, XTrade places a strong emphasis on mobile trading).

The XTrade mobile trading platform has received several positive ratings and comments. As was said before, the XTrade platform may be accessed using a mobile device, and it is designed to meet the requirements of traders in the most effective way possible. CFD trading is distinct from other types of trading, and in order to accommodate this, XTrade designed its own unique mobile platform. All sensitive data, including personal information, is secured with the most up-to-date version of SSL, which is 256 bits.

XTrade offers a one-of-a-kind welcome package to new customers that comes with a selection of different incentive offers. You have the opportunity to receive up to $6,000 as a welcome bonus on your first investment. When you verify your phone number, you are eligible for a bonus of up to $25; when you validate your account, you are eligible for an additional bonus of up to $30 cash. Your very first transaction has the potential to earn you up to a maximum of $120 in bonus funds. This welcome gift is unlike anything else offered on the market, and committed traders are eligible for further bonuses like it in the future.

You may make a deposit in a number of various methods, including using a credit or debit card, sending money through a wire transfer from your bank, or using an electronic wallet service like PayPal or WebMoney, among many other options. There are no costs associated with deposits.

While making a withdrawal, you are required to use the same payment method that you utilized when making a deposit. The processing time for withdrawals is normally between three and five business days; however, the deposit may take longer if there are delays caused by third parties that are beyond XTrade's control. The method that was used to make the deposit must also be used for withdrawals.

Live chat, telephone help, and email assistance are just some of the customer service channels that are available with XTrade. Representatives are available around the clock, seven days a week, and can communicate in six different languages. You will find that the website is much more extensive than you initially thought because it is available in sixteen different languages and provides a wide range of educational resources and tools. Clients may always depend on the assistance of account managers who are standing by.

Both the deposit and withdrawal processes on XTrade are uncomplicated and easy to understand. You have the option of opening an account using a number of different currencies, including the yen, the dollar from the United States and Canada, Swiss francs, and Euros. XTrade provides its customers with a variety of payment options, including online wallets, the more conventional debit and credit card methods, and wire bank transfers. One must deposit a minimum of $100 in order to initiate the opening of an account.

After reading a large number of Xtrade reviews, I am no longer sure whether or not I should trust the firm. It would appear that there are a great deal of grounds for skepticism. It has been reported that customers have lost all of their money when dealing with the firm; thus, I am interested in learning the truth about this controversial brokerage. The following analysis of Xtrade will assist you in determining whether or not you should have faith in the broker. The advantages and disadvantages of using Xtrade are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Despite the fact that it is essential to be aware that investing online has the same level of risk as investing in traditional markets, XTrade offers numerous favorable terms and conditions. The XTrade platform itself has received a large number of good reviews and is praised for its simplicity.

A significant advantage is that users don't have to download anything before they can start trading. In a similar vein, the website of XTrade can be accessed in a number of different languages, which makes it simple for clients to utilize.

The multiple-award-winning trading platform is just another advantageous aspect of XTrade. There are a lot of other brokerages that offer the same functions, however the website for XTrade includes more extras. Users are provided with a wealth of knowledge on the proper utilization of the website through the provision of a fully updated economic calendar and news feed, complimentary webinars, and a YouTube channel. In addition to this, they offer a number of calculator tools, such as the Pivot, Fibonacci, and deal size computations. Because of these wonderful features, new traders can quickly learn how to trade without having to understand all of the difficult technical words. This makes these features perfect for new traders.

The XTrade website is intuitive, and the trading platform in and of itself is not complicated in any way. Trading may begin immediately without the need to first download any software, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. In addition, there are various advantages to using this platform, the most notable of which being the free instructional courses and the free demonstrations. Because the website may be accessed in a number of different languages, it can be utilized in a variety of contexts. In addition, if you are a new investor, it is strongly suggested that you register for an account as soon as possible.

Additionally, an investor compensation fund is mentioned on the XTrade website. Traders are given assistance in recouping losses sustained as a result of the trading procedure by this fund. There is a thorough set of Xtrade reviews available on the blog maintained by Xtrade. A good review of Ytrade will assist a user in making their choice, in addition to the user's overall contentment. In addition to its many advantages, the Xtrade website offers users complete peace of mind. The XTrade website is subject to regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), in addition to the Investor Compensation Fund.

Those who are not very experienced in the market may choose to consider XTrade as an option. In addition to having a user-friendly interface, the customer service crew is quick to respond and quite educated. The platform is intuitive and simple to use. In addition, the amount of the minimum deposit required varies depending on the kind of account. The minimum deposit required for a basic account is $250, while the minimum deposit required for a premium account is $1,000. A minimum deposit of $200 is required for a VIP account, and a minimum deposit of $500 is required for a VIP account.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is in charge of regulating financial transactions, oversees XTrade. Xtrade now has the legal authorization necessary to take part in the financial trading industry thanks to this license. In addition to that, it offers instructional resources to its consumers, which is something that is really necessary for having a great trading experience. This broker is one that should be considered due to the high level of services that they provide. It offers a wide variety of instruments that are suitable for both inexperienced and experienced investors. You have access to a wide variety of trading instruments, and you may even hedge your bets.

XTrade, in contrast to many competing platforms, does not levy any fees on either deposits or withdrawals. It not only provides fixed spreads, but it also does not impose any commission fees on its customers. In spite of this, there are still a few drawbacks to the situation. To begin, XTrade is not subject to any sort of regulation, which leaves them open to the possibility of fraud. As a direct consequence of this, the costs charged by XTrade are significantly greater than those charged by most other brokerages.

The number of account types offered by XTrade is restricted. The only account type that is an exception to this rule is the free account type, which gives you access to a variety of paid account options. A disadvantage of the free account type is that it does not provide access to very many services, and it restricts you to trading in only one currency pair. Withdrawals are often quite delayed and might be challenging to revoke in some cases. The XTrade platform is made for those who are new to the foreign exchange market and have just a basic understanding of how it works.

XTrade gives its customers access to 52 different currency pairs, 21 of which are unusual combinations that are difficult or impossible to get through standard brokers. Additionally, XTrade allows you to match your currency with bitcoin, demonstrating its cutting-edge nature. Aside from currency exchange, there are roughly a hundred other assets to choose from, each of which has its own bid/ask spreads, leverage levels, and minimum margin requirements. Trading in forex is one of the options. In addition, X Trade provides its customers with a variety of training tools and resources to assist customers in gaining an understanding of how to establish and close positions as well as cope with concerns related to risk management. Lastly, XTrade is a broker that does not charge any fees; it generates money via overnight premiums and Bid/Ask spreads instead.

Check out our comparison charts to get a better idea of how XTrade stacks up against other market-leading trading platforms. Read our in-depth evaluations written by industry professionals, check out our ratings, and compare the many features, costs, and other aspects of the top online trading platforms.

The trading platform offered by Xtrade includes a variety of useful features for traders. You will always be up to speed on market occurrences thanks to its economic calendar. Additionally, Xtrade provides access to real-time currency rates as well as pricing charts. Additionally, the trading platform is simple to operate and only takes a short amount of training. This implies that as soon as you have access to the internet, you may begin trading. It's possible that Xtrade is not the right choice for you if you just don't have the time to put into it.

Trading "Contracts for Differences" (also known as "CFDs") is offered under the XTrade brand, which is owned and managed by XFR Financial Ltd. The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) has granted this firm the authorization and regulation necessary to operate legally and issue license number 108/10, which enables the company to provide financial services anywhere within the EU.

Additionally, the firm is licensed to operate in Australia and is controlled by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under license number 342628, ACN 140899476, as a corporation that is owned by O.C.M. Online Capital Markets Pty Ltd. XTrade is not only registered with the COSNOB in Italy but is also completely compliant with the Markets in Financial Instrument Directive MiFID law.

The customer service department of this organization is available around the clock, six days a week, and the company's headquarters can be found in Limassol, Cyprus.

XTrade provides its traders with three different kinds of bonuses. The first deposit bonus is the one that is offered by the vast majority of brokers, and XTrade is not an exception in this regard. When traders make their initial deposit, they are eligible to get a welcome bonus worth up to $6,000.

The traders who use this broker also have the option to make cash by validating their accounts and completing certain tasks. Traders are rewarded with a cash incentive of $25 once they have verified their account. When they verify their phone number, they are rewarded with an additional twenty dollars in cash.

At this time, XTrade does not provide numerous account types in any capacity.

As soon as a trader opens a trading account, they are able to trade numerous assets so long as they fulfill the needed starting margin, which is 5% for trading shares CFDs. The maintenance margin has been established at a rate of 2.5%.

This indicates that investors may trade shares with a total value of $200,000 with only $10,000 in capital. Traders can choose from one of three order types offered by XTrade, all of which are quite prevalent among brokers. Traders have the option of either buying or selling an asset at the current market price or using stop-loss, limit, and take-profit orders.

It is evident that CFD traders at XTrade may expect to obtain a leverage of up to 20:1, as stated by the amount of margin required. This indicates that CFD traders at XTrade can easily purchase or sell shares at prices that are 20 times lower than what the current market prices are for those shares.

However, the amount of margin that is required shifts depending on how much the underlying asset is worth. When a certain asset is chosen for trading on the CFDs platform at XTrade, a pop-up window will emerge displaying the specifics of leverage and margin required. This window will appear when the asset has been selected for trading.

A leverage of up to 400x, often written as 1:400, is available to traders in the foreign exchange (Forex) market. This implies that traders may start trading with as little as $100 for a value of $40,000 in FX deals. Traders have access to a leverage of up to 1:200 for trading indices and commodities; this implies that with only a $100 initial investment, they are able to trade indices and commodities with a total market value of $20,000.

XTrade traders may take advantage of fixed spreads on foreign exchange deals, which start at 3 pip increments for the majority of currency pairings.

Traders that use XTrade are able to take use of the broker's three trading platforms, which are as follows: the MT4 trading platform, the Webtrader platform, and mobile trading for iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices. Traders may capitalize on all three of these trading platforms. This indicates that a trader may always trade via their mobile device so long as there is an internet connection available, regardless of where they are physically located.

Through the use of the trading platform, this broker offers clients access to a variety of trading tools, including an economic calendar, technical indicators, and news stream services.

Traders may also study many parts of trading by using the learning resources provided by the broker. These learning resources allow traders to get an understanding of numerous areas of trading, including a comprehensive look into CFDs.

Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, PayU, Poli, SporoPay, Sofort, Neteller, CashU, QIWI, Moneta.Ru, Webmoney, Giropay, and eCard are just some of the payment methods that traders at XTrade can use to deposit and withdraw cash from their trading accounts. Traders, depending on the nation in which they are based, have access to a variety of different ways.

Although the minimum deposit is set at 150 EUR across the board, it differs from nation to country. Traders have the option of depositing funds in AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, or CAD as a matter of course; however, additional currencies may also be accepted depending on the location from which the deposit is being made.

There is no predetermined minimum amount that must be withdrawn in order to make a withdrawal, however traders are required to authenticate their identification, credit or debit card, and address before making their first withdrawal.

Although XTrade does not charge any commissions or fees on deposits or withdrawals, your account may be debited if there are overnight trades or if there is inactivity for a period of time.

Traders who use XTrade have many options for getting in touch with customer assistance, including the phone, email, live chat, and fax. In general, help is accessible beginning at 22:00 GMT on Sunday and continuing until 22:00 GMT on Friday.

The fax number is +44 203 051 6306 and the international contact telephone number is +44 2030516305, both of which are located in the United Kingdom. The page titled "Contact Us" on the firm website provides access to a variety of other contact telephone numbers that may be used to get in touch with numerous satellite offices located all around the world. is the email address to use for any general inquiries, and is the address to use for any support-related questions. There are also a number of additional email addresses that are organized by department, such as the marketing and the financial departments.

In the event that a trader has a problem with one of the services that are offered, such as a withdrawal or trading, they are able to voice their concerns by contacting support at Alternatively, they may call the number shown on the support page.

Contracts on shares, indices, commodities, and foreign exchange currency pairings are all available through Xtrade, which specializes largely as a CFD (contract for difference) broker. CFDs, or contracts for difference, are financial instruments that provide traders the opportunity to invest in a variety of assets without really owning those assets. CFDs are extremely alluring leveraged products because they enable traders to make a significant amount of money off of a relatively minor change in price. The amount of money made or lost is dependent on the difference between the prices at which the trade was entered and when it was exited. Since of the instability of the market, leveraged financial instruments like CFD and Forex trading are inherently dangerous because there is an equal chance of making enormous gains as there is of suffering enormous losses.

Unlike other popular Forex businesses, Xtrade is not a professional foreign exchange broker; rather, it offers foreign exchange trading as part of its array of CFD products. Xtrade is a market maker, and the way it works is that all market orders are opened up as contracts between the broker and the trader. Due to the fact that there is neither an ECN nor a Direct Market access option, Xtrade has a conflict of interest with its customers in some capacity. CFD trading is popular among day traders and conventional investors who want to hedge against market swings. Despite the fact that CFD trading is a highly regulated financial product in many countries, especially owing to the nature of trading, CFD trading is becoming increasingly popular.

Learn About the Different Types of Trading Accounts, Features, and the Xtrade Bonus Here!
At Xtrade, there is just one type of trading account, and the minimum investment required to open this account is $100. Additionally, this account qualifies for a wide variety of enticing Xtrade bonuses, which are awarded for successful account verifications and deposits. Traders who make their first deposit with Xtrade are eligible to get a bonus of up to a maximum of $6,000, and those who verify their phone number or account are eligible to win cash incentives of $20 and $30, respectively. You also have the option of participating in a campaign called "First Trade on Us," which will provide you a cash prize of $120 if it is your very first and only risk-free trade in the financial markets that you open. Traders who make greater deposits into their accounts are eligible for an unique VIP incentive package. This bonus package contains a number of supplementary benefits that are tailored specifically to the needs of each trader. Take note that incentives are not available to EU traders; additional terms and conditions apply.

Since Xtrade is a CFD broker, it provides a maximum leverage of 1:400 for foreign exchange currency pairings. However, the leverages offered for commodities, indices, and equities are lowered to 1:200, 1:100, and 1:20, respectively. Although there are no limitations on the maximum order size and the minimum trade size begins at 0.01 lots and there are no maximum order size restrictions, all orders are filled at the current market price and there is a greater potential for requotes and order cancellations. The spreads offered by Xtrade are regarded as being among the most competitive available, with the EUR/USD pair quoted ranging from 2 to 5 pips when markets are operating normally.

Xtrade is perfect for traders from all over the world since it allows all various kinds of online and offline payment methods, allowing them to select a deposit and withdrawal option according to their preferences regardless of where they are located. Even though $100 is not a particularly large sum of money to invest in the foreign exchange market, we would have preferred it more if the broker had stipulated a lower minimum deposit option for some traders, or at the very least added additional account types to diversify the trading products portfolio. Although $100 is not a particularly large sum of money to invest in the foreign exchange market. Regardless, we are delighted with the services on offer.

Xtrade mobile applications are available for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, which are exclusively created by the firm for giving the greatest mobile trading experience on smartphones and tablets. Desktop traders, on the other hand, will have to be content with a web-based browser known as the Xtrader Pro, which offers all the functionalities of an installable desktop platform in a mobile package. We were surprised when the company removed the MT4 as their standard Xtrade platform, as we had anticipated the company to add additional third-party platforms into the mix. Nevertheless, the Xtrader Pro is an excellent alternative to the tried and tested MT terminal, but traders are bound to miss the numerous features and functionalities of a dedicated trading interface.

Xtrade is regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus), the IFSC (Belize), the FSB (South Africa), and the ASIC (Australia), which covers major sections of Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Xtrade is owned by XFR Financial Ltd., a financial business based in Cyprus that is directly regulated by the Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) as well as the European MiFID. Although CFD is eligible for a significant number of tax breaks in the UK, it is perplexing to find that the company does not possess an FCA license to conduct business in that country. The regulation provided by CySEC makes it possible for the broker to have unhindered access to all of the markets in Europe thanks to the EEA initiative. Due to the fact that the CFTC and the NFA do not regulate Xtrade, the company is unable to work with traders from the United States. As a result, US traders are unable to trade with XTrade.

Traders are given the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the many CFD products provided by the firm through the use of an exceptional demo trading interface provided by Xtrade. Traders have access to a total of 150 distinct products, including more than 50 currency pairings, 10 commodities, 25 global indices, and over 100 shares originating from the United States and the European Union. Although Xtrade demo trading is very similar to the actual trading environment, there may be some changes in execution speeds and other elements of trading due to the fact that it is not a live trading platform. We strongly advise getting some practice with the Xtrade demo account trading so that you can become familiar with the trading products and platform offered by the broker.

My Xtrade is an online dashboard that was developed specifically for customers of Xtrade and provides access to all of the essential information regarding Xtrade Forex trading. The web dashboard provides access to all of the important account statistics, including account equity, leverage, trading history, account information, and other adjustable tools that can assist you in adapting the trading environment to meet your own needs and preferences. The online dashboard is an amazing tool that you can use to examine the performance of your trading on My Xtrade. This will help you improve your trading performance by allowing you to modify your trading strategies in accordance with the performance data that are supplied on My Xtrade.
In addition, Xtrade provides a specialized account manager for each trading account, in addition to providing timely live chat service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may contact the customer support professionals through email or live chat at any time of the day or night to obtain the best answer to your problems, and all customer complaints are addressed as quickly as possible.

Forex broker Xtrade is a respectable organization that presents its CFD trading products as a genuine foreign exchange (FX) alternative. CFD trading may be more suited for smaller retail traders than direct market access trading, which allows professional traders direct access to interbank liquidity providers. Direct market access trading is often preferred by professional traders. Xtrade has an outstanding regulatory status, which is supported by more than six years of professional expertise in the field of retail Forex trading. Xtrade was established in 2002. A large number of different financial assets are made available to traders by the broker, which makes it easier for them to construct diversified investment portfolios. In general, Xtrade possesses a number of unique characteristics that will make it possible for the firm to target a significant portion of the retail trading industry with its offerings.

Xtrade is a multi-asset broker that operates out of two offices, one in South Africa and the other in Belize, where the company's headquarters are located. Xtrade is a peculiar broker in that it does not provide the MT4 or MT5 trading platforms, nor does it offer cTrader. Instead, the broker depends only on its in-house developed Xtrade WebTrader platform. Xtrade was established in 2003. The broker does not offer help for automatic trading and prefers to concentrate on trading manually. In addition, the broker does not let third-party solutions to connect with its platform. At the same time, social trading is not available through Xtrade. Xtrade utilizes an average asset selection and a fixed spread cost structure that is unacceptable for its level of high cost.

The teaching component of Xtrade, which also offers daily trading suggestions, is a resource that novice traders may find useful. It would appear that throughout the course of the previous decade, Xtrade has undergone some sort of transformation that has resulted in a lower quality trading environment.

Xtrade retains sole oversight with the Belize International Financial Services Commission after losing two regulators, namely the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) (IFSC). The broker does have a presence in South Africa in the form of an office there; nevertheless, the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority does not list the broker as holding a license (FSCA). The entirety of Xtrade International Ltd.'s financial transactions are handled by Reituca Marketing Ltd, an international business corporation (IBC) formed in Cyprus.

Client funds are kept in separate accounts, although Xtrade does not disclose the financial institutions involved. It makes a passing mention of an investor compensation fund without offering any more information. Even though this broker maintains compliance with the one and only regulation it is subject to and has a spotless track record, further openness is required to boost confidence. Xtrade does not disclose who its auditors are, nor does it post order execution information on its own will. Every trader needs to choose for themselves whether or whether the services provided by Xtrade are sufficient for them to entrust this broker with their funds, their personal information, and their trading accounts.

After dropping ASIC and CySEC as regulators, Xtrade is now regulated only by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

Since it acts as a market maker, Xtrade gains directly from the losses of its customers. The commission-free trading environment offers preset spreads that can be as high as 5.0 pips on the EUR/USD currency pair, which is unacceptable. This results in a cost of $50 for each regular lot of 1.0, which places Xtrade among the most costly brokers currently in business. Swap rates are referred to as premium buy and premium sell charges on leveraged overnight positions by Xtrade. Traders may view these prices from inside the trading platform, under the Details tab, or from the CFD list on the website. It does not charge any fees on its end for deposits or withdrawals, although there may be fees assessed by a third party. After three months of inactivity, Xtrade starts charging an unreasonable $50 monthly inactivity charge, and after a year of inactivity, the cost jumps to $100 per month for dormant account upkeep. Overall, Xtrade maintains an undesirable pricing environment.

Xtrade provides investors with access to 56 currency pairings, 16 commodities, five bond markets, and five exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The majority of the assets are comprised of 280 equities CFDs, while the remaining 13 are index CFDs. The entire collection, which encompasses 375 assets distributed over six categories, is still below average. Xtrade does not provide cryptocurrency trading, despite the fact that the company mentions it in the education portion of its website. However, more experienced traders will discover that the selection is insufficient for their needs, and they will not have enough opportunity to trade in the financial markets.

Xtrade has a small selection of assets available, which places it towards the bottom of the list when compared to other brokers.

There is no information provided by Xtrade on the sort of account it offers. According to data discovered across the website, it would appear that the same option is open to all traders, with a minimum deposit of $250 and a maximum leverage of 1:400. It implies a lack of care and responsibility on the part of Xtrade, which is an unacceptable approach. A one-page introduction to the account features is not only a minimum requirement, but also a necessity for new traders to understand what they are signing up for and determine if it will meet their requirements. This is because new traders need to know what they are getting into before they sign up.

This particular broker only provides access to their in-house trading platform, which is known as Xtrade WebTrader. In addition to that, there is a smartphone version accessible. Although Xtrade promotes it as a trading platform for the future generation, it does not offer support for automated trading solutions and lacks other fundamental functions. The platform is exclusively intended for use by manual traders. Xtrade does not properly introduce its many trading capabilities either. It makes strong assertions that are clearly influenced by marketing activities, but it does not offer details. An introduction to the trading platform that just takes up one page displays a streamlined user interface. The absence of openness lends credence to the notion that the solution is still deficient, placing it more than fifteen years behind where it should be.

Xtrade does not launch its trading platform and instead engages in deceptive marketing for a product that falls short of industry standards.

The most costly trading environment in the business, an asset selection that is below average, and a trading platform that is below standard are the distinctive characteristics that are offered by Xtrade. Not only is there a lack of openness surrounding its trading account, but there has also been no introduction of its trading platform. This is notable. Traders have to additionally take into consideration the fact that Xtrade has removed the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) from its list of regulators. When seen from an analytical vantage point, all indications point to a broker that is in a state of decline and another that is in the process of restructuring; the end consequence is an uncompetitive trading environment.

Xtrade does publish some financial news articles on a regular basis; however, the content is extremely brief and does not generate trading indications that may be utilized by customers. Traders now obtain a glimpse of the asset along with information on its most recent price activity. There is a blog, but the most recent written update was in October 2019, and the most recent video contribution was in December 2019. Both updates are available on the website. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to cryptocurrencies; nonetheless, Xtrade does not include cryptocurrencies among its list of trading products. Traders looking for research from Xtrade will find the greatest quality offering in the daily videos. Regrettably, the analysts in the films use the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, none of which is offered by Xtrade. It demonstrates that the proprietary Xtrade WebTrader does not have the capabilities of a next-generation trading platform, which is despite the fact that its marketing continues to deceive consumers into believing that it does.

Daily publications of financial news are made available by Xtrade.

Xtrade's education department provides video training on how to utilize the trading platform, and they may be accessed there. In the video that explains how to register and use the interface, Xtrade highlights a few other capabilities that are not mentioned anywhere else on the website. As a result of this, it is not quite apparent what exactly is still accessible after these adjustments were made by the broker. Traders have the ability to establish a free and unlimited demo account with Xtrade; however, it is possible that not all functions will be accessible. The majority of the instructional value is delivered by Xtrade in the form of 21 courses, and additional lessons are provided by a third-party supplier. The length of any video footage is quite brief, and quantity is prioritized over quality. New traders can pick up some useful knowledge from this method, and it is a strategy that is perfect for millennial traders, who like films that are shorter than two minutes long and can be accessed from their mobile phones. Although Xtrade makes an effort to provide education, it does not give the impression that it is real, and novice traders will find a solution that is both more extensive and free elsewhere. It is fine for Xtrade to demand registration to access the majority of the instructional materials; however, traders should not be required to make a minimum deposit in order to access these materials.

The functionalities of the proprietary Xtrade WebTrader are broken down into eight different video lectures.

Xtrade's customer care is available through phone, e-mail, and live chat around the clock, every day of the week. The Frequently Asked Topics section makes an effort to answer fundamental questions, and a glossary is also provided. In addition to that, it has a specialized procedure for the settlement of client complaints, with the intention of providing great customer service. Although Xtrade does not publish its response timings, the company does imply that it is making an attempt to help its traders.

Traders have access to customer care around the clock, and the live chat feature is the most user-friendly way to get in touch with the company.

Xtrade offers new traders a bonus that is broken down into four stages. The first deposit amount will determine the percentage of the first deposit bonus, which can range anywhere from 30 percent to 60 percent; for instance, a minimum deposit of $2,000 is required to qualify for the 60 percent bonus. If a customer verifies their phone number, they will receive a cash incentive of twenty dollars, and Xtrade will also give them one free trade. In the event that the initial transaction ends in a loss, Xtrade will compensate the client for the loss, up to a maximum of $500. After you have finished the required account verification procedure, you will be eligible for an extra 20 percent deposit bonus. This incentive is capped at $1,000 and will be given to your account within forty-eight hours of the first deposit. It should be brought to everyone's attention because it seems that Xtrade permits customers to make deposits without verifying their accounts. Additionally, if a trader completes 10.0 standard lots in a given month, they are eligible for a cashback bonus of at least $10 from Xtrade. It does not mention $10 per lot, which means that it is only a modest compensation for the high costs. This is because each traded lot results in $50 in revenues for Xtrade if the spread is 5.0 pips, as it is displayed on the most liquid currency pair, which is the EUR/USD. Before a trader may seek a bonus from Xtrade, they are required to first read the terms and conditions and demonstrate an understanding of what they include.

The Xtrade welcome bonus is broken down into four distinct stages.

New accounts are created with the use of an online application form. The first step just requires that you provide your name, email address, and phone number. Account verification is required in order to comply with AML and KYC regulations, and Xtrade is a regulated broker, thus this is necessary. This third stage is often satisfied by a copy of the trader's identification document and one document that serves as evidence of domicile.

The procedure for opening an account is easy to understand and is comparable to that of other brokers.

Xtrade provides a comprehensive list of available payment methods; nonetheless, the majority of nations are restricted to bank transfers and credit/debit card transactions only. On the website, there are the logos of several different online payment processors; however, there is no more information that can be found. On the screen where you pick your method of payment, they are not shown as an option for any nation. In light of this, it is not quite obvious whether choices for making deposits or taking money out are available to customers. Xtrade does not charge any fees associated with deposits or withdrawals, although fees from third parties are possible. According to the Frequently Asked Questions section, the withdrawal processing timeframes might take up to 10 business days.

Although Xtrade offers more than 55 different payment methods, the majority of nations only see bank wires and credit/debit card choices.

Following the removal of two of its regulators, Xtrade seems to have taken a number of moves in the wrong direction. It maintains the most costly trading environment of any online broker, and it provides traders with a below-average variety of assets as well as a trading interface that is much below industry standards. The research and educational services are about the same as they were before, there is a lack of total openness, and the general market climate is not very competitive. Xtrade customers have access to a restricted set of trading tools, and the platform does not offer automated or social trading. It continues to be sloppy with the launch of its products and services. Traders might look elsewhere to discover conditions that are substantially more favorable.

Xtrade is a well-known online foreign exchange dealer that has years of expertise in the industry. The broker facilitates transactions in a diverse range of financial products. That includes contracts for difference (CFDs), indexes, and share prices. In addition to having its primary operations based in Cyprus, the broker is subject to oversight by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker is also regulated by other international agencies, such as the Financial Services Board of South Africa (FSB) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). In addition, Xtrade is a broker that has won several awards, which is a very strong indicator of its dependability. Xtrade provides an equitable chance for all classes of traders, and it provides training, services, and coaching to traders who do not have a great deal of expertise through its Education Center, which includes video lessons, ebooks, and other resources.

One of the trading accounts offered by Xtrade is known as the ordinary trading account. The account requires a minimum deposit of $250 in order to be established. The desktop trader and the smartphone trader are both included with the account. If a trader chooses to create a normal account, he will have the added benefit of being able to practice his skills using a demo account. Since of this, it is great for novices because it provides them with the opportunity to learn about the trade without the danger of losing any money. A trader who has a basic account additionally has access to a video version of the daily market analysis as well as an economic calendar.

The trader is needed to make an initial deposit of at least one thousand dollars (or more) in order to create a premium account. The sample account may be used on both a desktop computer and a mobile device, and it is included with the account. The premium membership provides access to additional features such as an online calendar and market reviews, in addition to one-on-one training that is made available through the site. The spread is reduced, and there is a welcome bonus for new accounts that come with this account. These are just two of the many perks that come with having this account. MetaTrader4 is the trading platform that is utilized by this particular account.

A minimum deposit of $5000 is required to open a platinum account. In addition to that, it includes a practice trading platform, a welcome bonus, on-platform instruction, a decrease in spreads, and VIP deposit incentives. The MetaTrader4 is the trading platform that is utilized on this particular account.

A minimum payment of $20,000 is required to activate the VIP account. The account comes with extra features such as a personalized trading strategy and assistance, corporate gifts, and priority account and payment processing, all of which may be accessed by logging in.

Because the broker is subject to the regulation of CySEC, it is required to abide by a set of precise guidelines whose primary purpose is to safeguard the traders' assets. In order to demonstrate that it has solid financial footing, the broker is expected to maintain a minimum of 730,000 pounds. Additionally, it is required of the broker to store the customers' money in separate accounts, which prevents the broker from utilizing the money for their own business purposes. In addition, the broker maintains a compensation fund for clients. In the event that the broker declares bankruptcy, the company is prepared to pay up to twenty thousand pounds.

In addition, Xtrade is subject to tight regulation, which gives traders the peace of mind that their assets are being handled by trustworthy individuals. The fact that the broker complies with MiFID should put to rest whatever concerns there may have been.

Traders who are interested in Xtrade are needed to make a $100 minimum investment in order to participate. If it is measured against the performance of other brokers in the market, it can be judged to be of ordinary quality. On the other hand, some other brokers have a lower minimum requirement.

A minimum leverage of 1:400 is available to traders using Xtrade. On the foreign exchange market, it is a well-known figure. However, it is necessary for the traders to be aware that the danger of losses is proportional to the leverage, therefore the higher the leverage, the greater the risk. Despite this, Xtrade is able to give a good leverage because the majority of its traders provide a minimum of up to 1:500.

If you trade currency on Xtrade, you may take advantage of the fact that there are no commissions charged. In addition to this, the spreads at Xtrade are always the same. For both the US Dollar and the Euro, the spreads total 2 pips.

Traders that have a basic account log in to their accounts using the Xtrader Pro interface. The system may be accessed over the web and also has mobile versions available. The fact that the platform has an intuitive navigational structure is one of its many selling points. In addition to this, it is furnished with trading tools that provide the trader with assistance in assessing the state of the markets. Indicators and charts are the instruments that are used in technical analysis.

Order execution has also been simplified thanks to the platform, which contains automated capabilities that enable traders to place orders whenever it is most convenient for them to do so.

The MetaTrader4 platform is accessible for premium, platinum, and VIP accounts of the trading service. It is widely considered to be one of the best platforms for trading. This makes the platform accessible to users with a wide range of levels of expertise and prior experience in Forex trading. In addition to this, it grants traders access to mobile trading applications and provides an unparalleled user experience for customers. It is a trading platform that is adaptable, and it also provides the traders with the chance to use Expert Advisors (EAs).

Occasionally, the broker will undertake advertising efforts for their business. For example, there are enticing welcome incentives available for brand new accounts. Traders who signed up for an account with the broker during the Black Friday promotion were eligible to get a bonus of $250. As part of the welcome package, the trader will get a bonus on their initial deposit that may reach a maximum of $6000. Traders also receive a cash incentive of $25 for verifying their phone number, a cash bonus of $120 for their first transaction, and a cash bonus of $30 for verifying their accounts. You should keep an eye out for the broker's more alluring marketing packages that they have available.

Trading with Xtrade comes with a number of perks, one of which is that there are no fees charged for making deposits or withdrawals. In fewer than five days, the withdrawals are also given the go-ahead for approval. The broker provides the traders with a number of different transactional choices, including the ability to make deposits and withdrawals. It is possible to pay with a credit or debit card, as well as using services like PayPal and Webmoney.

Traders that use Xtrade have the possibility to have a phenomenal time participating in the Forex market. The regulatory procedures that have been established have contributed to the reliability of the broker. Commission-free trading and incentive opportunities are made available to traders. They have the option to study through the educational programs that have been put into place, which is helpful for novices. You do not need to be concerned about how to carry out payments as you have a wide variety of alternatives available to you. You should trade with Xtrade Forex brokers for a variety of reasons, including the ones that have been described above.

XTrade Licenses: Xtrade Europe Ltd., approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, registration number 108/10
Xtrade International Limited, formerly known as Financial Arena Ltd., is a company that is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Belize and has the registration number FSC/60/383/TS/18.

XTrade, which was first known as XFR Financial Ltd when it was founded in 2003, has lately placed its headquarters in Cyprus and now provides traditional trading via CFDs on shares, commodities, currency, and indices.

Additionally, the company is always expanding their product lines and adding instant access to the industry's most popular cryptocurrencies, all of which are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week directly through the trading platform. These cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, and other digital coins.

The worldwide proposal will be carried out by a business that has already been established in Belize. This entity will make it possible for overseas traders to create accounts and also get high leverage or other conditions. However, make sure that you thoroughly educate yourself on the distinctions between the regulations and the conditions.

XTrade is a reliable broker that carries regulation from CySEC. XTrade provides strong trading technology, including a platform selection, spreads that are on average cheap, quick account opening, and a range of Forex and CFD products. XTrade also has a selection of these financial instruments.

On the other hand, there are certain restrictions in the product offering, customer service is not available around the clock, and foreign proposals are handled through a Belize business.

In point of fact, XTrade has established a global presence over its many years of business, during which it has served customers from a great many different nations. The company's standing as a well-known entity in the field of internet trade, with years of expertise and a presence all over the world, was validated by a number of honors and accomplishments in the sector.

Xtrade and Cristiano Ronaldo: The broker is a supporter of a variety of charitable causes, which helps to raise their visibility in the global picture. The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo served as Xtrade's official ambassador throughout the 2016-2017 season is a unique chance to show support for the best player in the world while simultaneously promoting industry-leading CFD trading solutions.

Is XTrade safe or a scam? No, XTrade is regarded as a safe broker since it has been granted permission by CySEC to offer Forex and CFD trading with reduced risk.

Is XTrade legit? According to the firm's headquarters in Cyprus and the license it has got, as well as the multiple registrations and authorizations it has gained across the EEA zone, the XTrade group and the company are in full compliance with the CySEC legislation. The global brand that provides services to customers all across the world XTrade International is able to conduct business in a number of different countries since the Financial Service Commission in Belize issued company with a license (IFSC).

Even though this license is issued offshore, which is often seen as not being safe enough on its own, the additional regulation imposed by European companies verifies that the broker properly adheres to the international protection measures.

How can you keep yourself safe? As we can see from our XTrade Review, the client's funds are always segregated. This means that an account in which the trader's assets are kept is kept separate from the broker's assets, which enables security and money protection. Additionally, every client account is opened under the Investor Compensation Fund.

In addition, Xtrade performs ongoing monitoring of its activities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and offers extensive protection for any online transactions or manipulations that customers want.

Due to the fact that the broker has implemented protection against negative balances, a trader using XTrade cannot incur losses that are more than the amount that was initially deposited. This contributes to the perception that XTrade is a reliable Forex broker.

Trading potential may be significantly magnified by utilizing the instrument of leverage, which presents a fairly exceptional possibility. However, every trader should keep in mind that leverage may operate both for you and against you, and because of this, you should exercise caution whenever you use it and learn more about how to utilize tools in a strategic manner.

When it comes to the leverage that XTrade has to offer, various clients from different countries will be subject to differing degrees of leverage due to the fact that there are two primary regulatory duties.

According to the most recent information, European customers or traders whose businesses are governed by CySEC regulation are permitted to utilize a maximum leverage of 1:30. This is the highest limit.
The leverage available to international customers that do their business through XTrade International can go up to 1:400.

You just need one single account with Xtrade to trade across many devices, and there is no distinction made between the traders based on any of those devices. When first starting out, a trader always has the option to test out the platform in a risk-free environment by creating a demo account.

You have the option of growing your account so that once it reaches or maintains a balance of a certain amount, it will transform into either a Premium Account with a balance of 1,000 dollars, a Platinum Account with a balance of 5,000 dollars, or a VIP Account with a balance of 25,000 dollars, depending on the amount. Trading circumstances won't change, and you'll still have access to the same support, education, and news content, along with plenty of signals to choose from. Platinum and VIP account members get access to a reduced spread as well as extra educational films on their platform of choice.

The XTrade trading instruments and trading products are made available using the widely used CFDs or Contract for Difference model. This model enables huge and flexible chances on price speculation without the requirement of specific ownership of an asset.

- Xtrade Equity CFDs provide trading of CFDs on the most actively traded equities in the world, including Apple, Google, Nike, JP Morgan, IBM, and others, with an initial margin requirement of only 5%.

Foreign Exchange Trading incorporates not only the most liquid and widely used foreign currency pairs, such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY, but also the most in-demand cryptocurrencies. Over 50 leveraged Forex pairs, with maximum leverage of 1:400, were made available through the Xtrade trading system.

- Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Indices: S&P 500, Dow Jones, etc. The price that is provided in the Index's native currency serves as the basis for determining the value of the contract for one Index CFD. The market participants can take advantage of the broker's set spreads between the buy and sell prices as well as the absence of fees.

- Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Commodities Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas, etc. The price that is provided in the commodity's native currency serves as the basis for determining the value of the contract for one commodity CFD. If gold CFDs are now selling at $1,200.50 per ounce, then the value of one ounce of gold CFDs is also $1,200.50 per ounce.

The XTrade provides numerous technical solutions and tools for improved trading conditions, as well as lower costs thanks to its policy of not charging commissions but rather adhering to fixed spreads (for instance, the spread between the buy and sell prices for EUR/USD can range anywhere from 2-5 pips). The following list ranks the additional expenses, which include non-trading fees, financing fees, and inactivity fees.

XTrade's trading fees are calculated using a system known as XTrade Spreads Only, which, together with a predetermined amount, indicates that traders' charges are incorporated into a spread. A spread is defined as the difference between the price at which an asset is being bought and sold. You may verify the most accurate data on the official Xtrade website or platform to see what the Spread value is for each product. The table below provides you with a reference on a price model and shows you the value of the Spread for each product.

However, when the size or kind of the trader's account grows, the XTrade broker will make available to them superior pricing options. Therefore, the spread for the most popular currency pair, EUR/USD, is always set at 5 pips for the Standard account, 3 pips for the Premium and Platinum accounts, and 2 pips for the VIP account.

If a trader keeps a position open after a certain hour, which is around 22:00 GMT, the trader will be charged an Xtrade funding premium fee or overnight fee, which will be deducted from their trading account. This premium accounts for the expense of the related funding and differs from one asset to another; for instance, the Euro to United States Dollar charge for selling or buying currency is around 1.8.

When making a deposit or withdrawing funds, the customer has several different alternatives to pick from; however, these possibilities vary based on the customer's region, which can be easily determined through the official website for XTrade.

A minimum deposit of $200 is required to open an account with XTrade; nevertheless, given the wide range of trading instruments available, you should be sure to calculate and pay all of your essential expenditures. For example, in order to establish a new position at equity, the account must have a margin level that is higher than the initial need for the transaction. In addition, Xtrade may periodically conduct promotions that will decrease the minimum deposit threshold requirements.

XTrade If there is no fee associated with making a withdrawal or deposit, this indicates that the broker is covering the costs of the transaction. However, if you use a payment method or bank that imposes performance fees for wire transfers, this may not be the case. If you made your initial deposit using a credit card, any funds that you withdraw will be refunded to the same credit card. If you make a deposit into your account using a bank transfer, any withdrawals you make will also be sent to the bank account you used to make the deposit.

The Xtrader platform range primarily consists of an internet-based proprietary software, in addition to the ability to continue trading using MetaTrader4, which is the market leader in its field. However, the proprietary platform won a number of awards, from traders as well as industry specialists; hence, you could give it a go, and then find that you never want to switch from the XTrade platform.

The platform does not necessitate installation and provides a comprehensive collection of trading tools for optimum trading, in addition to being enhanced with market analysis and allowing for the swift execution of orders.

Xtrade has designed a robust mobile platform that is accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows devices in order to ensure that its users never pass up a chance. The mobile platform is user-friendly, and it provides notifications and professional charting tools as assistance for its users.

For the most part, as a trader, you will have access to real-time charting as well as almost all possible manipulations in the web platform or its applications. This access is fully intuitive and easy to understand or carry out even for newcomers, not to mention professionals who will find the full capacity of very powerful features.

XTrade offers a variety of support options, each of which contributes to an enhanced trading experience and a streamlined transaction flow. You may contact our customer support team by live chat, email, or phone lines. Because we have customers all over the world, we also provide service in several languages and maintain support centers that are open 24 hours a day.

It is feasible for beginners to participate since professional trading tools, instructional materials, and daily market reviews are all available to users, allowing them to build their trading abilities and methods.

In addition, the platform incorporates a news feed, analytical tools, and an economic calendar. Additionally, the site provides a daily analysis video as well as additional education assistance that is needed for day-to-day trading.

In summing up our XTrade review, we can say that the broker offers trading circumstances that are dependable and consistent. Their primary product is on a set spread, and they do not charge any hidden costs. In addition, they provide a robust online trading platform and a wide range of trading instruments. Because it is a registered broker, the firm does adhere to the stringent requirements regarding the protection of its customers, as well as the safety of their cash and the trading environment. It is reassuring to know that XTrade provides help to its traders through a variety of channels, including first-rate customer service, costs of zero dollars for financial transactions, and a broad range of payment options.

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